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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2013

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Aakesson John DEANS  
Abalikhina Alena PRESDT  
Abalkhail Abdullah PRESDT  
Abalos Skeeter PRESDT  
Abani Djanabou DEANS  
Abarca Juan DEANS  
Abarca Xiomara DEANS  
Abaspour khamene Yasaman DEANS  
Abasseber Gedlegiorgis DEANS  
Abate Kalkidan PRESDT  
Abawi Kais DEANS  
Abbasi Lubna DEANS  
Abboud Majd PRESDT  
Abby Sagal PRESDT  
Abdallah Adilah PRESDT  
Abdallah Suhad PRESDT  
Abdelameer Amir DEANS  
Abdelgader Remaz DEANS  
Abdelhamid Alshima PRESDT  
Abdeljawad Ramsey DEANS  
Abdellah Hindia DEANS  
Abdellatief Mohamed DEANS  
Abdelrahman Sara PRESDT  
Abdi Abdirisaq DEANS  
Abdi Fowzia PRESDT  
Abdi Guleid DEANS  
Abdi Khadar DEANS  
Abdillahi Nimco DEANS  
Abdo Mohamed DEANS  
Abdsharifabadi Shahriar PRESDT  
Abdu Bashar PRESDT  
Abdulali Nafisa PRESDT  
Abdulgader Ruddad DEANS  
Abdulkader Afrah DEANS  
Abdulkadir Haylin DEANS  
Abdullah Lajin PRESDT  
Abdullahi Mohamed DEANS  
Abdullkarim Sara DEANS  
Abdulsemed Eman DEANS  
Abebe Kidist PRESDT  
Abebe Yordanos PRESDT  
Abell Cynthia PRESDT  
Abell Leslie DEANS  
Abellera Mark PRESDT  
Aberg Alexander PRESDT  
Aberra Kerima DEANS  
Abid Usaid PRESDT  
Abiles McGlensey DEANS  
Abilmona Sandra PRESDT  
Abilova Lala DEANS  
Abi-Saleh Nadine PRESDT  
Ablyazova Aidana DEANS  
Abraham Alexander PRESDT  
Abraham Elshaday DEANS  
Abrari Soheila DEANS  
Abregu Diego DEANS  
Abreham Beza DEANS  
Abriam Jeric PRESDT  
Abrokwah Kingsley DEANS  
Abu Hamdieh Doreen DEANS  
Abubakar Mariam DEANS  
Abughannam Mohammad PRESDT  
Abu-Ghannam Kareem PRESDT  
Abusbeitan Mohammad PRESDT  
Abu-taleb Rania DEANS  
Abu-Taleb Reena DEANS  
Acevedo Anthony DEANS  
Acevedo Charlene PRESDT  
Acevedo Jennifer PRESDT  
Acevedo Yohana DEANS  
Acey Cory PRESDT  
Acheampong Akua PRESDT  
Acheampong Charles DEANS  
Acheampong Eva DEANS  
Achmar Silva DEANS  
Ackert Kelly PRESDT  
Acklin Susan PRESDT  
Ackman Arianna DEANS  
Acosta Christian DEANS  
Acosta Johan DEANS  
Acquah Blessing DEANS  
Adabi Hassan PRESDT  
Adafre Henok DEANS  
Adam Abshir DEANS  
Adam Emily DEANS  
Adams Angela PRESDT  
Adams Elyse DEANS  
Adams Lisa DEANS  
Adamson Martha DEANS  
Adamu Tekuamwork DEANS  
Addai Emmanuel PRESDT  
Adde Saida DEANS  
Addison Lawrencia DEANS  
Addo Mariam DEANS  
Adelman Rebecca DEANS  
Adem Radia DEANS  
Aden Heybe DEANS  
Aden Zainab DEANS  
Adhami Asad PRESDT  
Adhikari Sunita DEANS  
Adu Comfort DEANS  
Aerts Britt DEANS  
Afanasyeva Yelena DEANS  
Afaq Hina PRESDT  
