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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Summer 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Sabbahi Jasmine DEANS  
Sabherwal Richa DEANS  
Sadek Nagham DEANS  
Sadler Deborah DEANS  
Sadozai Nigeen DEANS  
Saenz Daniel DEANS  
Saenz Lydia DEANS  
Sajneen Albely PRESDT  
Sakas Karl DEANS  
Sakyi Eugenia DEANS  
Salahuddin Umar DEANS  
Salameh Nidal DEANS  
Salazar Amy DEANS  
Salazar Freddy DEANS  
Salcewicz Adam DEANS  
Saleh Zemzem DEANS  
Salinas Cindy DEANS  
Salinas David DEANS  
Sall Fatuma DEANS  
Salmeron Ingrid DEANS  
Salous Jasmin DEANS  
Salous Nahida DEANS  
Salyer Sarah DEANS  
Sami Leila DEANS  
Sammari Fatima Zawea DEANS  
Sammer George DEANS  
Samples Grayson DEANS  
Samuelraj Pauline PRESDT  
San Luis Pia Marie DEANS  
Sanaie Jessica DEANS  
Sanchez valles Jorge DEANS  
Sanders Christi DEANS  
Sanders Elliott DEANS  
Sanders Kathrin DEANS  
Sandford Sarah DEANS  
Sandhu Balroop DEANS  
Sandiego Andrea Lauren DEANS  
Sandiego Angelica Luz PRESDT  
Sandstrom Debra PRESDT  
Sandulescu Olesea PRESDT  
Santillan Rodrigo PRESDT  
Santo Shawn DEANS  
Santos Monica DEANS  
Sapra Paarth DEANS  
Saqib Asad PRESDT  
Sarani Hamid DEANS  
Saravia Amada DEANS  
Sarkar Uttam PRESDT  
Sarkaria Apneet DEANS  
Sarpas Gulalai PRESDT  
Sarraj Yazan DEANS  
Saulsbury Christopher DEANS  
Savich Barbara DEANS  
Savino Joseph PRESDT  
Sawyer Edward PRESDT  
Sayed Masood DEANS  
Scango Shelby PRESDT  
Scanlan Richard DEANS  
Scarbeau Erin DEANS  
Schauer Bradley DEANS  
Scheirer Robert DEANS  
Schell Tara DEANS  
Schley John DEANS  
Schmid Kevin DEANS  
Schmidlkofer Michael DEANS  
Schmidt Karl DEANS  
Schmitt Laura DEANS  
Schneider Alison DEANS  
Schoenberger Brian DEANS  
Schrantz Sander DEANS  
Schreider Caitlin DEANS  
Schubert Diana DEANS  
Schulte Denise DEANS  
Schwalb Amy PRESDT  
Schwandt Nicol DEANS  
Scott Beverly DEANS  
Scott Sean PRESDT  
Scott Sean DEANS  
Seekhao Nuttiiya PRESDT  
Seery Rebekah DEANS  
Sehgal Neetin DEANS  
Sekander Farzana DEANS  
Selekman Alexandra DEANS  
Sellors Katherine DEANS  
Seminario Rosa DEANS  
Semler Jenica DEANS  
Sensi Jamie DEANS  
Senz Emily DEANS  
Seo Chang DEANS  
Seo Samuel DEANS  
Sepassi Lisa DEANS  
Seraj Mohammad DEANS  
Sesay Aminata DEANS  
Setliff Heather DEANS  
Shaffer Angela DEANS  
Shaffie Armin DEANS  
Shafique Syeda PRESDT  
Shah Nupur DEANS  
Shah Sayed DEANS  
Shahbaz Faisal DEANS  
Shank Amy DEANS  
Shank Ronald DEANS  
Shannon Elisabeth DEANS  
Shapiro Elizabeth DEANS  
Sharma Akansha DEANS  
Sharma Anirudh DEANS  
Sharma Sara DEANS  
Sharma Vishal DEANS  
Sharp Catherine DEANS  
Sharpe Maitland DEANS  
Sharrer Nicholas DEANS  
Shartel James DEANS  
Shaw Fatmata DEANS  
Shehadeh Shagaf DEANS  
Shelter Joshua PRESDT  
Shelton Ashleigh DEANS  
Shepherdson Charles DEANS  
Shepu Tahmina DEANS  
Sherman Mark DEANS  
Sherman Rebecca DEANS  
Sherwood Randall DEANS  
Sheth Seema DEANS  
Shewmaker Joseph DEANS  
Shields Nicole DEANS  
Shin Hyosun DEANS  
Shindledecker Natalia DEANS  
Shinwari Huma DEANS  
Shirgaonkar Sayali DEANS  
Shirk Christopher PRESDT  
Shoja Wais DEANS  
Shrader Margaret DEANS  
Shrestha Deepa PRESDT  
Shteir-Dunn Maxwell PRESDT  
Shufflebarger Matthew DEANS  
