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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Saavedra Cachuan Nataly DEANS  
Sablan Steven DEANS  
Saburova Heather PRESDT  
Sacripante Stefanie DEANS  
Sadalla Kurmanj DEANS  
Sadique Zohal DEANS  
Sadiqui Dounia PRESDT  
Sadozai Nigeen DEANS  
Saenz Lydia DEANS  
Safavi Fereshteh DEANS  
Saferstein David DEANS  
Saffell Katelyn DEANS  
Saidipour Panthea DEANS  
Saik Charles DEANS  
Saint-Andrie Kevin DEANS  
Saint-Hilaire Linda DEANS  
Sakyi Kofi PRESDT  
Salang Verna PRESDT  
Salcewicz Adam PRESDT  
Saleem Usman DEANS  
Saleh Zemzem PRESDT  
Salehi-sadeh Soudabeh DEANS  
Salem Arya PRESDT  
Salemme Lois DEANS  
Sales Melody DEANS  
Salguero Magale DEANS  
Salih Mai DEANS  
Salinas Laura DEANS  
Salinas Natalie DEANS  
Salous Nahida PRESDT  
Salvatierra Sarah Jane DEANS  
Salwa Anna PRESDT  
Salyer Sarah DEANS  
Samee Harris DEANS  
Samey Ali DEANS  
Sammari Fatima Zawea DEANS  
Sammartino-selig Marie DEANS  
Sampson Darlene DEANS  
Samuels Candace DEANS  
Samuels Jamie DEANS  
San Gabriel Nathaniel DEANS  
San Jose Paul DEANS  
Sanabria Federico DEANS  
Sanaie Jessica PRESDT  
Sanchez David DEANS  
Sanders Ashley DEANS  
Sanders Naterlin DEANS  
Sandhu Azza DEANS  
Sandhu Balroop DEANS  
Sandhu Puneet DEANS  
Sandler Patrick DEANS  
Sandrof Matthew DEANS  
Sandstrom Debra PRESDT  
Sandulescu Olesea PRESDT  
Sanei Lana DEANS  
Sanford Tiffany DEANS  
Sanguinetti Salvatore DEANS  
Saniri Lena DEANS  
Sankarsingh Kim DEANS  
Sankoh Abu DEANS  
Sansal Volkan PRESDT  
Santa Cruz Daniel PRESDT  
Santamaria Neyis DEANS  
Saragi Rabiah DEANS  
Sarangi Bagmee DEANS  
Sarani Hamid DEANS  
Sargent Anna DEANS  
Sargent Michelle DEANS  
Sarmiento Genevieve DEANS  
Sarwari Freshta DEANS  
Sasko Jacob DEANS  
Sassi Khaled DEANS  
Saunders Brittany DEANS  
Saunders David DEANS  
Saunders Whitney DEANS  
Saune Gerson DEANS  
Savich Amanda PRESDT  
Savitsky Amy DEANS  
Savoie Heather DEANS  
Sawyer Christopher PRESDT  
Sawyer Edward PRESDT  
Saxton Amanda PRESDT  
Sayboun Phetsamay DEANS  
Saylor Aiyah DEANS  
Saysithideth Tom DEANS  
Scalea David DEANS  
Scarberry Kimberly DEANS  
Scarborough Aaron DEANS  
Schadlich Eric DEANS  
Schaefer Alice DEANS  
Schafer Jacqueline DEANS  
Schaffer Coline DEANS  
Schauer Bradley PRESDT  
Scheid Steven DEANS  
Scheile Jennifer PRESDT  
Schell Tara PRESDT  
Schender Danielle DEANS  
Schermerhorn Scott PRESDT  
Schindelholz Joseph DEANS  
Schley John DEANS  
Schloss Anthony DEANS  
Schluderberg Jeannette DEANS  
Schmidt Kristin DEANS  
Schmidt Lia DEANS  
Schmidt Michael DEANS  
Schmidt Samantha DEANS  
Schooley Nicholas DEANS  
Schott Susan DEANS  
Schroeder Gregory DEANS  
Schron David DEANS  
Schubert Christopher DEANS  
Schubert Diana DEANS  
Schuenemeyer Jonathan DEANS  
Schuenemeyer Kenneth PRESDT  
Schug Andrew PRESDT  
Schultz Matthew DEANS  
Schulz Peder PRESDT  
Schupbach Christopher DEANS  
Schutt Jeremy DEANS  
Schwager Amy DEANS  