Afghan Nadia DEANS  
Aflaq Muhammad DEANS  
Aftab Talal DEANS  
Afzal Maha PRESDT  
Agermo Hanna DEANS  
Aghajanian Darh DEANS  
Aghdam Parvaneh DEANS  
Aghel Davood DEANS  
Agnew Fiona DEANS  
Agrawal Monali PRESDT  
Agress Danielle PRESDT  
Aguas Jhonimie DEANS  
Aguilar Maria DEANS  
Aguilar Xavier DEANS  
Aguiluz Ernesto DEANS  
Aguirre Brian PRESDT  
Aguirre Katia DEANS  
Agyei-Yeboah Eugene PRESDT  
Agyekum Adwoa DEANS  
Agyeman Douglas DEANS  
Agyemang Ernest DEANS  
Agyemang Kimberly DEANS  
Agyeman-Prempeh Patricia DEANS  
Ahadzada Nazifa DEANS  
Ahenkorah Augustine DEANS  
Ahern Elisa DEANS  
Ahmad Aamna PRESDT  
Ahmad Athar DEANS  
Ahmad Dana DEANS  
Ahmad Majd DEANS  
Ahmad Syed DEANS  
Ahmad Umar DEANS  
Ahmad Quli Aria PRESDT  
Ahmadzada Panjshiri Marjan DEANS  
Ahmed Aminah DEANS  
Ahmed Aroosa DEANS  
Ahmed Aymen DEANS  
Ahmed Dina PRESDT  
Ahmed Farhan PRESDT  
Ahmed Isra DEANS  
Ahmed Khadra DEANS  
Ahmed M Eastiaq DEANS  
Ahmed Manahil PRESDT  
Ahmed Meheruba DEANS  
Ahmed Mehreen PRESDT  
Ahmed Nadya PRESDT  
Ahmed Nizam PRESDT  
Ahmed Omar PRESDT  
Ahmed Saweel PRESDT  
Ahmed Tauqir DEANS  
Ahn Hyunmo PRESDT  
Ahn Jaehong PRESDT  
Ahn Choi Soonyoung DEANS  
Ahsan Mohammad DEANS  
Ahumada Carlos DEANS  
Ahumada Julia DEANS  
Aidoo Adah PRESDT  
Aifer Clement DEANS  
Aikins Lawrence DEANS  
Aissaoui Abdelfettah DEANS  
Ait Bakadir Hicham DEANS  
Aiyudu Gideon DEANS  
Akadje Cecile DEANS  
Akalu Rahel PRESDT  
Akbar Tawhidul DEANS  
Akbar-Hussain Selai DEANS  
Akber Humara DEANS  
Ake Hayley DEANS  
Akers Elizabeth PRESDT  
Akgul Eda DEANS  
Akhmerov Katherine DEANS  
Akhtar Kalsoom DEANS  
Akhter Faisal PRESDT  
Akhwand Reihana PRESDT  
Akin Burak DEANS  
Akinbohun Jeremiah DEANS  
Akiyama Yu PRESDT  
Akkasone Kristina DEANS  
Akouete Folly DEANS  
Akshulakova Raushana DEANS  
Al Abdullatif Turky DEANS  
Al Khatib Ali DEANS  
Al Matar Abdullah DEANS  
Al Nasser Hasiba DEANS  
Al Obaidy Marwa DEANS  
Al Saud Sora DEANS  
Al Shakarchi Ammar DEANS  
Alabbas Yahya DEANS  
Alabdullatif Turki PRESDT  
Alabous Ebtihal DEANS  
Alaeddini Alborz DEANS  
Alafaleg Nora DEANS  
Alahmadi Mona DEANS  
Alahmadi Sarah DEANS  
Alahmadi Ziyad DEANS  
Al-Alami Aya DEANS  
Alam Eti DEANS  
Alam Mariyae DEANS  
Alam Shamima DEANS  
Alam Tawsif PRESDT  
Alamiree Farah DEANS  
Alanazi Zyad DEANS  
Alaoui Moulay Saddek DEANS  
Alarcon Julia PRESDT  
Alarcon Yehin DEANS  
Alas Cindy DEANS  
Alas Miguel DEANS  
Alavy Nazifa PRESDT  
Al-Awadhi Omar PRESDT  
Alaybeyoglu Melissa DEANS  
Al-baiati Abdulla DEANS  
Al-Baiati Vian PRESDT  
Albakmi Faisal DEANS  
Albano Joseph DEANS  
