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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2012

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Ha HyoJong DEANS  
Ha Janet PRESDT  
Ha Jihye PRESDT  
Ha Quynh DEANS  
Ha Sarah PRESDT  
Haar Josefina DEANS  
Haas Brooke DEANS  
Haas Maria PRESDT  
Habib Aisha PRESDT  
Habib Eileen PRESDT  
Habili Minoo DEANS  
Habis Edward DEANS  
Habisch Emily DEANS  
Hablas Janice DEANS  
Habte Selam DEANS  
Habte Yordanos DEANS  
Habtemariam Thewodros DEANS  
Hack Timothy DEANS  
Hackes Patrick DEANS  
Hackett Carolynn DEANS  
Haddaway Catherine PRESDT  
Haddock Loreann PRESDT  
Hadi Mohammed DEANS  
Hadijski Katherine DEANS  
Hadjichristodoulou Savvas DEANS  
Hagans James DEANS  
Hagee Alexandra DEANS  
Hagen Ellen DEANS  
Hager Susan DEANS  
Haghighatfar Shirin DEANS  
Hagley Lisa DEANS  
Hagos Sessen DEANS  
Hahn Ashley DEANS  
Hahne Jared DEANS  
Haidar Abdelmalek PRESDT  
Haidarbaigi Yasaman DEANS  
Haidary Najebah PRESDT  
Haile Beakal PRESDT  
Haile Dagmawet DEANS  
Haile Herani DEANS  
Haile Natnael DEANS  
Haile Yonatan DEANS  
Hailemariam Abrham DEANS  
Hailey Tara DEANS  
Hailu Betelhem DEANS  
Hailu Hiwot DEANS  
Hailu Nebiat DEANS  
Hailu Ruth DEANS  
Hains Catherine DEANS  
Hajher Hilal DEANS  
Hakala Kristin DEANS  
Hale Jessica DEANS  
Haleem Mohamed PRESDT  
Haley John DEANS  
Halkyard Matthew DEANS  
Hall Christopher PRESDT  
Hall Courtney DEANS  
Hall Elizabeth DEANS  
Hall Jordan DEANS  
Hall Katherine DEANS  
Hall Lauren PRESDT  
Hall Lisa PRESDT  
Hall Madeline PRESDT  
Hall Paul DEANS  
Hall Regina DEANS  
Hall Ryan PRESDT  
Hall Thomas DEANS  
Hall Tilda DEANS  
Hallahan Brian PRESDT  
Hallauer Lauren DEANS  
Hallett Stephen DEANS  
Halm Gifty DEANS  
Halstead Sean DEANS  
Halvorson Eric DEANS  
Ham Montrese DEANS  
Hamad Alia DEANS  
Hamby Christopher DEANS  
Hamed Mohammed DEANS  
Hameed Faraz PRESDT  
Hameed Rohaan DEANS  
Hamid Nuruzzaman DEANS  
Hamidi Arzo DEANS  
Hamidi Hamed DEANS  
Hamilton Brea DEANS  
Hamilton Lillian DEANS  
Hamilton Tatyana PRESDT  
Hamm Patrick DEANS  
Hammad Jude DEANS  
Hamman Stephanie DEANS  
Hammock Lauren DEANS  
Hammond Nicole DEANS  
Hammoud Rudolph PRESDT  
Hampf Jessica DEANS  
Hampson Celena DEANS  
Hampton Renita DEANS  
Hampton Richard DEANS  
Hamraoui Zineb DEANS  
Hamrick Raymond DEANS  
Han Dashuai DEANS  
Han Gyil PRESDT  
Han Jounghee PRESDT  
Han Min Kyung PRESDT  
Han Miock DEANS  
Han Sa Rang DEANS  
Han Seulhwan DEANS  
Han SongYi PRESDT  
Hanchin Shannon DEANS  
Hand Anna DEANS  
Handres Rachel DEANS  
Hanelli Amanda PRESDT  
Hanelli Armian PRESDT  
Haney Natalie DEANS  
Haninou Khalil DEANS  
Hanke Annette DEANS  
