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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2012

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Ba Moussa PRESDT  
Baatartsogt Oyudari PRESDT  
Babcock Rebecca DEANS  
Babiker Abdelmounem DEANS  
Babikir Sara DEANS  
Bachir Amy PRESDT  
Bachir Lora PRESDT  
Bachus Paxson DEANS  
Backers Courtney DEANS  
Bacon Kyle DEANS  
Bacon Ronald PRESDT  
Bader Melissa DEANS  
Badic Dinko DEANS  
Badillo Felicia DEANS  
Badowi Anbarin DEANS  
Badu-Mensah Agnes PRESDT  
Bae Sangsu DEANS  
Baek In Sung PRESDT  
Bagley Eric DEANS  
Bagnall Kevin PRESDT  
Bagoulla Sophia DEANS  
Bagwell Taylor DEANS  
Bah Mariama DEANS  
Baheej Buroog DEANS  
Bahl Bharti PRESDT  
Bahr Kelly DEANS  
Bahrami Matthew PRESDT  
Bahre Eyob DEANS  
Bai-Attilla Margarette DEANS  
Baig Adil DEANS  
Baig Asad DEANS  
Baig Ehsan DEANS  
Bailey Clifford DEANS  
Bailey Crystal PRESDT  
Bailey Elizabeth PRESDT  
Bailey Francine DEANS  
Bailey Helena DEANS  
Bailey Jason DEANS  
Bailey Zachary DEANS  
Bailey-Edmondson Jenee DEANS  
Baird Rachel DEANS  
Baird Robert DEANS  
Baires Ana DEANS  
Baitinger Kelly DEANS  
Bajaber Reema DEANS  
Bajaj Sonal PRESDT  
Bajwa Abdullah PRESDT  
Bajwa Sumeet DEANS  
Bajwa Waqar DEANS  
Bakatkina Maria PRESDT  
Bakeer Jude DEANS  
Baker Christina DEANS  
Baker Jonathan DEANS  
Baker Lindsay PRESDT  
Baker Wesley DEANS  
Balangawan Camille DEANS  
Balbi Fernando PRESDT  
Balboa Ivette DEANS  
Balboa Jose PRESDT  
Balbuena Juan PRESDT  
Balcha Azeb DEANS  
Baldwin Tertia DEANS  
Balgon Zahra PRESDT  
Balis Joshua DEANS  
Balke Nathaniel DEANS  
Ball Hannah DEANS  
Ball Madeleine DEANS  
Ballinger Hannah PRESDT  
Ballivian Sergio DEANS  
Ballou Helen DEANS  
Ballou Johanna DEANS  
Balmakhtar Houria PRESDT  
Baluch Shabnam DEANS  
Bamasi Samira DEANS  
Bamieh Moh'd DEANS  
Banai Amir DEANS  
Bancroft Bryan DEANS  
Banegas Ariel DEANS  
Bangerter Anna DEANS  
Banh Jennifer PRESDT  
Banks Michael PRESDT  
Banks Nathan DEANS  
Banner Jibri DEANS  
Bapisteller Linda DEANS  
Baptist Meijiao PRESDT  
Barahona-Ordonez Jose PRESDT  
Barajas Russell DEANS  
Barakat Abeer DEANS  
Baras Abdulaziz DEANS  
Barbalace Fabio PRESDT  
Barbato Michael DEANS  
Barbe Stephanie DEANS  
Barber Kelley DEANS  
Barber Leslie DEANS  
Barber Solange DEANS  
Barbieri Susan PRESDT  
Bardo Peter PRESDT  
Barefield Joey DEANS  
Bargabos Heidi DEANS  
Barger Christopher PRESDT  
Barillas Sabrina DEANS  
Barkat Zoulikha DEANS  
Barkeit Sandie DEANS  
Barker Trevor DEANS  
Barkett Eric DEANS  
Barksdale Jessica PRESDT  
Barlette John DEANS  
Barner Timothy PRESDT  
Barnes Cynthia DEANS  
Barnes Jacob DEANS  
Barnes Karyn DEANS  