Albarracin Edward DEANS  
Alberti Robert DEANS  
Albrecht Alexis PRESDT  
Albrigo Stephen DEANS  
Aldaham Bader DEANS  
Aldana Michelle DEANS  
Alderman Brittany DEANS  
Aldhaheri Nabeilah PRESDT  
AL-dosari Saud DEANS  
Aldubays Ali DEANS  
Al-Dulaimi Rawaa DEANS  
Aleem Mona DEANS  
Aleid Ali DEANS  
Alejandre Carlos Andres DEANS  
Alejandro Daniel PRESDT  
Alem Bruktawit PRESDT  
Aleman Steven DEANS  
Aleman Ordonez Johana DEANS  
Alemneh Wubrist DEANS  
Alenezi Fahad DEANS  
Alexander Christopher DEANS  
Alexander Daniel DEANS  
Alexander Joshuaa DEANS  
Alexander Leatrice DEANS  
Alexander Ryan DEANS  
Alexandre Tierri DEANS  
Alexanian Claire DEANS  
Al-fadhala Mohammed DEANS  
Alfahaid Sommer DEANS  
Alfaqih Murad PRESDT  
Alfaro Jamie DEANS  
Alfaro John DEANS  
Alfaro Juan DEANS  
Alfaro Yennisse DEANS  
Alford Christine DEANS  
Alger Amanda PRESDT  
Alghailani Shada DEANS  
Alhamoud Latifa DEANS  
Alharbi Mlak DEANS  
Alharbi Reem DEANS  
Alharbi Tariq DEANS  
Al-hasani Maysam PRESDT  
Al-hassan Sarah DEANS  
Al-Hussaini Moataz DEANS  
Ali Arsalan DEANS  
Ali Muhammad DEANS  
Ali Saif PRESDT  
Ali Shadi DEANS  
Ali Tuba DEANS  
Aliabadi Bardia DEANS  
Aliaga Diego DEANS  
Alielamin Samia DEANS  
Alikhani Elham DEANS  
Alizo Yusuf PRESDT  
Al-Jaradat Nasser PRESDT  
Aljouaid Alhanouf DEANS  
Aljouaid Hesham DEANS  
Aljouaid Rahaf DEANS  
Aljuhani Bader PRESDT  
Alkaeva Gulnara DEANS  
Alkhalifa Anwar DEANS  
Alkhatani Saad DEANS  
AlKhater AlHanoof DEANS  
Alkhater Ashah DEANS  
Alkhater Khalid DEANS  
Alkhenin Ziyad PRESDT  
Al-Kilany Omnia DEANS  
Allam Salman DEANS  
Allam-ouguir Fatima DEANS  
Allen Alysia DEANS  
Allen Amani DEANS  
Allen Andrew DEANS  
Allen Anquannette DEANS  
Allen Brittney DEANS  
Allen Christopher DEANS  
Allen Damian DEANS  
Allen Denise DEANS  
Allen Elizabeth DEANS  
Allen Katie DEANS  
Allen Matthew PRESDT  
Allen Michael DEANS  
Allen Terrence DEANS  
Allen Wade PRESDT  
Alley Piper DEANS  
Allison Miranda PRESDT  
Allou Briguett DEANS  
Almalki Samiah DEANS  
Almanza Rolled PRESDT  
Almanza-Lopez Iris DEANS  
Almatar Ahmed DEANS  
Almateer Manar DEANS  
Almond Desiree DEANS  
Almond Wendy DEANS  
Almosawi Zahra DEANS  
Almuntazar-Harris Malcolm PRESDT  
Alnahari Basim PRESDT  
Al-Naimi Mohamed PRESDT  
Al-najafi Rawan DEANS  
Alnajidi Najad DEANS  
Alneyadi Faisal DEANS  
Aloi Erika DEANS  
Aloia Christine DEANS  
Alojayan Abdullah DEANS  
Alonso Gertrudis PRESDT  
Alotaibi Dhaifalla PRESDT  
Alotaibi Mishal DEANS  
Alqasir Saleh DEANS  
Al-Qathmi Amubarak DEANS  
Alradadi Sultan DEANS  
Al-Rahim Haitham DEANS  
AlRaisi Nora DEANS  
