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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Kaba Maima DEANS  
Kabba Seray DEANS  
Kabernagel Kevin DEANS  
Kabia Alhassan DEANS  
Kable Holly DEANS  
Kachmar Alison DEANS  
Kaczmarski Alison DEANS  
Kadri Iyabode DEANS  
Kafle Bhesh DEANS  
Kafri Suheir DEANS  
Kahromi Parisa DEANS  
Kakar Hillah DEANS  
Kalantarian Seyedeh DEANS  
Kaldmaa Erik DEANS  
Kalhorn Jesse DEANS  
Kalhoro Abdul DEANS  
Kalhoro Shahid DEANS  
Kallon Kade DEANS  
Kalokoh Ahmed DEANS  
Kalsoom Sadia DEANS  
Kalugina Marina PRESDT  
Kalyanapu Dorothy DEANS  
Kamai Stephanie PRESDT  
Kamara Hassan DEANS  
Kamara Mariatu DEANS  
Kamara Marina DEANS  
Kamara Rashida DEANS  
Kamara Shiek DEANS  
Kamardinova Zakhro DEANS  
Kamdem Solange DEANS  
Kaminski Jonathan PRESDT  
Kaminski Susan DEANS  
Kamran Celal DEANS  
Kanaan Lara PRESDT  
Kandji Bassirou DEANS  
Kane Joshua DEANS  
Kang Eun-mi PRESDT  
Kang Harry PRESDT  
Kang Jihee DEANS  
Kang Jiwoong DEANS  
Kang Miree PRESDT  
Kang Ruoqian DEANS  
Kang Sophia DEANS  
Kang Sun Hee PRESDT  
Kangas Eric DEANS  
Kannen Maxwell DEANS  
Kanu Daniel DEANS  
Kanuika Richard PRESDT  
Kapur Ashima DEANS  
Kapur Joy DEANS  
Kargar Zahir Mahria DEANS  
Kargbo Ramatu DEANS  
Karimi Mohammad DEANS  
Karimi Nazia DEANS  
Karimi Siavosh DEANS  
Karimullah Saad PRESDT  
Karinshak Kristen PRESDT  
Karki Nikhita PRESDT  
Karki Upama DEANS  
Karpov Ivan DEANS  
Karvee Washington DEANS  
Kassaye Fitsum DEANS  
Kassaye Meron DEANS  
Kassem Dalia DEANS  
Kathey Asuka DEANS  
Kato Daiki PRESDT  
Kato Yuta PRESDT  
Katti Arvind PRESDT  
Katz Jonathan DEANS  
Kauo Segen DEANS  
Kaur Jatinder DEANS  
Kaur Ramandeep DEANS  
Kayani Isma DEANS  
Kaygisiz Elif PRESDT  
Kaygusuz Serkan DEANS  
Kaylor Jessica DEANS  
Kaynak Burak DEANS  
Kazmi Faryal DEANS  
Kc Anil PRESDT  
Keane Brendan DEANS  
Keaton Maria PRESDT  
Keefer Cory DEANS  
Keegan Sandra PRESDT  
Keenan Kathryn DEANS  
Kegley Krystal DEANS  
Keith Kimberly DEANS  
Keith Zhanna DEANS  
Kelkar Deepshika DEANS  
Kelleher Joseph DEANS  
Kellen Steffen DEANS  
Keller Crystal DEANS  
Keller Jason DEANS  
Keller Kristy DEANS  
Keller Rebecca PRESDT  
Kellett Jennifer DEANS  
Kelley Loy DEANS  
Kelley Shannon DEANS  
Kellow Kim DEANS  
Kelly Anja DEANS  
Kelly Jessica DEANS  
Kelly Katherine PRESDT  
Kelly Lawrence DEANS  
Kelly Meredith DEANS  
Kelly Michael PRESDT  
Kelly Patrick DEANS  
Kelly Zachary DEANS  
Kelso Ellen PRESDT  
Kelso Kelly DEANS  
Kemp Kevin DEANS  