Barnes Kenneth DEANS  
Barnes Raymond PRESDT  
Barnes Tianna DEANS  
Barney William DEANS  
Barnhart Sarah PRESDT  
Barnhill Danette DEANS  
Barnhizer Jeffrey DEANS  
Barogh Janet DEANS  
Baron Carla DEANS  
Barousse Lauren DEANS  
Barrand Kyle DEANS  
Barrett Allison DEANS  
Barrett Estee DEANS  
Barrett Michala DEANS  
Barrientos Adriana DEANS  
Barrineau Jacquelyn DEANS  
Barros Angela DEANS  
Barros Kamila DEANS  
Barrus Mariah DEANS  
Barry Natalie DEANS  
Barry Nicholas DEANS  
Barry Virginia DEANS  
Barteau Alison DEANS  
Bartell Amber DEANS  
Bartell Sarah DEANS  
Bartlam Jacob PRESDT  
Bartley Sarah DEANS  
Bartol Stacy DEANS  
Barton Ann DEANS  
Barton Christina DEANS  
Barua Mithun DEANS  
Barua Prabal DEANS  
Barwick Rosanne DEANS  
Barwis Robert DEANS  
Basey Joycelyn DEANS  
Basherdost Mirwais DEANS  
Bashioum Abigail DEANS  
Bashir Amr DEANS  
Bashiri Nooshin DEANS  
Basila Daniel DEANS  
Baskin Jesse DEANS  
Baskina Aleksandra DEANS  
Bass Hannah DEANS  
Basto Gina DEANS  
Bateman James DEANS  
Bateman Kasey DEANS  
Bateman Kelsey DEANS  
Bates Cynthia DEANS  
Bates Heather DEANS  
Batista Walkiria DEANS  
Batra Amanjit DEANS  
Batt Susan PRESDT  
Battaglia Joseph DEANS  
Battle Asia DEANS  
Battle Bennett DEANS  
Battle Sean DEANS  
Batyan Anna DEANS  
Batzorig Tenuun PRESDT  
Bau Man Chun DEANS  
Baugher Magdalena DEANS  
Baughman Tracy DEANS  
Bauman Heather DEANS  
Bautista Antonio DEANS  
Baxter Jessica DEANS  
Baya Garcia Denis DEANS  
Bayat Ahmad PRESDT  
Baynard Anthony DEANS  
Bayona-Caro Yanire DEANS  
Bayrakci Arda DEANS  
Baysah Jody DEANS  
Baz Zhalai DEANS  
Bchiri Bennassar DEANS  
Beach Kristeen PRESDT  
Beachy Dominique DEANS  
Beaghler Lissetty PRESDT  
Bean Ian PRESDT  
Beasley Brett DEANS  
Beatty John DEANS  
Beaudry Daniel DEANS  
Beaulieu Danielle PRESDT  
Beaumont Rachel DEANS  
Beaver Lance DEANS  
Beavers Faith PRESDT  
Beavers Nina PRESDT  
Beck Eileen PRESDT  
Becker Michael DEANS  
Beckett Lindsay DEANS  
Beckman Aiesha PRESDT  
Beczkiewicz Peter DEANS  
Beecher Daniel DEANS  
Beese Dennis DEANS  
Begna Tadesse DEANS  
Begum Saima DEANS  
Beheit Luis DEANS  
Beheler Ronald PRESDT  
Beheshti Mohammad Ali DEANS  
Beheshtian Seyed PRESDT  
Behmardi Behrad DEANS  
Behnam Sonita PRESDT  
Bejaneishvili Bakur PRESDT  
Bejaneishvili David PRESDT  
Bejarano Carla DEANS  
Bejarano Cesar DEANS  
Bekele Alem PRESDT  
Bekele Rahel DEANS  
Belahoussine Mouad DEANS  
Belal Farouk DEANS  
Belal Nissreen DEANS  
Belamine Ikram DEANS  
Belay Dilnessa DEANS  
Beleno Trish-Shayna DEANS  
Belete Kefyalew DEANS  
Belete Wondwossen DEANS  
Belk Diana DEANS  
Belkaiss Khalid DEANS  
Bell Amanda DEANS  
Bell Curtis DEANS  
