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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Da silveira Franceline DEANS  
Dabdub Denise DEANS  
Dabney Marcus DEANS  
Dabu Jayne DEANS  
Dachman Michelle DEANS  
Dadar Abderrazak DEANS  
Dagata Ross DEANS  
Dahab Ibrahim Shaban DEANS  
Dahl Barbara DEANS  
Dakhil Omar DEANS  
Dako Aime DEANS  
Dakwala Foziya DEANS  
Dale Kerry DEANS  
Dalziel Robin DEANS  
Damdinsuren Undraa PRESDT  
Dameika Jennifer DEANS  
Damer Catherine DEANS  
Damm Paulette DEANS  
Dandu Harika DEANS  
Daniel Andrew DEANS  
Daniel Anthony DEANS  
Daniel Christina DEANS  
Daniels Manuela DEANS  
Danielsen Nathan DEANS  
Dankwa Michael DEANS  
D'Antonio Mark PRESDT  
Danur Hanim PRESDT  
Dao Anh-ngoc DEANS  
Dao Edward PRESDT  
Dao Huong DEANS  
Darby Wannah DEANS  
Darder Rosemary DEANS  
Dargan Jennifer DEANS  
Darko Clement DEANS  
Darling John DEANS  
Darner David DEANS  
Darpoh Isabelle DEANS  
Dart Jessica PRESDT  
Darvishi Mohammad DEANS  
DAsbach Kenneth DEANS  
Dashbold Tsolmon PRESDT  
Dasilva Jose DEANS  
Daubert David PRESDT  
Dauksz Allison DEANS  
Dauod Aryan DEANS  
Davey Lyndon PRESDT  
David Michael DEANS  
Davies Craig DEANS  
Davila Fernando PRESDT  
Davila Jeffrey DEANS  
Davis Albert PRESDT  
Davis Chadd DEANS  
Davis Christiane DEANS  
Davis Christopher DEANS  
Davis Cynthia DEANS  
Davis Gail DEANS  
Davis Grace DEANS  
Davis Herbert PRESDT  
Davis James PRESDT  
Davis John DEANS  
Davis Michael DEANS  
Davis Nataliya DEANS  
Davis Nicholas DEANS  
Davis-ellison Alita DEANS  
Dawson Shelley DEANS  
Day Krista DEANS  
Day Lauren DEANS  
Day Mary PRESDT  
Day Ryan PRESDT  
De Abreu Soraia DEANS  
de Hostos Soto Patricia PRESDT  
De Jesus Maricel DEANS  
De Leon Alison DEANS  
De Leon Luis DEANS  
De Lima Yuri DEANS  
De morales Marisa DEANS  
De Raedt Daan PRESDT  
Deacy Cheryl DEANS  
Dean Brian PRESDT  
Dean Kelly DEANS  
Dean Ryan DEANS  
Deane Rebecca DEANS  
DeAngelo Connie PRESDT  
Deans Sarah PRESDT  
DeBoissiere Jeffrey DEANS  
Decker Dennis DEANS  
DeCosa Alexis DEANS  
Decot Nicole DEANS  
DeFazio Jennifer PRESDT  
Defibaugh Rachel DEANS  
DeFreitas Farrah DEANS  
DeGroat Pierce DEANS  
Dehne Lela DEANS  
Dela Cruz Nichelle DEANS  
Dela paz Christine DEANS  
Delaney Benvinda DEANS  
Delavergne Shawn DEANS  
Delcid Maria DEANS  
Delfin Fiorella DEANS  
Delgado Dayana PRESDT  
Delgado Marilyn DEANS  
DelGizzi Adriana DEANS  
Dellagiarino Lisa DEANS  
Dellastatious James DEANS  
Dellinger Christine DEANS  
Dellinger Nathan PRESDT  
Demark Diane DEANS  
Demas Charity DEANS  
Demeis-ortiz Lauren PRESDT  
Demisse Azeb DEANS  
DeMone Katherine DEANS  
Deng WenJun DEANS  
Dennis Meredith DEANS  
Dennis Randall DEANS  
Denny-brown Nese DEANS  
Denty Lindsey DEANS  
