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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Ha In Young PRESDT  
Ha Ju Byung DEANS  
Ha Phung PRESDT  
Ha Sangsoo DEANS  
Ha Thu-Van PRESDT  
Haas David DEANS  
Haberland Sarah DEANS  
Haberle Brett DEANS  
Habib Masiheullah DEANS  
Habig Stewart DEANS  
Habte Senayte DEANS  
Hachwi Nazem DEANS  
Hafiz Atiq DEANS  
Hage Dabah PRESDT  
Hahl Brian DEANS  
Hahn Gina DEANS  
Hailemichael Tsehai DEANS  
Hailu Birikty PRESDT  
Haines Karen DEANS  
Haislmaier Karl PRESDT  
Hajabbassi Ehsan DEANS  
Hajbi Rachid PRESDT  
Hajdics Ann-Marie DEANS  
Haji Mohammadi Mohammad Matin DEANS  
Hak James DEANS  
Haldeman Irene DEANS  
Hall Brian DEANS  
Hall Charles DEANS  
Hall Christopher DEANS  
Hall Elsie DEANS  
Hall Etta DEANS  
Hall Jessica DEANS  
Hall June DEANS  
Hall Justin DEANS  
Hall Shaun DEANS  
Haller Peter DEANS  
Haller Tiffany DEANS  
Halmi Stefanie DEANS  
Halonen Anthony PRESDT  
Halverson Amanda DEANS  
Halverson Richard DEANS  
Halvordson Matthew DEANS  
Hamad Zeina PRESDT  
Hamadi Ghaleb PRESDT  
Hamary Omer DEANS  
Hamblen Andrew PRESDT  
Hambley Dorothy DEANS  
Hambrock Shannon DEANS  
Hamed Abdel-Rahman DEANS  
Hamen Urmy DEANS  
Hamer Jennifer DEANS  
Hamid Shelly DEANS  
Hamididdin Mohammed DEANS  
Hamilton Dustin PRESDT  
Hamilton Marlon PRESDT  
Hammad Abeer DEANS  
Hammang Phyllis DEANS  
Hammett Judith DEANS  
Hammond Denise PRESDT  
Hammond Lauren DEANS  
Hamn Frederick DEANS  
Hampson Eric DEANS  
Hampton Brian DEANS  
Hampton-Gibson Adelle PRESDT  
Han Daniel PRESDT  
Han Haeseob PRESDT  
Han Hyon PRESDT  
Han Kwang Hun PRESDT  
Han Se Jin DEANS  
Han Seung Hwan DEANS  
Han William PRESDT  
Hanak Gregory DEANS  
Hancock Sean DEANS  
Hanes Chelsea DEANS  
Hanfman Kristin PRESDT  
Hang Peggy PRESDT  
Hanley Gwynhwyvar DEANS  
Hanner Elaine PRESDT  
Hannif-Ali Rebekah PRESDT  
Hanrahan Danielle DEANS  
Hansen Brant DEANS  
Hansen Jette DEANS  
Haq Mansoora DEANS  
Harder Jeshua DEANS  
Hardin Rachel DEANS  
Harding Anne-Mette PRESDT  
Hardinge Harold PRESDT  
Hardt Drew DEANS  
Hardy Delonte PRESDT  
Hardy Jordyn DEANS  
Hardy Kathryne DEANS  
Hardy Lavonn DEANS  
Harer Aishwarya DEANS  
Hargrove Anna PRESDT  
Harley Elyssa PRESDT  
Harman Nucleide PRESDT  
Harmon Billy DEANS  
Harmon Lindsay DEANS  
Harms Andrew DEANS  
Harper Aaron DEANS  
Harper Lee DEANS  
Harper Samantha DEANS  
Harris Ernest PRESDT  
Harris Jody DEANS  
Harris Kathryn DEANS  
Harris Lacey DEANS  
Harris Nicole DEANS  
Harris Rosa DEANS  
Harrison Donald DEANS  
Harrison Jennifer DEANS  
Harrison Timothy DEANS  
Harry Robin DEANS  
Hart Christi DEANS  
Hart Katherine DEANS  
Hart Taylor DEANS  
Hartbarger Alexandra DEANS  
Harte Pamela PRESDT  
Hartless Brynn DEANS  
Hartman Helene DEANS  
Harvey Jesse DEANS  