Bell Melissa DEANS  
Bell Meredith DEANS  
Bell Robert DEANS  
Bell Stephen DEANS  
Bell Walter PRESDT  
Bell Zachary DEANS  
Bellamy-Vauters Antoinette DEANS  
Belleh Micah PRESDT  
Bellido Alejandra DEANS  
Belling Keith PRESDT  
Bellini Gianni DEANS  
Belmonte Francesca DEANS  
Beltran Aaron PRESDT  
Beltran Keiry DEANS  
Beltran Alvarado Karleny PRESDT  
Bempah Michael PRESDT  
Benard Sandie DEANS  
Benavides Andrea PRESDT  
Benavides David DEANS  
Benavides Gerber DEANS  
Bencherki Morris Hajar PRESDT  
Bender Daniel PRESDT  
Benedetti Blair DEANS  
Benhamida Samia DEANS  
Benitez Elizabeth DEANS  
Benitez Joseph DEANS  
Benitez Salvador DEANS  
Benjamin Sunil DEANS  
Benko Megan DEANS  
Benn Jessica DEANS  
Bennett Abigail DEANS  
Bennett Anthony DEANS  
Bennett Atilya DEANS  
Bennitt Marybelle PRESDT  
Benson Jeffrey DEANS  
Benson Kay DEANS  
Bentley Duvin DEANS  
Bentley Kyle DEANS  
Bentz Greg DEANS  
Benzerka Fouad DEANS  
Bercovicz Norit DEANS  
Berdeguez Megan DEANS  
Berdinner Eli DEANS  
Berdugo Iglesias Raul DEANS  
Berduo Bryan PRESDT  
Berg Max DEANS  
Berg Ryan DEANS  
Berge Earle DEANS  
Berger Andy DEANS  
Berger Maria DEANS  
Berhane Jasmin DEANS  
Berhie Awot DEANS  
Beri Alazar PRESDT  
Berkley Mary DEANS  
Berlin Kayla DEANS  
Bernabe Tomas Gilliano DEANS  
Bernardo Joel DEANS  
Bernasconi Lourdes DEANS  
Bernatowicz James DEANS  
Berner Amalia PRESDT  
Bernfeld Matthew DEANS  
Berrios Helen DEANS  
Berrios Jessica DEANS  
Berry Kathleen DEANS  
Berry Rebecca PRESDT  
Berry Richard PRESDT  
Berthe Cheick DEANS  
Bertrand Dante PRESDT  
Berwa Ravi PRESDT  
Beshir Dalia DEANS  
Besley Pamela PRESDT  
Bess Joel DEANS  
Besselievre Aric DEANS  
Betha Annapoorna DEANS  
Betremariam Hanna PRESDT  
Betts Kristopher DEANS  
Beville Michael PRESDT  
Beyen Senai DEANS  
Beyene Aynalem DEANS  
Beyene Tsedenya DEANS  
Beyer Rachel DEANS  
Beyer-Wait Susan PRESDT  
Beytulov Ibrahim DEANS  
Bezkishchenko Viktoriia PRESDT  
Bhandari Muna PRESDT  
Bhandari Reenu DEANS  
Bhandari Shova DEANS  
Bhatia Aneela PRESDT  
Bhattarai Niraula Samiksha DEANS  
Bhatti Harjot PRESDT  
Bhimani Nirajkumar DEANS  
Bhogal Harjit DEANS  
Bhutani Anish DEANS  
Bi Jiajing PRESDT  
Bibawy Safaa DEANS  
Bibi Amina DEANS  
Bibi Maria PRESDT  
Biegenwald William DEANS  
Bieler David DEANS  
Bigos Diane DEANS  
Bilal Mohammad DEANS  
Bilynsky Maria DEANS  
Binda Mark DEANS  
Binder Eduard DEANS  
Bingnear Alexandra DEANS  
Bint-Felix Creed-Gee PRESDT  
Binyam Brook DEANS  
Bire Abdissa DEANS  
Birge Ann DEANS  
Birge James PRESDT  
Birhane Gebriel DEANS  
Biru Belen DEANS  
Bishop Jennifer DEANS  
Bishop Kimberly PRESDT  
Biswas Jyotiska PRESDT  
