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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Packard William DEANS  
Paddock Kristi DEANS  
Paes Tracia DEANS  
Page Vicky PRESDT  
Pahlavaninejad Cliff DEANS  
Pahno Nicholas PRESDT  
Pak Seri DEANS  
Palhus Paula DEANS  
Palke Chris DEANS  
Palmer Bridget DEANS  
Palmer James DEANS  
Palmer Nancy PRESDT  
Palmer Rachel DEANS  
Palmieri Gabriella DEANS  
Palomo Pedro DEANS  
Palucho Joclyn DEANS  
Pan De Chao DEANS  
Panameno-Arbizu Luisito DEANS  
Panek Monika PRESDT  
Panlaqui Robert PRESDT  
Pansiri Pawvana PRESDT  
Panta Sanjaya DEANS  
Panteloglous Jahayra PRESDT  
Pantoja cordova Luis DEANS  
Papa Ashley DEANS  
Paracha Summiya DEANS  
Paraiso Hanane DEANS  
Parchami Milad DEANS  
Paredes Alyssa PRESDT  
Paredes Ubillus Augusto PRESDT  
Pariroo Zachary DEANS  
Pariser Michael PRESDT  
Park Andrew PRESDT  
Park Chang DEANS  
Park Chul PRESDT  
Park Daniel DEANS  
Park Hwa DEANS  
Park Hyoungkun DEANS  
Park In-sun DEANS  
Park Jennifer PRESDT  
Park Jin-Hyun DEANS  
Park Jong Woo DEANS  
Park Joon Hyung DEANS  
Park Kum DEANS  
Park Shirley PRESDT  
Park Sohyun PRESDT  
Park Sungshil DEANS  
Park Sunhee PRESDT  
Park Taehum DEANS  
Park Yong Sung PRESDT  
Park Youn PRESDT  
Parker Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Parker Jillian DEANS  
Parks Christopher DEANS  
Parks Nathaniel DEANS  
Paron Morgan PRESDT  
Parriott Matthew PRESDT  
Parrish Candace DEANS  
Parrish Jennifer PRESDT  
Parrott Elizabeth DEANS  
Parrow Christine PRESDT  
Parrow Nick DEANS  
Parsa Ilar DEANS  
Parson Alvin DEANS  
Parsons Daniel DEANS  
Passerini Mark PRESDT  
Pastor Miguel DEANS  
Patel Pratikkumar DEANS  
Pati Dipika DEANS  
Patio Bruna DEANS  
Patterson Brian DEANS  
Patterson Justin DEANS  
Patterson Kristin DEANS  
Patti Joyce PRESDT  
Patti Sean PRESDT  
Pattie Steven DEANS  
Patton Ryan DEANS  
Paudel Srijana DEANS  
Pauken Sam PRESDT  
Paulas Wendy PRESDT  
Paule-Carres Philip DEANS  
Paulsen Amy DEANS  
Payne Carl DEANS  
Payne Danielle DEANS  
Payne Kara DEANS  
Payne Kathi DEANS  
Payne Robert DEANS  
Paz Jennifer DEANS  
Peabody Tina DEANS  
Pearson Melinda PRESDT  
Pearson Suzanne DEANS  
Peck Aaron DEANS  
Pedemonte Luis DEANS  
Pedraza Ana DEANS  
Pedroni Kelly DEANS  
Peete Nikita DEANS  
Peiffer Aaron PRESDT  
Pelayo Loverly PRESDT  
Pelletier David DEANS  
Pembroke Joseph DEANS  
Pena Katherinne PRESDT  
Penaranda Bello DEANS  
Pendergrass Daniel PRESDT  
Penic Kim PRESDT  
Pennell June DEANS  
Penton Timothy DEANS  
Penton Turner DEANS  
Perales Susan DEANS  
Perera Yamuna DEANS  
Peressini Allison PRESDT  
Perez Carlos PRESDT  
Perez Marc DEANS  
Perez Vicki DEANS  
Perez Wong Amanda DEANS  
Perfetti Philip DEANS  
Perfetti Robin DEANS  
Perfilieva Ekaterina PRESDT  
Perkins Meagan DEANS  
Perrault Gabriele DEANS  
Perry Katharine DEANS  
Perwez Maheen DEANS  
Peter Joanna DEANS  
Peters James PRESDT  
Peters Jennifer DEANS  
Peters Wendy DEANS  
Petersen Brent DEANS  
