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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Da Silva Guerreiro Zulay DEANS  
Dabo Kadiatou DEANS  
Dahab Ibrahim Shaban PRESDT  
Dahal Anu DEANS  
Daigneau Sean DEANS  
Daigrepont Gabriel DEANS  
Dailey Christopher DEANS  
Dailey Kristen DEANS  
Dakhil Omar DEANS  
Dakwala Foziya PRESDT  
Damdinsuren Undraa DEANS  
Damer Catherine DEANS  
Damiano Andrea DEANS  
Dandu Harika DEANS  
Dang Aziza PRESDT  
Dang Hai DEANS  
Daniel Andrew PRESDT  
Daniel Ben DEANS  
Daniel Joseph DEANS  
Daniels Andrea DEANS  
Daniels Grant PRESDT  
Daniels Melva DEANS  
Danigole Patricia DEANS  
Dankwa Michael PRESDT  
Dantin-williams Alicia DEANS  
D'Antonio Mark PRESDT  
Danula Trisha DEANS  
Danur Hanim PRESDT  
Dao Anh-ngoc PRESDT  
Dao Canh DEANS  
Dao Huong DEANS  
Daphnis Csilla DEANS  
Darling Andrew DEANS  
Darling John PRESDT  
Dart Jessica DEANS  
DAsbach Kenneth DEANS  
Dasilva Jose DEANS  
Daughtry Denise DEANS  
Davey Lyndon PRESDT  
David Michael DEANS  
Davidson Justin PRESDT  
Davidson Kim DEANS  
Davies Christopher DEANS  
Davila Fernando DEANS  
Davila Jeffrey DEANS  
Davila Lucia DEANS  
Davis Aretha DEANS  
Davis DeAmond DEANS  
Davis Herbert PRESDT  
Davis Janet DEANS  
Davis Jessica DEANS  
Davis Kirstie DEANS  
Davis Nicole DEANS  
Davis Sonjia DEANS  
Davis Stephanie PRESDT  
Davis-niles Janelle PRESDT  
Dawson Aaron PRESDT  
Dawson Kyle DEANS  
Day Janice DEANS  
Day Krista PRESDT  
Day Mary PRESDT  
Day Rachel PRESDT  
De castro Patricia PRESDT  
de Cespedes Gabriela DEANS  
De Furia Ashtara DEANS  
de Guzman Donna Mae DEANS  
de Hostos Soto Patricia PRESDT  
De Jesus Maricel DEANS  
De Leon Alison DEANS  
De morales Marisa DEANS  
De nitti Roderico DEANS  
Dean Brian PRESDT  
Deane Rebecca PRESDT  
DeAngelo Suzanya PRESDT  
Deavers Lorri PRESDT  
DeCamp Alison DEANS  
DeCosa Alexis PRESDT  
DeCoster Catherine DEANS  
Decot Nicole PRESDT  
DeFazio Jennifer PRESDT  
Degismen Emrah DEANS  
DeGroat Pierce DEANS  
Deguzman Maria DEANS  
Dehghi Rodmon DEANS  
del Rosario Cris DEANS  
Dela Cruz Nichelle PRESDT  
Delcid Maria DEANS  
Dele Evelyn PRESDT  
Delfin Rodriguez Miluska DEANS  
Delgado Dayana PRESDT  
Delgado Diana DEANS  
DelGizzi Adriana DEANS  
Delisle April DEANS  
Dell Beverley DEANS  
Dellastatious James DEANS  
Dellinger Nathan PRESDT  
Delmundo Raquel DEANS  
Deloatch Latisha DEANS  
Demarest Mauren DEANS  
Demeis-ortiz Lauren DEANS  
Dempsey Erik DEANS  
Deng WenJun DEANS  
Denk Michael DEANS  
Denk Sarah PRESDT  
Denko Bobbie DEANS  
Denlinger Joan DEANS  
Dennis Randall DEANS  
Dennison Jeffrey DEANS  
Deopujari Varsha PRESDT  
Deras Maria DEANS  
Derias Engy DEANS  
Dersan Sezgi PRESDT  
Derzanski Derek DEANS  
Deskovich Peter PRESDT  
DeSomma Rachel DEANS  
Dessuit Nichelle DEANS  
Desta Negatu PRESDT  
Destatte Nikol DEANS  
