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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2012

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Ma Jason DEANS  
Ma Lulu PRESDT  
Maan Jennifer PRESDT  
Maarouf Mohamed DEANS  
Maas Albert DEANS  
Mabrouk Marwa PRESDT  
Mabud Saifuddin DEANS  
MacBride Lorraine DEANS  
MacDicken Tulia DEANS  
MacDonald Thomas PRESDT  
MacElroy John DEANS  
Mach Hoa DEANS  
Mach Srey Mom PRESDT  
Macias Janitzia DEANS  
Mackeigan Amanda DEANS  
Mackey James DEANS  
Macleod Colby DEANS  
Macleod Paul PRESDT  
Macomber BettyLou DEANS  
Macon Timothy DEANS  
Macpherson Michelle PRESDT  
Madan Prachi DEANS  
Madaraszova Aniko DEANS  
Maddox Bilal DEANS  
Maddox Leah PRESDT  
Maddrey William PRESDT  
Maddux Evan DEANS  
Maddux John PRESDT  
Madero Elizabeth DEANS  
Maenza Anthony PRESDT  
Maetzold Christopher PRESDT  
Magallanes Hernan DEANS  
Maghsoudi Amir PRESDT  
Magill Amanda PRESDT  
Maglaya Michelle DEANS  
Magume Claudette PRESDT  
Magwood Albert DEANS  
Mahamat Itno Fatime Zara DEANS  
Maharaj Reba DEANS  
Maharaj Surika DEANS  
Maharjan Satish DEANS  
Mahdavi Yasaman PRESDT  
Maher Melissa PRESDT  
Mahgoub Sara PRESDT  
Mahmood Tarana PRESDT  
Mahmoud Mona DEANS  
Mahmoud Sondos DEANS  
Mahmoudi Irdamousa Ehsan DEANS  
Mahone Samuel DEANS  
Mahoney Daniel DEANS  
Mahoney Kathryn DEANS  
Mahteme Ruth DEANS  
Mai Bang DEANS  
Mai Dan DEANS  
Mai Hoang DEANS  
Mai Hung DEANS  
Mai Vy DEANS  
Maia Jason DEANS  
Maida Diana DEANS  
Maine Brenda DEANS  
Mains Jessica PRESDT  
Maio Jimmy DEANS  
Maiorana Joel DEANS  
Maiwurm James DEANS  
Majano Nelson DEANS  
Majano Benitez Tania DEANS  
Majdalawieh Mamoon PRESDT  
Majdas Piotr DEANS  
Majeed Hanif DEANS  
Majersky James DEANS  
Majewski Janice PRESDT  
Majidi Fatima Zahra DEANS  
Majidov Jahangir DEANS  
Major Carla DEANS  
Majors Janay DEANS  
Makar Christine DEANS  
Makarova Elena DEANS  
Makec Martha DEANS  
Makokha Florence DEANS  
Makwana Paresh PRESDT  
Malcova Natalia DEANS  
Maldonado Eduardo DEANS  
Maldonado Franci DEANS  
Maldonado Jessica DEANS  
Malhotra Neha PRESDT  
Malik Nasra DEANS  
Malik Shamaila PRESDT  
Malik Shayan DEANS  
Malik Sonia PRESDT  
Malinish Alyssandra DEANS  
Malko Alena DEANS  
Mallon Mariah PRESDT  
Mallory Sara DEANS  
Malone Abigail PRESDT  
Malts Evgeny DEANS  
Mamo Abraham DEANS  
Mamo Yemariam DEANS  
Man Jessica PRESDT  
Manandhar Yamuna DEANS  
Mancil Zarela DEANS  
Mancilla Linley PRESDT  
Mancini Maria DEANS  
Mancusi Amanda DEANS  
Manetti Michael PRESDT  
Mang Josef PRESDT  
Manion Michael DEANS  
Manley Ashlin PRESDT  
Mann Alex DEANS  
Mann Hatsumi DEANS  
Mann Jason DEANS  
Mann Lauren DEANS  
Mann Meghan DEANS  
Mann Raymond DEANS  
