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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Babdhan Moushimi DEANS  
Babee Edrise PRESDT  
Babor Jennifer DEANS  
Bach Lan PRESDT  
Bach Lien PRESDT  
Back David PRESDT  
Back Eunhae PRESDT  
Bacorn Nicole DEANS  
Bacus Adam DEANS  
Badertscher Ashley DEANS  
Badi Tasbeeh DEANS  
Badrakh Bilguunzaya PRESDT  
Badri Mohamed DEANS  
Baek Seung DEANS  
Baghdadi Jounia DEANS  
Bagley Shelby DEANS  
Bah Mamadou DEANS  
Bahdi Farah PRESDT  
Bahhur Noor DEANS  
Bahmet Mona DEANS  
Bahorich Christine DEANS  
Baich Mariem DEANS  
Baidoo Khadeja DEANS  
Baig Aneesa DEANS  
Baig Mirza DEANS  
Bailey Aaron PRESDT  
Bailey Evala DEANS  
Bailey Karla DEANS  
Bains Verinder DEANS  
Baird Sandra DEANS  
Baires Baldir DEANS  
Baker Chanel DEANS  
Baker Emily DEANS  
Baker Joseph PRESDT  
Baker Julia PRESDT  
Baker Sabrina DEANS  
Baker Scott DEANS  
Baker Stephanie PRESDT  
Baker Torria DEANS  
Baker richardson Lori DEANS  
Bakhtiari Niki PRESDT  
Bakovic Jhonatan DEANS  
Balazs Laszlo PRESDT  
Balch Virginia DEANS  
Baldelomar Genny DEANS  
Baldwin Charles DEANS  
Baldwin Ilona PRESDT  
Baldwin Katherine PRESDT  
Baldwin Pat DEANS  
Baldwin Sabrina DEANS  
Balejova Kristina PRESDT  
Ball Andrea DEANS  
Balla Andrew DEANS  
Ballenger Amanda DEANS  
Ballester Tangeline DEANS  
Balzer Jessica PRESDT  
Banagan Justin DEANS  
Bang Christine DEANS  
Bang Moon-sun DEANS  
Banjade Sanjaya DEANS  
Banks Avis DEANS  
Banks Denise DEANS  
Banks Jon DEANS  
Banks Sheryl DEANS  
Banks-bond Gena PRESDT  
Banner Grant PRESDT  
Bannourah Samer DEANS  
Baradi Enkhtuya PRESDT  
Barakat Naima PRESDT  
Barake Sergio DEANS  
Baral Seema DEANS  
Baral Sindhu DEANS  
Barber Deborah DEANS  
Barber Megan DEANS  
Barekzi Zabi DEANS  
Barker Joseph DEANS  
Barlis Gina DEANS  
Barnd Joseph DEANS  
Barnes Benjamin PRESDT  
Barnett William PRESDT  
Barqadle Fatuma PRESDT  
Barr Doris DEANS  
Barratt Michael PRESDT  
Barre Abdihamid DEANS  
Barreda Laura DEANS  
Barrentine Jackey DEANS  
Barreto Katherine DEANS  
Barrett Brittany PRESDT  
Barrett Debra PRESDT  
Barrett John PRESDT  
Barrett Kelly PRESDT  
Barter Brittany PRESDT  
Bartholomew Eric DEANS  
Bartlett Hayley DEANS  
Bartley Devin DEANS  
Bartley Mara DEANS  
Barton Billy DEANS  
Bartruff Robert DEANS  
Barua Soma DEANS  
Basham Benjamin PRESDT  
bashir aisha DEANS  
Baslangic Berk DEANS  
Bastian Kenneth DEANS  
Basu Sharmila DEANS  
Batac Jerimie PRESDT  
Batista Emanuel PRESDT  
Batista Mustafa Claudia DEANS  
Batjargal Uranbileg PRESDT  
Baucom April DEANS  
Baute Ksenia PRESDT  
Bawcom Shelley DEANS  
Baxter Adam DEANS  
Bayer Emily DEANS  
Baza Nathan DEANS  
Beach Chris DEANS  
Beach Roxanna DEANS  
Beam Abigail DEANS  
Beard Michael DEANS  
Beattie Lauri DEANS  
Beauregard Emily DEANS  
Beauvais Matthew DEANS  
Beavers Lance PRESDT  
Beck Andrea DEANS  
Beck Gayle DEANS  
Beck Katie PRESDT  
Bedwell Lisa PRESDT  
Beeler Dana DEANS  
Befumo Daniel PRESDT  
Begachaw Zenabech DEANS  
Begzew Daniel DEANS  
Behrend Kathleen PRESDT  
Beirne Patrick DEANS  
Bejjaji Maryam DEANS  
Bekri Fethi DEANS  
Belen-Pettorino Vilma DEANS  
Belinskaya Olga PRESDT  
Bell Michael DEANS  
Belleh Micah PRESDT  
Belousov Roksana DEANS  
Belskiy Anatoliy DEANS  
