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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Waddell Jordan DEANS  
Wade Kristina PRESDT  
Wadsworth Irene DEANS  
Waga Junko PRESDT  
Wagner Daniel DEANS  
Wagner Joseph DEANS  
Wagner Kenneth DEANS  
Wake Rahel DEANS  
Waked Allen DEANS  
Walbesser Lily PRESDT  
Walczak Nancy DEANS  
Walczykowski Barbara DEANS  
Walden Sherry DEANS  
Waldron Heather DEANS  
Waldschmidt Kathryn DEANS  
Walker Ashley DEANS  
Walker Cheryl PRESDT  
Walker Janet DEANS  
Wall Michael DEANS  
Wallace Emerald DEANS  
Wallbach Annika DEANS  
Walley Shirley DEANS  
Wallin Anna DEANS  
Walne Stacey DEANS  
Walsh Bryan DEANS  
Walsh Christina PRESDT  
Walsh Christine PRESDT  
Walsh David DEANS  
Walsh Kristin DEANS  
Walter Stefanie DEANS  
Walters Cassandra DEANS  
Waltman Alison DEANS  
Wang Caleb PRESDT  
Wang Quanwen DEANS  
Wang Wei PRESDT  
Wang Yu DEANS  
Wann Nene DEANS  
Ward Amal DEANS  
Ward Joshua DEANS  
Ward Katherine DEANS  
Ward Keith DEANS  
Ward Matthew DEANS  
Ward Stephen DEANS  
Warmbrunn Dax PRESDT  
Warren Brittany PRESDT  
Warwick Elizabeth DEANS  
Warwick Jane DEANS  
Warwick Melissa PRESDT  
Washington Garrett DEANS  
Wasley William DEANS  
Wassel Mohammad DEANS  
Wassing Tara DEANS  
Waters Marie PRESDT  
Watkins Amy PRESDT  
Watkins Kenneth DEANS  
Watkins Ramona DEANS  
Watland Kristen PRESDT  
Watling Sean PRESDT  
Watson Christopher DEANS  
Watson Katherine DEANS  
Watson Matthew DEANS  
Watson Monica DEANS  
Watson Robert DEANS  
Watson Stephanie DEANS  
Watts Deanna DEANS  
Watts Rebekah DEANS  
Weatherholt Amanda DEANS  
Weaver Ruth DEANS  
Weber Brenda DEANS  
Weber Kiel DEANS  
Webster Lisa DEANS  
Webster Rebecca DEANS  
Wedge Joshua DEANS  
Weese Kimberley DEANS  
Wei Hsiao-Wei PRESDT  
Wei Jay DEANS  
Weintraub Rachael DEANS  
Weisbeck Amanda DEANS  
Weisbeck Sara PRESDT  
Weise Nickolaus PRESDT  
Weisenborn Jonathan PRESDT  
Weishar Thomas DEANS  
Weissbratten Jarret DEANS  
Welborn Katherine DEANS  
Welch Justin PRESDT  
Welch Kenneth DEANS  
Weldeab Dayan DEANS  
Weldegebrael Yalew DEANS  
Wellock Andrew DEANS  
Wells Chris DEANS  
Wells Darci DEANS  
Wells Kathleen DEANS  
Wenger Stephanie DEANS  
Went Nathan DEANS  
Wenthold Hannah DEANS  
Werntz Daniel DEANS  
West Clare DEANS  
West Heather DEANS  
Westbrook Farah DEANS  
Westgate Samuel DEANS  
Wharam Marshall PRESDT  
Wheat Catalina DEANS  
Wheeler Amy DEANS  
Wheeler Barbara DEANS  
Wheeler Christiana DEANS  
Wheeler Sarah DEANS  
Whinerey Britta DEANS  
White Brent PRESDT  
White Crystal DEANS  
White Iris DEANS  
White John DEANS  
White Lacey DEANS  
White Letisha DEANS  
White Patricia DEANS  
White Sonya DEANS  
White lekus Annie DEANS  
Whitehead Mitzi DEANS  
Whitehurst Kristina DEANS  
Whiteside Nicholas DEANS  