Alrawas Rayaan PRESDT  
Alrayyan Muna PRESDT  
Alrayyan Reem PRESDT  
Alsaadat Ibrahim PRESDT  
Alsadiqi Rowa PRESDT  
Alsakaji Ala PRESDT  
Alshaer Osama DEANS  
Al-Shami Ebtehal DEANS  
Alshammari Saad DEANS  
Alshar' Enas DEANS  
Alsharkawi Amaal DEANS  
Alshehhi Abdulnaser PRESDT  
Alshehhi Sultan PRESDT  
Alshehri RAID DEANS  
Alshihabi Aya DEANS  
Alshowk Becker DEANS  
Alsokair Mohammad DEANS  
AlSudani Lina DEANS  
AlSulaiman Fahad DEANS  
Alswayan Leila DEANS  
Altaf Lareb PRESDT  
AL'Taha E'yad PRESDT  
Altaii Selma DEANS  
Altalhi Khalid DEANS  
Altmann Vivian DEANS  
Altuna Eduardo PRESDT  
Alva Magda DEANS  
Alvanes Elsa DEANS  
Alvarado Delvert DEANS  
Alvarado Jorge DEANS  
Alvarado Nunez Peter PRESDT  
Alvarado Nunez Walter PRESDT  
Alvarenga Emerson DEANS  
Alvarenga Henry DEANS  
Alvarenga Iris DEANS  
Alvarenga Kevin PRESDT  
Alvarez Andres PRESDT  
Alvarez Devin DEANS  
Alvarez Eder DEANS  
Alvarez Enrique DEANS  
Alvarez Evelyn PRESDT  
Alvarez Jeanette DEANS  
Alvarez Liliana PRESDT  
Alvarez Marco DEANS  
Alvarez Villagrana Ruben PRESDT  
Alvey James PRESDT  
Alworth Jato PRESDT  
Alyasi Mansour DEANS  
Alzaben Mazin PRESDT  
Alzughaibi Dalal DEANS  
Aman Charity DEANS  
Amara Sarah DEANS  
Amaya Carlos DEANS  
Amaya Khrysthale DEANS  
Amaya Nelson DEANS  
Ambaw Adane DEANS  
Ambriz-Bernal Jose DEANS  
Ambrosio Kaitlyn PRESDT  
Amede Getahun DEANS  
Ames Lucky DEANS  
Amidjaya Lydia DEANS  
Amin Johnny DEANS  
Amin Sumaya PRESDT  
Amin-Arsala Temor DEANS  
Amini Abdul DEANS  
Aminimonazah Fatemeh DEANS  
Amireh Hana PRESDT  
Amirian Mozhgan DEANS  
Amjad Sana PRESDT  
Amkor Ahmed DEANS  
Ammons Ryan DEANS  
Amnathvong Mala DEANS  
Amoa-Mensah Ruth DEANS  
Amonett Linda DEANS  
Amor de Cobanera Marina DEANS  
Amoussou Donald DEANS  
Ampadu - kyere Kwadwo DEANS  
Ampah-Brient Rosemary DEANS  
Ampomah Adwoa DEANS  
Ampomah Williams DEANS  
Amponsah Believe PRESDT  
Amponsah Efah Kojo DEANS  
Ampuero Carolina PRESDT  
Ampuero Figueroa Karen PRESDT  
Amspoker Polina PRESDT  
An Julie DEANS  
Anane Ghizlan DEANS  
Ananyan Levon DEANS  
Anaya Jennifer PRESDT  
Anbaei Parastoo PRESDT  
Anbai Pejman PRESDT  
Anckner Leann PRESDT  
Andam Maria DEANS  
Andersen Mark DEANS  
Anderson Andre DEANS  
Anderson Brian DEANS  
Anderson Erin PRESDT  
Anderson Gabrielle PRESDT  
Anderson Griffin DEANS  
Anderson Julia PRESDT  
Anderson Karrie PRESDT  
Anderson Kevin DEANS  
Anderson Nicholas PRESDT  
Anderson Scott PRESDT  
Anderson Shane DEANS  
Anderson Sonja DEANS  
Anderson- Hanes Nicole DEANS  
Anderson-Schenker Benjamin DEANS  
Andia Johnny DEANS  