Beltran Michelle DEANS  
BeMiller Robin DEANS  
Bender Robert PRESDT  
Bennani Mohamed PRESDT  
Bennett Elizabeth DEANS  
Bennett Kelly DEANS  
Bennett Laura DEANS  
Bennett Richard DEANS  
Benoit Barbara PRESDT  
Benotmane Houda DEANS  
Bensinger Alison PRESDT  
Bensinger James DEANS  
Benton Sarah DEANS  
Bentz Bailey DEANS  
Bepko Meghan PRESDT  
Beresa Surafel DEANS  
Berg-allman Mindy DEANS  
Bergaust Jane DEANS  
Berge Stephan DEANS  
Berger Benjamin DEANS  
Bergeron Jennifer DEANS  
Bergfalk Jessica PRESDT  
Bergman Jonathan PRESDT  
Berhe Michael PRESDT  
Berhie Tewodros DEANS  
Berisso Claudia DEANS  
Berkeley Adam DEANS  
Berlin Claire DEANS  
Bernales Brian PRESDT  
Bernard Kinter PRESDT  
Bernhardt Gerard PRESDT  
Bernier Jr Oscar PRESDT  
Berossa Menbere DEANS  
Berrian Timothy DEANS  
Berrios Manuel PRESDT  
Berry Lenore DEANS  
Bersee Aaron DEANS  
Berst Jitka DEANS  
Bertauski Carrie DEANS  
Bertera Nancy DEANS  
Berwa Ravi DEANS  
Berzuela Isabel DEANS  
Beshara Jessica DEANS  
Bessellieu Nicholas PRESDT  
Bessinger Robbie PRESDT  
Best Dominique DEANS  
Best Vern DEANS  
Betakova Maria DEANS  
Betancourt Rachael DEANS  
Bethel Erin DEANS  
Beykzadegan Tabrizi Reza PRESDT  
Bezos Jennifer PRESDT  
Bhambhani Harsha PRESDT  
Bhatti Amar DEANS  
Bieler John DEANS  
Bigelow Dianne DEANS  
Bigos Thomas DEANS  
Bilbow Christa DEANS  
Billings Kristin DEANS  
Billow Brian PRESDT  
Bilodeau Susan DEANS  
Bingler Kristen DEANS  
Binmadshall Aiman PRESDT  
Bird Adam DEANS  
Bird Carl DEANS  
Biriye Meron DEANS  
Birkland Amber DEANS  
Bischoff Dominika DEANS  
Bishop Heather PRESDT  
Bishop Jean DEANS  
Bishop Tamara DEANS  
Bither Jessica PRESDT  
Bitzer Ellen DEANS  
Blackshaw Michael DEANS  
Blake Brigit PRESDT  
Blanchette Martin DEANS  
Blanco Elena DEANS  
Blanco Sandra DEANS  
Blankenship Derek DEANS  
Blankenship Geanina DEANS  
Blankenship Jessica PRESDT  
Blas Richard DEANS  
Blaszkiewicz Diana DEANS  
Blaylock Jonathan DEANS  
Bleull Danielle PRESDT  
Blevins Drew DEANS  
Blinov Serguei DEANS  
Blough Luisa DEANS  
Blount Jessie DEANS  
Blythe Kevin DEANS  
Boak Daniel DEANS  
Boateng Emma DEANS  
Boatwright Devon DEANS  
Boccia Romina PRESDT  
Bockenstedt Lindsey PRESDT  
Bodenhamer Mary DEANS  
Boehme Susanne PRESDT  
Boes Rachel DEANS  
Boggs Paula PRESDT  
Bognin Josee DEANS  
Bogosian-Scissors Anastassia PRESDT  
Boku Bethlehem DEANS  
Boland Nicholas PRESDT  
Bolen Tammi DEANS  
Bolton Sheila DEANS  
Bonen-Clark Carolyn DEANS  
Bones Katie PRESDT  
Bongiovanni Kirsten DEANS  
Bonicky Kenneth DEANS  
Bonilla Fabiola DEANS  
Bonilla Sandra DEANS  
Bonivento Lennya DEANS  
Bonner Justin DEANS  
Bonometti Jessica PRESDT  
Boone Susan DEANS  
Booska Troy DEANS  
Borges Lisa PRESDT  
Bosco Eva PRESDT  
Bosman Christine DEANS  
Bosserman Mary DEANS  
Bossie Christine DEANS  
Bostwick Amy DEANS  
Bothwell Jennifer PRESDT  
Boufalla Hafida DEANS  
Boujendar Jihane PRESDT  
Boulden Rodsheika DEANS  
Bourdelais Karin PRESDT  
Boushell Brent DEANS  
Bowden Lori DEANS  
Bowen Ciara PRESDT  
Bowerman Katharina DEANS  
Bowers Stephanie DEANS  
Bowers Tiffany DEANS  
Bowie Kristbjorg DEANS  
Bowles Jamar DEANS  
Boyd Christopher DEANS  
Boyd Karina DEANS  
Boyd Lindsay DEANS  
Boyd Sarah DEANS  
