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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Kaczmarski Alison DEANS  
Kada Hanane DEANS  
Kadri Iyabode DEANS  
Kafle Dipendra DEANS  
Kafri Suheir DEANS  
Kain Kyndra DEANS  
Kaiser Karen DEANS  
Kaiser Rachel DEANS  
Kakar Hillah PRESDT  
Kakar Spogmay DEANS  
Kalder Allison DEANS  
Kalisiak Catherine PRESDT  
Kallio Maria PRESDT  
Kalsoom Sadia PRESDT  
Kalugina Marina PRESDT  
Kamai Stephanie PRESDT  
Kamal Aicha DEANS  
Kamal Farhana DEANS  
Kamal Latifa DEANS  
Kamal Taurek DEANS  
Kamali Golbon DEANS  
Kamara Isatu PRESDT  
Kamara Margaret DEANS  
Kamara Mohammed PRESDT  
Kamara Salamatu PRESDT  
Kamara Shiek PRESDT  
Kaminski Jonathan DEANS  
Kanaan Mohamad DEANS  
Kandji Bassirou DEANS  
Kane Joshua DEANS  
Kang Eun-mi PRESDT  
Kang Francis DEANS  
Kang Harry DEANS  
Kang Jang Yoon PRESDT  
Kang Jennifer PRESDT  
Kang Joon Girl DEANS  
Kang Miree PRESDT  
Kang Ruoqian DEANS  
Kang Som DEANS  
Kang Sun Hee DEANS  
Kangas Eric PRESDT  
Kanuika Richard DEANS  
Kapoor Meera DEANS  
Kapur Ashima DEANS  
Karami Karon DEANS  
Kargar Zahir Mahria DEANS  
Karki Nikhita DEANS  
Karmacharya Sonam PRESDT  
Kasbarian Nuyiri DEANS  
Kasbarian Sebouh DEANS  
Kashif Saqlain PRESDT  
Kassa Genet DEANS  
Kastens Konstantine PRESDT  
Kathey Asuka DEANS  
Kato Daiki PRESDT  
Kato Yuta DEANS  
Katti Arvind PRESDT  
Kauffman Walter DEANS  
Kaur Jatinder DEANS  
Kaur Manender DEANS  
Kaur Rupinder PRESDT  
Kazmar Aleksandra DEANS  
Kazmi Faryal DEANS  
KC Nabin DEANS  
Kearney Ashley DEANS  
Kearney Sunny DEANS  
Kearns Sean DEANS  
Keaton Maria DEANS  
Keefer Cory DEANS  
Keegan Sandra DEANS  
Keeton Matt DEANS  
Keeven Karen DEANS  
Kegley Krystal DEANS  
Keith Bikram DEANS  
Keith James DEANS  
Keith Karlee DEANS  
Kelkar Deepshika DEANS  
Kelleher Joseph PRESDT  
Kelleher Samantha PRESDT  
Kellermann Richard PRESDT  
Kelley Tara PRESDT  
Kelliher Sarah DEANS  
Kelly Bobbi DEANS  
Kelly Colleen DEANS  
Kelly Jessica DEANS  
Kelly Katherine DEANS  
Kelly Patricia PRESDT  
Kelly Peter DEANS  
Kelly Zachary DEANS  
Kelso Ellen PRESDT  
Kelso Lawrence PRESDT  
Keltner Karolyn PRESDT  
Kemp Natalya PRESDT  
Kendall Bradley DEANS  
Kenealy Clifford DEANS  
Kenedy Christopher DEANS  
Kennedy David DEANS  
Kennedy Katherine DEANS  
Kennedy Tracy DEANS  
Kennedy Walter DEANS  
Kenner Lisa DEANS  
Kent Velida DEANS  
Keosann Alice DEANS  
