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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2012

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Saad Ibrahim PRESDT  
Saad Layla PRESDT  
Saadallah Rooj DEANS  
Saadat Farheen DEANS  
Saalbach Katherine DEANS  
Saavedra Andrew DEANS  
Saavedra Jessica DEANS  
Saba Samir PRESDT  
Sababa Shafwat PRESDT  
Saber Nadia DEANS  
Sabirov Sergey PRESDT  
Sablan Elizabeth DEANS  
Sacchi Jason DEANS  
Sackey Eliot Quarcoopome DEANS  
Sackey Patricia DEANS  
Saclolo Christopher DEANS  
Sadek Hala DEANS  
Sadiq Sahil DEANS  
Sadr Amir DEANS  
Saeed Anam DEANS  
Saeed Arslan DEANS  
Saeed Fatima DEANS  
Saenz Eric DEANS  
Saffeels Dean DEANS  
Safi Freshta PRESDT  
Safi Zakia DEANS  
Sagar Jacqueline DEANS  
Sagendorf Bebi DEANS  
Saghafi Ava DEANS  
Saghafi Nima PRESDT  
Saghir Mahnoor DEANS  
Sagin Melissa DEANS  
Sagredo Carlos DEANS  
Saguid Jillian DEANS  
Said Olga PRESDT  
Saidi Salwa DEANS  
Saini Bhupinder PRESDT  
Saini Devneet DEANS  
Saini Prahbjot DEANS  
Sajedi Sophia DEANS  
Sakul Samuel PRESDT  
Saladin Kevin DEANS  
Saladini Sibel DEANS  
Salah Hannan DEANS  
Salam Muhammad PRESDT  
Salanatin Edith DEANS  
Salas Gladys DEANS  
Salazar Joseph DEANS  
Salazar Paola PRESDT  
Salazar Stephany DEANS  
Saleem Hannan DEANS  
Saleem Maham DEANS  
Saleem Usman DEANS  
Saleh Haitham DEANS  
Salehi Baktash DEANS  
Salehzadeh Souzan DEANS  
Sales Marie Angelique PRESDT  
Salgado Alexis DEANS  
Salguero Randa DEANS  
Salinas Alvaro DEANS  
Salinas Lia DEANS  
Salinas Nelson PRESDT  
Salinas Wilfredo DEANS  
Sallins Imari DEANS  
Salman Hadel DEANS  
Salotto Anthony DEANS  
Salous Rizan DEANS  
Salters Demetrious DEANS  
Salvador Jacquelyn DEANS  
Salvador Jessica DEANS  
Salvaggio Lidija PRESDT  
Sama Ronald DEANS  
Samaha Elias DEANS  
Samantar Abdirashid DEANS  
Samimi-Darzi Abrar DEANS  
Samp Christopher DEANS  
Sampson Amber DEANS  
Sampson William DEANS  
Sams Ryan DEANS  
Samuels Michael DEANS  
Samvura Emmanuel DEANS  
San Nicolas Matthew DEANS  
Sanabria Ursula DEANS  
Sanchez Christopher DEANS  
Sanchez Diana PRESDT  
Sanchez Diego DEANS  
Sanchez Elyse DEANS  
Sanchez Jose DEANS  
Sanchez Linette DEANS  
Sanchis Choongwon DEANS  
Sandag Tselmuun PRESDT  
Sanderhoff Ryan PRESDT  
Sanders Casey PRESDT  
Sanders Jessica DEANS  
Sanderson Jessica DEANS  
Sandhu Amandeep DEANS  
Sandi Aye DEANS  
Sandoval Kevin DEANS  
Sandoval Lorena DEANS  
Sandoval Luis DEANS  
Sandt Richard DEANS  
Sanei Mark PRESDT  
Sangid Omar DEANS  
Sanhueza Jeancarla DEANS  
Sanie Jasmine PRESDT  