Manninen Tanja DEANS  
Manning Erin DEANS  
Mannix Christopher DEANS  
Manno Ally DEANS  
Manraj Imran DEANS  
Manry Amanda DEANS  
Mansaray Yalamba PRESDT  
Mansoori Saba PRESDT  
Manzella Salvatore DEANS  
Maramkhah Nasser DEANS  
Marcus Andrew DEANS  
Mardelli George DEANS  
Marguerite Didier DEANS  
Marhrim Abderrazak DEANS  
Mariani Toni DEANS  
Marimuthu Ram DEANS  
Marin Alvaro PRESDT  
Marin Rosas Jorge DEANS  
Marineau Carolyn DEANS  
Maring Andrew DEANS  
Marino Dana DEANS  
Marinucci Jacquelyn DEANS  
Marioghae Adetutu DEANS  
Mariotti Starr DEANS  
Markell Caitlin DEANS  
Market Brenda DEANS  
Markivich Tyrus DEANS  
Markley Gabrielle PRESDT  
Markova Dilyana DEANS  
Marks Maria DEANS  
Markus Joanne DEANS  
Marland Adam DEANS  
Marotta Thomas DEANS  
Marouf Ineas PRESDT  
Marple Erika DEANS  
Marquardt Clayton DEANS  
Marquez Andrew DEANS  
Marquez Marlene DEANS  
Marquez Sandra DEANS  
Marquez Vanessa DEANS  
Marquina David DEANS  
Marron Jacob DEANS  
Marrone Michelle DEANS  
Marroquin Wilson DEANS  
Marsden Jennifer DEANS  
Marsh Benjamin PRESDT  
Marsh Conor DEANS  
Marshall Alexander DEANS  
Marshall Laura DEANS  
Marshall Richard PRESDT  
Marshburn Trevor DEANS  
Marteney Brittany DEANS  
Martin Aaron DEANS  
Martin Britny DEANS  
Martin Christopher PRESDT  
Martin Corine DEANS  
Martin Danielle DEANS  
Martin Evan DEANS  
Martin Gary DEANS  
Martin Gregory PRESDT  
Martin Gregory DEANS  
Martin John DEANS  
Martin Melanie DEANS  
Martin Patrick DEANS  
Martin Ryan DEANS  
Martin Seth DEANS  
Martinez Ana DEANS  
Martinez Christian DEANS  
Martinez Edmar DEANS  
Martinez Gonzalo PRESDT  
Martinez Idalia DEANS  
Martinez Jaime PRESDT  
Martinez Jennifer DEANS  
Martinez Laura PRESDT  
Martinez Luis DEANS  
Martinez Marco DEANS  
Martinez Marcos PRESDT  
Martinez Monica DEANS  
Martinez Nicole DEANS  
Martinez Oscar DEANS  
Martinez Reynaldo DEANS  
Martinez Rosemary DEANS  
Martinez Vanessa DEANS  
Martinez Suarez Jorge DEANS  
Martinko Reed PRESDT  
Martin-Walker Victoria DEANS  
Martz Amanda DEANS  
Mascialino Gregory PRESDT  
Mashack John DEANS  
Mashinski Michael DEANS  
Mashkour Maryam PRESDT  
Mason Curtis DEANS  
Masood Lalah DEANS  
Masood Sarah DEANS  
Massa-Bendezu Cecilia DEANS  
Massie Michelle PRESDT  
Massous Sami PRESDT  
Masters Donald DEANS  
Masterton Todd DEANS  
Mastrangeli Mario DEANS  
Mastrangelo Jason PRESDT  
Mastropaolo Ryan DEANS  
Mata Herson DEANS  
Mata Lydia DEANS  
Matalon Kali DEANS  
Mateo Alexandra DEANS  
Mateos Suong DEANS  
Mathalon Jordan DEANS  
Mathews Angelique DEANS  
Mathews Jordan PRESDT  
Mathews Marvin PRESDT  
Mathews Nicole DEANS  
Mathewson Joseph PRESDT  
Mathieu Edward DEANS  
Mathis Cassie DEANS  