DeStefano Priscilla DEANS  
Deutschmann Dorothy DEANS  
Devamithran Rachel DEANS  
Deveaux Joseph PRESDT  
Devilliers Maud DEANS  
Devine Keisha DEANS  
DeWaard Lacey DEANS  
Dezendorf Alex DEANS  
Dhanoya Sukhdeep PRESDT  
Dhillon Deepinder DEANS  
Dhillon Roshni DEANS  
Di paolo Patrick DEANS  
Dia Badara DEANS  
Dias Erik DEANS  
Diaz Amalia DEANS  
Diaz Rolando DEANS  
Diaz-McKee Mailin PRESDT  
Dibaba Meskerem PRESDT  
Dibenedetto Lisa DEANS  
DiCaprio Stephanie DEANS  
Dick Sharon DEANS  
Dickey Dean DEANS  
Dickinson Clay DEANS  
Die Jill DEANS  
Dieng Aminata DEANS  
Dietrich Manuela DEANS  
Diewald Patricia DEANS  
Difolco Leah DEANS  
Dillard Katherine DEANS  
Dillener Sam DEANS  
Dillon Clifford DEANS  
Dillon Rachael PRESDT  
Dillow Layla DEANS  
Dingman Jacob DEANS  
Dinh Con DEANS  
Dinh Thuy-Giang PRESDT  
Dinneen Daniel DEANS  
Dinsmore James DEANS  
Diodone Janine DEANS  
Dirgo Leslie PRESDT  
DiSimone Cynthia PRESDT  
Divenere Krista PRESDT  
DiVietri John DEANS  
Dixon Ernest DEANS  
Dixon Jennifer DEANS  
Dixon Peter DEANS  
Djangkuak Noviantari PRESDT  
Do Anh-Christine DEANS  
Do Lien PRESDT  
Do Truc DEANS  
Dobbins Marion DEANS  
Dober Gerrad DEANS  
Dobson Tracy DEANS  
Dobudko Elena DEANS  
Dodd Jennifer DEANS  
Dodge Kyle DEANS  
Dodson Jonathan DEANS  
Dogan Mehmet PRESDT  
Doherty Daniel DEANS  
Doherty Patrick DEANS  
Doherty Rachel PRESDT  
Dolan Kevin DEANS  
D'Olier Lisa DEANS  
Dominguez Mariam DEANS  
Donato Felicity PRESDT  
Dondero-Pettit Elliot DEANS  
Dong Thao PRESDT  
Donnelly Brian DEANS  
Donnelly Catherine DEANS  
Donovan Robert DEANS  
Dornan Lisa DEANS  
Dossel Richard DEANS  
Dotson Nicole DEANS  
Dougan Veronica PRESDT  
Douglas Vanessa DEANS  
Dovell Susan PRESDT  
Dowd Devin PRESDT  
Dowe Katherine DEANS  
Dowgiello Nancy DEANS  
Downey Marcus DEANS  
Downie Steven PRESDT  
Doyle Erin DEANS  
Drachsler Laura DEANS  
Drake Charles DEANS  
Drakic Andrija DEANS  
Draper Kaitlin DEANS  
Dreon Allison PRESDT  
Driggers Katie DEANS  
Driscoll Lucie DEANS  
Druzhynin Arseni PRESDT  
Drye Kelly DEANS  
Duane Jason DEANS  
Duffin Audreona PRESDT  
Dugan Sandra PRESDT  
Duley Jerome DEANS  
Dulik Michael DEANS  
Dumbuya Humu DEANS  
Duncan Adam DEANS  
Duncan Kelly PRESDT  
Duncan Rebecca DEANS  
Dunlap Natalya DEANS  
Dunn Jacob DEANS  
Dunne Courtney DEANS  
Duong Hieu DEANS  
Duong My-y DEANS  
Duong NhatQuynh DEANS  
Duong Thien-Kim DEANS  
Duplan Joseph DEANS  
Dupras Ilfigenija DEANS  
Duraiswamy John DEANS  
Duran David DEANS  
Durant Eric DEANS  
Dusenberry Clinton PRESDT  
Dutia Ketu DEANS  
Dutton Bradford DEANS  
Duvall Katharine DEANS  
Duy Katrina DEANS  
Dvorak Alanna DEANS  
Dyer Kevin PRESDT  
Dyer William DEANS  
Dyer-Dewitt Melissa DEANS  
Dykstra Case DEANS  
Dyson Amanda DEANS  
Dyson Bruce PRESDT  
Dzansi Rhonda DEANS  
Dzhama Abdiaziz DEANS