Sanjinez-Nava Paola DEANS  
Santiago Nazer DEANS  
Santiago Phillip DEANS  
Santiago Stephanie DEANS  
Santos Andy DEANS  
Santos Camille PRESDT  
Santos Kharen DEANS  
Santos Priscila DEANS  
Sanzo Angela PRESDT  
Sapien Andrew DEANS  
Sapkota Kriti PRESDT  
Sapkota Salya DEANS  
Sapkota Smriti DEANS  
Saraira Ali DEANS  
Saravia Villatoro Juan PRESDT  
Sarfo-Kantanka Kofi DEANS  
Sarfraz Shahzeen PRESDT  
Sargent Anna DEANS  
Sargent Jason DEANS  
Sargent Kevin DEANS  
Sargent Richard PRESDT  
Sarji Jonathan DEANS  
Sarker Abubaker DEANS  
Sarker Rabeya DEANS  
Sarkodie Victoria DEANS  
Sarmiento Roberto DEANS  
Sarnacki Derek PRESDT  
Sarpong Harriet DEANS  
Sarpong Henry DEANS  
Sarpong Stella DEANS  
Sartori Diane DEANS  
Sasfai Sara DEANS  
Sassman Daniel DEANS  
Satarova Dilfuza PRESDT  
Satterwhite Christopher PRESDT  
Saucedo Manalia DEANS  
Sauers Sherry PRESDT  
Saunders Bradley PRESDT  
Saunders Cameron DEANS  
Saunders Katherine DEANS  
Savage Mark DEANS  
Sawasky Mark DEANS  
Saxon Danika DEANS  
Sayegh Tania DEANS  
Sayyad Leanna PRESDT  
Scaggs Erika PRESDT  
Scanlon Paula DEANS  
Schadegg Amanda PRESDT  
Schaedler Bianca PRESDT  
Schaffer Mark DEANS  
Schaffner Tabitha DEANS  
Schaller Artur PRESDT  
Schappert Derek PRESDT  
Scharles Kati DEANS  
Schechter Devin DEANS  
Scheid William PRESDT  
Schell Matthew DEANS  
Schell Nathan PRESDT  
Schell Ryan PRESDT  
Schepis Krista DEANS  
Scherer Jared DEANS  
Schertzer David DEANS  
Schillero Christopher DEANS  
Schipono Rebecca DEANS  
Schlander Krista PRESDT  
Schleede Diana PRESDT  
Schleuger Melissa DEANS  
Schley Jeremy DEANS  
Schlueb Janet DEANS  
Schlueter Stephanie DEANS  
Schmanski Kenneth DEANS  
Schmeidler LeAnna PRESDT  
Schmidlen Monica PRESDT  
Schmidt Brandon DEANS  
Schmidt David PRESDT  
Schmitz Matthew DEANS  
Schneck Jared PRESDT  
Schoenberger Andrew PRESDT  
Schoenfeld Timothy DEANS  
Schofield Amanda DEANS  
Schooler Andre DEANS  
Schrager Heather DEANS  
Schray Kurt DEANS  
Schreiber Paige DEANS  
Schreiner Angelika PRESDT  
Schrock Kristina PRESDT  
Schroeder Anna DEANS  
Schroeder Sarah DEANS  
Schroyer Camrin DEANS  
Schuch Susanna PRESDT  
Schuckman Phillip DEANS  
Schuknecht Rebecka DEANS  
Schuller Matthew DEANS  
Schultz Aigul DEANS  
Schultz Laura DEANS  
Schulze Sherilynne DEANS  
Schupp Talena DEANS  
Schuster Alexandra DEANS  
Schwartz Diana DEANS  
Schwartzman Joel DEANS  
Schweitzer Jacob DEANS  
Scifo Ashley DEANS  
Scites Jamie DEANS  
Scott Derek PRESDT  
Scott Garrett PRESDT  
Scott Jennifer DEANS  
Scott Kathryn PRESDT  