Kerby Elizabeth DEANS  
Kerlin Joseph DEANS  
Kerr Akemi DEANS  
Ketsela Tigist DEANS  
Kewan Amro DEANS  
Key Michael DEANS  
Keyworth Jared PRESDT  
Khachab Sumer DEANS  
Khadka Sujata DEANS  
Khalaf Ouafia DEANS  
Khaledi Nahid DEANS  
Khalid Nouman DEANS  
Khalid Robina DEANS  
Khalil Abdullah DEANS  
Khalil Hossein DEANS  
Khalil Mehwish DEANS  
Khalil Zarina DEANS  
Khalilieh Sandra DEANS  
Khaliq Iram DEANS  
Khalsa Sat Mandir DEANS  
Khamvongsa Sivanh DEANS  
Khan Aaris DEANS  
Khan Adela DEANS  
Khan Azeem DEANS  
Khan Farha DEANS  
Khan Fariya PRESDT  
Khan Haroon PRESDT  
Khan Maha DEANS  
Khan Mir DEANS  
Khan Misbah DEANS  
Khan Muhaimeinul PRESDT  
Khan Najma DEANS  
Khan Naseem PRESDT  
Khan Rabia DEANS  
Khan Sehrish PRESDT  
Khan Sheraz DEANS  
Khan Yumna PRESDT  
Khatib Dayana PRESDT  
Khatib Karima DEANS  
Khatouri Hamid DEANS  
Khatri Ram DEANS  
Khay Yong PRESDT  
Kheyrani Hassan DEANS  
Khilji Charmine DEANS  
Khokher Sobia DEANS  
Khokhlova Julia DEANS  
Khoroshenina Olga DEANS  
Khoshdouz Pirmoisaei Mojtaba DEANS  
Khraibani Yousra PRESDT  
Khulan Chuluunbat DEANS  
Khuu Kim DEANS  
Khyne-sam Chikata DEANS  
Kiar Semir DEANS  
Kidd Michael DEANS  
Kielsgard Michael DEANS  
Kien Darya DEANS  
Kieswetter Holley DEANS  
Kiley Emmaly DEANS  
Kim Allen DEANS  
Kim Andrew DEANS  
Kim Bomi PRESDT  
Kim Da DEANS  
Kim Deodocia PRESDT  
Kim Don Bee DEANS  
Kim Doyun PRESDT  
Kim Duck Gun PRESDT  
Kim Ella DEANS  
Kim Erica DEANS  
Kim Eun PRESDT  
Kim Eun DEANS  
Kim Eun Joo PRESDT  
Kim Gi DEANS  
Kim Gyeong Eon DEANS  
Kim Hara PRESDT  
Kim Hohee DEANS  
Kim Hye Eum DEANS  
Kim Hye-Jin PRESDT  
Kim Hyeyeon PRESDT  
Kim Hyo DEANS  
Kim Hyun DEANS  
Kim Hyun Ju DEANS  
Kim Jahye DEANS  
Kim Jane DEANS  
Kim Jay-ji DEANS  
Kim Ji DEANS  
Kim Jihee PRESDT  
Kim Jinhong PRESDT  
Kim Jonathan DEANS  
Kim Jun DEANS  
Kim JungEon PRESDT  
Kim Ko DEANS  
Kim Kyungsook DEANS  
Kim Mi-Hyun PRESDT  
Kim Min PRESDT  
Kim Min Kyung DEANS  
Kim Min-ae PRESDT  
Kim Peter DEANS  
Kim Sangwoon PRESDT  
Kim Sean DEANS  
Kim Shinae PRESDT  
Kim Simon PRESDT  
Kim Sol DEANS  
Kim Soo DEANS  
Kim Soon-Hee DEANS  
Kim Steve DEANS  
Kim Sung Gyu DEANS  
Kim Tae Eun DEANS  
Kim Tina DEANS  
Kim YooLee PRESDT  
Kim Young PRESDT  
Kim Yume DEANS  
Kim lee Chounja DEANS  
Kimball Margaret PRESDT  
Kimbell Adam DEANS  
Kimlick Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kimm Esther PRESDT  