Hankins Kathryn DEANS  
Hanley Brendan PRESDT  
Hanley Fiona DEANS  
Hanley Kenneth DEANS  
Hann Sara PRESDT  
Hanna Juliane DEANS  
Hanna Nicholas DEANS  
Hannah Marie DEANS  
Hanner Charles DEANS  
Hansberger Rachel DEANS  
Hansbrough George DEANS  
Hansen Charles DEANS  
Hansen Jessica PRESDT  
Hansen Logan PRESDT  
Hansen Michael DEANS  
Hansen Susan DEANS  
Haque Sahina DEANS  
Haque Taysirul PRESDT  
Haradj Djelloul DEANS  
Haralson Genevieve DEANS  
Harbaugh Brian PRESDT  
Harbi Faisal PRESDT  
Harbin Helen DEANS  
Harbison Amanda PRESDT  
Harchi Omar DEANS  
Hardcastle Marshall DEANS  
Harden Matthew PRESDT  
Hardin Kyle DEANS  
Harding Charlene DEANS  
Hardman Samuel DEANS  
Hardy Emmett PRESDT  
Hargbol Breanna DEANS  
Hargreaves Alec DEANS  
Harkins Elizabeth DEANS  
Harlow Annie DEANS  
Harmon Elisabeth DEANS  
Harmon Marilia DEANS  
Harmon Zachary DEANS  
Harner Matthew DEANS  
Harner Melissa DEANS  
Harper Jacqueline PRESDT  
Harper London DEANS  
Harper Marrise DEANS  
Harr Charles PRESDT  
Harrington Benjamin DEANS  
Harrington Rachel DEANS  
Harris Harold PRESDT  
Harris Katie DEANS  
Harris Kyle DEANS  
Harris Mark DEANS  
Harris Philip DEANS  
Harris Roland DEANS  
Harris Ryan DEANS  
Harris Vanessa DEANS  
Harris William DEANS  
Harrison Benjamin PRESDT  
Harrison Daniel DEANS  
Harrison Ian DEANS  
Harrison Maureen DEANS  
Harrison Vincent DEANS  
Harrop Matthew DEANS  
Hart Cody DEANS  
Hart William PRESDT  
Harte Chris PRESDT  
Hartman Corey DEANS  
Hartsock Taylor DEANS  
Harvey Kyle DEANS  
Harwick Robert DEANS  
Hasan Kristin DEANS  
Hasan Maisha DEANS  
Hasenecz Denise DEANS  
Hashemi Wahida DEANS  
Hashim Rabab DEANS  
Hashim Safa DEANS  
Hashimi Mursal DEANS  
Hashmi Abdullah DEANS  
Hasiyanti FNU DEANS  
Haskel Evan DEANS  
Haskins Dylan DEANS  
Hasou Yoseph DEANS  
Hassan Ahad DEANS  
Hassan Alishan PRESDT  
Hassan Ashiqul DEANS  
Hassan Azza DEANS  
Hassan Harris DEANS  
Hassan Mahmood DEANS  
Hassan Rangin DEANS  
Hassan Rufayda DEANS  
Hassan Safiya PRESDT  
Hassen Lubaba DEANS  
Hassen Tahir PRESDT  
Hassoun Yassmina DEANS  
Hasty Deborah DEANS  
Hatam Saghar DEANS  
Hatamieh Delaram DEANS  
Hatch David PRESDT  
Hatcher David DEANS  
Hatcher Luke DEANS  
Hatchette Gregory DEANS  
Hathaway Daniel DEANS  
Hatter Sunshine PRESDT  
Haupt Jessica DEANS  
Hauptman Kelly DEANS  
Hausman Samuel DEANS  
Havens Jessica DEANS  
Havrilla Timothy PRESDT  
Hawkes Brenda DEANS  
Hawkins Kimberly DEANS  
Hawthorne Katherine DEANS  
Hay Samantha DEANS  
Haycraft Lewis DEANS  
Hayde Adam DEANS  
Hayes Emily DEANS  
Hayes Eric DEANS  
Hayes Hannah DEANS  
Hayes Jovon DEANS  
Hayes Michael PRESDT  
Haynes Andrew PRESDT  