Scott Kaye DEANS  
Scott Kelsie DEANS  
Scott Lori DEANS  
Scott Michael DEANS  
Scott Sabine DEANS  
Scott Tara DEANS  
Sealey Sara DEANS  
Sealey Sheila PRESDT  
Seaman Jonah DEANS  
Seeberger Meghan DEANS  
Seeberger Sarah DEANS  
Seeley Madeleine DEANS  
Seetin Tressa DEANS  
Seger Melissa DEANS  
Segura Amy DEANS  
Sehhati Kourosh DEANS  
Sejas Efrain PRESDT  
Sekandari Saher DEANS  
Sekander Khalil ullah DEANS  
Sekel John DEANS  
Sekhon Jenney DEANS  
Seleshi Lishan DEANS  
Sellers Zachary DEANS  
Semenenko Anastasiia PRESDT  
Semiankova Natallia DEANS  
Semones Kathryn DEANS  
Sen Sushant DEANS  
Senbete Esayas DEANS  
Senbete Meaza PRESDT  
Senedara Lisa DEANS  
Senfi Tara DEANS  
Sennett Laura PRESDT  
Senzano Heidy DEANS  
Seo Eun Hye PRESDT  
Seo Steve DEANS  
Seppala Daniel DEANS  
Seray-Wurie Memuna DEANS  
Sergei Daniel DEANS  
Serpa Kathleen PRESDT  
Serpas Maria DEANS  
Serrano Carlos DEANS  
Serrano Erwin DEANS  
Servetti Patricio DEANS  
Sesay Alice DEANS  
Sesay Janmed DEANS  
Sesse Genet DEANS  
Sessou Eyrame DEANS  
Settles Thomas DEANS  
Seva Gonzalez Noelia DEANS  
Sevgili Melis DEANS  
Sevier Justin PRESDT  
Seville Phyllis DEANS  
Sexton Nicole PRESDT  
Seye Marieme DEANS  
Seyedzare Ida DEANS  
Seymour Erica PRESDT  
Seymour Scott DEANS  
Shaban Faiad DEANS  
Shadan Lima DEANS  
Shade Stephen DEANS  
Shadid Stephanie DEANS  
Shafea Nouf DEANS  
Shafer Cliti DEANS  
Shaheen Lubna DEANS  
Shahi Nira DEANS  
Shahid Junaid PRESDT  
Shahid Rahil DEANS  
Shahidi Ayeneh DEANS  
Shahjahan Abu Zafar DEANS  
Shahryary Kian Paul PRESDT  
Shahzad Akhtar DEANS  
Shaikh Farnaz PRESDT  
Shaikh Sanam DEANS  
Shalonis Danica DEANS  
Shalonis Victoria PRESDT  
Shamdin Rollan DEANS  
Shams Ishan DEANS  
Shamsolkotaby Shahriyar DEANS  
Shanabrook Kristine DEANS  
Shanahan Alexandra DEANS  
Shank Maria DEANS  
Shanley Colleen DEANS  
Shannon Connor PRESDT  
Shanta Michael DEANS  
Shapiro Scott DEANS  
Shapiro Stephanie DEANS  
Sharaf Akram DEANS  
Sharafati Payam PRESDT  
Shariatmadari Haleh PRESDT  
Sharif Saluan DEANS  
Sharma Devendra DEANS  
Sharma Ganesh DEANS  
Sharma Kulbhushan DEANS  
Sharma Sonal DEANS  
Sharma Sudha DEANS  
Sharmin Mir PRESDT  
Sharolli Romtin PRESDT  
Sharon Meghan DEANS  
Sharp Christopher DEANS  
Sharp David DEANS  
Sharpe Bryan DEANS  
Sharpe Raynesha PRESDT  
Shasho Entela PRESDT  
Shata Elhussein DEANS  
Shaughnessy Terrance DEANS  
Shaver Evan PRESDT  
Shaver Miranda DEANS  
Shaw Corey DEANS  
Shaw Donald DEANS  
Shea John PRESDT  
Sheesley Milton PRESDT  
Sheikh Huda PRESDT  
