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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Gaertner Emily DEANS  
Gaines Myron DEANS  
Gainous Michael PRESDT  
Gaither Reginald DEANS  
Galindo Christopher PRESDT  
Gallagher Brian PRESDT  
Gallagher Martin DEANS  
Gallegos-Valdez Claudia DEANS  
Gallo Silvia DEANS  
Galvez Nathan DEANS  
Gamiao Victoria Jeanne DEANS  
Gammache Simon PRESDT  
Gantois Izis DEANS  
Gantt Saunta DEANS  
Garber Julia PRESDT  
Garcia Ana DEANS  
Garcia Bianka DEANS  
Garcia Cynthia PRESDT  
Garcia Nataly DEANS  
Garcia Junco Jesus DEANS  
Garcia Severich Carlos DEANS  
Gardepe Hope DEANS  
Gardner Anna DEANS  
Garede Getahun DEANS  
Garg Nandita DEANS  
Garratt Jayne DEANS  
Garrison Carol DEANS  
Garsson Robert DEANS  
Gartzke Elizabeth PRESDT  
Garvey Ilene DEANS  
Garvin Karen DEANS  
Garvis Melissa DEANS  
Gatlin Edward DEANS  
Gatmaitan Fil Beth DEANS  
Gautier George DEANS  
Gavieres Anthony DEANS  
Gavino-Collins Katherine DEANS  
Gavreliuc Gabriela PRESDT  
Gawler Alison DEANS  
Gay Becky DEANS  
Gayneaux Carmen PRESDT  
Gebre Messeret DEANS  
Gebreamlak Kidist DEANS  
Gebregiorgis Admas DEANS  
Gebregiorgis Meskerem PRESDT  
Gebremariam Martha DEANS  
Gebremariam Yared DEANS  
Gebremichael Dejen DEANS  
Gebreselassie Michael DEANS  
Geele Shukri DEANS  
Gehr Delores PRESDT  
Gehring Kali DEANS  
Geiger Jennifer DEANS  
Geisel Katrena DEANS  
Geiser Melissa DEANS  
Gelane Leoul PRESDT  
Gelfand Desiree DEANS  
Gelhaus Franziska DEANS  
Gelman Leslie PRESDT  
Gemmell Erin DEANS  
Genota Lizelle Ann DEANS  
Gentile Victoria DEANS  
Gentry Katherine DEANS  
George Brittani DEANS  
Gerke Sebastian DEANS  
Gerke Stefan DEANS  
Gerontieva Polina PRESDT  
Gesotti Cynthia DEANS  
Getachew Rebcca DEANS  
Getahun Selamawit DEANS  
Getz Karen PRESDT  
Getz Tiffany DEANS  
Ghaffari Nik Sara DEANS  
Ghafoory Matin DEANS  
Ghanem Marcie PRESDT  
Ghazvini Khorshid DEANS  
Ghilazghi Mulugeta DEANS  
Ghimire Akhil PRESDT  
Ghising Bal DEANS  
Giambrone Mark DEANS  
Giannini Shannon DEANS  
Gibson Chelsea DEANS  
Gibson Jillian PRESDT  
Gibson Philip DEANS  
Gidders Christopher PRESDT  
Gidey Theodros DEANS  
Gietzen Veronica PRESDT  
Gil Elizabeth DEANS  
Gilani Hassan DEANS  
Gildee Craig PRESDT  
Gildner Paige DEANS  
Gilfether Allyson DEANS  
Gill Cecile DEANS  
Gimeno Bianca Eriza PRESDT  
Gingerich Sarah DEANS  
Giovanni Essay PRESDT  
Girma Dagmawe DEANS  
Girma Kerubel DEANS  
Giron Carlos PRESDT  
Gitlin David DEANS  
Givens TraVonda DEANS  
Givpour Sanaz DEANS  
Gizaw Sophia DEANS  
Gizinski Andrew DEANS  
Glascock Gina DEANS  
Glasscock Dawn DEANS  
Glassman Erik DEANS  
Glotova Polina PRESDT  
Glover George DEANS  
Gnawaly Shankar DEANS  
Go Hanseok PRESDT  
Gochenour Kevin DEANS  
Goddard Lauren PRESDT  
