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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Cabagnot Patricia DEANS  
Caballero Gustavo DEANS  
Cabato Joseph PRESDT  
Cabiles Ramona DEANS  
Cabrera Christina DEANS  
Cabrera Cristina DEANS  
Cadima Joseline DEANS  
Cadima Scarleth PRESDT  
Cain Justin DEANS  
Cain Precious PRESDT  
Cajas Leslie DEANS  
Cakir Said DEANS  
Calderon Amy DEANS  
Calderwood Kelsey DEANS  
Cale Carleigh DEANS  
Caleb Sara DEANS  
Calhoun Robert DEANS  
Calisti Mark DEANS  
Calkins Shannon DEANS  
Callahan Heather DEANS  
Callahan Kelly DEANS  
Callahan Lindsay PRESDT  
Callahan Tricia DEANS  
Callaway Darren DEANS  
Callen Jonathan DEANS  
Callison Deborah DEANS  
Camacho Rebecca DEANS  
Cameron Rachel DEANS  
Caminade Cristina DEANS  
Camino Karla DEANS  
Campbell Christina DEANS  
Campbell Crystal DEANS  
Campbell Dena DEANS  
Campbell Edward DEANS  
Campbell Horace DEANS  
Campbell Michael DEANS  
Campbell Rebecca DEANS  
Campbell Shannon DEANS  
Campen Marc DEANS  
Campos Remon Maria Josefa PRESDT  
Camuti William DEANS  
Canadas Natalie DEANS  
Canedo-Toledo Maria PRESDT  
Cano Kerri DEANS  
Cano Morales Maria PRESDT  
Cansino Cristina DEANS  
Canton Ma-Linda DEANS  
Cantrell Rhonda DEANS  
Cantu Marshall DEANS  
Cantu Rosalynn DEANS  
Cantwell Karin DEANS  
Cao Luan DEANS  
Cao Thuy DEANS  
Caple Kaisha DEANS  
Cappas Lourdes DEANS  
Cappo Craig DEANS  
Caraballo Giannina DEANS  
Caram Christopher DEANS  
Caramat Felicia DEANS  
Carballo Jessica DEANS  
Carcamo Sandra DEANS  
Cardenas Zoraida DEANS  
Carhuaz Claudia DEANS  
Carleton Erick DEANS  
Carnes Joni DEANS  
Carr Leah PRESDT  
Carr Rhiannon PRESDT  
Carrell Erica DEANS  
Carrero Sol-mariel DEANS  
Carrington Kim DEANS  
Carroll James DEANS  
Carruthers Jonathan DEANS  
Carruthers Kelly DEANS  
Carson Jennifer DEANS  
Carter Alexa DEANS  
Carter Jennifer DEANS  
Carter Keri DEANS  
Carter Kevin DEANS  
Caruana Shannon DEANS  
Carvajal Jorge DEANS  
Carvajal Michael PRESDT  
Carvalho Kristin PRESDT  
Cary Bridget DEANS  
Casanova Christin DEANS  
Casertano Samantha DEANS  
Casey Michael DEANS  
Casey Patrick PRESDT  
Casey Samantha DEANS  
Cashman Jarad DEANS  
Cassidy Iantha DEANS  
Castagnola Victor DEANS  
Castaneda Jose DEANS  
Castaneda Juan DEANS  
Castaneda Rigoberto DEANS  
Castano Estefani DEANS  
Castelly Marjorie DEANS  
Castile Caterra DEANS  
Castillo Henry DEANS  
Castillo Jr Guillermo DEANS  
Casto Emily DEANS  
Castro Miguel PRESDT  
Castro Aldana Crystal DEANS  
Caswell Pamela DEANS  
Cataldi Ashley DEANS  
Cate Patrick DEANS  
Catello Kimberly DEANS  
Caucci Joe PRESDT  
Cavano Carolina DEANS  
Cavero Ricardo DEANS  
Ce Guilherme DEANS  
Cekova Desislava DEANS  
Celsula Flacelia DEANS  
Cephas Briana DEANS  
Cerminaro Victoria PRESDT  
Cerniglia Millicent DEANS  
Cha Byung DEANS  
Cha Nicholas PRESDT  
Chabot Jason DEANS  
Chacon Lesvia DEANS  
Chacon Lourdes DEANS  
Chada Janet PRESDT  
Chae Davina PRESDT  