Kimmey Jihad PRESDT  
Kincaid Christine DEANS  
Kinchen Steven DEANS  
King Aaron DEANS  
King Linda PRESDT  
King Shawn DEANS  
Kinghorn Derek DEANS  
Kiracofe Jacalyn DEANS  
Kirby Anthony DEANS  
Kirby Kristie PRESDT  
Kirby Peter DEANS  
Kirk Allyson PRESDT  
Kirk Jennifer DEANS  
Kirk Lauren DEANS  
Kirkpatrick April DEANS  
Kirkwood Michelle DEANS  
Kirland Christopher PRESDT  
Kirtz Stephen DEANS  
Kiser Uriah DEANS  
Kitain Vyacheslav PRESDT  
Kitchen Anita DEANS  
Kitchens Michael-Anthony DEANS  
Kitil Ferede PRESDT  
Kiumarsi Piroujak DEANS  
Kline Cedric DEANS  
Klock Alexander PRESDT  
Klosky Sara DEANS  
Klote Svetlana DEANS  
Klunk Joseph DEANS  
Knapp Thomas DEANS  
Knerr Joseph PRESDT  
Knight Andrew PRESDT  
Knight Jennifer DEANS  
Knight Katie PRESDT  
Knopp Kathleen DEANS  
Knowles Allison DEANS  
Knox Chris DEANS  
Ko Ji Hee DEANS  
Ko Ji Yean DEANS  
Ko Timothy DEANS  
Kobrosly Seif DEANS  
Kodora Deborah PRESDT  
Koeller Sharon DEANS  
Koelsch Tharen PRESDT  
Koenig Kathleen DEANS  
Koeu Saravy DEANS  
Kohan Amy PRESDT  
Kohi Arian PRESDT  
Kohy Shabnam DEANS  
Kolan Jerin DEANS  
Kolanda Natasha DEANS  
Kolankiewicz Beata PRESDT  
Kollaja Emily DEANS  
Koloko Olivia PRESDT  
Komaromi de Pina Claudia PRESDT  
Konczal Andrey PRESDT  
Kondratyeva Iryna PRESDT  
Kong Byung PRESDT  
Kono Mayumi PRESDT  
Koo Hyun DEANS  
Koogle Jennifer DEANS  
Koroma Alim DEANS  
Koroma Nyanda DEANS  
Korpusik Lisa DEANS  
Kortuem Olivia DEANS  
Kosie Princess DEANS  
Kosovych Stefan DEANS  
Koster Hilary DEANS  
Kostov Kaloyan DEANS  
Kottamala Julie DEANS  
Kotwani Anju DEANS  
Kozemchak Christiana DEANS  
Kozyn Sarah DEANS  
Kresslein David PRESDT  
Kretsch Matthew DEANS  
Kriebel Jonathan DEANS  
Krishnan Durga PRESDT  
Kriston Ashley DEANS  
Krnjaic Keli PRESDT  
Krogmann Ava PRESDT  
Kropinska Anna PRESDT  
Krothe Travis DEANS  
Kruczynski Kate PRESDT  
Kruczynski Lauren DEANS  
Krupinski Andy DEANS  
Krupka Bradley DEANS  
Krzykowski Matthew DEANS  
Kucherska Ganna DEANS  
Kuchler Kristin DEANS  
Kuehl Stephan PRESDT  
Kuhn Erik DEANS  
Kuklinski Leticia DEANS  
Kulsume Umme DEANS  
Kumar Amit DEANS  
Kumor Patrick DEANS  
Kun Ambrose DEANS  
Kundra Reena DEANS  
Kutch Kristin DEANS  
Kutosh Alexander DEANS  
Kuz John DEANS  
Kwak Yoon PRESDT  
Kwon Soyeon DEANS  
Kwon Sung Hee DEANS  
Kyer Jason DEANS  
Kyle Michael DEANS  
Kyrylenko Ievgeniia DEANS  
Kyser Chris PRESDT  
Kyser Jesse DEANS