Schwartz Frederick DEANS  
Schwartzberg Bruce DEANS  
Schwedes Timothy DEANS  
Scofield Daniel DEANS  
Scott ChiFVonn DEANS  
Scott Douglas DEANS  
Scott Kate DEANS  
Scott Katherine DEANS  
Scott Rebecca DEANS  
Scott Robert DEANS  
Scott Sean PRESDT  
Scruggs LaToya DEANS  
Scruggs Sarah DEANS  
Seaman Michelle DEANS  
Searcy Cathryn PRESDT  
Searight Sheena DEANS  
Seastrom Jonathan DEANS  
Seaton Michael DEANS  
Seawell Brandon PRESDT  
Seddoh Komi DEANS  
Seekhao Nuttiiya PRESDT  
Seifu Mariamawit PRESDT  
Semakula Joseph PRESDT  
Semales Michael DEANS  
Semendy Jacqueline DEANS  
Senar Aldrich PRESDT  
Sener Baris PRESDT  
Sengstack Jason DEANS  
Senkow Justin DEANS  
Sensi Jamie DEANS  
Sentimore Mark DEANS  
Seo Chang PRESDT  
Seo Yohan DEANS  
Seppala Daniel DEANS  
Seraj Mohammad PRESDT  
Serenyi Amanda DEANS  
Serra Lucia DEANS  
Seu ChungSun DEANS  
Sevilla Estefan DEANS  
Sevilla Mark PRESDT  
Sexton Deborah PRESDT  
Shaath Zuhair DEANS  
Shade Colette PRESDT  
Shadish Marc DEANS  
Shaffer Andrew PRESDT  
Shaffer Angela DEANS  
Shaffie Armin DEANS  
Shafiq Falvasha DEANS  
Shafique Syeda PRESDT  
Shaft Jocelyn PRESDT  
Shah Waqas DEANS  
Shah sen Bidhya DEANS  
Shahid Fatima DEANS  
Shaikh Amna DEANS  
Shaikh Asad DEANS  
Shaikh Malika DEANS  
Shaikh Zaara DEANS  
Shakib Mariam DEANS  
Shakirova Nailya PRESDT  
Shamohammadi Tina DEANS  
Shamshad Warda PRESDT  
Shaner Christopher DEANS  
Shank Monica DEANS  
Shannon Elisabeth PRESDT  
Shapiro Elizabeth PRESDT  
Sharif Yadco PRESDT  
Sharkus Nancy DEANS  
Sharma Harshit DEANS  
Sharma Rekha DEANS  
Sharp Susan DEANS  
Sharpe Kenneth DEANS  
Sharrett Christopher DEANS  
Shash Mohammed DEANS  
Shaver Amanda PRESDT  
Shaw Crystal DEANS  
Shaw Daniel DEANS  
Sheehy Daniel DEANS  
Sheikh Aisha DEANS  
Sheikh Fardosa PRESDT  
Sheikh Mohamed DEANS  
Shellenberger Jonas DEANS  
Shelmerdine Daniela DEANS  
Shelter Joshua PRESDT  
Shelton Ashleigh PRESDT  
Shepherd Courtney DEANS  
Shepherd Theodora DEANS  
Shepherdson Charles DEANS  
Sheppard Taya PRESDT  
Sheriff Rebecca DEANS  
Sherman Taylor DEANS  
Sherwood Andrew DEANS  
Sherwood Randall DEANS  
Sherzada Yalda DEANS  
Shewmaker Joseph PRESDT  
Shiao Johnny DEANS  
Shibli Payman DEANS  
Shields Kelly DEANS  
Shifflett Jennifer DEANS  
Shifflett Kenneth DEANS  
Shimeles Tsegaye DEANS  
Shin Hyosun DEANS  
Shin Un DEANS  
Shipe Megan DEANS  
Shipko Janet DEANS  
Shipley Myan DEANS  
Shipman Tracy DEANS  
Shirey Rachel DEANS  
Shirley Sarah DEANS  
Shirwa Zahra DEANS  
Shoemaker Oliver DEANS  
Shokha Sylvia PRESDT  
Shokha Teresa PRESDT  
Sholokh Diana DEANS  
Shope Bridget DEANS  
Shorish Bejan DEANS  
Short Judith DEANS  
Shrestha Ashok DEANS  
Shrestha Deepa PRESDT  
Shrestha Mamta PRESDT  
Shrestha Shagun DEANS  
Shrestha Shristi DEANS  
Shrestha Subesh DEANS  
Shrout Dana DEANS  
Shteir-Dunn Maxwell DEANS  
Shuaib Danieh DEANS  
Shull Joshua PRESDT  
Shumaker Dana DEANS  
Shuman David PRESDT  
Shyllon John DEANS  