Haynes Stephen DEANS  
Hayungs Mandy DEANS  
Haywood John DEANS  
Haywood Taniqua DEANS  
Hazam Mohamed DEANS  
Hazen Carol DEANS  
He Zinai PRESDT  
Healy Samantha DEANS  
Heard Coriena DEANS  
Heatherton Adam PRESDT  
Heaton Jennifer DEANS  
Hebert Lissa DEANS  
Heflin Janice DEANS  
Heflin Justin DEANS  
Hege Juliana DEANS  
Hegeler David DEANS  
Heidari Nasim DEANS  
Heim Eileen PRESDT  
Heims Lindsey PRESDT  
Heine William DEANS  
Heins Alyssa DEANS  
Heintschel Christopher PRESDT  
Heinz Nadine PRESDT  
Heisig Joyce PRESDT  
Heisler Sarah DEANS  
Heldreth Stephanie DEANS  
Helm Angela PRESDT  
Helmandollar Cheri DEANS  
Helmey Nermeen DEANS  
Helms Hannah PRESDT  
Helms Sara DEANS  
Heltzel Braeden PRESDT  
Hembree Jena DEANS  
Hembree Stefan PRESDT  
Hembrey Ashley DEANS  
Hemmati Soroush PRESDT  
Hemmelgarn Julia DEANS  
Henchbarger Erin DEANS  
Henderson Anja PRESDT  
Henderson Irving PRESDT  
Henderson Jessica DEANS  
Henderson Kurt DEANS  
Henderson Mark DEANS  
Henderson Susan DEANS  
Hendrickson Kelly DEANS  
Henebery Margaret DEANS  
Hennessey Christopher DEANS  
Hennessey Cullen DEANS  
Henning Gregory PRESDT  
Henriquez Consuelo DEANS  
Henriquez Manuel DEANS  
Henry Anne DEANS  
Henry Christopher PRESDT  
Henry Diane DEANS  
Henry Justin DEANS  
Henry Kathleen PRESDT  
Henry Lakeisha DEANS  
Henry Lynda DEANS  
Henry Melanie PRESDT  
Henry Michael PRESDT  
Henry Zachary DEANS  
Hensley Samantha DEANS  
Henson Eric DEANS  
Henson Tara DEANS  
Henzey Carmela Therese DEANS  
Her Yoong DEANS  
Herbas Ramirez Jhersson PRESDT  
Herbst Miles DEANS  
Herbst Pattie DEANS  
Herbstreit Brent PRESDT  
Hercules Madelyn DEANS  
Hering-Smith Stefanie DEANS  
Herlehy Niall DEANS  
Hernandes Estreyita DEANS  
Hernandez Anthony DEANS  
Hernandez Diana DEANS  
Hernandez Edward PRESDT  
Hernandez Gerardo DEANS  
Hernandez Jose DEANS  
Hernandez Juan PRESDT  
Hernandez Karen DEANS  
Hernandez Lena DEANS  
Hernandez Lillian DEANS  
Hernandez Nathan DEANS  
Hernandez Soraida DEANS  
Hernandez Valeria DEANS  
Hernandez Vivian DEANS  
Hernandez Portillo Leslie PRESDT  
Hernandez Vega Marcela DEANS  
Hernandez-Chacon Kleidy PRESDT  
Herold Hannah PRESDT  
Herr-Chowdhury Shara DEANS  
Herrera Alexis DEANS  
Herrera Angella DEANS  
Herrera Evaristo DEANS  
Herrera Fernandez Luis DEANS  
Herrera Gironda Mirka DEANS  
Herring Katelynne PRESDT  
Herring Michael DEANS  
Herring Nicole DEANS  
Hershkovitz Michael DEANS  
Herzberger Michael DEANS  
Heselton Lauren DEANS  
Heslop Lilian PRESDT  
Hesse Poramaporn PRESDT  
Heston Stephanie DEANS  
Hetzer Amy DEANS  
Heung Benjamin DEANS  
Heupel Flavia DEANS  
Heydarian Armand DEANS  
Heyn Nathan PRESDT  
Hickey Kelly DEANS  
