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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Lacey Sean DEANS  
Lachy-Castillo Diana PRESDT  
LaCour Lyle PRESDT  
Lacson Lady DEANS  
Ladwig David DEANS  
LaFon Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Lafon de Ribeyrolles Agnes DEANS  
Lafond Rachel DEANS  
Lafont Brittany DEANS  
LaGarde David PRESDT  
Lagos Patricia PRESDT  
lahai mannah DEANS  
Lahr Sasha DEANS  
Lai Doan PRESDT  
Lai Michelle DEANS  
Lainez Alam DEANS  
Lainez Jose DEANS  
Laitano Ashley DEANS  
Lam Hien PRESDT  
Lam Stanley DEANS  
Lam Thanh PRESDT  
Lamarra Veronica DEANS  
Lamb Leslee PRESDT  
Lamb Shakira DEANS  
Lamback Emily DEANS  
Lambert David DEANS  
Lambert Promise DEANS  
Lambert Stephen PRESDT  
Lamboy Caroline DEANS  
Lamm Daniel DEANS  
LaMois Peter PRESDT  
Landay Samantha DEANS  
Landerer Josh DEANS  
Landers Kevin DEANS  
Landry Kathryn PRESDT  
Landstreet Mark PRESDT  
Lane Christina DEANS  
Lang Mary DEANS  
Langenheim John DEANS  
Langer Claire DEANS  
Langford Ryan DEANS  
Lantzy Taylor DEANS  
LaPlante Barbara DEANS  
Lara Teresa DEANS  
Laramie Jean-Luc DEANS  
Largen Lori DEANS  
Larkins Amber DEANS  
Larkins Christine DEANS  
LaRock Elizabeth DEANS  
LaRock Paul DEANS  
LaRosa Ashleigh DEANS  
Larsen Benjamin DEANS  
Larsen Kristopher'leif DEANS  
Larsen Sean DEANS  
Larson Karl PRESDT  
Larson Scott DEANS  
Lasecki Walter PRESDT  
Lash Jacob PRESDT  
Lash Nathanael DEANS  
Lason Patrycja DEANS  
Lataille Richard DEANS  
Latham Amanda PRESDT  
Latzen Jessica DEANS  
Lau requejo Yngrid PRESDT  
Laubach James DEANS  
Lauber Brittany PRESDT  
Lauber Cheryl DEANS  
Lauer Christiane DEANS  
Lavedas Laura DEANS  
Lavery Laura PRESDT  
Law William PRESDT  
Lawgaw Tamiru DEANS  
Lawler Austin PRESDT  
Lawrence Bryan PRESDT  
Lawrence Margaret PRESDT  
Lawrence Renee DEANS  
Lawrence Robert DEANS  
Laws Deborah DEANS  
Lawson Delida DEANS  
Lay Janice DEANS  
Lay Polin PRESDT  
Layachi Souzane DEANS  
Le Anh-Phuong DEANS  
Le Hien DEANS  
Le Michael PRESDT  
Le Phi DEANS  
Le Quynh DEANS  
Le QuynhPhuong PRESDT  
Le Thanh DEANS  
Le Thoa PRESDT  
Leach Courtney DEANS  
Leahy Cameron PRESDT  
Leavitt Westin DEANS  
Leckner Karen DEANS  
Ledermann Ana DEANS  
Lee Austin DEANS  
Lee Benny DEANS  
Lee Carrie DEANS  
Lee Chayong DEANS  
Lee Chun Kit DEANS  
Lee Cynthia PRESDT  
Lee DaHye DEANS  
Lee Daniel PRESDT  
Lee Edward DEANS  
Lee Eun DEANS  
Lee Gene DEANS  
Lee Haejin DEANS  
Lee Hak PRESDT  
Lee Hayne DEANS  
Lee Ho DEANS  
Lee Hyelahn PRESDT  
Lee Hyeong-Yeol DEANS  
Lee Hyun Ji PRESDT  
Lee Jacqueline DEANS  
Lee Jae DEANS  
Lee Jamie PRESDT  
Lee Jennifer DEANS  
Lee Ji DEANS  
Lee Ji Woun DEANS  
Lee Ji Young DEANS  
Lee John DEANS  
Lee Joung Gin DEANS  
Lee Jung Hee DEANS  
Lee Jungeun DEANS  
Lee JungHwan DEANS  
Lee Jun-Hyok DEANS  
Lee Kelly DEANS  
Lee KwonHo DEANS  
Lee Kyung PRESDT  
Lee Mariko DEANS  
Lee Michelle DEANS  
Lee Patrick DEANS  
Lee Peter PRESDT  
Lee Ronald DEANS  
Lee Sookhee DEANS  
Lee Steven DEANS  
Lee Sun Duck DEANS  
Lee Sung PRESDT  
Lee Sung Jin DEANS  
Lee Ting DEANS  
Lee Yang DEANS  
Lee Yihsuan DEANS  
Lee Yoon PRESDT  
Lee Youl DEANS  
Lee Young Ju DEANS  
Leek Jamie DEANS  
Lee-Tanedo Mark DEANS  
LeFrancois Eric DEANS  
