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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2013

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Cabral Troy PRESDT  
Cabrera Estefania DEANS  
Cabrera Eugenia DEANS  
Cabrera Michael DEANS  
Cabrera Vasquez Barbara DEANS  
Cabrita Nondier DEANS  
Cadden Christopher DEANS  
Cadogan Amy DEANS  
Cafferelli Anthony PRESDT  
Cafini Barbara PRESDT  
Cahill Michael DEANS  
Cahill William PRESDT  
Caillier Bukunola DEANS  
Calara Timothy DEANS  
Calderon Carlos PRESDT  
Calderon Hector DEANS  
Calderon Susan DEANS  
Calderwood Pixie DEANS  
Caldwell Charles DEANS  
Caldwell Christina DEANS  
Caldwell Gregg DEANS  
Caldwell Joshua DEANS  
Caleb Joseph DEANS  
Caleb Zane DEANS  
Calhoun HeleneAngel DEANS  
Calimlim Jose DEANS  
Calisi Dana DEANS  
Calix Jose DEANS  
Callaham Matthew PRESDT  
Callahan Kelsey PRESDT  
Callan Julia DEANS  
Callen Joanne DEANS  
Callender Carly DEANS  
Callender Tyler DEANS  
Callison Rachael DEANS  
Calustro Daniel DEANS  
Calvin Irina PRESDT  
Calvo Paula DEANS  
Camacho-McCormick Dylan DEANS  
Camerato Natasha PRESDT  
Campanharo Douglas DEANS  
Campbell Ashley DEANS  
Campbell Charlene DEANS  
Campbell Clarence DEANS  
Campbell Devin DEANS  
Campbell Eric DEANS  
Campbell Frank PRESDT  
Campbell Ian DEANS  
Campbell Keegan DEANS  
Campbell Ken DEANS  
Campbell LaToya DEANS  
Campbell Laurie DEANS  
Campbell Susan DEANS  
Campbell William DEANS  
Campos Anthony PRESDT  
Campos Christopher PRESDT  
Campos Emylinmarie DEANS  
Campos Jennifer DEANS  
Campos Mauricio PRESDT  
Campos Nelson DEANS  
Campos Robyn DEANS  
Campos Marquez Yuri DEANS  
Campos-Castro Azucena DEANS  
Canales Carlos DEANS  
Canales Nelson DEANS  
Canavan Michael PRESDT  
Candelario Ana PRESDT  
Canfield Seth PRESDT  
Canino Luis DEANS  
Cann Jenna PRESDT  
Cannice Aaron DEANS  
Canniff Tessa DEANS  
Cano Jose DEANS  
Cano Michelle DEANS  
Canoy Robert DEANS  
Cantillana Pablo DEANS  
Cantrell Amanda PRESDT  
Cantrell Donald DEANS  
Cantwell James DEANS  
Cantwell Karin PRESDT  
Cao Ngoc DEANS  
Cao Vy DEANS  
Cao Yue PRESDT  
Capps Michael DEANS  
Capuno Lindsey PRESDT  
Carali Eleni DEANS  
Carbajal Pamela DEANS  
Carbone Denise DEANS  
Carbonell Dylan DEANS  
Carcamo Nelson DEANS  
Carcamo Yisel DEANS  
Cardella Brianna DEANS  
Cardenas Ricky DEANS  
Cardenas Victor PRESDT  
Cardillo Kelly PRESDT  
Cardoza Kayla DEANS  
Cardwell Rebecca DEANS  
Carias Maria PRESDT  
Carkhuff Jordyn DEANS  
Carlan Sarah PRESDT  
Carleton Bryce PRESDT  
Carlisle Jennifer DEANS  
Carlon Chelsea DEANS  
Carlos Ilyana DEANS  
Carlson Leigh DEANS  
Carmack Maria Nicole DEANS  
Carmean Amina PRESDT  
Carmean Matthew DEANS  
Carmical Blaze PRESDT  
Carmody Ryan DEANS  
Carney Lee PRESDT  
Carnnia Casey DEANS  
Carpenter Jessica DEANS  
Carpenter Lauren PRESDT  
Carpio Stephanie PRESDT  
Carr Angela DEANS  
Carr Catherine DEANS  
Carr Eric DEANS  
Carr Michael PRESDT  
