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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2013

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Saad Christina DEANS  
Saad Ibrahim PRESDT  
Saad Layla PRESDT  
Saadi Ramtane DEANS  
Saalbach Katherine PRESDT  
Saavedra Carla DEANS  
Saavedra Jessica DEANS  
Saavedra Luis DEANS  
Saavedra Mario DEANS  
Saberi Movahed Shahrzad DEANS  
Sabirov Sergey DEANS  
Sachs Samantha DEANS  
Sackey Eliot Quarcoopome PRESDT  
Sackey Patricia DEANS  
Sacks David DEANS  
Sadiq Sahil PRESDT  
Sadiqui Souad PRESDT  
Saeed Fatima DEANS  
Saeed Reesha DEANS  
Saeed Salman DEANS  
Saeed Shahrukh DEANS  
Saenz Eric DEANS  
Saghafi Nima DEANS  
Saghir Mahnoor DEANS  
Sagredo Carlos DEANS  
Saguid Jillian DEANS  
Sagum Jason DEANS  
Sahachaiseree Porntip DEANS  
Sahlin Ethan DEANS  
Sahno Phill PRESDT  
Sahyouni Mohamad DEANS  
Saini Bhupinder PRESDT  
Saini Devneet DEANS  
Saini Prahbjot DEANS  
Saini Simranjit DEANS  
Sainz Joel PRESDT  
Sakul Samuel PRESDT  
Salah Hannan PRESDT  
Salas Gladys DEANS  
Salazar Adriana DEANS  
Salazar Jamie-Mae DEANS  
Salazar Lucia DEANS  
Salcedo-Conrad Sandra PRESDT  
Saldana Fernando DEANS  
Saldias Carlos DEANS  
Saleem Choman PRESDT  
Saleem Sahar DEANS  
Salha Mona PRESDT  
Saliba Laura DEANS  
Salifou Samir PRESDT  
Salih Eglal DEANS  
Salih Mohamed DEANS  
Salih Ramy PRESDT  
Salim Ipsita DEANS  
Salim Mahrukh DEANS  
Salim Mustafa DEANS  
Salinas Carla DEANS  
Salinas Cristian PRESDT  
Salinas Daniel DEANS  
Salinas Lia DEANS  
Salinas Nelson DEANS  
Sallins Imari DEANS  
Salman Hadel DEANS  
Salmeron Claudia DEANS  
Saloman Yasmin DEANS  
Salotto Anthony PRESDT  
Salous Rizan PRESDT  
Salvador Jenifer DEANS  
Salvaggio Lidija DEANS  
Samadi Mahdi DEANS  
Samaha Elias PRESDT  
Samantar Abdirashid DEANS  
Samarkandi Norah DEANS  
Samba-Koroma Mariama DEANS  
Same Iris DEANS  
Sami Kayla DEANS  
Sammler Edward DEANS  
Samp Christopher DEANS  
Sampson Amber DEANS  
Sampson Ellen DEANS  
Sampson Leettha DEANS  
Sampson Scott DEANS  
Sams Joshua DEANS  
Sams Maria DEANS  
Samson LaToia DEANS  
Samson Reney DEANS  
Samuelson Lydia DEANS  
Samvura Emmanuel DEANS  
San Wendy PRESDT  
San Nicolas Matthew PRESDT  
Sanborn Stephanie DEANS  
Sanchez Alexander DEANS  
Sanchez Angel DEANS  
Sanchez Carlos DEANS  
Sanchez Christopher DEANS  
Sanchez Gino DEANS  
Sanchez Ivette DEANS  
Sanchez Jessica PRESDT  
Sanchez Roberto DEANS  
Sanchez Xavier DEANS  
Sanders Athena DEANS  
Sanders Casey DEANS  
Sanders Maya DEANS  
Sanderson Jessica PRESDT  
Sandhu Gunjit DEANS  
Sandi Shokri DEANS  