Siah En DEANS  
Sianati Aynaz DEANS  
Sidikkhodjaev Sarvar DEANS  
Sidiqi Wajma DEANS  
Siegal Rebecca DEANS  
Siegel Benjamin DEANS  
Sigillito Sarah PRESDT  
Signore Ian DEANS  
Siler Andrew DEANS  
Siler Catherine DEANS  
Siljander Elizabeth PRESDT  
Silkaitis Lawrence PRESDT  
Silsby Ryan DEANS  
Silva Alejandro PRESDT  
Silva Anita DEANS  
Silva Tania PRESDT  
Silva garcia Erika DEANS  
Silverstein Ashley DEANS  
Silverstein Heather DEANS  
Simmons Cherell DEANS  
Simmons Desiree DEANS  
Simmons Erica PRESDT  
Simmons Tara DEANS  
Simon Andrew DEANS  
Simon Blake DEANS  
Simons Tiffany DEANS  
Simonson Judy DEANS  
Simpson Bonnie DEANS  
Simpson Kenya DEANS  
Sims Ashley DEANS  
Sina Michael DEANS  
Sindi Maryam DEANS  
Singh Ajaybir DEANS  
Singh Harpreet DEANS  
Singh Jaya PRESDT  
Singh Madhu DEANS  
Singh Navdeep DEANS  
Singh Sukhwinder DEANS  
Singh Vidhi DEANS  
Singleton Amy DEANS  
Sinks James PRESDT  
Sinnott Emmet PRESDT  
Sison Nicolle DEANS  
Sitaula Ganesh PRESDT  
Siu Kam-Ho DEANS  
Skabova Katerina DEANS  
Skinner Lauren DEANS  
Skocz Tim DEANS  
Skoda Miranda PRESDT  
Slade Jennifer DEANS  
Slater Andrew DEANS  
Slater Dominic DEANS  
Slater Wesley DEANS  
Sliger Melanie DEANS  
Slightom Amanda DEANS  
Slyder Nathaniel PRESDT  
Smallwood Brigette DEANS  
Smith Amanda DEANS  
Smith Arland DEANS  
Smith Carol DEANS  
Smith Casey PRESDT  
Smith Casey DEANS  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith Christian PRESDT  
Smith Colin DEANS  
Smith Cynthia DEANS  
Smith Emily PRESDT  
Smith Glenn DEANS  
Smith Holly DEANS  
Smith Ianthe DEANS  
Smith Jadron DEANS  
Smith Jeremiah PRESDT  
Smith Jonathan DEANS  
Smith Julia DEANS  
Smith Kailie PRESDT  
Smith Kristen DEANS  
Smith Kristina DEANS  
Smith Laura DEANS  
Smith Lindsey PRESDT  
smith margaret DEANS  
Smith Melissa DEANS  
Smith Mica PRESDT  
Smith Rebekah DEANS  
Smith Reena DEANS  
Smith Ryan DEANS  
Smith Sandy PRESDT  
Smith Suzzette PRESDT  
Smith Terrence DEANS  
Smith Wellington DEANS  
Smith Wendy PRESDT  
Smith Zachary PRESDT  
Smoot Barry DEANS  
Smoot Jessica DEANS  
Smyth Kendra PRESDT  
Snead Lucie DEANS  
Snider Matthew DEANS  
Snow Reiko DEANS  
Snyder Garrett PRESDT  
Snyder Tiffanie DEANS  
Sobelman Elaine DEANS  
Soe Aye PRESDT  
Soederlund Regner Bettina PRESDT  
Sohi Gurpinder DEANS  
Solano Sarah PRESDT  
Soligan Robert DEANS  
Somaiel Adel DEANS  
Somfai Krisztina DEANS  
Son Elizabeth DEANS  
Song Chang DEANS  
Song Dong-Yoon DEANS  
Song Hee DEANS  
Song Heesook PRESDT  
Song Yunmi DEANS  
Soni Divya PRESDT  
Soper Patrick DEANS  
Sorenson Monica DEANS  
Soroko Sonya DEANS  
Sorour Sherif DEANS  
Sosa Lizanka DEANS  
Sosa Luis DEANS  
Soto Cecilia DEANS  
Soto Jolma DEANS  
Soto Katheryn DEANS  
Soucie Stacy DEANS  
Soule Brian DEANS  
Souser Andrew DEANS  
Sowers Christophe DEANS  
Spalding John DEANS  
Spargur Christine PRESDT  
Sparks Nickole DEANS  
Sparks Stephanie DEANS  
Spatz Suzanne DEANS  