Kemp Natalya DEANS  
Kemp Teniqua DEANS  
Kenealy Clifford PRESDT  
Kenedy Christopher PRESDT  
Kennedy Austin DEANS  
Kennedy Ryan PRESDT  
Kennedy Tracy DEANS  
Kenney Sean DEANS  
Kent Teri DEANS  
Kerby Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kerr Akemi PRESDT  
Kessinger Ruth PRESDT  
Ketterman Katelyn PRESDT  
Kettler Andrew DEANS  
Kettler Tanya DEANS  
Kewley Rachel PRESDT  
Key Jennifer DEANS  
Khalaf Ouafia DEANS  
Khalil Abdullah DEANS  
Khalil Zarina DEANS  
Khalilieh Sandra PRESDT  
Khaliq Iram PRESDT  
Khamvongsa Sivanh PRESDT  
Khan Adela DEANS  
Khan Ansab DEANS  
Khan Fariya PRESDT  
Khan Haroon DEANS  
Khan Huma DEANS  
Khan Humza DEANS  
Khan Idrees DEANS  
Khan Maha PRESDT  
Khan Muhaimeinul PRESDT  
Khan Munawar DEANS  
Khan Najma DEANS  
Khan Naseem PRESDT  
Khan Rabia DEANS  
Khan Sikina DEANS  
Khan Yumna PRESDT  
Khannejad Mina DEANS  
Khatib Dayana PRESDT  
Khattak Taimoor DEANS  
Khay Yong DEANS  
Kheradmand Allieh PRESDT  
Kheyrani Zubida DEANS  
Khibit Souad DEANS  
Khmurets Alexander DEANS  
Khoja Rose PRESDT  
Khoroshenina Olga PRESDT  
Khraibani Yousra PRESDT  
Khudur Khalid DEANS  
Khullar Sahil DEANS  
Khyne-sam Chikata DEANS  
Ki Song PRESDT  
Kianersi Niloofar DEANS  
Kidd Michael DEANS  
Kiddie Natalie PRESDT  
Kiefer Lauren DEANS  
Kieswetter Holley PRESDT  
Kiker Elizabeth DEANS  
Kikomeko Annette DEANS  
Kilby Michael PRESDT  
Kim Alexander DEANS  
Kim Andrew DEANS  
Kim Bo Ae DEANS  
Kim Chin PRESDT  
Kim Christopher DEANS  
Kim Deodocia PRESDT  
Kim Dong DEANS  
Kim Doyun PRESDT  
Kim Duck Gun DEANS  
Kim Eun DEANS  
Kim Eun Joo PRESDT  
Kim Gi DEANS  
Kim Gyeong Eon PRESDT  
Kim Hanna DEANS  
Kim HanTae DEANS  
Kim Hara DEANS  
Kim Hye Eum DEANS  
Kim Hye-Jin PRESDT  
Kim Hyeyeon PRESDT  
Kim Hyo DEANS  
Kim Hyun DEANS  
Kim Hyung DEANS  
Kim Hyun-soo PRESDT  
Kim Jae DEANS  
Kim Jane DEANS  
Kim Jihee PRESDT  
Kim JiHyun DEANS  
Kim John PRESDT  
Kim Jung Woo DEANS  
Kim Kevin DEANS  
Kim Ki Won DEANS  
Kim Kyungsook PRESDT  
Kim Mi Hyun DEANS  
Kim Min PRESDT  
Kim Min Kyung PRESDT  
Kim Min Kyung DEANS  
Kim Min Young PRESDT  
Kim Min-ae PRESDT  
Kim Roy DEANS  
Kim Sanghoon DEANS  
Kim Sangwoon PRESDT  
Kim Sarah DEANS  
Kim Si DEANS  
Kim Simon PRESDT  
Kim Soo Jin DEANS  
Kim Sung Gyu PRESDT  
Kim Sunghun DEANS  
Kim Tae Eun PRESDT  
Kim Young Jin DEANS  
Kim Yume DEANS  
Kim (Jeon) JungHye DEANS  
Kimball Margaret PRESDT  
Kimble Mary DEANS  
Kimble Stephanie DEANS  
Kimes Katherine DEANS  