Boyle Dana PRESDT  
Boyle Lauren DEANS  
Boyle Ryan DEANS  
Boyle Sara PRESDT  
Boyle Troy DEANS  
Boyleston Melody DEANS  
Bradley Beau DEANS  
Bradley Takimi DEANS  
Bradshaw Rex DEANS  
Brady Emily PRESDT  
Bramblett Todd DEANS  
Branco Joseph DEANS  
Branigan Colleen PRESDT  
Brar Cavitha DEANS  
Brasfield Lisa PRESDT  
Brault Erin DEANS  
Braun Elizabeth DEANS  
Brauninger Jane DEANS  
Bray Melissa DEANS  
Breads Robert DEANS  
Breece Jared DEANS  
Breedlove David DEANS  
Brennan Samantha PRESDT  
Brent Robert DEANS  
Breslin John DEANS  
Breuker Jackie DEANS  
Bride Ann DEANS  
Bridges Alissa PRESDT  
Briggs Christian DEANS  
Bright Darlene DEANS  
Bright Joshua DEANS  
Bright Misty DEANS  
Brightbill Ryan DEANS  
Brignano Stacey DEANS  
Briley Jessica DEANS  
Brimmer David DEANS  
Brinkley Quita DEANS  
Brisk Tonya DEANS  
Brites Bruna DEANS  
Brito Carla DEANS  
Britt Cherise DEANS  
Britton Stephanie DEANS  
Broadnax LaKeshia DEANS  
Broda Maria PRESDT  
Brodowski Katya DEANS  
Bromhead Timothy DEANS  
Bronisz Stacey DEANS  
Brooks Bill DEANS  
Brooks James DEANS  
Brooks Michelle DEANS  
Brooks Timothy DEANS  
Broseke Daniel DEANS  
Brothers Virginia DEANS  
Brougham Jennifer DEANS  
Broughton Calvin PRESDT  
Brower Brian DEANS  
Brower Lindsey DEANS  
Brower Michelle DEANS  
Brown Bianca PRESDT  
Brown Daniel PRESDT  
Brown Danielle DEANS  
Brown David DEANS  
Brown Debra DEANS  
Brown Elizabeth PRESDT  
Brown Erin DEANS  
Brown Gavin DEANS  
Brown Hope DEANS  
Brown Jennifer DEANS  
Brown John DEANS  
Brown Jung-sook DEANS  
Brown Kadiatu DEANS  
Brown Kingsley DEANS  
Brown Leslie PRESDT  
Brown Maurice DEANS  
Brown Natalie PRESDT  
Brown Olivene PRESDT  
Brown Rachel DEANS  
Brown Rochelle DEANS  
Brown Sean PRESDT  
Brown Shari DEANS  
Brown Shelly DEANS  
Brown Stephanie DEANS  
Brownell David DEANS  
Broxson Anthony DEANS  
Brum Christopher DEANS  
Brunner Rebecca DEANS  
Brusko Andrew PRESDT  
Bryan Mark DEANS  
Bryant Courtenay DEANS  
Bryant Jolie DEANS  
Bryant Kimberly DEANS  
Bryant Susan DEANS  
Buckingham Jacquilyn PRESDT  
Buczacki Laura DEANS  
Bugg Laura PRESDT  
Bui Chinh DEANS  
Bui Thuy Trang DEANS  
Bukair Sami DEANS  
Bulcha Meseret DEANS  
Bull Amy PRESDT  
Bull Jean DEANS  
Bunch Shirley DEANS  
Buning Bonnie DEANS  
Burden Marissa PRESDT  
Burge Duwayne DEANS  
Burgess Allison DEANS  
Burgess Barbara DEANS  
Burgess Sibel DEANS  
Burkart Robert DEANS  
Burke Christene DEANS  
Burke Heather PRESDT  
Burkhardt Anne DEANS  
Burks Ashley DEANS  
Burlij Larissa DEANS  
Burnett Karen DEANS  
Burns Kristen DEANS  
Burns Sarah DEANS  
Burnsteel Stephanie DEANS  
Burr Justin PRESDT  
Burrell Gwendolyn DEANS  
Burrey Allison DEANS  
Burrington Danielle PRESDT  
Burt Emmanuelle DEANS  
Burthey Towanna DEANS  
Bush Calvin DEANS  
Bush Mery DEANS  
Bush Valencia DEANS  
Bushey Pamela DEANS  
Bustamante Edgar DEANS  
Bustillos Alvaro DEANS  
Bustillos Dilianna PRESDT  
Butkovich Mary PRESDT  
Butler Caroline DEANS  
Butler Erin DEANS  
Butler Jennifer DEANS  
Butler Kevin DEANS  
Butler-abatzis Robin PRESDT  
Buttery James DEANS  
Butts Tina PRESDT  
Buzzell George DEANS  
Byerly Jennifer DEANS  
Byrd Bryan DEANS  
Byrne Ashleigh PRESDT  
Byrne Michael DEANS  
Byron Michael PRESDT  
Byun Yuri DEANS