Harwell Ann DEANS  
Hasan Asfar DEANS  
Hasan Shellywati DEANS  
Haselton Pamella PRESDT  
Hashemi Haleh PRESDT  
Hashime Masoud DEANS  
Hashmi Ali PRESDT  
Hashmi Noman DEANS  
Haskell Paulla PRESDT  
Hassan Faiza DEANS  
Hassan Hamzah DEANS  
Hassan Hodan DEANS  
Hassan Mehreen DEANS  
Hassan Tarek DEANS  
Hassan Zahara DEANS  
Hassanzadeh Shiva PRESDT  
Hassell Stephanie DEANS  
Hassen Hanan DEANS  
Hatcher Sean PRESDT  
Hatfield Brian DEANS  
Hatfield Samantha DEANS  
Hatim Yasimine DEANS  
Hatter Brenna PRESDT  
Hatter Sunshine DEANS  
Havenner Brittany DEANS  
Hawkins Brent DEANS  
Hayden Trey DEANS  
Hayes Heather DEANS  
Hayes James DEANS  
Hayes Sarah PRESDT  
Hayn Helen DEANS  
Haynes Arndis DEANS  
Hays Timothy PRESDT  
Healy Mathew PRESDT  
Healy Matthew DEANS  
Heath Ashley PRESDT  
Heath Sarah PRESDT  
Heckard Jennifer DEANS  
Hedgepeth Millicent DEANS  
Hedges Kenneth DEANS  
Hedrick Heather DEANS  
Hedrick Kathleen DEANS  
Heflin Anastasia DEANS  
Heidarian Mahtab DEANS  
Heidbreder Nicole DEANS  
Heider Alyssa DEANS  
Heider Hamed DEANS  
Heim Theresa PRESDT  
Heitke Kimberly DEANS  
Helden David DEANS  
Helena Gabriel DEANS  
Hellberg Krystie PRESDT  
Helms Alexander DEANS  
Helton Ashley PRESDT  
Henderson Dexter DEANS  
Henderson James PRESDT  
Henderson Joshua DEANS  
Hendon Jeremiah DEANS  
Hendricks Kristen PRESDT  
Hendricks Kristen DEANS  
Hendricks Timothy PRESDT  
Henecke Terry DEANS  
Hennessy Chris DEANS  
Henning Gregory DEANS  
Henry Bruce DEANS  
Henry Christina DEANS  
Henry Kelly DEANS  
Herberg Jeremiah DEANS  
Herbert Deborah DEANS  
Heredia Luis PRESDT  
Herman Kathleen DEANS  
Hermes Denise DEANS  
Hernandez Ana DEANS  
Hernandez Jose DEANS  
Hernandez Merly DEANS  
Hernandez Monica DEANS  
Hernandez Yanett DEANS  
Herndon Kristina DEANS  
Herold Robert PRESDT  
Heron Kevin DEANS  
Herr Derek DEANS  
Herrera Jose DEANS  
Herrera Leandra Carla PRESDT  
Herrick Kristine DEANS  
Herrington Cassie DEANS  
Herron Colleen DEANS  
Herst Christopher DEANS  
Hertz Kellen DEANS  
Hesham Maynosh DEANS  
Hess Andrew DEANS  
Hesse Carol DEANS  
Hessenberger Dimo DEANS  
Hetrick Anna DEANS  
Hewan George DEANS  
Hewlett Allison DEANS  
Heye Stacia PRESDT  
Hicklin Colin DEANS  
Hickling Alice PRESDT  
Hickman Patricia DEANS  
Hicks Katherine DEANS  
Hidalgo Maria PRESDT  
Higginbottom Jacob PRESDT  
Higgins Stacy DEANS  
Hildreth Paul DEANS  
Hill Alexander DEANS  
Hill Charles DEANS  
Hill Daniel PRESDT  
Hill Eleanora DEANS  
Hill Melissa DEANS  
Hillas Kenneth DEANS  
Hilldrup Christopher PRESDT  
Hillenbrand Daniel DEANS  
Hillman Lauren DEANS  
Hilton Tyeisha DEANS  
Hines Jessica PRESDT  
Hinojosa Noelia PRESDT  
Hinrichs Samantha PRESDT  
Hladisova Dana PRESDT  
Hnin Van DEANS  
Ho Amy DEANS  
Hoang Ngoc DEANS  
Hobbs Daniel DEANS  