Sheikh karani Houra PRESDT  
Sheldon Christopher DEANS  
Shellenberger Jonas DEANS  
Shelton Lisa DEANS  
Sherazi Asma DEANS  
Sherbin Michael DEANS  
Sheremet Elena DEANS  
Sherrill Tory DEANS  
Sherwood Jody DEANS  
Sherwood Robert DEANS  
Sheth Jay PRESDT  
Shevchenko Anna DEANS  
Shevchenko Olga PRESDT  
Shibly Mahmudul DEANS  
Shields Christopher DEANS  
Shields Jennifer DEANS  
Shiffer Allison DEANS  
Shillingburg Jessica PRESDT  
Shillingford Nicholas DEANS  
Shim Brian DEANS  
Shim Sahng DEANS  
Shin Chelsea DEANS  
Shin Hee Won DEANS  
Shin Seung Pil PRESDT  
Shinawatra Erica DEANS  
Shindler Chelsey PRESDT  
Shinners Rebecca DEANS  
Shipp Danielle DEANS  
Shircliff Haley DEANS  
Shirinov Suhrob DEANS  
Shirzoi Wais DEANS  
Shively William DEANS  
Shkrabaliuk Ganna DEANS  
Shmerling Michelle DEANS  
Shoriz Anmar PRESDT  
Shoriz Bashar DEANS  
Shoriz Remih DEANS  
Short Rachel PRESDT  
Shotwell Stuart DEANS  
Shouman Azza DEANS  
Shoup Brent DEANS  
Showalter Michael DEANS  
Shpil Ryan DEANS  
Shrestha Nistha PRESDT  
Shu Garrett DEANS  
Shuler Megan DEANS  
Shultis Sarah DEANS  
Shultz Ann PRESDT  
Shum Cheukfan DEANS  
Shumbulo Eden PRESDT  
Shydlouskaya Tatsiana DEANS  
Siah En DEANS  
Sianati Aynaz DEANS  
Sibert Thomas DEANS  
Sicilia Natalia DEANS  
Siddig Isra DEANS  
Siddiqi Fatima PRESDT  
Siddiqui Ashar DEANS  
Siddiqui Haya DEANS  
Siddiqui Maleeha DEANS  
Siddiqui Mohummad DEANS  
Siddiqui Shazia DEANS  
Sides Steven DEANS  
Sidhu Tejwinder PRESDT  
Sidvall Annika DEANS  
Siebor Anna PRESDT  
Sielaff Kathleen DEANS  
Sifre Keyla PRESDT  
Sikes Jillian DEANS  
Siler Jasmine PRESDT  
Siller Michelle DEANS  
Sills Daniel DEANS  
Siloto da Silva Aponte Bruna PRESDT  
Silva Constanza DEANS  
Silva Eloisa DEANS  
Silva Jessica DEANS  
Silva Johab PRESDT  
Silva Stephanie DEANS  
Silva-Linera Natalia DEANS  
Silvious Michael PRESDT  
Sim Gregory DEANS  
Sim Jennifer DEANS  
Simmons Fraiser PRESDT  
Simmons Janette PRESDT  
Simmons Thomas DEANS  
Simo John DEANS  
Simon Gabriel DEANS  
Simpson Ashley DEANS  
Simpson George DEANS  
Simpson Mark DEANS  
Simpson Savannah DEANS  
Sims Danjuelle DEANS  
Sims Terrah DEANS  
Simunyola Teza DEANS  
Sin Aaron DEANS  
Sines Jessica DEANS  
Singer Vanessa DEANS  
Singh Bhawanjit DEANS  
Singh Bibek PRESDT  
Singh Gagandeep PRESDT  
Singh Harmeet DEANS  
Singh Jagjit DEANS  
Singh Kuldeep DEANS  
Singh Rajnish DEANS  
Singh Tajinder DEANS  
Singh Yodh PRESDT  
Single Tabitha DEANS  
Singletary Emmanuel PRESDT  
Singley Sarah DEANS  
Sinkfield Gina DEANS  
Sirithianwanichakul Noppadon PRESDT  