Sanei Mark PRESDT  
Sanford Shauna PRESDT  
Sangid Omar PRESDT  
Sanie Jasmine PRESDT  
Sanjinez-Nava Paola PRESDT  
Santander Marcelo PRESDT  
Santiago Eduardo DEANS  
Santiago Elizabeth DEANS  
Santiago Stephanie PRESDT  
Santiful Eric DEANS  
Santillan Brenda DEANS  
Santos Andy DEANS  
Santos Camille PRESDT  
Santos John DEANS  
Santos Ladislau DEANS  
Santos Priscila DEANS  
Santos Yanitza DEANS  
Sapien Andrew DEANS  
Sapkota Kriti PRESDT  
Saporito Matthew PRESDT  
Saraira Ali PRESDT  
Saravia Villatoro Juan PRESDT  
Sargent Anna DEANS  
Sargent Jason DEANS  
Sargent Kevin PRESDT  
Sargent Richard PRESDT  
Sarker Abubaker DEANS  
Sarker Rabeya DEANS  
Sarkodie Victoria PRESDT  
Sarnacki Derek PRESDT  
Sarpong Henry DEANS  
Sartipipour Shahryar PRESDT  
Sarwar Syed PRESDT  
Satalia Nan PRESDT  
Satarisadat Negar DEANS  
Satarova Dilfuza PRESDT  
Sato Hitomi DEANS  
Satterfield Christopher DEANS  
Satterfield Creighton DEANS  
Sattler Melanie PRESDT  
Saucedo Elsie DEANS  
Sauers Sherry DEANS  
Saunders Elizabeth DEANS  
Saunders Hazel Lovely PRESDT  
Saurini Austin DEANS  
Sauter Karl DEANS  
Sautter Mackenzie PRESDT  
Savelyeva Nelli DEANS  
Sawasky Mark PRESDT  
Sawyer Kimberly DEANS  
Saxon Danika DEANS  
Sbaiti Hashim PRESDT  
Sboto Benjamin DEANS  
Scanlon Paula PRESDT  
Scarbrough Ben PRESDT  
Scardino Crystal DEANS  
Scardino Samantha DEANS  
Scates Thomas DEANS  
Scavelli Jessica DEANS  
Scavicchio Karina DEANS  
Schadegg Amanda PRESDT  
Schaedler Bianca DEANS  
Schaefer Daniel DEANS  
Schaffner Tabitha DEANS  
Schell Matthew DEANS  
Schell Nathan DEANS  
Schell Ryan PRESDT  
Schepis Krista DEANS  
Scherer Jared DEANS  
Schillero Christopher PRESDT  
Schinnerer Kayla DEANS  
Schirxl Daniela PRESDT  
Schlander Krista DEANS  
Schlicher Thomas DEANS  
Schlueb Janet PRESDT  
Schmeidler LeAnna PRESDT  
Schmid Stephen DEANS  
Schmidlen Monica PRESDT  
Schmidt Angela DEANS  
Schmitz Matthew PRESDT  
Schnabel Ashleigh DEANS  
Schoeni Alicia DEANS  
Schoenthaler Laila PRESDT  
Schofield Amanda DEANS  
Schooler Andre DEANS  
Schreiner Angelika PRESDT  
Schrock Kristina PRESDT  
Schuch Susanna DEANS  
Schuckman MaryKathleen DEANS  
Schuller Matthew PRESDT  
Schulte Amanda DEANS  
Schultz Aigul DEANS  
Schultz Michele DEANS  
Schumacher Matthew DEANS  
Schumacher Zachary DEANS  
Schupp Talena DEANS  
Schuster Alexandra PRESDT  
Schuyler Joseph DEANS  
Schwartz Diana PRESDT  
Schwartz James DEANS  
Schwarz Daniel DEANS  
Schwarztrauber Alexa DEANS  
Schwind Zachary DEANS  
Scott Bruce DEANS  
Scott Carol DEANS  
Scott Garrett DEANS  
Scott Jennifer PRESDT  
