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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2013

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Baa Ahmed DEANS  
Baah Jerry DEANS  
Baatartsogt Oyudari PRESDT  
Baca Carrie DEANS  
Bacalso Janet DEANS  
Bachchar Kaoutar DEANS  
Bachir Amy DEANS  
Bachir Lora DEANS  
Bachus Paxson DEANS  
Backers Courtney PRESDT  
Backus Kayleigh DEANS  
Badawi Amro DEANS  
Badri Mohamed DEANS  
Badu Frederick PRESDT  
Badu-Mensah Agnes PRESDT  
Bae Sung DEANS  
Baehr Ashley PRESDT  
Baek In Sung DEANS  
Baermann Sandra DEANS  
Baez Anja DEANS  
Bagceci Rhikeasha DEANS  
Bagla Harshit DEANS  
Bagnall Kevin DEANS  
Bagnerise Jasmine PRESDT  
Bagoulla Sophia PRESDT  
Baguena Dario PRESDT  
Bagwell Joy DEANS  
Bagwell Taylor DEANS  
Bah Mariama DEANS  
Bahjat Sarah DEANS  
Bahl Bharti PRESDT  
Bahrami Matthew PRESDT  
Bahre Robel PRESDT  
Baich Adil DEANS  
Baig Asad DEANS  
Baig Junaid PRESDT  
Baig Zubaida DEANS  
Baik Sue DEANS  
Bailey Barrett DEANS  
Bailey Crystal PRESDT  
Bailey Deborah DEANS  
Bailey Gabriela DEANS  
Bailey Helena DEANS  
Bailey Jessica DEANS  
Bailey Lisia DEANS  
Bailey Zachary PRESDT  
Bailey-Edmondson Jenee DEANS  
Baires Ana PRESDT  
Bajaj Sonal DEANS  
Bajwa Abdullah PRESDT  
Bajwa Ammana DEANS  
Bajwa Waqar DEANS  
Bakatkina Maria PRESDT  
Baker Christina PRESDT  
Baker Everett DEANS  
Baker James DEANS  
Baker Jonathan PRESDT  
Baker Kimberly PRESDT  
Bakhshi Peyk DEANS  
Bakos Shawn DEANS  
Balangawan Camille PRESDT  
Balarezo Jennifer PRESDT  
Balatbat Erwin PRESDT  
Balboa Ivette DEANS  
Balboa Jose DEANS  
Balbuena Ada DEANS  
Balbuena Juan PRESDT  
Balcha Azeb PRESDT  
Baldo Leah PRESDT  
Baldwin Carl DEANS  
Baldwin Emily DEANS  
Baldwin Tertia DEANS  
Balke Marian PRESDT  
Ball Anne DEANS  
Ball Hannah DEANS  
Ball Madeleine PRESDT  
Ball Madeline DEANS  
Ball Spencer DEANS  
Ballenger James DEANS  
Balleweg Merrill PRESDT  
Ballinger Hannah PRESDT  
Balmakhtar Houria PRESDT  
Balmakhtar Nicholle DEANS  
Balon Joseph DEANS  
Baltian Paola DEANS  
Balzer Hailey DEANS  
Balzer Sarah DEANS  
Bamieh Moh'd PRESDT  
Banks Marcus DEANS  
Banks Mary DEANS  
Banks Nathan DEANS  
Barajas Russell DEANS  
Barakat Abeer PRESDT  
Baraki Hanna DEANS  
Baral Barsha DEANS  
Baran Natalia DEANS  
Baraya Binta DEANS  
Barb Kayla DEANS  
Barbalace Fabio DEANS  
Barbara Zachary DEANS  
Barbato Michael DEANS  
Barber Kelley PRESDT  
Barber Tiffany DEANS  
Barefield Joey DEANS  
Barger Christopher DEANS  
Barillas Sabrina DEANS  
Barkat Zoulikha DEANS  
Barnes Christopher DEANS  
