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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Ma Beum PRESDT  
Ma Thanh PRESDT  
Ma Yulan DEANS  
Maaloum Souad DEANS  
Maayta Mousa PRESDT  
Macaranas Kurt DEANS  
MacDonald Adam PRESDT  
MacDonald Kathleen DEANS  
Macdonald Ryan DEANS  
Mace Morgan DEANS  
Mach Christine DEANS  
Mach Linh DEANS  
Mackissock Linda DEANS  
Macorol Dirk DEANS  
Macsorley Heather DEANS  
Maddox Amy DEANS  
Madsen Richard PRESDT  
Maeshiro Sky DEANS  
Maged Dean DEANS  
Maglaya Michelle DEANS  
Magnotti Theresa DEANS  
Magnuson Jennifer DEANS  
Magsanoc Maria DEANS  
Maguire Charles DEANS  
Mahaney Kylen DEANS  
Maharjan Deepa DEANS  
Maharjan Prabesh DEANS  
Mahdi Shabinaaz PRESDT  
Mahinpour Kameron PRESDT  
Mahmood Haider DEANS  
Mahmood Humaira PRESDT  
Mahmoodi Mujahida DEANS  
Mahmoud Helmat DEANS  
Mahmoud Nasim DEANS  
Mahmoudi Maral DEANS  
Mahmoudian Ramin PRESDT  
Makarevich Yauheniya PRESDT  
Makely Clarence PRESDT  
Makrides Jennifer DEANS  
Makris Jasmina DEANS  
Malcova Natalia DEANS  
Malek Sarah DEANS  
Malhotra Dikesh DEANS  
Malick Jennifer DEANS  
Malik Shaheena DEANS  
Malikian Sylvia DEANS  
Malla Nishma DEANS  
Mallari Adrian PRESDT  
Mallari Christopher DEANS  
Malmgren Erika DEANS  
Malnati Florie DEANS  
Malone Sheron DEANS  
Maloney Kelly DEANS  
Mama Gao Shamir DEANS  
Mamo Abel DEANS  
Mamo Fetene DEANS  
Manasterli Saad DEANS  
Manchisi Michael PRESDT  
Mancia Rivera Jose PRESDT  
Mancipe Martha PRESDT  
Mander Semra PRESDT  
Mandt Taydon DEANS  
Manku Isha DEANS  
Manley Kathryn PRESDT  
Mann Simran DEANS  
Mannato Michael DEANS  
Mannherz Walter DEANS  
Manning Ashley DEANS  
Mannino Toni-Anne PRESDT  
Manocha Neha DEANS  
Mansour Marouen DEANS  
Mansur Sarah PRESDT  
Manuel Michelle DEANS  
Manville Cara PRESDT  
Manzano Elsy PRESDT  
Maradiaga Kullike DEANS  
Maradiaga Marvin DEANS  
Maranan Jose DEANS  
Marazzi Carlos PRESDT  
Marca Gustavo DEANS  
Marces Jorge DEANS  
Marcocci Norman DEANS  
Marcu Adina DEANS  
Marcum Jeremy DEANS  
Maree Amal DEANS  
Marin Maria DEANS  
Markham John DEANS  
Markova Dilyana DEANS  
Marks Ryan DEANS  
Maroney Samuel DEANS  
Marques Aline DEANS  
Marquez- Gomez Henry DEANS  
Marr Alan PRESDT  
Marsh Erin DEANS  
Marsh James DEANS  
Marsh Jason DEANS  
Marshall Bryan DEANS  
Marshall Jessica PRESDT  
Marshall Kelsey DEANS  
Marshall Lyle DEANS  
Marshall Wesley DEANS  
Martin Aaron DEANS  
Martin Amy DEANS  
Martin Andrena DEANS  
Martin Ashley DEANS  
Martin Bryan DEANS  
Martin Chase DEANS  
Martin Diane DEANS  
Martin Erin DEANS  
Martin Gavin DEANS  
Martin Heather DEANS  
Martin Jill DEANS  
Martin Le Rissa DEANS  
Martin Matthew DEANS  
Martin Robert DEANS  
Martin Stacy PRESDT  
Martin Tiffany DEANS  
Martinez Christina PRESDT  
Martinez Dixie PRESDT  
Martinez Laura DEANS  
Martinez Maria Criselda PRESDT  
Martinez Stephanie DEANS  
