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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Aardsma Zachary DEANS  
Ababio Richard PRESDT  
Abadi Saharnaz DEANS  
Abass Mohammed PRESDT  
Abawi Jamila DEANS  
Abbas Mazin PRESDT  
Abbas Mohamad PRESDT  
Abbasi Abid DEANS  
Abbasi Hira PRESDT  
Abbasi Waleed DEANS  
Abbey Derick PRESDT  
Abbouda Samir DEANS  
Abdallah Bint PRESDT  
Abdallah Osama PRESDT  
Abdelmasih Bright PRESDT  
Abdelmasih Emad DEANS  
Abdelnabi Mai PRESDT  
Abdelrahman Aimee DEANS  
Abdi Abdi DEANS  
Abdi Abdiqani DEANS  
Abdoh Enaam DEANS  
Abdul Ali Ahmad Khaled DEANS  
Abdullah Lajin DEANS  
Abdullahi Abdilaziz DEANS  
Abdullahi Ahmed PRESDT  
Abdul-Wahab Jamilah DEANS  
Abdurahman Seid DEANS  
Abdurehman Maria DEANS  
Abebe Edom PRESDT  
Abebe Kidist DEANS  
Abebe Tsegereda DEANS  
Abebu Mathias PRESDT  
Abedelrazak Hanan DEANS  
Abokor Abdullaziz DEANS  
Aboulmouna Nancy DEANS  
Abram Rachel DEANS  
Abramson Osnat DEANS  
Abrham Saba DEANS  
Abshire Lisa DEANS  
Abt Spencer DEANS  
Abubakar Guled DEANS  
abubeker zinet DEANS  
Abu-El-Hawa Mohammad DEANS  
Abuhantash Rawan DEANS  
Abuharb Marah DEANS  
Abza Tesfaye DEANS  
Acevedo Angela DEANS  
Acharya Saujanya DEANS  
Ackley Tamara PRESDT  
Acosta Beverly PRESDT  
Acosta Eva DEANS  
Acosta Jose DEANS  
Acuff Troy DEANS  
Acuna Rebecca DEANS  
Adams Kevin DEANS  
Adams Richard DEANS  
Adams Robert DEANS  
Adams Rosemarie DEANS  
Adams Samuel DEANS  
Addai Benjamin DEANS  
Adeba Hailu DEANS  
Adem Sebry PRESDT  
Adgate Linda DEANS  
Adhami Moiz DEANS  
Adhikari Anima PRESDT  
Adhikari Narayan DEANS  
Adhikari Sujan DEANS  
Adilbekova Dinara DEANS  
Adinolfi Andrew PRESDT  
Admassu Michael DEANS  
Adogu Obinna DEANS  
Adu Boakye Christiana DEANS  
Adugna Kalkidan DEANS  
Adu-Poku John DEANS  
Afanasyeva Yelena PRESDT  
Aflatooni Pooya PRESDT  
Afzal Mohammed DEANS  
Afzal Zainab PRESDT  
Afzall Ashley DEANS  
Agarwal Samira DEANS  
Agarwal Steve PRESDT  
Agcaoili Loralie DEANS  
Aggarwal Pallavi DEANS  
Aghaji Staniel PRESDT  
Agnew Fiona DEANS  
Agnew Paris DEANS  
Agnisarman Jyothy DEANS  
Agogino Sarah DEANS  
Aguilera David DEANS  
Aguilera Pablo DEANS  
Agyare Kwesi DEANS  
Ahamad Sithy PRESDT  
Ahferom Mussie DEANS  
Ahluwalia Vineet PRESDT  
Ahmad Afaf DEANS  
Ahmad Hina PRESDT  
Ahmad Majd DEANS  
Ahmad Naseer DEANS  
Ahmad Nawaz DEANS  
Ahmad Saira DEANS  
Ahmad Zainab DEANS  
Ahmadi Jacque PRESDT  
Ahmadzai Nadjma DEANS  
Ahmed Ayaz DEANS  
ahmed Balal DEANS  
Ahmed Faduma DEANS  
Ahmed Jihan PRESDT  
Ahmed Minhaz DEANS  
Ahmed Naheed DEANS  
Ahmed Nausheen DEANS  
Ahmed Nizam DEANS  
Ahmed Noman DEANS  
Ahmed Sadath DEANS  
Ahn Se Key PRESDT  
Ahn Seung DEANS  
Ahn Yeonju PRESDT  
Ahner Kristina PRESDT  
Aihara Takae DEANS  
Aimen Narwan PRESDT  
Aissaoui Abdelfettah DEANS  
Ait Anna PRESDT  
Ajlyakeen Ebaa PRESDT  
Akbar Sohaib DEANS  