Barnes Kenneth DEANS  
Barnett Carolyn DEANS  
Barnett Mary-Kate DEANS  
Barnett Monay DEANS  
Barney William PRESDT  
Barousse Lauren DEANS  
Barqadle Khadija PRESDT  
Barr Robin DEANS  
Barraza Ingriz DEANS  
Barrera David DEANS  
Barrett Allison DEANS  
Barrett Estee DEANS  
Barrett Joshua DEANS  
Barrett Michael DEANS  
Barrett Pamela DEANS  
Barrett Shanice DEANS  
Barrie Saffiatu DEANS  
Barrientos Adriana DEANS  
Barrientos Jenny PRESDT  
Barrientos Nelson PRESDT  
Barrientos Samuel DEANS  
Barrios Maria PRESDT  
Barros Kamila DEANS  
Barteau Alison DEANS  
Bartell Amber PRESDT  
Bartell Norah DEANS  
Bartels Nicole DEANS  
Bartlam Jacob PRESDT  
Bartlett Elizabeth DEANS  
Bartlett Erin DEANS  
Barto Jacqueline DEANS  
Bartolomei Clark DEANS  
Barton Frederick DEANS  
Bartosh Melanie DEANS  
Barwick Rosanne DEANS  
Barwis Robert PRESDT  
Barzani Dastan DEANS  
Basherdost Mirwais DEANS  
Bashioum Abigail DEANS  
Bashiri Nooshin DEANS  
Bashista Adam DEANS  
Bashista Michael DEANS  
Baskin Jesse DEANS  
Baskina Aleksandra DEANS  
Bass Kristin DEANS  
Bass Sinan DEANS  
Batchelder Mary DEANS  
Batchelder Sarah DEANS  
Batchelor Alexander DEANS  
Batchelor Erin DEANS  
Batchelor Kristi DEANS  
Bates Cynthia DEANS  
Bates Heather PRESDT  
Bath Harleen DEANS  
Batra Karan PRESDT  
Batson Jacqulyn DEANS  
Batt Susan PRESDT  
Battaglia Joseph PRESDT  
Battle Bennett PRESDT  
Batyan Anna PRESDT  
Batzorig Tenuun DEANS  
Batzorig Zula PRESDT  
Bau Man Chun DEANS  
Baugh Maxwell DEANS  
Baugher Magdalena PRESDT  
Bauman Joshua DEANS  
Bawar Romie DEANS  
Baxley John PRESDT  
Bayat Rohina PRESDT  
Baydina Elena DEANS  
Baynard Anthony PRESDT  
Bayoh Alhaji DEANS  
Bayona Norliza DEANS  
Bayou Tefera DEANS  
Bays Andrew DEANS  
Baz Zhalai PRESDT  
Bchiri Bennassar PRESDT  
Beachy Dominique DEANS  
Beaghler Lissetty PRESDT  
Bean Angela PRESDT  
Bean Ian PRESDT  
Bean James DEANS  
Beans Edward DEANS  
Beattie Justin PRESDT  
Beatty Desirae DEANS  
Beaudoin David PRESDT  
Beaulieu Hugues DEANS  
Beaumont Rachel DEANS  
Beavers Faith DEANS  
Beavers Nina PRESDT  
Becerra Jose DEANS  
Becker Richard DEANS  
Beckley Christopher DEANS  
Beckman Aiesha DEANS  
Bednar Carl PRESDT  
Bedwell Carl DEANS  
Beeby Cole DEANS  
Beech Dayna DEANS  
Beese Dennis DEANS  
Begum Amena DEANS  
Behan Karen DEANS  
Beheshti Mohammad Ali DEANS  
Beheshtian Seyed DEANS  
Behmardi Behrad DEANS  
Behnam Sonita PRESDT  
Behrani Jyoti DEANS  
Bejarano Cesar DEANS  
Bekele Alem PRESDT  
Bel Hadj Nasr Sarah PRESDT  
Belal Nissreen DEANS  
Belamine Ikram DEANS  
Beldent Holguin Aimee DEANS  