Martinez De Los Heros Andrea PRESDT  
Martinez Irizarry Nastasha PRESDT  
Martins Priscila DEANS  
Martoncik Aaron DEANS  
Maruo Miyuki DEANS  
Marzouk Samuel DEANS  
Mashburn Judy DEANS  
Masih Arasta DEANS  
Mason Staci DEANS  
Massey Cheryl PRESDT  
Mata Lydia DEANS  
Matali Chiyoge DEANS  
Matali Lola PRESDT  
Matheson Michael DEANS  
Matoga Daniel DEANS  
Matome Tamika DEANS  
Matos Lena PRESDT  
Matson Angela DEANS  
Matsuoka Miyuki DEANS  
Matteucci Gino DEANS  
Matthew Scott DEANS  
Matthews Danielle DEANS  
Matthews John DEANS  
Matthews Robert DEANS  
Matthews Ulysses DEANS  
Mattingly Shelley DEANS  
Mattocks Lynda DEANS  
Matz Thomas DEANS  
Maurer Susan PRESDT  
Maxey Jeremiah DEANS  
Maximova Kira DEANS  
Maxwell Mitchell DEANS  
May Katharina DEANS  
May Naomi DEANS  
May Rebecca DEANS  
Mayer Lindsay PRESDT  
Mayer Rebecca PRESDT  
Mayers Courtney DEANS  
Maylett Kimberly DEANS  
Mayor Michael DEANS  
Mays Andrew DEANS  
Mazzaro Michael DEANS  
Mazzuca Douglas DEANS  
Mc carty Ann DEANS  
Mc gee Alvin DEANS  
Mc Graw Janet DEANS  
Mc namara Christine DEANS  
McAllister Deanna DEANS  
McBride Megara PRESDT  
McCall Travis DEANS  
McCann Jesiah DEANS  
McCarren Shawn DEANS  
McChain Laura DEANS  
McClain Justin PRESDT  
Mcclees Ricardo DEANS  
McClellan Christopher DEANS  
Mcclellan Michael DEANS  
McClintock Jonathan PRESDT  
McCloud Misti DEANS  
McCloy-Johnson Casandra PRESDT  
Mcclure Hugh DEANS  
McConville William DEANS  
McCord Jennifer DEANS  
McCormack Elizabeth DEANS  
McCowan Bobby DEANS  
Mccown Heather DEANS  
McCoy Margaret DEANS  
McCracken Heather DEANS  
Mccree Jonita DEANS  
McCrory Matthew DEANS  
McCue Deborah DEANS  
McCullar Tonya DEANS  
McDaniel Heather DEANS  
McDonald Christopher DEANS  
McDonald David PRESDT  
Mcdouall Bradford DEANS  
Mcelroy Mark DEANS  
McEntee Caroline PRESDT  
McFadden Jonathan DEANS  
Mcfadden Thomas DEANS  
McFarland Nathan DEANS  
McGhee Christina PRESDT  
McGhee Michael DEANS  
McGill Craig PRESDT  
McGill Jamie DEANS  
McGrath Heather PRESDT  
McGraw Brian PRESDT  
Mcgraw David DEANS  
McGuin Austin PRESDT  
McHale Carianne DEANS  
Mcintosh Lael DEANS  
McKee Cory DEANS  
McKenzie Molly DEANS  
McKeone Gregory DEANS  
Mckinley Breianne DEANS  
Mcknight Tara DEANS  
McLawhorn Victor DEANS  
McLay Ryan DEANS  
McLean Donnell PRESDT  
McLemore James DEANS  
McMurray Erin PRESDT  
McNally Kathleen PRESDT  
McNealy Edwin DEANS  
Mcpeak April PRESDT  
McPherson Jennifer DEANS  
McPherson Teresa DEANS  
McPhilamy Cristin DEANS  
McQuilkin Susan DEANS  
McSpadden Amber PRESDT  
McTaggart Mary DEANS  
Meade Jennifer DEANS  
Meador Katie DEANS  
Meadows Alexandrea DEANS  
Meadows Jeanette DEANS  
Meadows Mary DEANS  
Meamarian Milad DEANS  
Medellin Joshua DEANS  
Medina Estrella DEANS  
Medina Lisbelt DEANS  
Medina Melanie PRESDT  
Medlin Lyndsey DEANS  
Medvedeva Anna PRESDT  
Meehan William DEANS  