Chae Melissa DEANS  
Chaffin Aaron DEANS  
Chagolla Armando PRESDT  
Chahilu Nancy PRESDT  
Chaker Kamal DEANS  
Chamberlain Brad PRESDT  
Chamberlin Heather PRESDT  
Chambers Racheal DEANS  
Chambliss Cristina DEANS  
Champion Blythe DEANS  
Chan Aaron DEANS  
Chan Ruth DEANS  
Chandler Priscilla DEANS  
Chandler Richard DEANS  
Chaney Chris DEANS  
Chanfreau Denise DEANS  
Chang Alice DEANS  
Chang Francis DEANS  
Change Rudorwashe PRESDT  
Changiz Matin DEANS  
Changmani Suphitcha DEANS  
Chann Bory DEANS  
Chansen Stephen DEANS  
Chantree Andy DEANS  
Chaphiv Tandy DEANS  
Chapman Andrew PRESDT  
Chapman Lara DEANS  
Chapman Rebecca DEANS  
Charles Anatu DEANS  
Charlton Eric PRESDT  
Chase John DEANS  
Chatani Nash DEANS  
Chaudhri Atia DEANS  
Chaudhry Sajida DEANS  
Chaudry Kanwal PRESDT  
Chaudry Sofia DEANS  
Chauhan Anjana DEANS  
Chauhan Jitendra DEANS  
Chavesta Ana DEANS  
Chavez Ernesto DEANS  
Chavez John DEANS  
Cheatham Tenesha DEANS  
Cheema Rabia DEANS  
Cheema Sultan DEANS  
Chen Li-an DEANS  
Chen Li-Shun DEANS  
Chen Peter PRESDT  
Chen Sandy DEANS  
Chen Xiao PRESDT  
Chen Xiao-fang DEANS  
Chen Yan-Jiun DEANS  
Chen Ya-wen PRESDT  
Chen Yue Gui PRESDT  
Chen Zhao-xian DEANS  
Chen Zihong DEANS  
Chenette Mary PRESDT  
Cheng Chunlai DEANS  
Cheng Kuang-fang DEANS  
Cheng Vivian DEANS  
Cherkos Selamawit DEANS  
Cherry Emmilie DEANS  
Cherry Shaina DEANS  
Cherry Sonja DEANS  
Cheung Eddie DEANS  
Cheung Robert DEANS  
Chevalier Alicia DEANS  
Chhillar Madhu PRESDT  
Chidambaram Alagumeena DEANS  
Chinworth Charlene PRESDT  
Chipana Shirley PRESDT  
Chipman Benjamin DEANS  
Chistyakova Alina DEANS  
Cho Alice DEANS  
Cho Hye PRESDT  
Choate Nicole DEANS  
Chodoronek Matthew DEANS  
Choe Yong PRESDT  
Choi Christine PRESDT  
Choi Go-Eun DEANS  
Choi Hyunyong DEANS  
Choi Janice DEANS  
Choi Jayhoon PRESDT  
Choi Julieann DEANS  
Choi Koung PRESDT  
Choi Saie PRESDT  
Choi Seokjoo DEANS  
Choi Stephen DEANS  
Choi Sun-a DEANS  
Choi SunAh DEANS  
Choi Yun PRESDT  
Chon Henry DEANS  
Chong Wan DEANS  
Choudhury Ahmed DEANS  
Choudhury Ruhena DEANS  
Chrabaszcz Patrycja PRESDT  
Chris Heawan DEANS  
Christensen Amber DEANS  
Christenson Wesley PRESDT  
Christian Gary DEANS  
Christy Charles DEANS  
Chun Jay PRESDT  
Chunchurova Daniela PRESDT  
Chung Hoon DEANS  
Chung Hyun Woo PRESDT  
Chung Sang-hyun DEANS  
Chung Woojin DEANS  
Chung Yoshimi PRESDT  
Chunvichit Anthony DEANS  
Church Daniel DEANS  
Cilek William PRESDT  
Cissel Martin DEANS  
Ciurescu Gabriel DEANS  
Clark Caitlin DEANS  
Clark Coleen DEANS  
Clark Corey DEANS  
Clark Craig DEANS  
Clark Edward DEANS  
Clark Emilie DEANS  
Clark Esther DEANS  
Clark Jason PRESDT  
Clark Julie DEANS  
Clark Lynda DEANS  
Clark Marilyn DEANS  
Clark Maya DEANS  
Clark Melissa DEANS  
Clark Paul DEANS  
Clark Stacia DEANS  
Clements Gail DEANS  
Clements Kolethia DEANS  
Clifton Hulen DEANS  
Cloutier John DEANS  
Coady Glenda DEANS  
Coats Cathleen DEANS  
Cochran Doris DEANS  