Mathis Katelyn DEANS  
Mathison Kelly DEANS  
Mathy Liliana DEANS  
Matias Raymund DEANS  
Matis Cindy DEANS  
Matlock Caleb PRESDT  
Matlock Isaac PRESDT  
Matteson Earl PRESDT  
Matthews Grace DEANS  
Matthews Markus PRESDT  
Maturo Constance DEANS  
Matwijec Danielle DEANS  
Matysyna Yelena DEANS  
Matz John DEANS  
Maul Ruth DEANS  
Maurer Sarah DEANS  
Maurya Amit DEANS  
Mawsha Teodros DEANS  
May Katy DEANS  
May Mary DEANS  
May Reid DEANS  
Maybury Kala DEANS  
Mayen Selena DEANS  
Mayen-Krogstad John PRESDT  
Mayfield Rebecca DEANS  
Mayfield Tahisha DEANS  
Mayne Jennifer DEANS  
Maynor Katherine DEANS  
Mays Dhaakira DEANS  
Mays Robert PRESDT  
Maysaud Rajaa PRESDT  
Mayuga Jose Gabriel PRESDT  
Mazengia Melaku DEANS  
Mazzini Fiorella DEANS  
Mbakwa Festus PRESDT  
Mbugua Daniel DEANS  
Mc connell Patrick DEANS  
McAllister Kaylynn DEANS  
McAllister Kevin DEANS  
Mcardle Susan DEANS  
McBride Athena DEANS  
Mcbride Jesse DEANS  
McBurnett Meredith DEANS  
McCabe Anna DEANS  
Mccall Benjamin DEANS  
McCallum Audra DEANS  
McCallum Martin PRESDT  
McCann Jillianna DEANS  
McCann Nathan DEANS  
McCargo Eric DEANS  
McCarry Thomas DEANS  
McCarthy Hannah DEANS  
McCarthy Kate PRESDT  
McCarthy Robert PRESDT  
McCarthy William PRESDT  
McCauley Robert PRESDT  
McCave Joshua DEANS  
McClafferty Christopher PRESDT  
McClear Brendan DEANS  
McClelland Timothy PRESDT  
McClendon Jonathan PRESDT  
McCloskey Arami DEANS  
McClure Yuliya PRESDT  
McCollum Daniel DEANS  
Mccorkel Chris DEANS  
McCormack Elizabeth DEANS  
McCormack Gabrielle PRESDT  
McCormack Kathleen PRESDT  
McCormick Heather DEANS  
McCormick Kathryn DEANS  
McCormick Kevin DEANS  
McCormick Peyton PRESDT  
McCormick Raymond DEANS  
McCowen April DEANS  
Mccoy Maurice DEANS  
McCoy Tia DEANS  
McCoy II William DEANS  
Mccracken Bethany DEANS  
McCracken Emily DEANS  
McCrary Ashley PRESDT  
McCrory Patrick DEANS  
McCue Jennifer DEANS  
Mcdade Matthew DEANS  
McDaniel Brooke PRESDT  
McDaniel Caren DEANS  
McDaniel Joseph DEANS  
Mcdermott David DEANS  
McDole Brittany DEANS  
Mcdonald Bryan DEANS  
McDonald Jennah DEANS  
McDonald Tantania DEANS  
McDonald Zachary DEANS  
McDonald-Cuba Lynn DEANS  
McDonnell John DEANS  
Mcdowall Kristopher DEANS  
McDowell Alec PRESDT  
McEachin Tara DEANS  
McElroy Laura DEANS  
Mcelwain Chris DEANS  
McFail Jarreau DEANS  
McFall Christy DEANS  
McFarland Katelyn PRESDT  
McFarland Susanna PRESDT  
McGalem Richard PRESDT  
McGann Catherine DEANS  
McGartland Patrick DEANS  
Mcgeary Joey DEANS  
McGeever Melissa DEANS  
McGhee Katherine DEANS  
McGinn Kelly PRESDT  
McGrady Sheryl PRESDT  
McGriff James DEANS  
McGuigan Daniel DEANS  
McGuire John DEANS  
Mcguirk Erin DEANS  