Scott Kaitlin DEANS  
Scott Kathryn PRESDT  
Scott Kaye DEANS  
Scott Megan DEANS  
Scott Rena DEANS  
Sea Michelle DEANS  
Sealey Sheila PRESDT  
Seaman Jonah DEANS  
Sears Denise DEANS  
Seaton Nicholas DEANS  
Sebastianelli Denise DEANS  
Seck Ndeye-sata DEANS  
Seddiq Abdul DEANS  
Seeberger Meghan PRESDT  
Seeberger Sarah DEANS  
Seeley Christopher DEANS  
Seemann Edward DEANS  
Seetin Tressa DEANS  
Segura Amy DEANS  
Seifried Deirdre DEANS  
Sejas Efrain PRESDT  
Sejas Eliana PRESDT  
Sekandari Saher PRESDT  
Sekander Khalil ullah DEANS  
Sekhon Gaganjot DEANS  
Sellmer Polina DEANS  
Selmi Walid DEANS  
Semenenko Anastasiia PRESDT  
Semenikhin Denis DEANS  
Semiankova Natallia DEANS  
Semones Kathryn DEANS  
Sen Sushant DEANS  
Sendi Mehrez DEANS  
Sennett Laura PRESDT  
Senzano Arturo DEANS  
Seo Jiwon DEANS  
Seppala Daniel PRESDT  
Seray-Wurie Memuna DEANS  
Sergei Daniel PRESDT  
Serrano Alyssa Marie PRESDT  
Sese-Khalid Elisha DEANS  
Sessions Kenneth DEANS  
Sethi Ruchi DEANS  
Setliffe Justin DEANS  
Settle Demetra DEANS  
Settles Thomas DEANS  
Seva Gonzalez Noelia PRESDT  
Severson Gabrielle PRESDT  
Sevier Justin PRESDT  
Sexton Nicole PRESDT  
Seye Marieme DEANS  
Seymour Erica DEANS  
Shackleford Jennefer PRESDT  
Shadan Lima PRESDT  
Shade Sarah PRESDT  
Shade Stephen DEANS  
Shadid Hadeel PRESDT  
Shadid Stephanie DEANS  
Shagdarsuren Sarantungalag DEANS  
Shahaltough Adam DEANS  
Shaheen Lubna DEANS  
Shahi Nira PRESDT  
Shahid Junaid PRESDT  
Shahid Rahil DEANS  
Shahryary Deena DEANS  
Shahzad Muhammad DEANS  
Shaikh Sanam DEANS  
Shaker Ahmad DEANS  
Shaker Laila DEANS  
Shakya Mikesh PRESDT  
Shalal Mohamad DEANS  
Shalonis Danica PRESDT  
Shalonis Victoria PRESDT  
Shamdin Rollan DEANS  
Shamenek Melanie PRESDT  
Shammout Yasmin DEANS  
Shamrell Edith DEANS  
Shams Ishan PRESDT  
Shams Milijana PRESDT  
Shamshad Faisal DEANS  
Shamsolkotaby Shahriyar PRESDT  
Shank Donna DEANS  
Shannon Gloria DEANS  
Shannon Stacy DEANS  
Shanta Michael DEANS  
Shapiro Amanda DEANS  
Shapiro Stephanie DEANS  
Sharaf Akram DEANS  
Shariatmadari Haleh PRESDT  
Sharif Saluan PRESDT  
Sharif Sara DEANS  
Sharjeel Aneela DEANS  
Sharma Bidya DEANS  
Sharma Rahul DEANS  
Sharmin Farhana DEANS  
Sharolli Romtin DEANS  
Sharon Meghan PRESDT  
Sharp Codi DEANS  
Sharp Sheri DEANS  
Sharpe Bryan DEANS  
Sharrocks Jade DEANS  
Shatzer Meredith DEANS  
Shaughnessy Terrance PRESDT  
Shaw Corey DEANS  
Shaw Maggie DEANS  
Shaw Robert DEANS  
Shea Alanna DEANS  
Sheehan Daniel DEANS  
Sheesley Milton DEANS  
Sheikh Amna PRESDT  
Sheikh karani Houra PRESDT  