Beleno Trish-Shayna PRESDT  
Belizaire Yvonise DEANS  
Bell Amanda DEANS  
Bell Curtis DEANS  
Bell Joshua DEANS  
Bell Katharine DEANS  
Bell Melissa PRESDT  
Bell Nakiara DEANS  
Bell Ryan DEANS  
Bell Zachary PRESDT  
Bellamy Michael DEANS  
Belleh Micah PRESDT  
Bellido Alejandra DEANS  
Bellman Kaitlyn DEANS  
Beltran Aaron DEANS  
Beltran Keiry DEANS  
Beltran Victor DEANS  
Beltran Alvarado Karleny DEANS  
Benallal Farah DEANS  
Benard Sandie PRESDT  
Benavides Gerber DEANS  
Benedetti Sandra PRESDT  
Benedict Nicole DEANS  
Benhamida Samia DEANS  
Benitez Salvador DEANS  
Benito Joseph DEANS  
Benjamin Katherine PRESDT  
Benjamin Sunil PRESDT  
Bennett Emmanuel DEANS  
Bennett Isabelle DEANS  
Bennett Keith DEANS  
Bennett Kelly DEANS  
Bennett Michelle DEANS  
Bennett Nicole DEANS  
Bennitt Marybelle DEANS  
Bensalem Najet DEANS  
Benson Kay DEANS  
Benton Joshua DEANS  
Bentz Greg PRESDT  
Berdeguez Megan DEANS  
Berdugo Iglesias Raul PRESDT  
Berduo Bryan PRESDT  
Berens Linsey DEANS  
Berg Caroline DEANS  
Berg Joseph PRESDT  
Berg Max PRESDT  
Berg Ryan DEANS  
Berge Earle DEANS  
Berger Andy PRESDT  
Berger Constance DEANS  
Bergeron Jeremy DEANS  
Bergmann Amanda PRESDT  
Bergmann Heather DEANS  
Berhane Ferewyne DEANS  
Beri Alazar PRESDT  
Berkley Mary DEANS  
Bermudez Hector PRESDT  
Bernardi Dante PRESDT  
Berner Amalia PRESDT  
Bernfeld Matthew DEANS  
Bernhardt Tia DEANS  
Berntsen Christian DEANS  
Berrada FatimaZahra DEANS  
Berrios Helen DEANS  
Berry Jasmine DEANS  
Berry Nicholas DEANS  
Berry Richard PRESDT  
Berthe Cheick DEANS  
Berthold Andrew PRESDT  
Bertrand Dante DEANS  
Beshah Helen PRESDT  
Beshah Netsanet DEANS  
Beshir Beshir DEANS  
Besley Pamela PRESDT  
Besselievre Aric DEANS  
Best Natalie DEANS  
Bestwick Dianna PRESDT  
Betha Annapoorna DEANS  
Betremariam Hanna PRESDT  
Beus Casey PRESDT  
Beville Michael DEANS  
Beyene Aynalem DEANS  
Beyene Tsedenya DEANS  
Beyreuther Martha DEANS  
Bhandari Bishnu PRESDT  
Bhandari Muna PRESDT  
Bhattarai Niraula Samiksha DEANS  
Bhatti Harjot PRESDT  
Bhatti Waseem DEANS  
Bhimani Nirajkumar PRESDT  
Bhowmic Soumya DEANS  
Bi Jiajing PRESDT  
Bibi Amina DEANS  
Bibic Arijana DEANS  
Bickley Taffany DEANS  
Biegenwald William DEANS  
Biehl Jessica DEANS  
Bieleszczuk Agata DEANS  
Bieniek Alexandra DEANS  
Binda Mark DEANS  
Binder Eduard DEANS  
Bint-Felix Creed-Gee PRESDT  
Binyam Brook DEANS  
Birhanu Anteneh DEANS  
Birrenkott Caitlin PRESDT  
Biru Belen DEANS  
Biru Nikodimos DEANS  
Biscardo Joseph PRESDT  
Bisco Ares DEANS  
Bishop Jennifer DEANS  
Bishop Kimberly DEANS  