Mchich Mohammed DEANS  
McIntyre Jaime DEANS  
McIvor Mary DEANS  
McKannon Michael DEANS  
McKay Joanna DEANS  
McKean Michele DEANS  
McKee Elizabeth PRESDT  
McKeithan Lisa DEANS  
McKenna Michael DEANS  
McKenzie Jeffrey DEANS  
Mckeon Charles PRESDT  
McKinley Jason PRESDT  
McKinney Sarah DEANS  
McKinnon Justine DEANS  
McKinnon Toni DEANS  
McLaughlin Sean DEANS  
Mcleese Evan PRESDT  
McLellan Katherine DEANS  
McLemore Henry PRESDT  
McLemore Jared DEANS  
McLeod Damion DEANS  
McLune Tanika DEANS  
Mcmahan Tracy DEANS  
Mcmahon Gabriel DEANS  
McManus Patricia DEANS  
McMaugh Christopher DEANS  
Mcmillan Evan DEANS  
Mcmillan James DEANS  
McMillan Shannon DEANS  
Mcmorries Holly DEANS  
McNabb Brandin DEANS  
McNamara Christine DEANS  
Mcnamee Amanda PRESDT  
Mcnamee Mary PRESDT  
McNeal Timothy PRESDT  
Mcnealy Ingrid DEANS  
McNeil Kristopher PRESDT  
Mcneil Susan DEANS  
McNichol Connor PRESDT  
McShane Keely DEANS  
McVicker Jenita DEANS  
Mead Laura DEANS  
Meadows Sylvia PRESDT  
Mebratu Rahel DEANS  
Meda Pokam Vanessa DEANS  
Medehane Roza DEANS  
Medeiros Giellen DEANS  
Medellin Giorgi DEANS  
Medina Ana DEANS  
Medrano Henry DEANS  
Meersman Kaitlyn DEANS  
Meese Edward PRESDT  
Mehan Daniel DEANS  
Mehler Ashley PRESDT  
Mehmanesh Nusha DEANS  
Mehraei Payam DEANS  
Meidt Melissa PRESDT  
Meininger Grace PRESDT  
Mejia Josue DEANS  
Mejia Ramon PRESDT  
Mejia Summer DEANS  
Mekonnen Melisaw DEANS  
Mekonnen Mindaralew DEANS  
Mekuria Ayunia DEANS  
Melaku Kidist DEANS  
Melaku Mebrat DEANS  
Melendez Cesar DEANS  
Melendez Danielle DEANS  
Melendez Jonathan DEANS  
Melesse Tadesse DEANS  
Melgar Jessica DEANS  
Melgar Silvia DEANS  
Melikian Robert DEANS  
Melkerson Matthew DEANS  
Mellin Meagan DEANS  
Melsop Jennifer PRESDT  
Memmo Callan PRESDT  
Mena Iliana DEANS  
Menard Kristen PRESDT  
Mendenhall Alexandra PRESDT  
Mendez Adriana PRESDT  
Mendez Eiliana DEANS  
Mendez Iris DEANS  
Mendez Joan DEANS  
Mendez-Rojas Mireya DEANS  
Mendez-Rourk Alexandra DEANS  
Mendoza Adrian DEANS  
Mendoza Allan PRESDT  
Mendoza Cecilia DEANS  
Mendoza Christina PRESDT  
Mendoza Justine Paul DEANS  
Mendoza Lucky DEANS  
Mendoza Vairon DEANS  
Menefee Christiana PRESDT  
Menegazzi Caseiro Bianca DEANS  
Meneses Amanda PRESDT  
Mengistu Abiyot PRESDT  
Mengistu Bruck DEANS  
Mengistu Yohannes DEANS  
Menke Mary DEANS  
Mensah Abraham DEANS  
Mensah Traval PRESDT  
Mensah-Etsi Kokougan PRESDT  
Meraj Tarannum DEANS  
Mercado Marta DEANS  
Merchant Sareena DEANS  
Merida Giovana DEANS  
Merida Susan DEANS  
Merino Lesly DEANS  
Merino Sixto PRESDT  
Merkel Vincent DEANS  
Merza Nikolai PRESDT  
Mesfin Kidisthanna PRESDT  
Mesfin Lucy DEANS  
Messer Scotty DEANS  