Deopujari Varsha DEANS  
Deorukhkar Janhavi DEANS  
Der Felicia DEANS  
Derksen Lisa DEANS  
Dersan Sezgi PRESDT  
Des Jardins Lisa DEANS  
Desai Chandni DEANS  
Deskovich Peter DEANS  
Desmangles Janice DEANS  
DeSoto Lindsey DEANS  
Desta Negatu PRESDT  
Deutschmann Dorothy PRESDT  
DeVenuto Michael DEANS  
Devilliers Maud DEANS  
Devine Jennifer DEANS  
DeWald Danielle DEANS  
Dexter Thomas DEANS  
Dhanormchitphon Sanjanin DEANS  
Dhanoya Sukhdeep DEANS  
Dhillon Arfa DEANS  
Dhillon Roshni DEANS  
Di Fiore Don DEANS  
Di paolo Patrick DEANS  
Dias Andrea DEANS  
Diaz Amalia PRESDT  
Diaz Dahana DEANS  
Diaz Jessica DEANS  
Diaz Tania PRESDT  
Diaz-McKee Mailin DEANS  
Dibaba Meskerem PRESDT  
Dibble Dyana DEANS  
Dichoso Janna DEANS  
Dickason Rebecca PRESDT  
Dickelman Gina DEANS  
Dickerson Curtis DEANS  
Dickey Julianne DEANS  
Dickman Christina DEANS  
Die Jill DEANS  
Diep Kimmy DEANS  
Dietlein Jedediah DEANS  
Diffenbaugh Candice DEANS  
Dila Dion DEANS  
Dillener Sam DEANS  
Dillon John DEANS  
Dinh Hanh DEANS  
Dinh Lan DEANS  
Dinh Thuy-Giang DEANS  
Diorio Angela DEANS  
Dirgo Leslie PRESDT  
Disalvo Daniel DEANS  
DiSimone Cynthia DEANS  
Divenere Krista DEANS  
Dixon Jennifer DEANS  
Dixon Sharon DEANS  
Djangkuak Noviantari DEANS  
Do Bieu DEANS  
Do Lien PRESDT  
Doan Khoa DEANS  
Doan Thoa DEANS  
Dodd Gifty DEANS  
Dodd Timothy DEANS  
Dodge Trevor DEANS  
Doeren Dustin DEANS  
Dogan Mehmet DEANS  
Dokken Christopher DEANS  
Dollah Sheila PRESDT  
Domer Ashley DEANS  
Donald Joseph PRESDT  
Dong Thao DEANS  
Doninelli Kenneth DEANS  
Donnelly Catherine DEANS  
Donohue John DEANS  
Doody Erica PRESDT  
Dore Nichole DEANS  
Doriguzzi James DEANS  
Dorsey David DEANS  
Dotsey Elizabeth DEANS  
Dotson Nicole DEANS  
Dougan Veronica DEANS  
Dougherty Ashley DEANS  
Douglas Kathryn DEANS  
Douglass Scott DEANS  
Doupe Kevin DEANS  
Dowd Devin DEANS  
Dowd James PRESDT  
Dowgiello Nancy DEANS  
Dowling Misty DEANS  
Downey Anna DEANS  
Downie Steven PRESDT  
Downs Chelsea DEANS  
Doyle Erin PRESDT  
Doyle Kathleen DEANS  
Draper Kaitlin PRESDT  
Dreon Allison PRESDT  
Driscoll Sara-ann DEANS  
Drozhzhina Julia DEANS  
Drumheller William DEANS  
Drury Allison DEANS  
Druzhynin Arseni DEANS  
Drye Mark DEANS  
Du Plessis Charlene DEANS  
Duane Jason PRESDT  
Duca Michael DEANS  
Duffin Audreona DEANS  
Dugan Sandra DEANS  
Dulc Julia DEANS  
Duncan Jesse DEANS  
Dunn Jacob DEANS  
Duong Hieu DEANS  
Duong Phuong DEANS  
Duong Quynh DEANS  
Duplessis Osa DEANS  
Dupree Mark DEANS  
Duraiswamy Shyama DEANS  
Duran Aida PRESDT  
Duran Christian DEANS  
Durant Eric DEANS  
Durrett Sarah DEANS  
Dusenberry Clinton DEANS  
Dwyer William PRESDT  
Dyer William PRESDT  
Dyson Bruce DEANS  
Dzansi Rhonda DEANS