Godfrey Matthew PRESDT  
Godinez de Morales Ana DEANS  
Godino Alesha DEANS  
Goettlich Brianne PRESDT  
Golczewski Dominik DEANS  
Goldsmith Scott DEANS  
Goletz Victoria DEANS  
Gomez Catherine DEANS  
Gomez Miguel DEANS  
Gomez Stephanie DEANS  
Goncalves Marluce DEANS  
Gonzalez Cindy DEANS  
Gonzalez Cynthia DEANS  
Gonzalez Ewa PRESDT  
Gonzalez Jorge DEANS  
Gonzalez Katrina PRESDT  
Gonzalez Hernandez Helder DEANS  
Gonzalez zapata Mauricio DEANS  
Goode Christopher DEANS  
Goodwin Bernadette DEANS  
Goodwin Evan PRESDT  
Goozner Nena PRESDT  
Gopalan Daria DEANS  
Gopiao Josephine DEANS  
Gordon Angela DEANS  
Gordon Edward PRESDT  
Gordon Jacob DEANS  
Gordon Melanie PRESDT  
Gordon Rachel PRESDT  
Gorman Joseph DEANS  
Gorman Rebecca PRESDT  
Gorobet Iulia DEANS  
Gosselin Noriko DEANS  
Gould Jonathan DEANS  
Gould Nicole DEANS  
Grabill Jacklynn DEANS  
Grace Shannon PRESDT  
Grady Mary DEANS  
Gragasin Tammy DEANS  
Graham Ashley PRESDT  
Graham II Kenneth DEANS  
Granados Roberto DEANS  
Granahan Samantha DEANS  
Grano Melissa DEANS  
Grant Cory DEANS  
Grant Govenor DEANS  
Grant Shellie DEANS  
Grantham Alaina DEANS  
Grasser Hope DEANS  
Graveen Wesley DEANS  
Graves Megan DEANS  
Graves Robert PRESDT  
Gray Amy DEANS  
Gray Jucole PRESDT  
Gray Kari DEANS  
Graybill Amanda DEANS  
Green Karissa DEANS  
Green Ryan PRESDT  
Green Victoria DEANS  
Greene Gary DEANS  
Greene Rebecca DEANS  
Greene Sabrina DEANS  
Greer Valorie DEANS  
Greeson Andrew PRESDT  
Gregg David DEANS  
Gregor Susan DEANS  
Gregory Roberta DEANS  
Gregory Theresa DEANS  
Gregory Tony DEANS  
Gregory-Fortier Mindy DEANS  
Gresham Jessica DEANS  
Griesemer Robert DEANS  
Griffey Chris DEANS  
Griffin Benita DEANS  
Griffin Edward DEANS  
Griffin Nan-yong DEANS  
Griffin Will DEANS  
Griffing Owen DEANS  
Griffith Virginia DEANS  
Grigore Ilea Maximilian DEANS  
Grim Jennifer DEANS  
Grimes Alvonette DEANS  
Grizzard Matthew DEANS  
Groat Ryan DEANS  
Gross Matthew DEANS  
Gross Peter DEANS  
Gross Vanessa DEANS  
Grossmann Rachel DEANS  
Grundset Lara PRESDT  
Gu Hanzhi PRESDT  
Gucwa Ann DEANS  
Guenzler Jason DEANS  
Guerra Wilma DEANS  
Guico Marione DEANS  
Guida Jeffrey PRESDT  
Guido Jessica DEANS  
Guillaudeu David DEANS  
Guilloux Paul DEANS  
Guinand Carmen DEANS  
Guinivan Emily DEANS  
Guirguis Mary DEANS  
Gumus Alper DEANS  
Gundayao Myra DEANS  
Gundy James DEANS  
Gunlefinger Chris DEANS  
Guo Zheng DEANS  
Gupta Maria DEANS  
Guptill Dexter DEANS  
Gurney Alexander DEANS  
Gustafson Eric DEANS  
Gustavson Heather DEANS  
Gutierrez Diego DEANS  
Gutnick Thomas PRESDT  
Gutreuter Julia PRESDT  
Guyette Alicia DEANS  
Guzman Allan DEANS  
Guzman Ariel DEANS  
Guzman Edna DEANS  
Gwak Jung PRESDT  
Gyamfi-Awuah Kwesi PRESDT  
Gyves Elise PRESDT