Metangpa Tasong PRESDT  
Metcalfe Cassandra DEANS  
Methlie George DEANS  
Mette-Bory Natalie DEANS  
Metz Susanne PRESDT  
Meuser Andrea DEANS  
Meyers Jessica DEANS  
Meyers Moriah DEANS  
Meyers Samantha DEANS  
Mgomezulu Hlekiwe PRESDT  
Mhanaojyakorn Sophol DEANS  
Miadi Mohammed DEANS  
Micale Michael DEANS  
Michaels Megan DEANS  
Michaels Pich DEANS  
Michelsen Charlette DEANS  
Michelsen Monique DEANS  
Michik Melissa PRESDT  
Mickle Jeffrey PRESDT  
Mickle Thomas DEANS  
Middlebrook Richard DEANS  
Middleton Carli DEANS  
Middleton Jareco DEANS  
Mierez Agustin DEANS  
Mijango Saul DEANS  
Mikhail Marina DEANS  
Mikles Linda DEANS  
Miles Alexander PRESDT  
Miles Christian DEANS  
Miles Myra PRESDT  
Milhouse Robert DEANS  
Millan Jorge DEANS  
Miller Allison DEANS  
Miller Annette PRESDT  
Miller Candace DEANS  
Miller Daniel DEANS  
Miller David PRESDT  
Miller Debra DEANS  
Miller Gloria DEANS  
Miller Katrina DEANS  
Miller Lynn PRESDT  
Miller Marcus PRESDT  
Miller Marti DEANS  
Miller Matthew DEANS  
Miller Molly DEANS  
Miller Rebecca DEANS  
Miller Samantha DEANS  
Miller-Loy Sherry DEANS  
Milligan Justin DEANS  
Millones Sara PRESDT  
Mills Amanda DEANS  
Mills Bright DEANS  
Mills Karen DEANS  
Mills Rhodalyn PRESDT  
Mills Sarah DEANS  
Min Chan Hee DEANS  
Min Ji Hyun DEANS  
Min Jiyeon DEANS  
Min Seolhee PRESDT  
Min Sohyun DEANS  
Minaie Sahand DEANS  
Miner Cameron DEANS  
Miner Kelsey DEANS  
Mingo Carolina DEANS  
Mingos Johanna DEANS  
Minicucci Joseph DEANS  
Minnema Steffanie DEANS  
Minnis Victoria DEANS  
Minocha Shweta DEANS  
Mintah Emmanuel DEANS  
Minton Louise DEANS  
Mirabella Julia PRESDT  
Miramontes Nicolas PRESDT  
Miranda Rosemary DEANS  
Miranda-Ocampo Iris DEANS  
Mirra Keith DEANS  
Mirza Rabia DEANS  
Mirzaei Elham DEANS  
Mischo Millicent DEANS  
Mishani Niloufar DEANS  
Miskell Kevin PRESDT  
Mitchell Alexandra PRESDT  
Mitchell Christine DEANS  
Mitchell Christopher DEANS  
Mitchell Daniel PRESDT  
Mitchell James DEANS  
Mitchell Jasmine DEANS  
Mitchell Joanna DEANS  
Mitchell Kristen PRESDT  
Mitchell Marcy DEANS  
Mitchell Michelle PRESDT  
Mitchell Tamika DEANS  
Mitchell Walter DEANS  
Mitiku Rahel PRESDT  
Mitro Suvom DEANS  
Mittelman Gerald DEANS  
Mityga Sean DEANS  
Mixell Michelle DEANS  
Mobasser Amanda DEANS  
Moberly Laura DEANS  
Mochinski Ann DEANS  
Modi Tina DEANS  
Moein Arvand PRESDT  
Moench Michelle DEANS  
Moesle Patrick DEANS  
Mogharabnia Leila DEANS  
Mohamad Tahnaz DEANS  
Mohamed Abdelaziz DEANS  
Mohamed Ahlam DEANS  
Mohamed Nihal DEANS  
Mohamed Rayan DEANS  
Mohamed Zakariya PRESDT  
Mohammadhasani Amirreza PRESDT  
Mohammadpour Maria PRESDT  
Mohammed Abdul-Nasir DEANS  
Mohammed Hanan DEANS  