Bitangcol Catherine DEANS  
Bitangcol Darlene Sofia DEANS  
Bizen Letebrhan DEANS  
Black Adam PRESDT  
Black Alyssa DEANS  
Black Jennifer DEANS  
Black Jeremy DEANS  
Black Maranda PRESDT  
Blackard John DEANS  
Blackwell Michael DEANS  
Blackwell Molly DEANS  
Blackwell Simon DEANS  
Blackwell Tijuana DEANS  
Bladen Deborah PRESDT  
Blair Joseph PRESDT  
Blair Megan DEANS  
Blake Elijah DEANS  
Blakes Sydney DEANS  
Blanchetti Michael DEANS  
Blanco Bessy DEANS  
Blanco Erika DEANS  
Blanco Javier DEANS  
Blanco Lemara DEANS  
Blanco-Fiengo Carlos DEANS  
Blanke Catherine DEANS  
Blankenship Brandon DEANS  
Blankson Lucy DEANS  
Blanquicet Caryn DEANS  
Blazquez Ricardo DEANS  
Blevins Gerel DEANS  
Blevins Rebecca DEANS  
Blevins Thomas PRESDT  
Blevins Victoria PRESDT  
Block Jennie DEANS  
Bloom Matthew PRESDT  
Blount Brenda DEANS  
Bludzien Marlena DEANS  
Blundell Jennifer PRESDT  
Blyden Christine DEANS  
Blyden Diondra DEANS  
Boadu Kenneth DEANS  
Boakye Faustina DEANS  
Boakye Freda DEANS  
Boakye Theresa DEANS  
Boamah Barbara DEANS  
Board Elizabeth DEANS  
Boatemaa-Antwi Abenaa DEANS  
Boateng Andrew PRESDT  
Boateng Bernice DEANS  
Boateng Samuel DEANS  
Boatright Ashley DEANS  
Bobisud Paul DEANS  
Bocian Keith DEANS  
Bock Nicholas PRESDT  
Bockman Julia DEANS  
Bocovo Charles PRESDT  
Boczkowski Molly PRESDT  
Bodmer Ashley DEANS  
Boehret Ashley PRESDT  
Bogale Solomon DEANS  
Bogart Andrew PRESDT  
Bogart Jennifer PRESDT  
Bohon Zachary DEANS  
Boisseau Jessica DEANS  
Boktor Marina PRESDT  
Bolanos Elena DEANS  
Bolds Angelica DEANS  
Bolds DeMarcus DEANS  
Bolds Dorothy DEANS  
Bolger Brendan PRESDT  
Bolling Steven DEANS  
Bolton Heather DEANS  
Bombick Jeffrey DEANS  
Bond Christopher DEANS  
Bondalapati Padma DEANS  
Bondoc Denise DEANS  
Bondoc Edcel DEANS  
Bondoc Edlyn DEANS  
Bonga Beruk DEANS  
Bonick James DEANS  
Bonifate Drake DEANS  
Bonilla Angel DEANS  
Bonilla Carolina PRESDT  
Bonilla Monica PRESDT  
Bonilla Valentin DEANS  
Bonilla Wilfredo DEANS  
Boone Amanda DEANS  
Boorom Hannah DEANS  
Booze Max DEANS  
Bordelon Toby DEANS  
Borges Delfino de Souza Helen PRESDT  
Boring Sonya DEANS  
Borja Maraldwin DEANS  
Borodetskiy Stanislav PRESDT  
Borowska Marta DEANS  
Borowski Michael DEANS  
Borrero Karina DEANS  
Bosley Carla DEANS  
Boswell Lesley DEANS  
Botty Raymond DEANS  
Bouchard Jennifer DEANS  
Boucher Allie PRESDT  
Boulajoul Fatima DEANS  
Bourdelais Samantha DEANS  
Bovhyrya Viktoriya DEANS  
Bow Marilyn DEANS  
Bowers Devin DEANS  
Bowker-Pratt Victoria DEANS  
Bowlds Allen DEANS  
Bowling Katherine DEANS  
Bowman Jeffrey DEANS  
Bowman Rebecca DEANS  
Bowman Roger DEANS  
Bowren Lundy DEANS  