Akhond Hawraa DEANS  
Akhtar Sahdia DEANS  
Akhter Sirin DEANS  
Akin Valerie PRESDT  
Akram Mobeen DEANS  
Akram Saba PRESDT  
Akwo Awahngie DEANS  
Al Hajebi Sumaia DEANS  
Al Imran Abdullah DEANS  
Al Jaloud Riyadh DEANS  
Alaeddini Borna DEANS  
Al-Ajmi Masha'al DEANS  
Al-alawi Zubeida DEANS  
Alamara Naghem PRESDT  
Alamneh Anteneh DEANS  
Albisu Carolina DEANS  
Alborzi Mandana PRESDT  
Albrecht Bianca DEANS  
Albrittain Candace DEANS  
Alcalde Tamara DEANS  
Alcoreza Daniel PRESDT  
Aldarmaki Sultan DEANS  
Alden Tashi DEANS  
Alderman Wendy DEANS  
Aldhaheri Afra DEANS  
Aldridge Chad DEANS  
Alemu Messay DEANS  
alemu miraf DEANS  
Alexander Kristin DEANS  
Alexander Nichole DEANS  
Alexander Scott PRESDT  
Alexandra Michelle DEANS  
Alexy Steven DEANS  
Alford David DEANS  
Alford Shyla DEANS  
Al-Ghafari Asmaa DEANS  
Al-haj Abdul-rahman DEANS  
Alhajomar Alaa PRESDT  
Al-hassan Nada PRESDT  
Alhoms Noor DEANS  
Ali Basharat DEANS  
Ali Ghazanfer DEANS  
Ali Imran DEANS  
Ali Suhaib DEANS  
Aliaga Andrea PRESDT  
Alimi Tina PRESDT  
Alimohammadi Kamran PRESDT  
Alizai Ali Ilham DEANS  
Alizai Friba DEANS  
Al-Jariri Amjad DEANS  
Aljazairi Ammar PRESDT  
AlKhater Amneh PRESDT  
Al-Khulaidy Amira PRESDT  
Allen Christopher DEANS  
Allen George DEANS  
Allen Jon-Michael DEANS  
Allen Odessa DEANS  
Allen Teresa DEANS  
Allred Pamela DEANS  
Almoualem Belal PRESDT  
Almujahed Sarah DEANS  
AL-Najjar Farah DEANS  
Alneyadi Nayef DEANS  
Alnoor Runa DEANS  
Alsaidi Thekra DEANS  
Alt Kim DEANS  
Altalib Othman PRESDT  
Alvarado Cynthia DEANS  
Alvarado Erin DEANS  
Alvarado De Soto Daysi DEANS  
Alvarenga Keyry DEANS  
Alwan Blanca DEANS  
Amare Alemneh DEANS  
Amatetti Alexis DEANS  
Amaya Tito DEANS  
Ambotaite Sandra DEANS  
Ambrogi Giulia PRESDT  
Amde Megdelawit PRESDT  
Amedome Jannette DEANS  
Amematsro Fred PRESDT  
Amer Moataz DEANS  
Amerkhail Hosai PRESDT  
Ames Robert DEANS  
Amidon Ashley DEANS  
Amin Asra DEANS  
Amini Jaleh DEANS  
Amini Raheleh DEANS  
Amireh Amneh DEANS  
Ammar Shahira DEANS  
Amoah Doreen PRESDT  
Amos Donna PRESDT  
Amos Lisa DEANS  
Amsalu Hirut PRESDT  
An Jae Young PRESDT  
An Sung PRESDT  
Anangfack Hellen DEANS  
Ancalle Angela DEANS  
Andersen-Farmer Tracy DEANS  
Anderson Anisha DEANS  
Anderson Bartley PRESDT  
Anderson Dylan DEANS  
Anderson Frank PRESDT  
Anderson Karl DEANS  
Anderson Kelly DEANS  
Anderson Lisa PRESDT  
Anderson Megan DEANS  
Anderson Mike DEANS  
Anderson Whitney DEANS  
Anderson William DEANS  
Anderson-doby Lori DEANS  
Andrada Jem Mark DEANS  
Andrade Kate DEANS  
Andrews Mary Victoria DEANS  
Andrews Melisa DEANS  
Andries Claudiu DEANS  
Andujar Anibel DEANS  
Angassa Fitsum DEANS  
Angel Elizabeth DEANS  
Angel Elsa DEANS  
Angelov Krasimir DEANS  
Angole Samson PRESDT  
Anim Nana DEANS  
Ankomah Mercedes PRESDT  
Ansari Fatima DEANS  
Ansary Farhat DEANS  