Speaker David PRESDT  
Speaks David DEANS  
Spears Alexander DEANS  
Speleos Kristin DEANS  
Spence Kalisha PRESDT  
Spencer Brooke DEANS  
Spencer Cynthia PRESDT  
Spencer Ivana DEANS  
Spetz Lauren PRESDT  
Spicka Aaron PRESDT  
Spoone John DEANS  
Sprecher Kevin DEANS  
Spriggs Nicholas DEANS  
Sproull David DEANS  
Sprouse Rayna PRESDT  
Spryszynska Agnieszka PRESDT  
Squires Kathy DEANS  
Squires Rekisha DEANS  
St john Brooke DEANS  
Stacks Jennifer PRESDT  
Stahl Bob PRESDT  
Stahl Erika DEANS  
Stahr Walter DEANS  
Staley Tara PRESDT  
Stamper Michael DEANS  
Stanakzai Shabana DEANS  
Stanislaus Talbert DEANS  
Stanley Angela PRESDT  
Stanley Chaz DEANS  
Stanton Jordan DEANS  
Stanton Joy DEANS  
Stanton Susan PRESDT  
Stark Autumn DEANS  
Stark Bruce DEANS  
Starling Kayla DEANS  
Starr Christine DEANS  
Steele Dinah DEANS  
Steele George DEANS  
Steele Jazmyn DEANS  
Steen Mary DEANS  
Steinberg Ariel DEANS  
Steinberg Michael PRESDT  
Steinberg Robert DEANS  
Steinman Madeline DEANS  
Steinmetz Renee DEANS  
Steis Tatyana DEANS  
Stelling Cory DEANS  
Stephens Barbara PRESDT  
Stephens Erika DEANS  
Stephens Marisa DEANS  
Stephens Ryan DEANS  
Sterling Leslie DEANS  
Sterling Natalie DEANS  
Stevens Amber DEANS  
Stevens Connie DEANS  
Stevens Darcy DEANS  
Stevens Juanita DEANS  
Stevens Lisa DEANS  
Steward-Jones Shirley PRESDT  
Stewart John DEANS  
Stiefvater Lynne DEANS  
Stiller Timothy DEANS  
Stinger Stacy PRESDT  
Stith Al DEANS  
Stoffel Joyce DEANS  
Stoffregen Ryan PRESDT  
Stokes Brian DEANS  
Stokes Kimberly DEANS  
Stoll Karla PRESDT  
Stone Christy DEANS  
Stone Selena DEANS  
Stotzky Jay DEANS  
Stoycheva Radostina DEANS  
Strakos Jiri DEANS  
Strand-Sorrell Kimberly DEANS  
Strand-sorrell Ronald DEANS  
Streater Aaron PRESDT  
Strickland Amanda DEANS  
Strider Mollie PRESDT  
Strobel Melanie PRESDT  
Strom Chris DEANS  
Strother Michelle DEANS  
Stroud William DEANS  
Struniak Jessica DEANS  
Struyk Robin DEANS  
Stulgaityte Evelina DEANS  
Stull David DEANS  
Subaitani Jonathan PRESDT  
Subedi Pious DEANS  
Sucher Sarah PRESDT  
Sugahara Karen DEANS  
Suglo Irenious DEANS  
Suh Eun-Jung PRESDT  
Suh HaYan PRESDT  
Suh Paul PRESDT  
Suh Sung DEANS  
Sulaiman Khadigah DEANS  
Sullivan Casey DEANS  
Sullivan Karen DEANS  
Sullivan Kristina DEANS  
Sullivan Rebecca DEANS  
Sullivan Thomas PRESDT  
Summers Christina DEANS  
Sundquist Paul DEANS  
Sundy Mercedes DEANS  
Sunga Diana DEANS  
Sunga Justin DEANS  
Surendra Jyotsna DEANS  
Surette Sharon PRESDT  
Suter Willa PRESDT  
Suzuki Roni DEANS  
Svetaka Uljana DEANS  
Svoboda Kelly DEANS  
Swan Justin PRESDT  
Swaney Mary DEANS  
Swann Tracy DEANS  
Swanson Amy DEANS  
Swanson Robert DEANS  
Sweeney William DEANS  
Sweet Keasy DEANS  
Sweiderk Joseph PRESDT  
Swinsky Denise DEANS  
Swisher Michael DEANS  
Syed Hamza DEANS  
Syeda Noorjahan DEANS  
Sylvester Jamie DEANS  
Symns Ashley DEANS  
Syphrit Crystal PRESDT  
Szewczulak Monika DEANS