Bisrat Tsedey DEANS  
Bisulca Stephen DEANS  
Bitangcol Catherine PRESDT  
Bitar Elias PRESDT  
Bittner Nathan DEANS  
Bjerke Jesse PRESDT  
Black Alyssa PRESDT  
Blackington Danielle PRESDT  
Blackstone Meghan DEANS  
Blackwell Michael DEANS  
Blackwell Robert DEANS  
Blackwell Tijuana DEANS  
Blain Kyleigh PRESDT  
Blakely Lauren PRESDT  
Blanco Javier PRESDT  
Blando Kirby PRESDT  
Blanke Catherine DEANS  
Blankenship Brandon DEANS  
Blanquicet Caryn PRESDT  
Ble Airron DEANS  
Blevins Gerel DEANS  
Blevins Thomas DEANS  
Blevins Victoria DEANS  
Block Jennie DEANS  
Block Lindsay DEANS  
Bloom Matthew DEANS  
Bloomfield Kevin DEANS  
Blount Brenda DEANS  
Bludzien Marlena PRESDT  
Blumer James DEANS  
Blyden Diondra DEANS  
Boadu Kenneth DEANS  
Boahemaa Adwoa DEANS  
Boakye Faustina DEANS  
Boakye Isaac DEANS  
Boamah Joseph DEANS  
Board Elizabeth PRESDT  
Boardman James DEANS  
Boardman Linda DEANS  
Boatemaa-Antwi Abenaa DEANS  
Boateng Andrew DEANS  
Boateng Emmanuel DEANS  
Boateng Esther DEANS  
Boateng Samuel DEANS  
Bocian Keith DEANS  
Bock Nicholas PRESDT  
Bocovo Charles PRESDT  
Boehm Thomas DEANS  
Boehme Denise DEANS  
Boehret Ashley DEANS  
Bogart Jennifer PRESDT  
Bohon Zachary DEANS  
Bojarczuk Christopher PRESDT  
Boker Troy DEANS  
Boktor Marina PRESDT  
Bolanos Elena PRESDT  
Bold Nomin DEANS  
Boldaji Sonya DEANS  
Bolden Andrena DEANS  
Boley Christopher DEANS  
Boleyn Laura DEANS  
Bolger Brendan DEANS  
Bolling Jeffrey DEANS  
Bollinger David DEANS  
Bolton Heather DEANS  
Bombick Jeffrey PRESDT  
Bond Eric PRESDT  
Bond Kyle DEANS  
Bondoc Edlyn PRESDT  
Bondurant Emily DEANS  
Bonick James DEANS  
Bonifate Drake DEANS  
Bonilla Angel PRESDT  
Bonilla Carlos DEANS  
Bonilla Carolina PRESDT  
Bonilla Cindy DEANS  
Bonilla Daisy DEANS  
Bonilla Gerson DEANS  
Bonilla Johnny DEANS  
Bonilla Juan DEANS  
Bonilla Wilfredo DEANS  
Bonner Rima DEANS  
Bonney Francisca PRESDT  
Bonorato Heidi DEANS  
Bonsu Rexford DEANS  
Boone Amanda DEANS  
Booth Jorden PRESDT  
Bordelon Toby DEANS  
Boren Gail PRESDT  
Borodetskiy Stanislav PRESDT  
Bosserman Jeffrey PRESDT  
Bossie Christine DEANS  
Bost Nafees DEANS  
Botto Tonya DEANS  
Bouaffia Ahlam DEANS  
Bouchard Jennifer PRESDT  
Boudreaux Sean DEANS  
Bould Traci PRESDT  
Boules Michael DEANS  
Boulware Caitlin DEANS  
Boumraya Ghita DEANS  
Bourakba Mohamed PRESDT  
Bourdon Naomia DEANS  
Bournes Tanyisha DEANS  
Bove Alana DEANS  
Bovhyrya Viktoriya DEANS  
Bow Marilyn PRESDT  
Bowers Carl PRESDT  
Bowers Jennifer PRESDT  
Bowers Thomas DEANS  
Bowie Brian DEANS  
Bowlds Douglas DEANS  