Whitfield Susan DEANS  
Whiting Paula DEANS  
Whitling Shelane DEANS  
Whitmore Dawn DEANS  
Whitmoyer Traci DEANS  
Whitt Kristina DEANS  
Whittaker Jennifer DEANS  
Whittington Courtney DEANS  
Wickham Shawn PRESDT  
Wiggins Jessica DEANS  
Wigiorgis Haregewoin DEANS  
Wikfors Lynda PRESDT  
Wiles Rebecca DEANS  
Wiles Richard PRESDT  
Wilkerson Kelsey PRESDT  
Wilkerson William PRESDT  
Wilkinson Anna DEANS  
Wilkinson Molly DEANS  
Willard Kathryn DEANS  
Willemssen Vanessa DEANS  
Williams Bradley PRESDT  
Williams Brittany DEANS  
Williams Casondra DEANS  
Williams Christianah DEANS  
Williams Dolores DEANS  
Williams Douglas DEANS  
Williams Elizabeth DEANS  
Williams Jocelyn DEANS  
Williams Kandyce DEANS  
Williams Karolin DEANS  
Williams Kelly DEANS  
Williams Kimberly DEANS  
Williams Leith DEANS  
Williams Lesa DEANS  
Williams Lyndsay DEANS  
Williams Orville DEANS  
Williams Rahsaan DEANS  
Williams Roberta DEANS  
Williams Shaunna DEANS  
Williams Sparkle DEANS  
Williams Stacie DEANS  
Williamson Michael DEANS  
Williamson Pamela DEANS  
Willis Dexter DEANS  
Willis Sheila PRESDT  
Willis Suzanne DEANS  
Willson Wayne DEANS  
Wilmoth Melissa PRESDT  
Wilson Albert PRESDT  
Wilson Erin DEANS  
Wilson Micah DEANS  
Wilson Sara DEANS  
Wilson Sarah DEANS  
Wilson Sharif DEANS  
Winchell Tim DEANS  
Winslow Kevin PRESDT  
Winterbottom Emily DEANS  
Winterbottom Serena DEANS  
Wireko Stephen DEANS  
Wise Helen DEANS  
Withnell Deborah DEANS  
Withrow Jennifer DEANS  
Witol Roni DEANS  
Witt Charles DEANS  
Witt Eric DEANS  
Wittman Anne PRESDT  
Wittman Ashley DEANS  
Wixted Stephanie DEANS  
Wofford Stephanie DEANS  
Woldemeskel Liyana PRESDT  
Woldemeskle Thomas PRESDT  
Woldeselassie Ruth PRESDT  
Woldetensae Simon PRESDT  
Woldgebreal Hulunem PRESDT  
Wolf Daniel DEANS  
Wolfberg Joel DEANS  
Wolfe Brian DEANS  
Wolfe Christine DEANS  
Wolff Hannah DEANS  
Wolff Ossana DEANS  
Wolfrey Allison DEANS  
Wolfsohn Erik PRESDT  
Woloszyn Joseph DEANS  
Won Sung PRESDT  
Wong Hung Ming DEANS  
Wong Sandra PRESDT  
Wood Derrick DEANS  
Wood Richard DEANS  
Wooddell Susan Ann PRESDT  
Woodman Yvette DEANS  
Woodruff Heather PRESDT  
Woodruff MacKenzie DEANS  
Woods Erin DEANS  
Wooten Shalonda DEANS  
Wordham Victoria DEANS  
Woress Kibrom DEANS  
Work Thomas DEANS  
Worth Kevin PRESDT  
Worthey Kenneth DEANS  
Wray Theodore DEANS  
Wright Crystal DEANS  
Wright Elizabeth PRESDT  
Wright Joseph PRESDT  
Wright Matthew DEANS  
Wroble Timothy DEANS  
Wrona Michael PRESDT  
Wu Benjamin DEANS  
Wu Jindong PRESDT  
Wu Jing DEANS  
Wuestenhagen Gregory DEANS  
Wunete Tigist PRESDT  
Wurfel Stephen PRESDT  
Wybieralska Magdalena DEANS  
Wylan Adam PRESDT  
Wyman Patricia DEANS  
Wynia Lauren DEANS  
Wynkoop April DEANS  
Wynn Diane DEANS