Mohammed Saeed Zainab PRESDT  
Mohamud Faduma DEANS  
Mohamud Falhad DEANS  
Mohbo-oh Shiwoh DEANS  
Mohd Supandi Zul DEANS  
Mojadidi Hena PRESDT  
Mojica Brian neal PRESDT  
Mokam Fokwa Morelle DEANS  
Molano Chanele DEANS  
Molebash Nichole DEANS  
Molin Nathalie DEANS  
Molina Cree DEANS  
Molina David PRESDT  
Molina Denisse DEANS  
Molina Natasha PRESDT  
Molina Yali DEANS  
Moliterno Javier PRESDT  
Moloney Angus DEANS  
Moloney Emmett DEANS  
Moltrup Wendy DEANS  
Molugu Sadruth DEANS  
Momtahan Mahsa PRESDT  
Monastiriotis Maria DEANS  
Monderer Michael DEANS  
Mondoloka Caleb DEANS  
Monge Xavier DEANS  
Monin Katie PRESDT  
Monjer Abu DEANS  
Monsalve Cesar DEANS  
Monsalve Maria DEANS  
Montano Manuel DEANS  
Montano Sandra DEANS  
Montclair Megan DEANS  
Montecinos Delia DEANS  
Montemayor Jonathan DEANS  
Montero Luis DEANS  
Montes Gabriela PRESDT  
Montes de Oca Elizabeth DEANS  
Montgomery Barbara DEANS  
Montgomery Cherell DEANS  
Montgomery Theresa DEANS  
Monti Rebecca PRESDT  
Montiel Sandra DEANS  
Montoya Amy DEANS  
Montoya Iliana DEANS  
Montoya Joseph DEANS  
Monts Tamara DEANS  
Moody Briana PRESDT  
Moon Angela DEANS  
Moon Donato PRESDT  
Moon Ji-hyun DEANS  
Moon Sunyoung DEANS  
Mooney Amber DEANS  
Mooney Erin PRESDT  
Mooney Lynda DEANS  
Moore Abigail PRESDT  
Moore Amelia DEANS  
Moore Arch DEANS  
Moore Austin DEANS  
Moore Gaterina DEANS  
Moore John DEANS  
Moore Justin DEANS  
Moore Mary Beth DEANS  
Moore Michelle DEANS  
Moore Nicole DEANS  
Moore Robert DEANS  
Moore Samuel PRESDT  
Moores Joanna DEANS  
Moore-Singer Jeffrey DEANS  
Mora Melina DEANS  
Moradian Julian DEANS  
Morales Aldo DEANS  
Morales Geiel DEANS  
Morales Jose PRESDT  
Morales Lisdeth DEANS  
Morales William DEANS  
Morales Landa Juan DEANS  
Morales Monsalve Jose DEANS  
Morales Perdomo Jose DEANS  
Moran Christopher PRESDT  
Moran Colin DEANS  
Moran Justin DEANS  
Moran Leila DEANS  
Moran Robert DEANS  
Morataya Taciana DEANS  
Morejon Maritza DEANS  
Morel Caroline PRESDT  
Morello Andrea PRESDT  
Morelos Joseph DEANS  
Moreno Anna DEANS  
Moreno Gabriela PRESDT  
Moreno Meghan DEANS  
Moreno Tracy DEANS  
Moreno Celis Paola PRESDT  
Moreno Vera Luis DEANS  
Moretti Nicole DEANS  
Morford Ming DEANS  
Morgan Anna DEANS  
Morgan Ashleigh DEANS  
Morgan Brittany DEANS  
Morgan Claudia DEANS  
Morgan Daniel DEANS  
Morgan Lauren DEANS  
Morgan Lindsey DEANS  
Morgan Melissa PRESDT  
Morgan Michelle PRESDT  
Moridzadeh Jayran PRESDT  
Moriggi Erin DEANS  
Morley Jill DEANS  
Morley-Hillen Matthew DEANS  
Moron Julio DEANS  
Moroney Jonathan PRESDT  
Morra Mikelle DEANS  
Morrell Rachel DEANS  
Morrell Richard DEANS  
Morris Alexandra DEANS  
Morris Audra PRESDT  