Carr Ronald DEANS  
Carr T'Keyah DEANS  
Carransa Laura DEANS  
Carrasco Carly PRESDT  
Carrasco Oscar DEANS  
Carrasquillo Madeliza DEANS  
Carreras Calderon Nicole PRESDT  
Carria Michelle PRESDT  
Carrillo Cristhian DEANS  
Carrillo Gabriel PRESDT  
Carrington Patrick PRESDT  
Carrion Cesar DEANS  
Carrion Marcelo DEANS  
Carrion Orlando PRESDT  
Carroll Lance DEANS  
Carroll Peter DEANS  
Carrubba Jack PRESDT  
Carter Christine DEANS  
Carter Christy-Lee DEANS  
Carter Demetrius DEANS  
Carter Diana DEANS  
Carter Heather DEANS  
Carter John PRESDT  
Carter Krystal DEANS  
Carter Lisa DEANS  
Carter Michelle DEANS  
Carvalho De Andrade Blair Patricia PRESDT  
Carwile Amanda DEANS  
Cary Alyssa DEANS  
Case Jesse DEANS  
Case Stephen DEANS  
Casey Michael DEANS  
Cash Danielle DEANS  
Cash Joan DEANS  
Cashman Cody DEANS  
Casillas Paul DEANS  
Caskey Justin DEANS  
Caslin Amilyne DEANS  
Cassell Joseph PRESDT  
Cassella Dominic PRESDT  
Cassou Joshua DEANS  
Castellanos Brenda DEANS  
Castellanos Miriam DEANS  
Castellanos Sabrina DEANS  
Castillo Angie DEANS  
Castillo Cassis DEANS  
Castillo Lesia DEANS  
Castillo Michael DEANS  
Castillo Randy PRESDT  
Castrillo-Nelson Alexandra PRESDT  
Castro Dan PRESDT  
Castro Daniela DEANS  
Castro Fernando DEANS  
Castro Gina DEANS  
Castro Juan DEANS  
Cata Danielle DEANS  
Cates Michael DEANS  
Cath Sara PRESDT  
Cathan Nadia DEANS  
Cathey Jessica DEANS  
Catledge Sammy DEANS  
Cattanach Courtney DEANS  
Cattaneo Yusuf DEANS  
Cave Melissa PRESDT  
Cawthorn Samantha DEANS  
Cayanong Jamie DEANS  
Cayer Nicholas PRESDT  
Cazon Dulce PRESDT  
Cecil Robert PRESDT  
Cellinesi Dianna DEANS  
Centeno David DEANS  
Cephas Briana DEANS  
Cerda David PRESDT  
Ceresi Daniel PRESDT  
Cerowski Steve PRESDT  
Cerpas Kelvin DEANS  
Cerro Mary PRESDT  
Cervantes Maria DEANS  
Cesaitis Eimantas DEANS  
Cespedes Alejandro DEANS  
Cespedes Karen DEANS  
Cespedes Miguel DEANS  
Cevallos Andres DEANS  
Chabolla Caroline PRESDT  
Chacon Mariano DEANS  
Chada Robert PRESDT  
Chahal Anutaj DEANS  
Chakote Laxmi DEANS  
Chakraborty Ratnapriya PRESDT  
Chalfin Eric DEANS  
Chalk Thomas PRESDT  
Challa Dawit PRESDT  
Chamberlain Amanda DEANS  
Chamberlain Audra DEANS  
Chamberlin Mark DEANS  
Chambers-Souiri Dana PRESDT  
Chambliss Stephanie DEANS  
Chan Adam DEANS  
Chan Chin Kuk PRESDT  
Chan Mimi DEANS  
Chand Kamana PRESDT  
Chandna Amna PRESDT  
Chandrasekaran Arthi DEANS  
Chaney Juvy Flor PRESDT  
Chanfreau Agustin PRESDT  
Chanfreau Denise PRESDT  
Chang David DEANS  
Chang Jieun DEANS  
Chang Jin Hyuk PRESDT  
Chang JungIm PRESDT  
Chang Katherine DEANS  
Chang Woncheol DEANS  
Chantawansri Tep DEANS  
Chanthavong Emily DEANS  
Chapin Morgan PRESDT  
Chapman Rosie DEANS  
Chapman Tatyana DEANS  
Chappell Diego PRESDT  
Chappuis Tyson DEANS  
Charles Bernard PRESDT  
Chase Joanna DEANS  
Chatha Taimoor DEANS  
Chau Nathan PRESDT  
Chaudhary Maneesha PRESDT  
Chaudhri Hamna PRESDT  