Peterson Elva DEANS  
Peterson Lars DEANS  
Peterson Zannie PRESDT  
Pethtel Andrew DEANS  
Petkov Krasimir DEANS  
Petrie Rachel DEANS  
Petrow James PRESDT  
Petry Yvonnie DEANS  
Petty Carol DEANS  
Peugh William DEANS  
Peverall Jesse DEANS  
Peyton Catherine DEANS  
Peyton Leah DEANS  
Pfannenstiel Dustin DEANS  
Pfeifle Megan PRESDT  
Pfost Laura PRESDT  
Pham BichTram PRESDT  
Pham Hao DEANS  
Pham Khuyen PRESDT  
Pham Quy DEANS  
Pham Thomas DEANS  
Pham Thuy DEANS  
Pham Thuytrang DEANS  
Pham Tram DEANS  
Pham Tuyen DEANS  
Pham Xuan-Mai DEANS  
Phan Hongson DEANS  
Phan Paul DEANS  
Phan Toan DEANS  
Pheng Puttheary DEANS  
Phillips David PRESDT  
Phillips Erin DEANS  
Phillips Michelle PRESDT  
Phillips Sharon DEANS  
Phosaksee Jennifer DEANS  
Piccardo Rodriguez Gina DEANS  
Piccolo Carlo PRESDT  
Pickett Jessica PRESDT  
Pickford Joel PRESDT  
Pieper Katharina PRESDT  
Pierce David DEANS  
Pierce Madeleine DEANS  
Pierce Megan PRESDT  
Pieri Anna Loiza DEANS  
Pierre Melinda DEANS  
Pilahome Andrew DEANS  
Pilchuk Laura PRESDT  
Pilkerton Ashley DEANS  
Pimprachanh Ponesavan DEANS  
Pincoski Scott PRESDT  
Pinkowski Dominika DEANS  
Pinto Daniel DEANS  
Pipilo Linda DEANS  
Pipoly Michael PRESDT  
Pitera Matthew DEANS  
Pittas John DEANS  
Pitts Breanne PRESDT  
Plache Benjamin DEANS  
Placious Mark DEANS  
Placquet Greg DEANS  
Plant Grace DEANS  
Plant Megan PRESDT  
Plaster Sherri DEANS  
Plein Abigail PRESDT  
Plewacki Karen PRESDT  
Plumley Christopher DEANS  
Plummer Abigail DEANS  
Plummer Hugh DEANS  
Plummer Samuel DEANS  
Plunkett Lori PRESDT  
Pocock Joshua DEANS  
Poddar Debarati DEANS  
Podjed Helena DEANS  
Poe Megan PRESDT  
Poisson Laura DEANS  
Polakowski Alexander DEANS  
Polfer James DEANS  
Pollack Chelsea DEANS  
Pollak Lacey DEANS  
Pollard David DEANS  
Pollard Vernon DEANS  
Pollington Richard DEANS  
Pontani Joseph PRESDT  
Poore Benjamin PRESDT  
Popal Pertamina DEANS  
Pope David DEANS  
Popescu Lavinia DEANS  
Popovich Daniel DEANS  
Poppe Margaret DEANS  
Porfiris David DEANS  
Porter Heather PRESDT  
Porter Kristy DEANS  
Porter Ryan PRESDT  
Portillo Nency DEANS  
Portillo Yanira DEANS  
Portillo Martinez Yanira DEANS  
Posada Martha PRESDT  
Posey Sarah DEANS  
Post Cassandra DEANS  
Poston Jonathan DEANS  
Potts Alistair DEANS  
Potts Julia PRESDT  
Pour Lotfi Masoumeh DEANS  
Poutre Christy DEANS  
Poutre Linda DEANS  
Powell Janelle DEANS  
Powell Jonathan DEANS  
Prater Tammy DEANS  
Pratt-Bluemle Lindsay DEANS  
Premo Deborah DEANS  
Pressler Sarah DEANS  
Preston Keith DEANS  
Preuss Erin DEANS  
Price Amanda PRESDT  
Price II Mark DEANS  
Progen Christopher DEANS  
Prokopyeva Maria PRESDT  
Prompruk Chamaiporn DEANS  
Prosperi Jane DEANS  
Protic Christina DEANS  
Pruksirisombut Apirak PRESDT  
Przybylska Bogna PRESDT  
Puch Karima DEANS  
Puchrik David PRESDT  
Puckett Brian DEANS  
Pulley Manuel DEANS  
Pulley Tamara DEANS  
Purcell Richard PRESDT  
Purksirisombat Siripen PRESDT  
Puryear Alicia PRESDT