Lefrancois Jessica PRESDT  
LeGrande Annice DEANS  
Le-Grange Le-Ane DEANS  
Leguia Aroni Carlos PRESDT  
Leib Rocio DEANS  
Leibbrandt Barbara DEANS  
Leigh-Perlman Allison DEANS  
Leiter-Pope Jennifer DEANS  
LeMarier Amanda DEANS  
Lembo Christopher PRESDT  
Lemma Eyob DEANS  
Lemming Katherine PRESDT  
Lemnitzer Christopher DEANS  
Lennett Jennifer DEANS  
Leshynski Raymond DEANS  
Leuthy Matthew DEANS  
LeVan Hugh DEANS  
Levchenko Anna PRESDT  
Levenberry DeJean DEANS  
Levock Sonya DEANS  
Levy Tammy DEANS  
Lewis Amy PRESDT  
Lewis Brian DEANS  
Lewis Carol DEANS  
Lewis Gerard DEANS  
Lewis Sharnette DEANS  
Lewis Stephen DEANS  
Ley Tanya PRESDT  
Li Haiying DEANS  
Li Kyle DEANS  
Li Rubing PRESDT  
Liang Youming DEANS  
Liberty Michelle PRESDT  
Liebig Zach DEANS  
Liedtke Ashlee PRESDT  
Lightfoot Yosheda DEANS  
Like Alexander DEANS  
Liku Nitsuh DEANS  
Lilburn Susan PRESDT  
Lillard Dana PRESDT  
Lim Eun PRESDT  
Lim Ghotbee PRESDT  
Lim Vanna PRESDT  
Lim Yong-Bee PRESDT  
Lima Benedita DEANS  
Lima Elizabeth DEANS  
Limampai Ivy DEANS  
Limbu Kamala DEANS  
Lin Jing DEANS  
Lincoln Foster DEANS  
Lind Lauren DEANS  
Linderman Joshua DEANS  
Lindsay Valerie DEANS  
Lins Leonardo DEANS  
Linskens Jennifer DEANS  
Linton Katherine DEANS  
Liriano Seferina DEANS  
Listman Erin DEANS  
Little Robert DEANS  
Littles Davette DEANS  
Litvinas Sandra DEANS  
Liu Feiyu DEANS  
Liu Jin Chun DEANS  
Liu Jing PRESDT  
Liu Ying PRESDT  
Lizama Glenda DEANS  
Lloyd Lovisa DEANS  
Lloyd Shawn DEANS  
Lloyd Spencer PRESDT  
Loaiza Jennifer DEANS  
Lobato Antonio PRESDT  
Lober Nastasha PRESDT  
Lobo Cesia DEANS  
Lobos Evelyn DEANS  
Locke Maura DEANS  
Locklear Stacy DEANS  
Lodato Steve DEANS  
Loechle Maria PRESDT  
Logan Megan DEANS  
Logan Michelle DEANS  
Lombard Megan DEANS  
Long Andrea DEANS  
Long Elizabeth PRESDT  
Long Kristin DEANS  
Long Michelle DEANS  
Loo Andre DEANS  
Lopes Thales PRESDT  
Lopez Cathrine DEANS  
Lopez Christin DEANS  
Lopez Claudia PRESDT  
Lora Jaldin Brenda PRESDT  
Loraine-Grews Kim PRESDT  
Lord Michael DEANS  
Lord Sarah DEANS  
Loth Richard DEANS  
Lotowicz Sarah PRESDT  
Lott Krystal PRESDT  
Lough Barbara DEANS  
Lough Preston DEANS  
Loutfi Oussama PRESDT  
Love Amanda DEANS  
Love Katie DEANS  
Lovelace Jennifer DEANS  
Loveland II Richard PRESDT  
Loving Carey DEANS  
Lowe Gregory PRESDT  
Lowe Mariama DEANS  
Lowe Rachel PRESDT  
Lowe Samantha DEANS  
Lowell Theresa PRESDT  
Lowen Marc PRESDT  
Lowrey Jesse DEANS  
Loynes Richard DEANS  
Lozos Michael DEANS  
Lu Quan DEANS  
Lu Tian PRESDT  
Lucas Gene PRESDT  
Lucas Harold DEANS  
Lucas Justin DEANS  
Lucas Kathleen DEANS  
Lucas Nicole DEANS  
Lucas Rose DEANS  
Lucas Sarah DEANS  
Ludwig Kym DEANS  
Luhrs Sarah DEANS  
Lujan Jesse PRESDT  
Lukasiewicz Wilma PRESDT  
Lumpkin Gary DEANS  
Luna Danielle DEANS  
Lundquist Thomas DEANS  
Lundregan Christine DEANS  
Lundsten Arthur PRESDT  
Lundy Jesse DEANS  
Lundy Rosalie DEANS  
Lunsford Thomas DEANS  
Luo Aihua DEANS  
Luong Anh PRESDT  
Luria Ian PRESDT  
Lussos Christopher DEANS  
Lutes Jeremy DEANS  
Luu Hung DEANS  
Ly Phuong PRESDT  
Lyell Andrew PRESDT  
Lynch Weston PRESDT  
Lynde Suzanne DEANS  
Lynn Nicole PRESDT  
Lyon Jaclyn DEANS  
Lytle-Coffey Kisha DEANS  
Lyttle David DEANS