Andrade Andrez PRESDT  
Andrade Brenda DEANS  
Andrade Pamela DEANS  
Andrade Sonia DEANS  
Andrawes Medhat PRESDT  
Andre Elizabeth DEANS  
Andreas Allen DEANS  
Andres Nicole DEANS  
Andrews Daniel PRESDT  
Andrews John PRESDT  
Andrews Joshua DEANS  
Andrews Lucia DEANS  
Andros W. (Whitney) PRESDT  
Andu Nighisti DEANS  
Andujar Stephanie PRESDT  
Anenia Hanna DEANS  
Anez Tammy PRESDT  
Angel Elizabeth PRESDT  
Angelicola Matthew DEANS  
Angell Shelby DEANS  
Angelo Patrick DEANS  
Angle Dorothy Dew PRESDT  
Angulo Miguel DEANS  
Anhalt Alayna DEANS  
Ankapong Gerald PRESDT  
Ansah Juliana DEANS  
Ansari Sonia DEANS  
Ansell Andrew DEANS  
Anteneh Yonathan PRESDT  
Antezana Mauricio PRESDT  
Antinozzi Joseph DEANS  
Anton Pamela DEANS  
Antoniazzi Pamela DEANS  
Antonova Natalja DEANS  
Antosh Jonathan DEANS  
Antwi Abigail DEANS  
Anwar Sheraz DEANS  
Aoualhab Mahjoub DEANS  
Apodaca Elizabeth DEANS  
Apolinario Janieli PRESDT  
Appiah Kwabena DEANS  
Appiah Melissa DEANS  
Apple Alexander DEANS  
Apple Michelle DEANS  
Applegate Jillian DEANS  
Aqeel Amen PRESDT  
Araki Luis DEANS  
Araneda Amanda DEANS  
Arango Lina PRESDT  
Arant Michael DEANS  
Araoz Julia DEANS  
Arata Bridgette DEANS  
Arata Charles PRESDT  
Arauco Elvira DEANS  
Arauz Lisa DEANS  
Araya Senay DEANS  
Arcebal Joshua DEANS  
Arches Ana Andrea PRESDT  
Archibald Micah PRESDT  
Areef Jamila DEANS  
Arefaynea Genet DEANS  
Arenivar Alfaro Jazmin PRESDT  
Arevalo Alexander PRESDT  
Arevalo John Erick DEANS  
Arevalo Lisandro DEANS  
Argandona Javier DEANS  
Argo Lauren DEANS  
Argote Nohelia PRESDT  
Argueta Ana DEANS  
Argueta-Flores Karin DEANS  
Arias Candy DEANS  
Arias Joseph DEANS  
Arias Maximiliano DEANS  
Arias Vanessa PRESDT  
Ariavand Sherazade DEANS  
Arif Abdulwahaab PRESDT  
Arif Jennifer DEANS  
Arif Shahir PRESDT  
Ariscain Rosse DEANS  
Ariunbold Ariuntuya DEANS  
Arkorful Anastasia DEANS  
Arku-Letsa Christian DEANS  
Arm Rebecca PRESDT  
Armantrading Roxanne DEANS  
Armoo Ama DEANS  
Armstrong Catherine PRESDT  
Armstrong David DEANS  
Armstrong Michael DEANS  
Armstrong Raven DEANS  
Armstrong William DEANS  
Arneson Brett DEANS  
Arney Marissa DEANS  
Arnold Joshua DEANS  
Aroche Jimenez Carolyn DEANS  
Arredondo Maria DEANS  
Arreola J. Jesus PRESDT  
Arrey Benedict DEANS  
Arriaza Michael DEANS  
Arriaza Velasco Lizzie DEANS  
Arroyo Maria DEANS  
Arscott Sean DEANS  
Arsenov Brittney DEANS  
Arshad Wajiha DEANS  
Artic Aliona DEANS  
Artica Lilian DEANS  
Artieda Yanelle DEANS  
Artiga Horacio DEANS  
Artiga Marilena DEANS  
Artiga Roxana DEANS  
Artis Ronald DEANS  
Artz Brianna DEANS  