Sheldon Christopher DEANS  
Shellenberger Jonas DEANS  
Shelley John PRESDT  
Shelmerdine Daniela DEANS  
Shelton Kimberly DEANS  
Shelton Lisa DEANS  
Shelton Matthew DEANS  
Shembulo Elssa DEANS  
Shepard Loredana DEANS  
Shepherd Laura DEANS  
Sherrill Tory PRESDT  
Sheth Jay PRESDT  
Shevchenko Anna PRESDT  
Shevchenko Olga PRESDT  
Shibly Mahmudul PRESDT  
Shibru Biniam DEANS  
Shields Holly PRESDT  
Shields Justin DEANS  
Shiferaw Fikirte DEANS  
Shimanga Mehret DEANS  
Shin Caroline DEANS  
Shin Chelsea DEANS  
Shin Euisuk DEANS  
Shin Hee Won DEANS  
Shin Hyun Jeong DEANS  
Shinal Austin DEANS  
Shinawatra Erica DEANS  
Shipp Danielle DEANS  
Shockey-Barrett Heather DEANS  
Shoeb Dina DEANS  
Shoebottom Anne DEANS  
Shoemaker Samantha DEANS  
Shoja Khalida DEANS  
Shojaemaddahi Sepideh PRESDT  
Shon Jeeyeon DEANS  
Shor Jeffrey PRESDT  
Shores Thomas DEANS  
Shoriz Anmar DEANS  
Shoriz Bashar DEANS  
Short Brittany DEANS  
Short Rachel PRESDT  
Shoup Brent DEANS  
Shpileuskaya Alena DEANS  
Shrader Lacey DEANS  
Shrestha Anusha DEANS  
Shrestha Manish DEANS  
Shrestha Umesh PRESDT  
Shu Garrett DEANS  
Shufflebarger Eva PRESDT  
Shuford Robin DEANS  
Shuler Megan DEANS  
Shumbulo Eden DEANS  
Shydlouskaya Tatsiana DEANS  
Sianati Aynaz DEANS  
Siddiqi Fatima DEANS  
Siddiqui Maleeha PRESDT  
Siddiqui Nazia DEANS  
Sides Steven DEANS  
Sidvall Annika DEANS  
Siebers Zachary DEANS  
Siegel Joan PRESDT  
Siegrist Lee DEANS  
Siemion Daniel DEANS  
Sierra Linares Paola DEANS  
Sifre Keyla DEANS  
Sigdel Samiran DEANS  
Siggins Theresa DEANS  
Sikes Jillian DEANS  
Siles Jhery PRESDT  
Sills Valecia DEANS  
Siloto da Silva Aponte Bruna PRESDT  
Silsby Lynn DEANS  
Silva Constanza DEANS  
Silva Geovany Silva DEANS  
Silva Bel Martin DEANS  
Silveira Luana DEANS  
Silverstein Andrew DEANS  
Silvious Michael PRESDT  
Simbulan Veronica DEANS  
Simkin Adam DEANS  
Simkins Carson PRESDT  
Simkins Monica DEANS  
Simmons Derek PRESDT  
Simmons James DEANS  
Simmons Janette PRESDT  
Simmons Thomas PRESDT  
Simnett Gordon DEANS  
Simon Christopher DEANS  
Simon Gabriel PRESDT  
Simon Tefade DEANS  
Simonton Paul DEANS  
Simpson David DEANS  
Simpson George DEANS  
Simpson Mark PRESDT  
Simpson Melissa DEANS  
Simpson Patrick DEANS  
Simpson Savannah PRESDT  
Simrick Yulia DEANS  
Sims Danjuelle PRESDT  
Sims Samson DEANS  
Sin Aaron PRESDT  
Sinclair Jack DEANS  
Sindi Helan DEANS  
Singh Anmol PRESDT  
Singh Dilpreet DEANS  
Singh Gagandeep PRESDT  
Singh Harjot DEANS  
Singh Karan DEANS  
Singh Kuldeep PRESDT  
Singh Onkar DEANS  
Singh Satinder DEANS  
Singh Tajinder DEANS  