Bowles Sarah PRESDT  
Bowling Sabrina DEANS  
Bowman Caroline DEANS  
Bowman Glendy DEANS  
Bowman Laura DEANS  
Bowman Roger DEANS  
Bowman Samantha DEANS  
Bowser Lennie PRESDT  
Bowyer Debra PRESDT  
Boyce Karyn DEANS  
Boyd Aubrey PRESDT  
Boyd Jacob PRESDT  
Boyd James DEANS  
Boyd Martin DEANS  
Boymanov Farrukhdzhon PRESDT  
Boyne Juliet DEANS  
Boza Gissela DEANS  
Bracewell Alexandra DEANS  
Bradberry Cameron DEANS  
Bradican Michael PRESDT  
Bradner Megan PRESDT  
Bradshaw Kolter DEANS  
Brady Robert DEANS  
Bragg Hunter PRESDT  
Brame Adam DEANS  
Bramlett Ashley DEANS  
Brancati Marisa PRESDT  
Branch Arthur DEANS  
Branch Shelley DEANS  
Brand Nicholas DEANS  
Brandares Sybil DEANS  
Brandes Aaron DEANS  
Brandon Therese DEANS  
Brandt Jason DEANS  
Brandt Maleah DEANS  
Branez Heidi DEANS  
Branscome Cory PRESDT  
Brar Karamtej PRESDT  
Braschi Thalia DEANS  
Braun Clara DEANS  
Braxton Julia DEANS  
Bray Rebecca DEANS  
Brazeale Kellie DEANS  
Breau Brittiny PRESDT  
Breboneria Cheryllen DEANS  
Brenke Cameron DEANS  
Brennan John PRESDT  
Brennan Kelly DEANS  
Brennan Lindsey PRESDT  
Brenneis Rebecca PRESDT  
Brenner Kelli DEANS  
Bresley Patrick PRESDT  
Brevard Brittany DEANS  
Brewer Howard DEANS  
Brewer Jordan DEANS  
Brewer Kevin PRESDT  
Brewster Thomas DEANS  
Brice Asia DEANS  
Brice Shirlinda DEANS  
Briceno Steve DEANS  
Bridges Meagan DEANS  
Briggs Alan PRESDT  
Briggs Jason PRESDT  
Brigham Natalia DEANS  
Brindza Alexandra DEANS  
Brings Stefan DEANS  
Brinksman Ian DEANS  
Briscoe Moriah DEANS  
Brisson Spencer DEANS  
Bristol Julie DEANS  
Bristow Stephanie DEANS  
Brito Mariana PRESDT  
Broadbent Nora DEANS  
Broaddus Mark DEANS  
Broady Jasmin DEANS  
Brobbey Nana DEANS  
Brobbey Yaa DEANS  
Brock Melissa PRESDT  
Brockmeier Hilary DEANS  
Brode Jennifer PRESDT  
Brogadir Dorinda DEANS  
Brogan Luke DEANS  
Brookhart Hannah DEANS  
Brooks Christopher DEANS  
Brooks Ellyn PRESDT  
Brooks Mariah DEANS  
Brooks Michael DEANS  
Brossman Daniel PRESDT  
Brossman Laura DEANS  
Broussard Nicholas DEANS  
Brouwer Charlotte DEANS  
Brown Amanda PRESDT  
Brown Barbara DEANS  
Brown Briana DEANS  
Brown Brittany DEANS  
Brown Calvin DEANS  
Brown Candice DEANS  
Brown Chase DEANS  
Brown Colton DEANS  
Brown David DEANS  
Brown Derrick DEANS  
Brown Elliot DEANS  
Brown Evelyn DEANS  
Brown James PRESDT  
Brown Jennifer DEANS  
Brown Jessica PRESDT  
Brown Joseph DEANS  
Brown Joshua DEANS  
Brown Leah DEANS  
Brown Lora DEANS  
Brown Marquis PRESDT  
Brown Martha DEANS  
Brown Maurice DEANS  
Brown Megan DEANS  