Siriwardena Sithara PRESDT  
Sirna Anthony DEANS  
Sisman Alyson PRESDT  
Sitdikova Olesya DEANS  
Sitko Jeremy DEANS  
Sitney Nick DEANS  
Sitnik Holly PRESDT  
Skaggs Morgan PRESDT  
Skantze Erik DEANS  
Skidmore Mackenzie DEANS  
Skinner Horton DEANS  
Skokowski Scott DEANS  
Skolnick Alexander DEANS  
Skoog Patricia DEANS  
Skopljakovic Monika PRESDT  
Slabko Katsiaryna PRESDT  
Slack Keytrell DEANS  
Sladkovska Maryna PRESDT  
Slater Lee PRESDT  
Slattery Joann DEANS  
Slawson Micah DEANS  
Smalls Latroy DEANS  
Smedberg Dorothy PRESDT  
Smedberg Marion PRESDT  
Smiley Megan DEANS  
Smith Alysia DEANS  
Smith Amanda DEANS  
Smith Amy PRESDT  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith Chase DEANS  
Smith Damien DEANS  
Smith Daniel DEANS  
Smith Deirdre DEANS  
Smith Douglas DEANS  
Smith Elijah PRESDT  
Smith Emily DEANS  
Smith Gloria DEANS  
Smith Gregory PRESDT  
Smith Ian DEANS  
Smith James DEANS  
Smith Jenna DEANS  
Smith Jennifer DEANS  
Smith John DEANS  
Smith Joshua PRESDT  
Smith Kathleen DEANS  
Smith Kevin DEANS  
Smith Leah DEANS  
Smith Lindsey DEANS  
Smith Lucy DEANS  
Smith Marie DEANS  
Smith Mark DEANS  
Smith Mary DEANS  
Smith Meagan DEANS  
Smith Mia DEANS  
Smith Michael PRESDT  
Smith Mitchell DEANS  
Smith Nancy DEANS  
Smith Nathan DEANS  
Smith Paola DEANS  
Smith Parris DEANS  
Smith Patrick DEANS  
Smith Peter DEANS  
Smith Rachel DEANS  
Smith Richard DEANS  
Smith Riley DEANS  
Smith Sam DEANS  
Smith Sarah DEANS  
Smith Stephen DEANS  
Smith Thomas PRESDT  
Smith Tiffany DEANS  
Smith Trevon DEANS  
Smith Warren DEANS  
Smith Wellington DEANS  
Smith William PRESDT  
Smith Ximena PRESDT  
Smyczek Jelena PRESDT  
Snell Michael DEANS  
Snellings Michael DEANS  
Snider Robert PRESDT  
Snodgrass Jonathan DEANS  
Snow Antoine DEANS  
Snyder Christopher DEANS  
So Minna DEANS  
Sobsey Kacie DEANS  
Sohel Rizoanul DEANS  
Sojka Nicholas DEANS  
Sokolovic Marija DEANS  
Sol Claudia DEANS  
Soliman Oscar DEANS  
Solimany Masoumeh DEANS  
Solis Cesar DEANS  
Solis Julia DEANS  
Solis Vidal Adela DEANS  
Solodka Valeriia PRESDT  
Solomon Tsiyone PRESDT  
Soltan Omar DEANS  
Somaschini Federico PRESDT  
Somera Shaena DEANS  
Somers Jennifer PRESDT  
Sommer Jonathan DEANS  
Son Dat PRESDT  
Son Ji Sun PRESDT  
Son So Hee PRESDT  
Son Violet DEANS  
Song Chung-ah PRESDT  
Song InSoo DEANS  
Song Jinsung PRESDT  
Song Patricia DEANS  
Song Seong-hwan PRESDT  
Song Starr DEANS  
Songvilay Max PRESDT  
Sonnenbrot Ryan DEANS  
Sonnier David DEANS  
Sonntag Audrey DEANS  