Arun Balaji PRESDT  
Aryee Racheal PRESDT  
Aryoubi Sanga DEANS  
Arze Jaime DEANS  
Asad Mohammad DEANS  
Asankomah Lydia DEANS  
Asante Akwasi DEANS  
Asante Angela PRESDT  
Asante-ghansah Charlotte PRESDT  
Asare Jacob DEANS  
Asare Randy DEANS  
Asdessu Hiwot PRESDT  
Aseel Hassan PRESDT  
Aseminaso Patricia DEANS  
Asfaw Betelihem DEANS  
Asfaw Elias PRESDT  
Asfaw Solomon DEANS  
Asghar Jabran PRESDT  
Asghari Mona DEANS  
Asghari Mostafa DEANS  
Ash Daniel DEANS  
Ashamole Alexander DEANS  
Ashamole Benjamin DEANS  
Ashna Said PRESDT  
Asiedu Joseph DEANS  
Asif Faraz DEANS  
Asif Mehrina DEANS  
Asif Talha DEANS  
Asif Umar PRESDT  
Asifi Shabnam DEANS  
Asihel Selam DEANS  
Asihene NanaAdwoa DEANS  
Asim Nazish DEANS  
Asim Nida PRESDT  
Aslam Muhammad PRESDT  
Aslam Noah DEANS  
Aslam Saqib PRESDT  
Aslam Sumaira DEANS  
Aslami Ahmad DEANS  
Aslim Bilal PRESDT  
Aslim Omer DEANS  
Asomadu Naomi DEANS  
Asomaning Adelaide DEANS  
Asonye Collins DEANS  
Asper Eric PRESDT  
Aspromonti Jonathan DEANS  
Asrorov Daler PRESDT  
Assaf Joudi DEANS  
Astrop Joshua DEANS  
Astudillo Scarlet PRESDT  
Asumadu Abigail DEANS  
Atanasov Aleksandar DEANS  
Atari Dania DEANS  
Atefi Anna DEANS  
Atemafac Bernice PRESDT  
Atinafu Girma DEANS  
Atkinson Ashley DEANS  
Atkinson Katherine PRESDT  
Atouani Najet PRESDT  
Attia Hannah PRESDT  
Au Amanda DEANS  
Au Jasmine DEANS  
Au Ming-Wai PRESDT  
Auchterlonie Brecken DEANS  
Auffret Silvia DEANS  
Augustine Kathryn PRESDT  
Augustoski Andrea DEANS  
Aulabi Abdulrahman DEANS  
Aulov Michael PRESDT  
Austin Abigail DEANS  
Austin Blakely PRESDT  
Austin Heather DEANS  
Austin Pamela DEANS  
Austria Sheena DEANS  
Auza Carlos DEANS  
Avakyan Anna DEANS  
Avary Nita DEANS  
Avelar Philip DEANS  
Avendano Dennis DEANS  
Avery Ana Katrina DEANS  
Avila Amelia DEANS  
Awad Monir DEANS  
Awadallah Dana DEANS  
Awadallah Isra DEANS  
Awadzi Cynthia DEANS  
Awan Nauman DEANS  
Awasthi Gaurav PRESDT  
Awasthi Mayank DEANS  
Awmaalim Nuralain DEANS  
Awumey Edgar DEANS  
Ayala Candida DEANS  
Ayala Honeida DEANS  
Ayala Katherine DEANS  
Ayala Mario PRESDT  
Ayala Stephanie DEANS  
Ayala Zuleima PRESDT  
Ayaz Imad DEANS  
Aydin Merve DEANS  
Ayele Bruk PRESDT  
Ayele Teklebirhan DEANS  
Ayenachew Helina DEANS  
Ayer Juliet PRESDT  
Ayi-Quaye Fred PRESDT  
Ayoub Sherif PRESDT  
Azad Satara DEANS  
Azadi Seyedehpardis DEANS  
Azam Hira PRESDT  
Azam Tehreem DEANS  
Azamy Farah PRESDT  
Azamy Hussna PRESDT  
Azar Dareen. DEANS  
Azazeel Nadia PRESDT  
Azma Babak PRESDT  
Azodi Nazli DEANS  
Azrour Driss DEANS  
Azumah Raymond PRESDT