Cohen Alayna DEANS  
Cohen Alexandre DEANS  
Coitinho Ludmila PRESDT  
Cole Brian PRESDT  
Cole Jennifer DEANS  
Cole Julie DEANS  
Cole Melanie DEANS  
Coleman Ashley DEANS  
Coleman Derhonda DEANS  
Coleman Olga DEANS  
Coleman Sara DEANS  
Collar Andrew DEANS  
Collier Lauren DEANS  
Collier Raymond DEANS  
Collier-Galloway Alicia DEANS  
Collins Athena DEANS  
Collins David DEANS  
Collins Kathleen DEANS  
Collins Lanford DEANS  
Collins Sona PRESDT  
Collins Susan PRESDT  
Colman Emily DEANS  
Colon Jennifer DEANS  
Colpoys-Schwab Margaret DEANS  
Colson Christopher DEANS  
Colt Kevin DEANS  
Combs Jennifer DEANS  
Comer Joseph DEANS  
Comfort Idum DEANS  
Commey Abednego PRESDT  
Conard Latrice DEANS  
Concepcion Angela PRESDT  
Condit Patricia DEANS  
Conley John DEANS  
Conley Patrick PRESDT  
Connelly Renee DEANS  
Conner Mike PRESDT  
Connor Peggy DEANS  
Conrad Patricia DEANS  
Conroy Megan PRESDT  
Conte Natasha DEANS  
Contreras Mariana DEANS  
Converse Brendan PRESDT  
Cook Martine DEANS  
Cook William DEANS  
Cooney Elizabeth DEANS  
Coonrod Kara DEANS  
Cooper Carley DEANS  
Cooper Christopher DEANS  
Cooper Frederick PRESDT  
Cooper Katey PRESDT  
Coopwood Kennedy DEANS  
Coral Sandra DEANS  
Coram Joseph PRESDT  
Corbin Jessica PRESDT  
Corbin Stephanie DEANS  
Cordes Mallory DEANS  
Cordon Lucero DEANS  
Cordova Laura PRESDT  
Cordova Roxana DEANS  
Corpuz Haide DEANS  
Corrado Robert DEANS  
Corrielus Marie DEANS  
Cortez Verano Daniela DEANS  
Corwin Aron DEANS  
Corzo Deborah DEANS  
Cosby Kimberly DEANS  
Costa Brandon DEANS  
Costea Maria PRESDT  
Coursey Phillip PRESDT  
Covert Timothy DEANS  
Cowan Justin DEANS  
Cowell Julia DEANS  
Cowett Shannon DEANS  
Cox Biansa DEANS  
Cox Edward DEANS  
cox emily DEANS  
Cox Lucy DEANS  
Cox Meghan DEANS  
Coy Maria DEANS  
Cozzolino Caryn PRESDT  
Crabtree Deborah DEANS  
Crane Jeremy DEANS  
Craven Michael DEANS  
Crawford Jeffrey DEANS  
Crawford Natasha DEANS  
Crawford Nikia DEANS  
Crean Katherine DEANS  
Creasy V James DEANS  
Creps Ryan DEANS  
Crespo Ana DEANS  
Cress Kathryn DEANS  
Crider Kenneth DEANS  
Crigler Constance DEANS  
Crisp Shawn PRESDT  
Crivilescu Ion PRESDT  
Croke Meghan DEANS  
Cromwell Alexander DEANS  
Cromwell Jacob DEANS  
Cronan Angela DEANS  
Crook Caolan DEANS  
Cross Virginia PRESDT  
Crosson Patrick DEANS  
Crowe Jonathan PRESDT  
Crowley Liana PRESDT  
Cruse Tyree PRESDT  
Cruz Abigail DEANS  
Cruz Djhoanna DEANS  
Cruz Jessica DEANS  
Cruz Philip Vincent DEANS  
Cruz-jones Marilyn DEANS  
Cubas Vanessa DEANS  
Cubillos Ricardo DEANS  
Cuervo Rachel DEANS  
Cueto Miguel DEANS  
Cuff Latoya DEANS  
Cuison Jane PRESDT  
Culbertson Arthur PRESDT  
Culbreth Alexander DEANS  
Culbreth Blair DEANS  
Cullen Sarene DEANS  
Cullom Lisa PRESDT  
Cuna Vicente DEANS  
Cunningham Jennifer PRESDT  
Cupka Paul DEANS  
Cuppett Ashley DEANS  
Cuti Michael DEANS  
Cutting Lauren PRESDT  
Cvijanovic Slavica DEANS  
Cvijanovic Tatjana DEANS