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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Summer 2007
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
Click here to see the Spring '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Ma Jane DEANS  
Ma Yulan DEANS  
MacAdam Daniel PRESDT  
Mack Syreeta DEANS  
Macsorley Heather PRESDT  
Madden Charles DEANS  
Maddox Amy PRESDT  
Mader Jeffrey DEANS  
Madsen Richard DEANS  
Maghsoudi Farzin DEANS  
Mahdi Shabinaaz DEANS  
Mahmood Abid DEANS  
Mahmood Khalid DEANS  
Mahmood Maryam DEANS  
Mahmoodi Krishma DEANS  
Mahmoud Helmat DEANS  
Mahmoud Nasim DEANS  
Majid Fahad DEANS  
Makris Alexander DEANS  
Makris Eleni DEANS  
Maksimets Irina DEANS  
Malik Aisha DEANS  
Mallott Lindsay DEANS  
Malmgren Erika DEANS  
Mandujano Pilar DEANS  
Mann Benjamin DEANS  
Manning Christina DEANS  
Marano Anthony DEANS  
Marces Jorge DEANS  
Marchand Jonathan DEANS  
Marcum Jeremy DEANS  
Marquardt Aaron DEANS  
Marquart Rachel DEANS  
Marquez Evelyn DEANS  
Marr Jillian DEANS  
Marshall Jeanne DEANS  
Marshall Joseph DEANS  
Martin Benjamin DEANS  
Martin Christy DEANS  
Martin Erin DEANS  
Martin Jill DEANS  
Martin Marielena DEANS  
Martin Stacy DEANS  
Martin Steven DEANS  
Martin Trevor DEANS  
Martinez Aurora DEANS  
Martinez Dixie DEANS  
Martinez Maria Criselda DEANS  
Martinez De Los Heros Andrea DEANS  
Martinez Herrera Claudia DEANS  
Martinez Huaman Victor DEANS  
Martin-Mattocks Patricia DEANS  
Martir Pedro DEANS  
Mascoll Cameron DEANS  
Masih Simon DEANS  
Mason Andrew DEANS  
Mason Christopher DEANS  
Mason Darcy PRESDT  
Mason Jackie DEANS  
Masood Hiba DEANS  
Massey Cheryl DEANS  
Massoud Anthony DEANS  
Mathews Rebecca DEANS  
Mathur Prakesha DEANS  
Matos Lena DEANS  
May Kristin DEANS  
May Marilyn DEANS  
May Michael DEANS  
May Naomi DEANS  
Maynard Kevin DEANS  
Mazzuca Douglas DEANS  
Mba Ondo Miguel Antonio DEANS  
McAdow Kelly DEANS  
McBride Megara PRESDT  
McCabe Michael PRESDT  
McCarthy David DEANS  
McCarthy Erin PRESDT  
Mccarthy Jonathan DEANS  
McCarthy Kathryn DEANS  
McClain Cassandra DEANS  
McClain Ekaterina DEANS  
McClain Justin PRESDT  
McCleese Dale DEANS  
McCloy-Johnson Casandra DEANS  
Mcclure Hugh DEANS  
McCormick Margaret DEANS  
McCowen April DEANS  
McCray Janice DEANS  
McDevitt Anna DEANS  
Mcdowell Brian DEANS  
McFillin Mary DEANS  
McGhee Michael DEANS  
Mcginley Jon DEANS  
McGrath Heather DEANS  
Mcguirk Patrick DEANS  
McKay Matthew DEANS  
McKenzie Amy DEANS  
McKesey Jacqueline DEANS  
McLay Ryan DEANS  
McLean Katrina DEANS  
McLeod Tiffany DEANS  
McMahon Christine DEANS  
McPherson Caitlin DEANS  
McSpadden Amber DEANS  
Mcveigh Elissa DEANS  
Meadows Alexandrea DEANS  
Meadows Mary DEANS  
Meadows Michael DEANS  
Medina Lisbelt DEANS  
Medrano Caty DEANS  
Medrano Frankie DEANS  
Megersa Daric DEANS  
Mehra Roheen PRESDT  
Mei He DEANS  
Mejia Christina DEANS  
Mejia Stanley PRESDT  
Mekonnen Betelhem PRESDT  
Melaccio Alissa PRESDT  
melek wilson DEANS  
Melgarejo Dextre Pablo PRESDT  
Mendoza Sergio DEANS  
Mensah Abraham DEANS  
Mensah Richard DEANS  
Meredith Tonya PRESDT  
Merkezas Olha DEANS  
Merrell Beth-Anne DEANS  
Merritt Catherine DEANS  
Meserole Katelyn DEANS  
Mesfin Henok DEANS  
Mesfin Mahlet DEANS  
Meza Daniel DEANS  
Michael Zelalem DEANS  
Michelson Cynthia DEANS  
Middleton Lisa DEANS  
Milani Lori DEANS  
Milatzo Jillian PRESDT  
Miles Raymond DEANS  
Miller Crystal DEANS  
Miller Jahyna DEANS  
Miller Jessica DEANS  
Miller Kyle DEANS  
Miller Steven PRESDT  
Miller Sydney DEANS  
Miller Tanya DEANS  
Miller Vernon DEANS  
Million Eric DEANS  
Millogo Olivier DEANS  
Mills Laurel DEANS  
Minaya Michel DEANS  
Minehart Timothy PRESDT  
Mingo Kendra DEANS  
Minocha Natasha DEANS  
Miosi Elizabeth DEANS  
Miraminy Sahhand DEANS  
Miranda Jose DEANS  
Mires Derek DEANS  
Mirza Afsheen DEANS  
Mirzada Syed DEANS  
Mirzozoda Khulkar DEANS  
Mitchell Katherine DEANS  
Mitchell Larry DEANS  
Mitchell Lindsey DEANS  
Moffat Sarah DEANS  
Mohamed Zuweina DEANS  
Mohammad Faizan PRESDT  
Mohammed Aula DEANS  
Mohammed Jamil DEANS  
Mohammednur Hiyat PRESDT  
Mohmand Hassina DEANS  
Mohn Karl DEANS  
Mokhiber Laila DEANS  
Molina Juan DEANS  
Molina Lourdes DEANS  
Moline Mary DEANS  
Mollo Angela DEANS  
Mongwa Calvin DEANS  
Monroe Keith DEANS  
Monroe Matthew DEANS  
Monroe Rachel DEANS  
Montgomery Santana DEANS  
Moore Christopher DEANS  
Moore Kim DEANS  
Moore Stephanie DEANS  
Moore Thomas DEANS  
Morales Abie DEANS  
Morales Carole DEANS  
Morales Diana DEANS  
Morales Giuliana DEANS  
Moreno Aida DEANS  
Mori Yoshi DEANS  
Morles Yoel DEANS  
Morley Rebecca DEANS  
Morrow John DEANS  
Mortensen Ramon DEANS  
Moshirfatemi Tina DEANS  
Moshiri Golnesa PRESDT  
Mourtada Joumana PRESDT  
Moussa Hesham DEANS  
Moussa Reem DEANS  
Movassagh Susan DEANS  
Moxley Charlotte DEANS  
Moxley Kelly DEANS  
Mozafari Robab PRESDT  
Mullervy Maritza DEANS  
Mullis Brandon DEANS  
Mulvena Caitlin DEANS  
Munday Sundeep DEANS  
Munt Kelly DEANS  
Muradi Aman PRESDT  
Muradi Mariam DEANS  
Mustafa Zia DEANS  
Myers Benjamin DEANS