Sood Sunisha PRESDT  
Soriano Juan Miguel PRESDT  
Soriano Vicky DEANS  
Sorto Aura DEANS  
Sorto Carmen DEANS  
Sorto Oscar DEANS  
Sorto Ruth DEANS  
Soto Alexia DEANS  
Soto Cynthia DEANS  
Soto Edmanuel PRESDT  
Soto Frederick PRESDT  
Soto Maria DEANS  
Soto Mariela DEANS  
Soto Sarah DEANS  
Soukup Leah PRESDT  
Sousa Philip PRESDT  
South Patrick DEANS  
Sowell Jasmine DEANS  
Spagnoli Alexander DEANS  
Spahr Giselle DEANS  
Spain Monique PRESDT  
Spalding Caitlin DEANS  
Spalti Cassandra DEANS  
Sparks Robert DEANS  
Sparrow Meghan PRESDT  
Sparrow Petronella DEANS  
Spath Brian DEANS  
Speaks Teresa PRESDT  
Spears Lauren PRESDT  
Spees Zachary DEANS  
Spence Jessica PRESDT  
Spence Jessie DEANS  
Spence Joanne DEANS  
Spence Samantha PRESDT  
Spencer Kimberly DEANS  
Sperry Cecilia DEANS  
Sperry Stieven DEANS  
Speth Mark DEANS  
Spicer Ashley PRESDT  
Spigle Meghan DEANS  
Spillman Stacey PRESDT  
Spingher Mansoor DEANS  
Spink Charles DEANS  
Spiritova Monika DEANS  
Spitz David DEANS  
Spitznagel Martin DEANS  
Spivey Philip DEANS  
Spradlin Luke PRESDT  
Spradlin Matthew DEANS  
Sprekels Bianca DEANS  
Spriggs Marvin DEANS  
Spriggs Michael DEANS  
Springston Dakota PRESDT  
Sproles Justin DEANS  
Spurr Robert DEANS  
Squires Rane DEANS  
Srivancharoan Somphot DEANS  
St. Lawrence Jeanine DEANS  
Staats Stephanie DEANS  
Stachowiak Jeremy DEANS  
Stack Meghan DEANS  
Stadtler Jessica PRESDT  
Stage Jessica DEANS  
Stanger Ryan PRESDT  
Stanikzai Sulaiman DEANS  
Stanisic Jovica DEANS  
Stanislaus-Johnson Glenda DEANS  
Stanley Kelsey DEANS  
Starkey Laura DEANS  
Starr Maximilian DEANS  
Starski Vanessa DEANS  
Startsman Talia PRESDT  
Staszak Ian DEANS  
Stead Justin DEANS  
Steadman Ronald DEANS  
Stearrett Nathaniel PRESDT  
Stebbins Phyllis PRESDT  
Stecher Craig PRESDT  
Steele Amanda DEANS  
Steele Benjamin DEANS  
Steele Catherine DEANS  
Steele Eric DEANS  
Steele Robert PRESDT  
Steen Benjamin DEANS  
Steeves Taylour DEANS  
Steffen Nicholas DEANS  
Stegeman Amy DEANS  
Stegherr Christopher DEANS  
Stelly Collette DEANS  
Stemke Michael DEANS  
Stempfley Catherine DEANS  
Stepanek Josef PRESDT  
Stephens Amanda DEANS  
Stephens Andrew DEANS  
Stephens Hadasha DEANS  
Stern Madeleine PRESDT  
Stern Neil DEANS  
Stetson-Mills Cathleen DEANS  
Stevens Ashley DEANS  
Stevens Connie DEANS  
Stevens Eric DEANS  
Stevens Rebekah PRESDT  
Steverson Erin DEANS  
Stewart Alexia DEANS  
Stewart Cody DEANS  
Stewart Cory DEANS  
Stewart Jacob PRESDT  
Stewart Jonathan DEANS  
Stewart Kelsey PRESDT  
Stewart Leo DEANS  