Antayhua Reynoso Mariela DEANS  
Antelo Gerpe Maria Teresa DEANS  
Antezana Elia DEANS  
Anthony James DEANS  
Anthony Jessica DEANS  
Antiporda Karen DEANS  
Antonio Therese DEANS  
Antunes Marie DEANS  
Antzoulatos Nicholas PRESDT  
Apedoe Nana PRESDT  
Aponte Awildalys DEANS  
Appiah Joana DEANS  
Appiah Philip DEANS  
Appiah-Kumi Frances DEANS  
Appietu-Ankrah Afua DEANS  
Applegate Anna DEANS  
Apraku John DEANS  
Aragao Tais DEANS  
Aramayo Karina DEANS  
Aramian Hengameh DEANS  
Arancibia Osorio Maria DEANS  
Araya Rodriguez Alejandra DEANS  
Arbulu Robert DEANS  
Arce Gabriela DEANS  
Argote Fabiola DEANS  
Argueta Jeananne DEANS  
Argueta Teresa DEANS  
Arif Alia DEANS  
Arif Rabiha DEANS  
Arif Saiyeda DEANS  
Arif Yasmin DEANS  
Arizmendi Cristina DEANS  
Armendaris Luis-Miguel DEANS  
Armenia Whitney DEANS  
Armour David DEANS  
Armour Regina DEANS  
Armstrong Anna DEANS  
Armstrong Kyle PRESDT  
Armstrong Ryan DEANS  
Arnatt Catherine DEANS  
Arnatt Michael DEANS  
Arneja Harnake DEANS  
Arnett Mark DEANS  
Arnold Fredric DEANS  
Arnold Jessica DEANS  
Arnone Peggy DEANS  
Arraya Monique DEANS  
Arroyo Ruth PRESDT  
Arroyo Sabrina DEANS  
Arsala Manisha DEANS  
Arsalan Muhammad DEANS  
Arsenault Jamie DEANS  
Arseneau Lucas DEANS  
Arshad Sidra DEANS  
Arslanagic Sabina DEANS  
Artenian Kristi DEANS  
Arthur Miroslava DEANS  
Arthur Nathanael PRESDT  
Arthur Priya DEANS  
Arutyun Serge PRESDT  
Arzaga Carlos DEANS  
Asante Samuel PRESDT  
Asay Nadja DEANS  
Asfaw Solomon DEANS  
Asfour Jonathan DEANS  
Asghar Asma PRESDT  
Ashami Meseretehiwot DEANS  
Ashby Melissa DEANS  
Asheber Amsalu DEANS  
Ashkan Arzhang PRESDT  
Ashkenes Christopher DEANS  
Ashner Melissa PRESDT  
Ashraf Saimah DEANS  
Ashraf Sayyam DEANS  
Asiedua Letsa Joyce PRESDT  
Asinugo Ivy DEANS  
Asjodi Sasha DEANS  
Askew Kyunghui DEANS  
Asmawi Rizka DEANS  
Asrat Mesfen DEANS  
Assefa Ferealem PRESDT  
Assefa Kalkidan PRESDT  
Assefnia Amirashkan DEANS  
Asselanis Dino DEANS  
Atak Nabila PRESDT  
Atef Khaled PRESDT  
Atkins Anna PRESDT  
Atkins Lena DEANS  
Attridge Susan DEANS  
Atwood Paul DEANS  
Audi Jerry DEANS  
Auguste Gerald DEANS  
Augustyn Sylwia DEANS  
Aung Su Sandy DEANS  
Aung Thant DEANS  
Aust Trisch DEANS  
Austin Justyna PRESDT  
Austin Karen DEANS  
Austin Lydia PRESDT  
Auzenne Alexander DEANS  
Averina Vera DEANS  
Avery Erin PRESDT  
Avery Lisa PRESDT  
Avila Claudia DEANS  
Awad May DEANS  
Awe Bamidele PRESDT  
Axen Christina DEANS  
Ayala Juan DEANS  
Ayala Chacon Victor DEANS  
Ayalew Tinsae PRESDT  
Ayalew Wendmnew DEANS  
Ayer Stephanie DEANS  
Ayers Mark DEANS  
Ayettey Rebecca DEANS  
Ayoobi Samia PRESDT  
Ayoub Selvana DEANS  
Ayres Suzanne DEANS  
Ayyad Nadia DEANS  
Azadi ardekani Ladan DEANS  
Azar Adrian PRESDT  
Azar Jennifer DEANS  
Azhar Muhammad PRESDT  
Azimi Homaira DEANS  
Aziz Ali DEANS  
Aziz Sasha DEANS  
Aznan Syarafina PRESDT