Chaudhry Noor DEANS  
Chauhan Prerna DEANS  
Chaves Patricia DEANS  
Chavesta Angelica DEANS  
Chavez Adriana PRESDT  
Chavez Ana PRESDT  
Chavez Cero DEANS  
Chavez Cesar PRESDT  
Chavez Cindy DEANS  
Chavez Laura PRESDT  
Chavez Mayra DEANS  
Chavez Miguel DEANS  
Chavez Stephany PRESDT  
Chavez Yanci DEANS  
Chavez Calvi Danna DEANS  
Chavez Lopez Abel DEANS  
Chea Chandra PRESDT  
Cheaito Nawal DEANS  
Cheek Susan PRESDT  
Cheema Harshdeep DEANS  
Chehrganimontazer Arsalan DEANS  
Cheltenham Brandon PRESDT  
Chen Christine PRESDT  
Chen Lilian DEANS  
Chen Steven PRESDT  
Chen Susan DEANS  
Chen Weiyi PRESDT  
Chen Weng Kay PRESDT  
Chen Yanhua DEANS  
Chen Zhizheng DEANS  
Chen Apuy Murillo Milena PRESDT  
Cheng Mark Lambert DEANS  
Cheon Nathan DEANS  
Chepenko Maryna DEANS  
Chergosky Michael DEANS  
Chernish Alexis PRESDT  
Cherry John DEANS  
Chetupuzha Rosily DEANS  
Cheung Oona PRESDT  
Chevarria Claudia DEANS  
Chey Caroline DEANS  
Chhea Michael PRESDT  
Chhipa Mohsin DEANS  
Chhipa Rukhsar DEANS  
Chhouk Loumangkessor DEANS  
Chi Peter DEANS  
Chicas Adan DEANS  
Chicas-Gonzalez Jessica DEANS  
Chihaoui Boualem DEANS  
Child Suzanne DEANS  
Childs Christina DEANS  
Chileshe James DEANS  
Chillar Kris DEANS  
Chinen Michael DEANS  
Chlanda Joseph DEANS  
Cho Gwangjin DEANS  
Cho HanJoo DEANS  
Cho Hyejean DEANS  
Cho Jae Hyun PRESDT  
Cho Jennifer PRESDT  
Cho Jennifer DEANS  
Cho Martin DEANS  
Cho Pauline PRESDT  
Cho Robinson PRESDT  
Cho SunYoung PRESDT  
Cho Ungyeng PRESDT  
Cho Yun Ju DEANS  
Chodoronek Matthew DEANS  
Choeung Ratanak DEANS  
Choi Arin DEANS  
Choi Bitna PRESDT  
Choi Eleanor DEANS  
Choi Erica DEANS  
Choi Go DEANS  
Choi Hanna DEANS  
Choi HeeKen DEANS  
Choi Hwabaek PRESDT  
Choi Hwanung DEANS  
Choi Hyunsung PRESDT  
Choi Jamie DEANS  
Choi Ji Soo DEANS  
Choi Joshua DEANS  
Choi Seong Hun PRESDT  
Choi Soo Ah PRESDT  
Choi Soo Young DEANS  
Choi Sung Hee DEANS  
Choi Won DEANS  
Choi Young-In PRESDT  
Chojar Amit PRESDT  
Choma Ife DEANS  
Chong Melissa DEANS  
Chong Nathan DEANS  
Choo Eunyoung DEANS  
Chopra Preeti DEANS  
Choudhry Mashal PRESDT  
Choudhry Rukhsar DEANS  
Choudhury Gayatri PRESDT  
Choudry Hamza DEANS  
Chowdhury Faiza PRESDT  
Chowdhury Mahfuza DEANS  
Chowdhury Shahed DEANS  
Chretien Juliette DEANS  
Christakos Stavros PRESDT  
Christian Blake DEANS  
Christian Kellee DEANS  
Christiansen Lorenda DEANS  
Christiansen Richard PRESDT  
Christie Cara DEANS  
Christie Jenna DEANS  
Christopher Angelica DEANS  
Christopher Bryant DEANS  
Christy Madeline DEANS  
Chu Chen-Wen PRESDT  
Chu John DEANS  
Chua Ernest DEANS  
Chua Sin Lee PRESDT  
Chuchon Lizeth DEANS  
Chudasama Arjunsinh DEANS  
Chuluundorj Minjin PRESDT  
Chung Anna DEANS  
Chung Dinh PRESDT  
Chung Eunmi PRESDT  
Chung Hea DEANS  
Chung Hyun dong DEANS  
Chung Hyunchung PRESDT  
Chung Jae PRESDT  
CHung Jenny DEANS  
Chung Joanna PRESDT  
Chung ShengTa DEANS  
Chung Steven PRESDT  