Morris Charles DEANS  
Morris David PRESDT  
Morris Gail PRESDT  
Morris Melissa DEANS  
Morris Rodolfo DEANS  
Morris William DEANS  
Morrison Kevin DEANS  
Morrison Taylor PRESDT  
Morrison Valentina DEANS  
Morriss John PRESDT  
Morrow Monique DEANS  
Morse Kara DEANS  
Mortillo Steven PRESDT  
Morton Alison PRESDT  
Moruno Evelyn DEANS  
Moseley Jane DEANS  
Moser Charles DEANS  
Moser Elizabeth PRESDT  
Moser Jacob DEANS  
Moses Christopher DEANS  
Mosler Alexandra PRESDT  
Mosley Jennie DEANS  
Moss Yauntee DEANS  
Mossaid Ihssane PRESDT  
Moste Alexandra DEANS  
Mosuela Kristine DEANS  
Motalebi Kashani Milad DEANS  
Motaweh Mostafa DEANS  
Moten Darren DEANS  
Moten Erika DEANS  
Mots Maiu DEANS  
Motta Katelyn DEANS  
Moummi Ghita DEANS  
Mouneimne Basil DEANS  
Moussoume Suzanne DEANS  
Moxley Katherine DEANS  
Moyer Nathan PRESDT  
Mozayani Mohammad DEANS  
Mozeyko Sarah DEANS  
Mroczyk Joseph DEANS  
Mtugoba Isis DEANS  
Mubarak Fadhil DEANS  
Mubarak Shahad DEANS  
Mubiru Julia PRESDT  
Mudgil Ayush DEANS  
Mudrezow Jake DEANS  
Mudryk John DEANS  
Mueller Angelika DEANS  
Mueller Christin PRESDT  
Mueller Michael PRESDT  
Mugnaini Fabio PRESDT  
Mugoya Brenda DEANS  
Muhsiny Naeem DEANS  
Mujinga Nancy PRESDT  
Mukai Jenna DEANS  
Mukku Vivekananda DEANS  
Mulat Zaid DEANS  
Mulato Erika Kirsten PRESDT  
Mull Samuel DEANS  
Mullaly Katie PRESDT  
Mullan Deborah DEANS  
Mullan Imaida PRESDT  
Mullen Vanessa DEANS  
Muller Antoine PRESDT  
Muller Joshua DEANS  
Muller-Thym Andrew PRESDT  
Mullinax Mitchell DEANS  
Mullins Frances DEANS  
Mullins Lisa DEANS  
Mulowayi Marie-josee DEANS  
Mulugeta Tehetena PRESDT  
Mulvaney Barbara PRESDT  
Mumini Ceylan DEANS  
Mumuni Margaret DEANS  
Mundy Teresa PRESDT  
Munevar Sebastian PRESDT  
Mungle Amy DEANS  
Muniz Gabriela DEANS  
Munjal Meena DEANS  
Munkhtur Yanjindulam DEANS  
Munoz Linda PRESDT  
Munoz Mirian DEANS  
Munsayac Kenneth Gabriel DEANS  
Murad Zebah PRESDT  
Murati Rey PRESDT  
Muriel Patricia DEANS  
Murphy Justin DEANS  
Murphy Rebecca DEANS  
Murphy William DEANS  
Murphy-Solano Paul PRESDT  
Murray John DEANS  
Murray Mason PRESDT  
Murray-pino Louise DEANS  
Musa Nuro PRESDT  
Muschler Jillian PRESDT  
Muse Jessica PRESDT  
Musie Alexander DEANS  
Musie Kaleb PRESDT  
Musie Yoseph DEANS  
Musil Donald DEANS  
Musngi Clynton PRESDT  
Mussa Deqa DEANS  
Mussomele Charles DEANS  
Mustafa Rokeya DEANS  
Mutawy Noor DEANS  
Mutesi Nicola DEANS  
Muth Jacob PRESDT  
Muthamsetty Sreedhar DEANS  
Mutterer Morgan DEANS  
Muzzio Sean DEANS  
Mwana Huan DEANS  
Myer Karen DEANS  
Myers Amber DEANS  
Myers Mark PRESDT  
Myers Melanie DEANS  
Myers Morgan DEANS  
Myles Latrice DEANS  
Mysak Mariya PRESDT