Singh Yodh DEANS  
Single Tabitha PRESDT  
Singletary Emmanuel PRESDT  
Sir Theodore PRESDT  
Siribbal Altouma DEANS  
Siry Sharon DEANS  
Sisk Ashlynne DEANS  
Sisman Alyson PRESDT  
Sitdikova Olesya DEANS  
Sitko Jeremy DEANS  
Sitzler-Sawicki Maria DEANS  
Skaggs Morgan PRESDT  
Skinker Jeff DEANS  
Skoglund Devon DEANS  
Skoog Patricia DEANS  
Skousen Yaequelin DEANS  
Slabko Katsiaryna PRESDT  
Slachta Douglas DEANS  
Slack Keytrell DEANS  
Slaninova Jaroslava DEANS  
Slater Lee PRESDT  
Sleevi Lisa PRESDT  
Sloan Kathryn DEANS  
Sloan Kelly DEANS  
Slobodnjak Bailey DEANS  
Slover Jacob DEANS  
Smaha Jennifer DEANS  
Smalley Robert DEANS  
Smalls Calye DEANS  
Smedberg Dorothy DEANS  
Smedberg Marion DEANS  
Smith Adria DEANS  
Smith Alexander DEANS  
Smith Alexandria DEANS  
Smith Alysia PRESDT  
Smith Amanda DEANS  
Smith Amy PRESDT  
Smith Andrew DEANS  
Smith Brittany DEANS  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith Courtney DEANS  
Smith Darren DEANS  
Smith Dawn DEANS  
Smith Deirdre PRESDT  
Smith Emily DEANS  
Smith Erin DEANS  
Smith Geoffrey DEANS  
Smith Gray DEANS  
Smith Hugh DEANS  
Smith Jeffrey DEANS  
Smith Jenna PRESDT  
Smith Jennifer PRESDT  
Smith Jerry DEANS  
Smith Jordan DEANS  
Smith Joshua PRESDT  
Smith Kaleigh DEANS  
Smith Kelley DEANS  
Smith Kerry DEANS  
Smith Kevin DEANS  
Smith Leah PRESDT  
Smith Michelle DEANS  
Smith Nathan DEANS  
Smith Patrick DEANS  
Smith Rachel DEANS  
Smith Savannah DEANS  
Smith Serena DEANS  
Smith Sharron DEANS  
Smith Sheldon DEANS  
Smith Sherry DEANS  
Smith Steven DEANS  
Smith Thomas DEANS  
Smith Tony DEANS  
Smith Trevon DEANS  
Smith William PRESDT  
Smith Ximena PRESDT  
Smither Laura DEANS  
Smoot Roberta DEANS  
Smyczek Jelena DEANS  
Snead Cecilia DEANS  
Snik Sarah DEANS  
Snodgrass Jonathan DEANS  
Snyder Brandi DEANS  
Snyder Megan DEANS  
Snyder Michael DEANS  
Snyder Wren DEANS  
So Minna PRESDT  
Soberano Royce DEANS  
Sobsey Greg DEANS  
Sofy Alan DEANS  
Soghigian Alexander DEANS  
Sohan Ashley DEANS  
Sohel Rizoanul DEANS  
Sohn Joshua DEANS  
Sojka Nicholas DEANS  
Sokolovic Marija PRESDT  
Soliman Remon DEANS  
Solimany Masoumeh DEANS  
Solis Alexander DEANS  
Solis Vidal Adela DEANS  
Solodka Valeriia PRESDT  
Solomon Jared DEANS  
Solorzano Jasmin DEANS  
Somarakis Georgia DEANS  
Somaschini Federico DEANS  
Somera Shaena PRESDT  
Somers Jennifer PRESDT  
Sommers Jeffrey DEANS  
Somosi Hamim DEANS  
Son So Hee PRESDT  
Son Violet DEANS  
Song Heesook PRESDT  
Song Seong-hwan PRESDT  
Sonnenbrot Ryan DEANS  
Sonntag Audrey DEANS  
Soortiji Fatamah DEANS  