Hickey Mary PRESDT  
Hickey Sean DEANS  
Hickey Shannon DEANS  
Hickman Ahbleza DEANS  
Hickman Valerie PRESDT  
Hicks Bobby DEANS  
Hicks Brandon PRESDT  
Hicks Corinne DEANS  
Hicks Mary DEANS  
Hicks Ryan DEANS  
Hicks William PRESDT  
Hidayat Sana DEANS  
Higginbotham Ryan DEANS  
Higgins Maryna DEANS  
Higgs Alyssa DEANS  
High Attallah DEANS  
High Elizabeth DEANS  
Hilado Joshua DEANS  
Hilaire Jason DEANS  
Hill Edward DEANS  
Hill Garrett DEANS  
Hill Jeffrey PRESDT  
Hill Lydia DEANS  
Hill Monica DEANS  
Hill Peter PRESDT  
Hill Tamika DEANS  
Hillaert Laura PRESDT  
Hilleary Virginia DEANS  
Hilt Christiane DEANS  
Hindi Ruba PRESDT  
Hineen Tawadros DEANS  
Hines Andrea PRESDT  
Hines David PRESDT  
Hinrichsen Kimberly DEANS  
Hinson Lisa DEANS  
Hinton Hartini DEANS  
Hirscher Jonathan DEANS  
Hitchcock Anzhela DEANS  
Hively Jennifer PRESDT  
Hixon Michael DEANS  
Hixson Courtney DEANS  
Hixson Stephanie DEANS  
Hjelm Corinne DEANS  
Ho Peggy PRESDT  
Hoag Michael DEANS  
Hoang Amberly DEANS  
Hoang Hongdao DEANS  
Hoang Katherine PRESDT  
Hoang Linh DEANS  
Hoang Luan DEANS  
Hoang Ngoc Anh DEANS  
Hobbs Molly DEANS  
Hober Michael DEANS  
Hockaday Earl DEANS  
Hockman Lauren PRESDT  
Hodell Skyler PRESDT  
Hodge Steven DEANS  
Hodgen Camila DEANS  
Hodges John DEANS  
Hodnett Ronnie DEANS  
Hoehner Michael DEANS  
Hofer Marion PRESDT  
Hoffer Theodore DEANS  
Hoffman Paul DEANS  
Hoffman Sara DEANS  
Hoffstot Jason PRESDT  
Hogan Jessica DEANS  
Hogan Michael DEANS  
Hogan Tynetra DEANS  
Hoge Lucas DEANS  
Hogge Ashton DEANS  
Holcomb Danielle DEANS  
Holeckova Denisa PRESDT  
Holguin Kathryn DEANS  
Holland John DEANS  
Holland Mandy DEANS  
Holland Sarah DEANS  
Hollenbeck Alexander DEANS  
Hollett Seon Ok DEANS  
Holliday Logan DEANS  
Holliday Mathew DEANS  
Hollingsworth Nicholas DEANS  
Hollins Joseph DEANS  
Hollins Leatrice DEANS  
Holloway Cassandra DEANS  
Holm Ashley DEANS  
Holmes Derrick DEANS  
Holmes Olga PRESDT  
Holmes Shavawn DEANS  
Holtzman Kirk DEANS  
Holz-Fernandez David DEANS  
Holzman Brandy DEANS  
Holzweissig Pamela DEANS  
Hong Hun Ki DEANS  
Hong Sujung PRESDT  
Hong Sungeun DEANS  
Hood Charles DEANS  
Hooker Mary DEANS  
Hooper Barrik PRESDT  
Hooper Bashir DEANS  
Hooper John DEANS  
Hope Elijah DEANS  
Hopkins Bria DEANS  
Hopkins Matthew DEANS  
Hopkins Merima PRESDT  
Hopkins Robert DEANS  
Hopkins Theresa DEANS  
Hoppe Darryl DEANS  
Hoppes Philip DEANS  
Hoppin Daniel PRESDT  
Hoque Faizah DEANS  
Hoque Mohammad DEANS  
Hoque Tamim PRESDT  
Hordell Elizabeth DEANS  
Horne Keisha DEANS  
Horneman Christopher PRESDT  
Horneman Jonathan PRESDT  
Horner Rachel DEANS  
Hornig Christian PRESDT  