Meersman Meredith DEANS  
Megersa Daric DEANS  
Megersa Nardos DEANS  
Mehra Roheen DEANS  
Mehrabkhani Vida DEANS  
Mei He DEANS  
Mejia Brenda PRESDT  
Mejia Darwin DEANS  
Mejia Evelyn PRESDT  
Mejia Silvia DEANS  
Mejia Stanley DEANS  
Mejia-Rivas Christian DEANS  
Mekhail Ezzat DEANS  
Mekonnen Betelhem PRESDT  
Melan Cagatay PRESDT  
Melgarejo Dextre Pablo DEANS  
Mellis Anthony PRESDT  
Melnikova Aleksandra DEANS  
Melvin Matthew PRESDT  
Menacho Guillermo DEANS  
Menchola Marianella PRESDT  
Mendez Blanca DEANS  
Mendez Martha DEANS  
Mendez Victor DEANS  
Mendoun Adam DEANS  
Mendygaliyev Almas DEANS  
Meneces Revollo Coraly DEANS  
Meneses-Espinosa Carolina DEANS  
Mengesha Abiye DEANS  
Mengesha Bethel DEANS  
Mensah Abraham DEANS  
Mensah Alexander DEANS  
Mercer Chase DEANS  
Meredith Tonya PRESDT  
Merkezas Olha DEANS  
Merrell Beth-Anne PRESDT  
Merrill Jessica DEANS  
Merritt Nicholas DEANS  
Mersberger Daniel DEANS  
Mervis Lisa DEANS  
Mesfin Henok DEANS  
Mesfin Yirgalem DEANS  
Messamore Scott DEANS  
Messaoudi Othman DEANS  
Messer Scotty DEANS  
Messier Cynthia DEANS  
Meston Ashley DEANS  
Metzger Chelsea PRESDT  
Metzger Genevieve DEANS  
Mew Dinwang DEANS  
Meyer Leslie PRESDT  
Meyerhofer Katharine DEANS  
Mian Tahmina PRESDT  
Michael Damien DEANS  
Michel Bethany PRESDT  
Miclos Diana PRESDT  
Middleton Lisa DEANS  
Miehm Angelique DEANS  
Milam Russell DEANS  
Milani Lori DEANS  
Milatzo Jillian DEANS  
Milburn Tenisha DEANS  
Milillo Tina DEANS  
Miller Andrew DEANS  
Miller Ann DEANS  
Miller Caroline DEANS  
Miller Joshua PRESDT  
Miller Kyle PRESDT  
Miller Laurie DEANS  
Miller Liliya DEANS  
Miller Melita DEANS  
Miller Stefanie DEANS  
Miller Tanya PRESDT  
Mills Anthony DEANS  
Mills Ashleigh PRESDT  
Mills Cherie DEANS  
Mills Union DEANS  
Milne Pamela DEANS  
Milosavich Thomas DEANS  
Milstead Heidi DEANS  
Milton Garret PRESDT  
Milton Jason DEANS  
Min Bo DEANS  
Mincey Jaimee PRESDT  
Minehart Timothy PRESDT  
Minnema Stephen PRESDT  
Minor Cameron DEANS  
Mirabella Kathy DEANS  
Miranda Carlos DEANS  
Miranda Doris DEANS  
Miranda Marcelo PRESDT  
Mirch Catherine DEANS  
Mirzaie Ferda DEANS  
Mirzozoda Khulkar PRESDT  
Misola Shiene DEANS  
Mitchell Amanda DEANS  
Mitchell Keeley DEANS  
Mitchell Rebecca DEANS  
Mitchell Ryan DEANS  
Mitchem Brett DEANS  
Mitongo Marie DEANS  
Mizrachi Sivan DEANS  
Mlejova Michaela PRESDT  
Mochcco Geraldine DEANS  
Moeller Manuela DEANS  
Moeser Lee PRESDT  
Moghbel Shahla PRESDT  
Mogrovejo Karoline PRESDT  
Mohamed Abdirahman DEANS  
Mohamed Mohamed DEANS  
Mohamed Zuweina DEANS  
Mohammed Aarifa DEANS  
Mohamud Kamal DEANS  
Mohmand Hassina PRESDT  
Mohmmed Jowid Nada PRESDT  
Mohseni Behbahani Shima DEANS  
Molina Erika DEANS  
Molina Olvin PRESDT  
Molovinsky Oren DEANS  
Monahan Maggie DEANS  
Mondoloka Vivian PRESDT  
Mongwa Calvin DEANS  
Monh Reathany DEANS  
Monroe Jo-Ann DEANS  