Sopich Larysa DEANS  
Sorensen Elliot DEANS  
Soria Nelson PRESDT  
Soria Linares Fidelia PRESDT  
Soriano Juan Miguel PRESDT  
Soriano Rosa DEANS  
Sormenah Frank PRESDT  
Sorto Jessica PRESDT  
Sorto Oscar DEANS  
Sosa Edwin DEANS  
Soto Alexia DEANS  
Soto Cynthia PRESDT  
Soto Edmanuel DEANS  
Soto Frederick PRESDT  
Soto Maria DEANS  
Soto Sarah PRESDT  
Soto Alvarado Luis DEANS  
Soto Romero Delmy DEANS  
Soto-rivera Sonimil DEANS  
Soughe Bissai Christian DEANS  
Soulard Katelyn DEANS  
Southerland Matthew DEANS  
Sowder Mary DEANS  
Spahr Shane DEANS  
Spain Monique DEANS  
Spalding Caitlin DEANS  
Sparks Jason PRESDT  
Sparks Robert DEANS  
Sparrow Meghan DEANS  
Sparrow Petronella DEANS  
Spaulding Shaun DEANS  
Spears Lauren DEANS  
Speegle Anastasia DEANS  
Speer Emma PRESDT  
Spence Joanne PRESDT  
Spence Samantha DEANS  
Spence Stephanie DEANS  
Spencer Hannah DEANS  
Spencer Jackson DEANS  
Spencer Timothy PRESDT  
Spencer Tracey DEANS  
Sperry Cecilia DEANS  
Sperry Stieven PRESDT  
Spillman Stacey DEANS  
Spinks Robert DEANS  
Spiritova Monika DEANS  
Spradlin Luke DEANS  
Sprague Susan PRESDT  
Sprague Thomas DEANS  
Sprekels Bianca PRESDT  
Sprick Martin DEANS  
Spriggs Michael DEANS  
Springston Dakota PRESDT  
Sproles Justin DEANS  
Spruce Alisha DEANS  
Squires Rane DEANS  
Srinivas Rajani DEANS  
Stachowiak Jeremy DEANS  
Stack Meghan PRESDT  
Stackhouse TeShawna DEANS  
Stacy Whitney DEANS  
Stadtler Jessica PRESDT  
Stahl Benjamin DEANS  
Stamper Karli DEANS  
Stanger Kelly DEANS  
Stanger Ryan PRESDT  
Stanic Iva DEANS  
Stanikzai Sulaiman PRESDT  
Stankeviciute Reda PRESDT  
Stanley Andrew DEANS  
Stanley Crystal DEANS  
Stanley Justin DEANS  
Stanley Kathleen DEANS  
Stanley Kelsey DEANS  
Stanley Leticia DEANS  
Stanoiu Gabriel PRESDT  
Stark Michael DEANS  
Starr Maximilian PRESDT  
Startsman Talia PRESDT  
Staszak Ian DEANS  
Statkus Joseph PRESDT  
Stavros Efrosini DEANS  
Steadman Ronald PRESDT  
Stearrett Nathaniel PRESDT  
Stebbins Phyllis PRESDT  
Steele Amanda PRESDT  
Steele Brian DEANS  
Steele Briannah DEANS  
Steele Catherine DEANS  
Steele Cristiane DEANS  
Steele Gregory DEANS  
Steele Lindsay DEANS  
Steele Matthew DEANS  
Steele Robert PRESDT  
Steen Benjamin DEANS  
Stegeman Amy PRESDT  
Steger Hannah DEANS  
Steinbronn Hana DEANS  
Stemke Michael PRESDT  
Stempfley Catherine PRESDT  
Stempfley Dion DEANS  
Stephens Amanda DEANS  
Stephens James DEANS  
Stephens Rachel PRESDT  
Stephenson Paula DEANS  
Stern Jeremy DEANS  
Stern Neil DEANS  
Stevanovic Milos DEANS  
Stevens Patrick DEANS  
Stevens Rebekah DEANS  