Horton Sarah DEANS  
Hosek Beth PRESDT  
Hoskins Christopher PRESDT  
Hoskins Jennifer DEANS  
Hosman Leah DEANS  
Hossain Feardushi DEANS  
Hossaini Fathuma DEANS  
Hosseini Parviz DEANS  
Hotaki SIbghatullah PRESDT  
Hotchkiss Carolyn DEANS  
Hotle Christa PRESDT  
Houde Sonia DEANS  
Houenouvi Komlanvi DEANS  
Hough Moriah DEANS  
House David DEANS  
House Julia DEANS  
Houston Vanessa PRESDT  
Houtchens Colleen DEANS  
Houtman Angelina DEANS  
Hovanesian Rachel DEANS  
Howard Braeton DEANS  
Howard Brittany DEANS  
Howard Katlyn PRESDT  
Howard Shana DEANS  
Howell Corey DEANS  
Hower Maya PRESDT  
Howieson Devlin DEANS  
Hsu Justin DEANS  
Hu Cissy PRESDT  
Hu Xiaochuan DEANS  
Huaman Giovanna DEANS  
Huang Dan DEANS  
Huang Hai DEANS  
Huang Jinying DEANS  
Huang Qiaoer DEANS  
Hubbard Kira DEANS  
Huber Matthew DEANS  
Hubsch McKenna PRESDT  
Hudkins David DEANS  
Hudock Kathryn DEANS  
Huff Andrew DEANS  
Huff David DEANS  
Huff Jessica DEANS  
Huff Meggan DEANS  
Hughes Jessica DEANS  
Hughes Kevin DEANS  
Hughes Laurel DEANS  
Hughes Nathaniel PRESDT  
Hughes Norman DEANS  
Hughes Siphiwe DEANS  
Hughes Tre DEANS  
Hughey Andrew PRESDT  
Huh Jaejoon PRESDT  
Huh Jong Man PRESDT  
Huley Hilarie DEANS  
Hull Caitlin DEANS  
Hull Kerry PRESDT  
Hull Lauren DEANS  
Hull Michael PRESDT  
Hull Rebecca PRESDT  
Hull Rebecca DEANS  
Hull Sarah DEANS  
Hultin Serenity DEANS  
Hummer Clinton DEANS  
Humpherys Jeromy DEANS  
Humphries Madeline PRESDT  
Huneycutt Brian DEANS  
Hunsberger Jeanette DEANS  
Hunt David PRESDT  
Hunt John DEANS  
Hunt Kelly DEANS  
Hunter David PRESDT  
Hunter Glenda PRESDT  
Hunter Iesha DEANS  
Hunter Martha PRESDT  
Hunter Melissa DEANS  
Hunter Roger DEANS  
Hunter Vania PRESDT  
Hunter Yoana DEANS  
Hunter-Sowers Ruby DEANS  
Huppert Alexander PRESDT  
Huq Momena PRESDT  
Hurley Jennifer DEANS  
Hurrle-Mantari Robin PRESDT  
Husein Hani PRESDT  
Huska Jacob PRESDT  
Huskerson Tom DEANS  
Hussain Adil DEANS  
Hussain Dyna DEANS  
Hussain Naveen DEANS  
Hutchings Amanda PRESDT  
Hutchins Dean DEANS  
Hutchinson DeYondalan DEANS  
Hutchinson Nicholas DEANS  
Hutchison Courtney DEANS  
Hutson Clarence DEANS  
Huttner Wesley DEANS  
Hutton Jackson DEANS  
Huynh Anh PRESDT  
Huynh Cam Thuy PRESDT  
Huynh Cam Tu DEANS  
Huynh Eric DEANS  
Huynh Hong-An DEANS  
Huynh Kiet DEANS  
Huynh Mai PRESDT  
Huynh Nguyen DEANS  
Huynh Thao DEANS  
Huynh Tien PRESDT  
Huynh Tran DEANS  
Huynh Vinh DEANS  
Huynh Vu DEANS  
Hwang Juhee DEANS  
Hwang Jung Gu DEANS  
Hwang Ki-Ho DEANS  
Hwang Sung Gue DEANS  
Hyatt Raymond DEANS  
Hyatt Taylor DEANS  
Hyde Martina DEANS  
Hydorn David PRESDT  
Hyter Anthony DEANS  
Hyun Tong DEANS