Monroe Steven DEANS  
Monroy Claudia DEANS  
Montances Emi DEANS  
Montano Edwin DEANS  
Montano Erika DEANS  
Monteiro Ana DEANS  
Montemayor Marcia DEANS  
Montes Guadalupe DEANS  
Montgomery Kyle PRESDT  
Montgomery Pamela PRESDT  
Montgomery Santana DEANS  
Montminy William DEANS  
Montoro Graziele DEANS  
Montoya Yinneth DEANS  
Moody Benjamin DEANS  
Moody Laura PRESDT  
Moore Amanda DEANS  
Moore Christy DEANS  
Moore Ginny PRESDT  
Moore Jeremy DEANS  
Moore Lloyd DEANS  
Moore Matthew DEANS  
Moore Michael DEANS  
Moore Mischelle DEANS  
Moore Nethaniel DEANS  
Moraga Mary DEANS  
Morales Abie DEANS  
Morales Federico DEANS  
Morales Gardy PRESDT  
Morales Jorge DEANS  
Morales Lesly DEANS  
Morales Ayala Walter DEANS  
Moran Gretchen PRESDT  
Moran-Limer Kimberly DEANS  
Moreau Robert DEANS  
Moreland Lauren DEANS  
Morell Joseph PRESDT  
Moreno Janet PRESDT  
Moreno-Ramirez Jessenia DEANS  
Morgan Aaron DEANS  
Morgan Angela DEANS  
Morgan Conner DEANS  
Morgan Corey PRESDT  
Morgan Emily DEANS  
Morgan Jennifer PRESDT  
Morgan John PRESDT  
Mori Yoshi DEANS  
Morris Bailey DEANS  
Morris Christopher DEANS  
Morris Donna PRESDT  
Morris Nancy DEANS  
Morris Saraya DEANS  
Morrison Katherine DEANS  
Morrison Matthew DEANS  
Morrison Nicole DEANS  
Morrison Rodney DEANS  
Morrissett Marilyn DEANS  
Morrow Paul DEANS  
Morsbach Bradford DEANS  
Mortada Joumana PRESDT  
Moshirfatemi Tina PRESDT  
Mosier Stephanie DEANS  
Mosiolek Slawomir DEANS  
Mosley Letrice DEANS  
Moss Ashley DEANS  
Motahedy Aminullah DEANS  
Motamedi Boroujeni Bashir DEANS  
Motley Kristin DEANS  
Motley Scott DEANS  
Mottern Jonathan DEANS  
Moura Marsha DEANS  
Mousam Ghazala PRESDT  
Moussa Hesham DEANS  
Moussa Reem DEANS  
Moussavi Natalie DEANS  
Movassagh Susan PRESDT  
Moxley Kelly PRESDT  
Moxness Christopher DEANS  
Mubiayi Bitshilualua PRESDT  
Mubiayi Manatshitu DEANS  
Mueller Audrey DEANS  
Mueller Karl PRESDT  
Mulla Buda DEANS  
Mullen Jeremy DEANS  
Mullervy Maritza DEANS  
Mulligan Jamie DEANS  
Mullins Jeremiyah DEANS  
Mullins Jonathan DEANS  
Mullins Michael DEANS  
Mulvena Caitlin DEANS  
Muneer Mohammed DEANS  
Mungo Marisa DEANS  
Munir Masooma DEANS  
Muniz Valerie DEANS  
Munoz Maria DEANS  
Munoz Monica PRESDT  
Munoz Neidra PRESDT  
Munroe Jessica PRESDT  
Munzert Anthony DEANS  
Muradi Aman PRESDT  
Murata Willam DEANS  
Murphy Benjamin PRESDT  
Murphy Danielle PRESDT  
Murphy David DEANS  
Murphy Jeremy DEANS  
Murphy Lisa PRESDT  
Murphy Margaret DEANS  
Murphy Robert DEANS  
Murphy Ryan PRESDT  
Murphy Skyler PRESDT  
Murray Andrew DEANS  
Murray Jason DEANS  
Murray Laura DEANS  
Murray Melissa DEANS  
Murray Natalie DEANS  
Murray Nicole DEANS  
Murray Rebekah PRESDT  
Mushaw Freedom DEANS  
Mutlu Asuman DEANS  
Mwaghazi Adelaide DEANS  
Mwasi Nicholas DEANS  
Myers Curtis DEANS  
Myers Timothy PRESDT  
Myslewicz Katrina DEANS  
Myung Jay DEANS