Stewart Makeda PRESDT  
Stewart Shannon DEANS  
Steyn Kirsty DEANS  
Stibbards Richard PRESDT  
Stike Ginger PRESDT  
Stiles Alyson DEANS  
Stoddard Rebecca PRESDT  
Stoffan Jared DEANS  
Stoffel Mary PRESDT  
Stokes Christopher PRESDT  
Stone Emma DEANS  
Stone Rachel PRESDT  
Stone Rex DEANS  
Stone Sher PRESDT  
Stone-Franz Sarah DEANS  
Stookey Emily DEANS  
Stopa Arina DEANS  
Storch Kenneth DEANS  
Storch Samantha PRESDT  
Stornaiuolo Antonio DEANS  
Strang William PRESDT  
Strausbaugh Sandra DEANS  
Stribling Michael DEANS  
Strickland Laura DEANS  
Strobridge Ashley PRESDT  
Strock Conner DEANS  
Stromgren Heather DEANS  
Strube Alex PRESDT  
Strydom Rene' DEANS  
Stuart Lakita DEANS  
Stuart Olivia PRESDT  
Stucker Sarah PRESDT  
Stuebner Sean PRESDT  
Stuekerjuergen Lauren DEANS  
Sturm Tamara DEANS  
Stutz Morgan DEANS  
Styles Camelia DEANS  
Styles Casandra DEANS  
Suarez Claudia DEANS  
Suarez Ena DEANS  
Such-Baer Benjamin DEANS  
Sud Malini DEANS  
Suddueth Tina DEANS  
Suer Anil DEANS  
Suer Ceren DEANS  
Sues Edward DEANS  
Suger Mohannad DEANS  
Suh Justice DEANS  
Suh Madison DEANS  
Suh Woosik PRESDT  
Suitor Earl PRESDT  
Sukhdavaa Ichinkhorloo DEANS  
Sukol David PRESDT  
Sulaymanhel Mariya DEANS  
Suleiman Yasmin PRESDT  
Suliman Rozina DEANS  
Sulitan Kalibinuer DEANS  
Sullivan Jeanette DEANS  
Sullivan Kelsey PRESDT  
Sullivan Ryan DEANS  
Sullivan Tanya DEANS  
Sultan Yousof DEANS  
Sultana Tania PRESDT  
Sumando Laurence Ian DEANS  
Sun Jessica DEANS  
Sung Jina DEANS  
Sung Yeonhak DEANS  
Sung Young-Jae DEANS  
Sunga Isabelle DEANS  
Sunga Keith Clarisse DEANS  
Sur Meung Yeun DEANS  
Suraci Anthony PRESDT  
Surina John DEANS  
Surratt Doris DEANS  
Surujlall Natasha DEANS  
Surujpaul Yassodia DEANS  
Sutphin Carly DEANS  
Sutphin Lea PRESDT  
Suttee Rachel DEANS  
Sutton Tiffany DEANS  
Suubi Rebecca PRESDT  
Suvichanont Maneenuch DEANS  
Suyo Alexander DEANS  
Svajdlenka Paul DEANS  
Svendsen Mark PRESDT  
Swanson Nancy DEANS  
Sward Rebecca DEANS  
Sweat Jacob DEANS  
Sweeney Gena DEANS  
Sweeney Marian DEANS  
Sweeney Rebecca DEANS  
Sweet Heather DEANS  
Sweeting Theresa DEANS  
Sweezey Kristine PRESDT  
Swenson Jennifer DEANS  
Swift-Dojcak Cindy DEANS  
Swinhart Lyndsey DEANS  
Syal Umesh DEANS  
Sydnor Jennifer DEANS  
Sydnor Tara PRESDT  
Syed Amin DEANS  
Syed Ghufran DEANS  
Syed Shahan DEANS  
Syed Sofia DEANS  
Syed Abuthagir Shereen rakshana DEANS  
Sylvester Paige DEANS  
Szczepaniak Kamila DEANS  
Szkalak Alexis DEANS  
Szustak Mary DEANS  
Szych Andrew PRESDT  
Szymanowski Stefan DEANS