Chunvichit Anthony DEANS  
Chykirda Katie DEANS  
Cieri Matthew PRESDT  
Cimpean Adina DEANS  
Cipolla Virginia DEANS  
Cisneros Amanda DEANS  
Cisneros Andrade Vanessa DEANS  
Clanton Elena PRESDT  
Clark Amanda DEANS  
Clark Collin DEANS  
Clark Craig PRESDT  
Clark David DEANS  
Clark Jesse PRESDT  
Clark Jonathan DEANS  
Clark Joseph DEANS  
Clark Kelly DEANS  
Clark Kevin DEANS  
Clark Nicole PRESDT  
Clark Sean PRESDT  
Clark Thomas PRESDT  
Clark Zachary DEANS  
Clarke Christopher DEANS  
Clarke Jason DEANS  
Clarke Tanya DEANS  
Clary Kathryn DEANS  
Clasen Kip PRESDT  
Claustro Loreto PRESDT  
Clay Rekedrick DEANS  
Clayton Dana DEANS  
Clem Nathaniel DEANS  
Clement Brooke DEANS  
Clemente Charles DEANS  
Clements Christopher DEANS  
Cleofe Anna Cecilia DEANS  
Clermont Michael DEANS  
Clevenger Thomas DEANS  
Click Jin DEANS  
Cline Jordan PRESDT  
Clinedinst Marc DEANS  
Cloud Patricia DEANS  
Cloward Samantha DEANS  
Cluff Jennifer DEANS  
Coad Meredith DEANS  
Coate Jonathan PRESDT  
Coates Sara DEANS  
Coates Spencer DEANS  
Cocavessis Christopher PRESDT  
Cochran Tyler DEANS  
Cochran Victoria DEANS  
Cockerill William DEANS  
Cocks Amy DEANS  
Coe Jacob DEANS  
Coe Joshua DEANS  
Coffey Kevin DEANS  
Cofrancesco Peter DEANS  
Cogen Ramsay DEANS  
Cohen Javan PRESDT  
Colas Kelly DEANS  
Colato Patricia DEANS  
Colato Aparicio Ingrid Maria PRESDT  
Colbert Diane DEANS  
Cole Lance DEANS  
Cole Sam DEANS  
Cole Samantha DEANS  
Coleman Brandi PRESDT  
Coleman Desireť PRESDT  
Coleman Sean PRESDT  
Coleto Jim DEANS  
Coling Michael PRESDT  
Colley Lacy DEANS  
Collier Anthony PRESDT  
Collier Quentin DEANS  
Colliflower Sarah DEANS  
Collins Brandy DEANS  
Collins Chaz PRESDT  
Collins George DEANS  
Collins John DEANS  
Collins Lawrence DEANS  
Collins Mary DEANS  
Collins Stephen DEANS  
Collinsworth Nathaniel DEANS  
Colombo Michael DEANS  
Colon Maria DEANS  
Colona Ingrid PRESDT  
ColonLopez Pablo DEANS  
Colson David DEANS  
Colunga Carlos PRESDT  
Comer Ashley PRESDT  
Compton Amanda DEANS  
Compton Ryan DEANS  
Conant Stephanie DEANS  
Condori Hazel PRESDT  
Cones Imani DEANS  
Coniglio Joseph DEANS  
Conley Tierra DEANS  
Conner Jeanne PRESDT  
Conner Ryan DEANS  
Connolly Kyla DEANS  
Connors Jacqueline DEANS  
Connors Kirsten DEANS  
Connors Ryan PRESDT  
Conrad Taylor DEANS  
Conrow Christine PRESDT  
Conteh Joseph DEANS  
Conteh Mariama DEANS  
Contreras Giselle DEANS  
Contreras Kevin PRESDT  
Converse Brendan DEANS  
Converse Liam PRESDT  
Cooch Robert DEANS  
Cook Karri DEANS  
Cook Nancy DEANS  
Cook Ryan DEANS  
Cooke Leila DEANS  
Cooke Nell Carrie PRESDT  
Cook-pagliuca Patricia PRESDT  
Coolbaugh Michael PRESDT  
Cooley Heather DEANS  
Coonen Anthony DEANS  
Cooney Zachary DEANS  
Coons Brian DEANS  
Cooper Adria PRESDT  
Cooper Daniel PRESDT  
Cooper Gregory PRESDT  
Cooper Joseph PRESDT  
Cooper Lee DEANS  
Cooper Michael DEANS  
Cooper Morgan PRESDT  
Cooper Robert DEANS  