Brown Michael DEANS  
Brown Nickiala DEANS  
Brown Peter PRESDT  
Brown Sharon DEANS  
Brown Stephanie DEANS  
Brown Tracy DEANS  
Brown Tyler DEANS  
Brown Vernon DEANS  
Brown Campbell Cheryl DEANS  
Browne Kalin DEANS  
Browning Matthew PRESDT  
Brownlee Lauren DEANS  
Bruce Charles PRESDT  
Brueckl Amy DEANS  
Bruegger Fletcher PRESDT  
Brugel Nicole DEANS  
Brugge Caroline DEANS  
Brunner Rebecca DEANS  
Brunson Chelsea PRESDT  
Brunton Holly DEANS  
Bruse Kyle DEANS  
Bryan Vickers PRESDT  
Bryant John DEANS  
Bryant Katherine DEANS  
Bryant Lisa PRESDT  
Bryant Matthew DEANS  
Bryant Norman DEANS  
Buchler Maxi DEANS  
Buczek Samuel DEANS  
Budhathoki Alina DEANS  
Bueno Andrew PRESDT  
Bui Bao DEANS  
Bui Clayton DEANS  
Bui Daniel DEANS  
Bui Hung DEANS  
Bui Khang PRESDT  
Bui Quang DEANS  
Buiquil Nicole DEANS  
Bukhari Hassan DEANS  
Bukhari Nazira PRESDT  
Bukhari Syed Naqi PRESDT  
Bul Jessica DEANS  
Bullen Eric PRESDT  
Bullen Ryan DEANS  
Bullock James DEANS  
Bulti Emmanuel PRESDT  
Bulut Ugur DEANS  
Bumstead Pamela PRESDT  
Bun Rosa DEANS  
Bundrant Alexis DEANS  
Bundu Alpha DEANS  
Bunker Angela DEANS  
Bunyas Jamal PRESDT  
Burbage Stefanie DEANS  
Burcham Thomas DEANS  
Burden Zachary DEANS  
Burdette Jennifer PRESDT  
Burgess Caroline DEANS  
Burgess Kenneth DEANS  
Burgi Linh PRESDT  
Burgman Michele DEANS  
Burgos Maria DEANS  
Burke Matthew DEANS  
Burke Noel DEANS  
Burke Tanya DEANS  
Burkhard Sarah DEANS  
Burkhardt Caroline DEANS  
Burkholder Derek DEANS  
Burklew Susie PRESDT  
Burley Clare PRESDT  
Burlimann Peter PRESDT  
Burnette Mark DEANS  
Burney Tremayne DEANS  
Burns Michael PRESDT  
Burns Sandra DEANS  
Burnside Heather PRESDT  
Burrell Elias DEANS  
Burritt Cathy PRESDT  
Burson Sarah PRESDT  
Burt Sara DEANS  
Burt-Lynn Taylor DEANS  
Burton Adam DEANS  
Burton Greyson DEANS  
Burtz Ashlen PRESDT  
Burwinkel Tina PRESDT  
Busby Frances DEANS  
Busby Heidi DEANS  
Buser Melanie DEANS  
Bush Marlayna PRESDT  
Bushnaq Fayzah DEANS  
Busicchia Rachel DEANS  
Bussells Katharine DEANS  
Bustamante Ashley DEANS  
Bustamante Eduardo PRESDT  
Bustamante Ingrid DEANS  
Bustamante Leticia PRESDT  
Bustillo Jette DEANS  
Bustillos Daniella DEANS  
Bustillos Melany DEANS  
Butcher Dan DEANS  
Butchko Michael PRESDT  
Butler Jonathan DEANS  
Butler Kimberly DEANS  
Butler Shauntelle PRESDT  
Butt Hina PRESDT  
Butt Maryam DEANS  
Butters Christianne DEANS  
Butterworth Edwin PRESDT  
Butts Azeb DEANS  
Byard Christie DEANS  
Byerly Katherine PRESDT  
Byers Kellen DEANS  
Byess James DEANS  
Byrd Stacey DEANS  
Byrne James PRESDT