Stevens Trisha DEANS  
Stevic Sasa DEANS  
Stewart Cory PRESDT  
Stewart Jonathan DEANS  
Stewart Leo PRESDT  
Stewart Melanie DEANS  
Stewart Shannon DEANS  
Steyn Kirsty PRESDT  
Stibbards Richard DEANS  
Stibi Richard DEANS  
Stidman Frank DEANS  
Stiles Stephen PRESDT  
Stinson Sarah DEANS  
Stivers Donna DEANS  
Stock Sarah DEANS  
Stoddard Rebecca PRESDT  
Stoffan Jared DEANS  
Stoffel Mary PRESDT  
Stoicu Daniela DEANS  
Stoja Aiola PRESDT  
Stokes Christopher DEANS  
Stombock Christopher DEANS  
Stone-Hemmings Tricia DEANS  
Stopa Arina PRESDT  
Storch Kenneth PRESDT  
Storcks Justin DEANS  
Storie Kama DEANS  
Storm Nevada-Springs DEANS  
Storms Joseph DEANS  
Stout Gavin DEANS  
Stout Richard DEANS  
Stoy Brandon DEANS  
Stoyen Mark DEANS  
Stoykova- Yopa Krasimira DEANS  
Strang William DEANS  
Stranieri Marina DEANS  
Stribling Michael PRESDT  
Stricklen Kimberly DEANS  
Strickler Sean DEANS  
Stroble Tanja DEANS  
Strobridge Ashley PRESDT  
Stromgren Heather PRESDT  
Strong Kaci DEANS  
Strube Alex DEANS  
Stuart Isaac DEANS  
Stuart Lakita PRESDT  
Stuart Olivia PRESDT  
Stuba Tracy DEANS  
Stubler Jason DEANS  
Stuebner Sean PRESDT  
Stunkle Sean DEANS  
Sturgill John DEANS  
Sturgis Latasha DEANS  
Stutz Deborah DEANS  
Styles Camelia DEANS  
Styles Casandra DEANS  
Su Yan DEANS  
Suarez Jorge DEANS  
Suazo Johnny DEANS  
Subedi Som DEANS  
Subhi Ahamd DEANS  
Sud Malini PRESDT  
Suda Christopher DEANS  
Suh Madison PRESDT  
Suh Woosik DEANS  
Sujoy Bruno DEANS  
Suka Bin Ponio Zachee DEANS  
Sulam Lesley DEANS  
Suleiman Yasmin PRESDT  
Suleman Sidra DEANS  
Suliman Rozina DEANS  
Sulkowski Gabrielle DEANS  
Sullivan Jeanette DEANS  
Sullivan Jennifer DEANS  
Sultani Hedya DEANS  
Sumando Laurence Ian PRESDT  
Summa Kevin DEANS  
Summer Sheila PRESDT  
Sumowalt Thomas DEANS  
Sun Jessica DEANS  
Sundstrom Kelsey PRESDT  
Sung Jina PRESDT  
Sung Yeonhak DEANS  
Suraci Anthony PRESDT  
Surina John PRESDT  
Surujlall Natasha DEANS  
Suryanto Sandra DEANS  
Sutan-Tanon Thitinai DEANS  
Sutphin Jacqueline DEANS  
Sutphin Matthew DEANS  
Suttee Rachel DEANS  
Sutto Mark PRESDT  
Sutton Bree DEANS  
Swain Sabrina DEANS  
Swank Kylie DEANS  
Swanson Emily DEANS  
Sweitzer Samantha DEANS  
Swepson Roderick DEANS  
Sydnor Tara PRESDT  
Syed Aman DEANS  
Syed Amin PRESDT  
Syed Hashim DEANS  
Syed Mehrbano DEANS  
Syed Sarwat DEANS  
Syed Sofia DEANS  
Syed Abuthagir Shereen rakshana PRESDT  
Sylvester James DEANS  
Sylvester Paige PRESDT  
Syrkes Antijuaine DEANS  
Szczepaniak Kamila DEANS  
Szczesniak Kramer PRESDT  
Sze Ka Wai DEANS  
Szych Andrew PRESDT