Kimlick Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kimmell Dave DEANS  
Kinchen Dane DEANS  
Kinchen Steven DEANS  
Kindler Alison DEANS  
Kindred Steven DEANS  
King Jairus DEANS  
King Linda PRESDT  
King Michael DEANS  
Kinnaman Emily DEANS  
Kinyanjui Antony DEANS  
Kinzel Joseph DEANS  
Kipoliongo Ngbandua DEANS  
Kipperman Philip DEANS  
Kirambage Jeewaka DEANS  
Kirby Anthony PRESDT  
Kirby Kristie DEANS  
Kirby Peter DEANS  
Kirchner Jena DEANS  
Kirk Allyson PRESDT  
Kirk Caitlin DEANS  
Kirk Candice DEANS  
Kirk Dave DEANS  
Kirland Christopher DEANS  
Kirshner Andrea PRESDT  
Kiser Uriah DEANS  
Kissick Amelia DEANS  
Kitain Vyacheslav DEANS  
Kitchen Anita PRESDT  
Kitil Ferede PRESDT  
Kitson Gregory DEANS  
Klein Alexander PRESDT  
Klein Stephen DEANS  
Klein Terra DEANS  
Klock Alexander PRESDT  
Klote Svetlana PRESDT  
Kluge Monique DEANS  
Knepley Joshua DEANS  
Knickerbocker Courtney DEANS  
Knight Katie PRESDT  
Knop Peter PRESDT  
Knowles Cassandra DEANS  
Knowles Ryan DEANS  
Knowlton Carrie DEANS  
Ko BumSuk DEANS  
Ko Hieji DEANS  
Ko Timothy PRESDT  
Kocher Opal DEANS  
Kodora Deborah PRESDT  
Kohan Amy PRESDT  
Kohler Christophe DEANS  
Kohy Shabnam DEANS  
Kojotse Augustine DEANS  
Kolankiewicz Beata PRESDT  
Kolding Sharon PRESDT  
Komaromi de Pina Claudia PRESDT  
Kong Byung DEANS  
Kono Mayumi PRESDT  
Konoza Bonnie PRESDT  
Koogle Jennifer DEANS  
Koontz James PRESDT  
Koper William DEANS  
Kopko Elaine DEANS  
Korelitz David PRESDT  
Koroma Nyanda PRESDT  
Korpe Satyasheel DEANS  
Korpusik Lisa DEANS  
Korth Jennifer DEANS  
Korves Kathleen DEANS  
Kosie Princess DEANS  
Koski Teresa DEANS  
Koster Hilary PRESDT  
Kostov Kaloyan PRESDT  
Kotwani Anju DEANS  
Koumaiha Malak DEANS  
Kozyn Sarah PRESDT  
Krafft Stephany DEANS  
Kretsch Matthew PRESDT  
Kriebel Jonathan DEANS  
Krnjaic Keli DEANS  
Kroehler Christopher DEANS  
Krogmann Ava DEANS  
Krohe Marie DEANS  
Kropinska Anna DEANS  
Kruczynski Kate PRESDT  
Kruger-Conheady Theresa DEANS  
Krulla Rhett DEANS  
Krupinski Andy DEANS  
krzyzanowicz Jeremy DEANS  
Kuan Kathy PRESDT  
Kuehl Stephan DEANS  
Kuehn Andrew DEANS  
Kuhn Erik PRESDT  
Kuklinski Leticia DEANS  
Kulsume Umme DEANS  
Kumar Annapurna DEANS  
Kumar Geeta DEANS  
Kumar Vineet DEANS  
Kumari Asha DEANS  
Kumor Patrick DEANS  
Kunec Christian DEANS  
Kutch Kristin DEANS  
Kutniewski Stephanie PRESDT  
Kuz John DEANS  
Kwak Yoon PRESDT  
Kwarteng Rose DEANS  
Kwon Boram PRESDT  
Kwon Soyeon DEANS  
Kwon Sung Hee DEANS  
Kyser Chris PRESDT  
Kyser Jesse DEANS