Shuman David DEANS  
Shutt Rachel DEANS  
Siddiqui Alma DEANS  
Siddiqui Madiha DEANS  
Siegert Kristin DEANS  
Siler Andrew DEANS  
Siljander Allison DEANS  
Silva Christopher DEANS  
Silwal Suvechhya DEANS  
Simmons Erica DEANS  
Simon Blake DEANS  
Singh Amandeep DEANS  
Singh Harsimerjit DEANS  
Singh Karan DEANS  
Singh Ruminder DEANS  
Sirag Hamza PRESDT  
Sitoe Carmen DEANS  
Skiff Katherine DEANS  
Sloan Tiffany DEANS  
Sloan-O'Brien Elizabeth DEANS  
Slusser Wade DEANS  
Small Allison DEANS  
Smallcorn Michael DEANS  
Smith Alysia DEANS  
Smith Benjamin DEANS  
Smith Carol DEANS  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith Jadron DEANS  
Smith James DEANS  
Smith Jeremiah DEANS  
Smith Kyle DEANS  
Smith Laurie DEANS  
Smith Lindsey DEANS  
Smith Sandy DEANS  
Smith Shannon DEANS  
Smith Suzzette DEANS  
Smith Taylor DEANS  
Smith Timothy DEANS  
Sneed Holly DEANS  
Snell Allison PRESDT  
Snyder Kristin DEANS  
Soares Bruno DEANS  
Soe Aye PRESDT  
Solano Heidi DEANS  
Solomon Brandon DEANS  
Sommer Rosalyn DEANS  
Song Chu DEANS  
Song Kyle DEANS  
Sosa Lizanka DEANS  
Sosa Luis DEANS  
Soule Brian DEANS  
Souser Andrew DEANS  
Southerland Kimberly DEANS  
Spalding Catherine DEANS  
Spann Wade PRESDT  
Spano Brittany DEANS  
Spanos Deoudes John DEANS  
Sparrow Kelsey DEANS  
Spear Bryan PRESDT  
Spears Alexander DEANS  
Spencer Cynthia DEANS  
Spetz Lauren DEANS  
Spicer Timothy DEANS  
Spink Eron PRESDT  
Sposa Nicholas DEANS  
Spotts Tatiana DEANS  
Spratley Jenifer PRESDT  
Sprouse Christopher PRESDT  
Spurlock Donna DEANS  
Squirewell Ebony DEANS  
Srihari Geeta DEANS  
Srivastava Tarun DEANS  
Stafford Hillary DEANS  
Stah Andrew DEANS  
Stalinsky Natasha DEANS  
Stanford Nathan DEANS  
Stanley Trina DEANS  
Stapleton Kevin DEANS  
Starks Paul DEANS  
Stathis David DEANS  
Staubs Vicki DEANS  
Stecher Craig DEANS  
Steele Bonita DEANS  
Stefanou Timothy DEANS  
Stegemiller Megan DEANS  
Steinmetz Renee DEANS  
Stelianou Steven DEANS  
Stenlund Amy DEANS  
Stephen Sherin DEANS  
Stephens Barbara DEANS  
Stephens Kathryn DEANS  
Stephenson Danielle DEANS  
Stephenson Kelly DEANS  
Sterling Natalie DEANS  
Stetson Dan DEANS  
Stevens Nicholas DEANS  
Stevenson Dean DEANS  
Stewart Lauren DEANS  
Stickel Elizabeth DEANS  
Stimart Megan DEANS  
Stoffregen Ryan DEANS  
Strain Rachel DEANS  
Stratton Paul DEANS  
Straub Jennifer PRESDT  
Strauch Andrew Strauch DEANS  
Strider Mollie DEANS  
Strisik Adam DEANS  
Stroh Margaretta DEANS  
Stroh Veronica DEANS  
Stryker Mariel DEANS  
Stull David PRESDT  
Stull Kris PRESDT  
Stuller Earl DEANS  
Suh Paul PRESDT  
Suka Emmanuel DEANS  
Suliman Sara DEANS  
Sullivan Alexander DEANS  
Sullivan Erin DEANS  
Sullivan Kevin DEANS  
Sullivan Phillip DEANS  
Sultani Fershtah DEANS  
Summers Jennifer DEANS  
Sunderlin Clorise DEANS  
Sung Jieun DEANS  
Sung Ji-hyun DEANS  
Surendra Jyotsna DEANS  
Suri Sumandeep PRESDT  
Svoboda Kelly DEANS  
Swann Raphael DEANS  
Swanstrom Alicia DEANS  
Swaraldahab Mohamed DEANS  
Sweeney Elizabeth DEANS  
Sweitzer Samantha DEANS  
Sweitzer Stephanie DEANS  
Swintek Jennifer DEANS  
Syan Hawreh DEANS  
Syed Asadullah DEANS  
Syeda Hiba DEANS  
Syeda Noorjahan DEANS  
Syeda Sadia DEANS  
Symenow Gregory DEANS  
Syphrit Crystal DEANS