Hobbs Sarah DEANS  
Hockenbury Matthew PRESDT  
Hodge Christina DEANS  
Hodge Julia PRESDT  
Hodges Louisa PRESDT  
Hodgson Carolina DEANS  
Hodgson David DEANS  
Hoecker David DEANS  
Hoehne Sabrina DEANS  
Hoerr Megan DEANS  
Hoey Alexandra PRESDT  
Hoffman James DEANS  
Hofmann Tatsuya DEANS  
Hogg Daniel DEANS  
Hogue Sidney DEANS  
Hohenstein John DEANS  
Holcomb Christina DEANS  
Holder Alisa PRESDT  
Holder Deborah PRESDT  
Holliman William PRESDT  
Holloman Alan PRESDT  
Hollomon Jeffrey DEANS  
Holloway Nia DEANS  
Holman Cecilia DEANS  
Holmes Richie DEANS  
Holmgren Rikard DEANS  
Holson Kathryn DEANS  
Holt Robert DEANS  
Holzknecht Brittany PRESDT  
Homer Florence PRESDT  
Honaker Laura PRESDT  
Hong Brian DEANS  
Hong Daniel DEANS  
Hong Ji Sun PRESDT  
Hong Juntaek DEANS  
Hong Lyhna DEANS  
Hong Riley DEANS  
Hooper Idris PRESDT  
Hoover Joshua DEANS  
Hopkins Stephen DEANS  
Horner Bradley DEANS  
Horner Wendy DEANS  
Horton Nicole DEANS  
Horvath Kelly DEANS  
Hossain Fuad DEANS  
Hotaki Layluma DEANS  
Hotaling Michael PRESDT  
Hottell Eric PRESDT  
Houchins Charlene DEANS  
Houff Katelyn DEANS  
Houghton Kolby PRESDT  
Houghton Kyle PRESDT  
Houk Dawn DEANS  
House Loretta DEANS  
House Victoria PRESDT  
Houssainzadah Sahra DEANS  
Houston William DEANS  
Houtman Gordon DEANS  
Hovey Glen DEANS  
Hovsepyan Nvard DEANS  
Howard Alexandra DEANS  
Howard Andrew DEANS  
Howe Stephen PRESDT  
Hoxie Amanda DEANS  
Hoyt Marci DEANS  
Hranek Stefanie PRESDT  
Hsu Virginia DEANS  
Hua DoQuyen DEANS  
Huang Jessica DEANS  
Huang Jian PRESDT  
Huang Wei-Ming DEANS  
Huaylla Mercedes DEANS  
Hubard Olga DEANS  
Hubbard Jennifer PRESDT  
Hubbard Maurice PRESDT  
Hube Jason PRESDT  
Huddleston Michelle PRESDT  
Hudgins Margret DEANS  
Hudnall Katherine DEANS  
Huerta Virginia DEANS  
Huff Philip PRESDT  
Hughes Adam DEANS  
Hughes Danyael PRESDT  
Hughes Elaine DEANS  
Hughes Kelly PRESDT  
Hughes Nina PRESDT  
Hughes Sarah DEANS  
Hughes Stephen PRESDT  
Hulett Andrew DEANS  
Hummer Ryan DEANS  
Humphrey Audrey DEANS  
Humphreys Julian DEANS  
Humphries Richard PRESDT  
Hundal Ramandeep DEANS  
Hunt Jacob DEANS  
Hunt Kyle DEANS  
Hunte Thamisha DEANS  
Hunter Aaron PRESDT  
Hunter David DEANS  
Hunter Jaron PRESDT  
Hunter Lisa PRESDT  
Hunter Monique DEANS  
Hunter Tatiana DEANS  
Huq Amena DEANS  
Hurdman Andrew DEANS  
Hurlburt Ashleigh DEANS  
Hurley Patricia DEANS  
Hurm Brett DEANS  
Husain Minha DEANS  
Husar Matthew PRESDT  
Hussain Quratulain DEANS  
Hussain Saqib DEANS  
Hussein Muna DEANS  
Huynh An DEANS  
Huynh Annie PRESDT  
Huynh Christina DEANS  
Huynh Loi PRESDT  
Huynh Phan DEANS  
Huynh Richard DEANS  
Huynh Thuy PRESDT  
Hwang Jingui DEANS  
Hyder Faiz DEANS  
Hydorn Norma DEANS  
Hyduke L DEANS  
Hylton Amanda DEANS  
Hylton Doreen DEANS