Cope Jenifer PRESDT  
Copeland Annette DEANS  
Corales Cecilia DEANS  
Corbett Lauren DEANS  
Corbin Stephanie DEANS  
Corbin William DEANS  
Corcoran Kristin DEANS  
Cordero Cesar DEANS  
Cordle Taylor PRESDT  
Cordoba Danielle PRESDT  
Cordova Oscar DEANS  
Cordova Victoria PRESDT  
Coreas Jason DEANS  
Corley Richard DEANS  
Cornejo Francisco PRESDT  
Cornejo Wendy DEANS  
Cornejo Cepeda Miguel DEANS  
Cornish Drew DEANS  
Coro Santi Sergio DEANS  
Coronado Leidy DEANS  
Coronado Ramiro PRESDT  
Coronel Manuel PRESDT  
Corp Margaret DEANS  
Correa Cristopher PRESDT  
Cortes Bryan PRESDT  
Cortes Camilo DEANS  
Cortes Ross DEANS  
Cortez Carlos DEANS  
Cortez Emis DEANS  
Cortez-Nativi Jason DEANS  
Cortsen Anders DEANS  
Corwell Amy DEANS  
Cosgrove Christina PRESDT  
Cosme Kimberly DEANS  
Costantine Jane DEANS  
Costanza Evan PRESDT  
Costello Benjamin DEANS  
Couch Elisabeth DEANS  
Coughanour Laura DEANS  
Counts Lenora DEANS  
Cournoyer Logan DEANS  
Courtney Timothy DEANS  
Cowden Patricia DEANS  
Cowen Joseph DEANS  
Cowles Melissa PRESDT  
Cox Brandon DEANS  
Cox Patricia DEANS  
Cox Rebecca DEANS  
Cox Shawnti DEANS  
Coy Eamon DEANS  
Coyne Michael PRESDT  
Craddock Stacie PRESDT  
Craft Courtney PRESDT  
Craig Allison DEANS  
Craig Keely DEANS  
Craig Matt DEANS  
Craig Sheldon DEANS  
Cralle Gus DEANS  
Cramer Daina DEANS  
Crane Denise PRESDT  
Crann David DEANS  
Crate Vincent DEANS  
Craun Jasmine DEANS  
Craven Eric DEANS  
Crawford Brandon DEANS  
Crawford Cecie PRESDT  
Crawford Jonathan DEANS  
Crawford Joseph DEANS  
Crawford Mara DEANS  
Crawford Patricia DEANS  
Crawford Shelby DEANS  
Crawford Sonia DEANS  
Crawley Joseph DEANS  
Crawshaw Andrew DEANS  
Creal Yolanda PRESDT  
Creel Kristine PRESDT  
Creigh Elizabeth DEANS  
Crespo Alexander PRESDT  
Cresswell Jason DEANS  
Crisman Paul DEANS  
Cromwell Bethany DEANS  
Cronlund Stacey DEANS  
Crooks John DEANS  
Cross Natasha DEANS  
Cross Seth DEANS  
Croston Brieonna DEANS  
Crowe Leslie-Brhette DEANS  
Crowell John PRESDT  
Crowley Jacob PRESDT  
Croxton Allyson DEANS  
Crumblish Jennifer DEANS  
Crump Tiffany PRESDT  
Crutchfield Michelle DEANS  
Cruz Alexis PRESDT  
Cruz Bianca PRESDT  
Cruz Daniel PRESDT  
Cruz David DEANS  
Cruz Teresa DEANS  
Cruzan Cindy PRESDT  
Crymes Brannon PRESDT  
Csiha Mate DEANS  
Cueva Gabriela DEANS  
Cuffee Justin PRESDT  
Cugnon Maude DEANS  
Culbertson Madeline DEANS  
Culbreath Heather PRESDT  
Cullen Matthew DEANS  
Culp Angela DEANS  
Cumba Ashleigh DEANS  
Cummings Michael DEANS  
Cummings Webb Dawn DEANS  
Cummo Heather DEANS  
Cunningham Camille PRESDT  
Cunningham Chelsea DEANS  
Cunningham Raleigh PRESDT  
Cupp Michael PRESDT  
Cura Zachary PRESDT  
Curles Katelynn DEANS  
Curran Katherine DEANS  
Currence Allison DEANS  
Curtis Brenda DEANS  
Cusumano Michael PRESDT  
Cuzmar Natalie DEANS  
Cuzmar-Guerrero Andres DEANS  
Cybulski Victoria DEANS  
Cyr Ann PRESDT  
Cyrnak Thomas DEANS