Bowser Lennie DEANS  
Bowser Marquitta DEANS  
Bowser Thomas PRESDT  
Bowyer Debra DEANS  
Boyce Karyn DEANS  
Boyd Andrew DEANS  
Boyd Aubrey PRESDT  
Boyd Brian PRESDT  
Boyd Dawn DEANS  
Boyd James DEANS  
Boyd Karina DEANS  
Boyett Hebe DEANS  
Boykin Melanie DEANS  
Boza Gissela PRESDT  
Bozhich Elizabeth DEANS  
Bozzay Angela DEANS  
Bradican Michael DEANS  
Bradley Matthew DEANS  
Bradley Raven DEANS  
Bradley Tiffany DEANS  
Bradner Megan DEANS  
Brady Margret PRESDT  
Bramblett Catherine DEANS  
Bramlett Ashley DEANS  
Brancati Marisa PRESDT  
Branch Arthur DEANS  
Branch William PRESDT  
Brandes Aaron PRESDT  
Brandt Maleah PRESDT  
Brandveen Andrea DEANS  
Branner Paul DEANS  
Branower Benjamin DEANS  
Branscome Cory PRESDT  
Brar Manraj DEANS  
Brassfield Jessica PRESDT  
Braun Alexandra PRESDT  
Bray Rebecca DEANS  
Brayshaw Dana DEANS  
Brazel Joel DEANS  
Breckenridge Kyle PRESDT  
Breeden John DEANS  
Breeden Mary DEANS  
Breen Neal PRESDT  
Brennan Brian DEANS  
Brennan Lindsey PRESDT  
Brenneis Rebecca PRESDT  
Brenner Kelli DEANS  
Bresler Rebecca DEANS  
Brewer Kevin PRESDT  
Brezina Caitlin DEANS  
Briceno Steve DEANS  
Bridges Andrew DEANS  
Bridgett Morgan DEANS  
Bridwell Austin DEANS  
Briggs Alan PRESDT  
Briggs Jason PRESDT  
Briggs Lela DEANS  
Briggs Michael PRESDT  
Briggs Steven DEANS  
Brill Cassandra DEANS  
Brindza Alexandra DEANS  
Brings Stefan DEANS  
Brinkley Michael DEANS  
Brinkley Tiffany DEANS  
Briscoe Moriah DEANS  
Brisson Spencer PRESDT  
Brito Mariana PRESDT  
Brizuela Alicia DEANS  
Brobbey Yaa DEANS  
Brock Bernadette DEANS  
Brody Donald PRESDT  
Brookhart Hannah DEANS  
Brooks Amanda DEANS  
Brooks Christopher DEANS  
Brooks Crystal DEANS  
Brooks Giovana DEANS  
Brooks Jenna DEANS  
Brooks Jillian PRESDT  
Brooks Justin DEANS  
Brooks Lynda DEANS  
Brooks Tyrone DEANS  
Brosnan Dianna DEANS  
Brossman Laura DEANS  
Brotherton James DEANS  
Broughton Carolina DEANS  
Brower Olivia PRESDT  
Brown Amanda DEANS  
Brown Asia DEANS  
Brown Colton PRESDT  
Brown Danielle DEANS  
Brown David DEANS  
Brown Dominic PRESDT  
Brown Eleanore DEANS  
Brown Evelyn DEANS  
Brown Gerald DEANS  
Brown Jacqueline DEANS  
Brown James DEANS  
Brown Jamil PRESDT  
Brown Jessica DEANS  
Brown Joshua DEANS  
Brown Kadiatu DEANS  
Brown Katrina DEANS  
Brown Lavanda DEANS  
Brown Leah DEANS  
Brown Lee DEANS  
Brown Marquela DEANS  
Brown Maurice DEANS  
Brown Megan DEANS  
Brown Melanie DEANS  
Brown Michele DEANS  
Brown Misty DEANS  
Brown Murray DEANS  
Brown Patrick PRESDT  
Brown Ruth DEANS  
Brown Shanan DEANS  
Brown Sharon PRESDT  
Brown Sydnee DEANS  
Brown Terry DEANS  
Brown Victoria DEANS  
Browne Kalin PRESDT  
Brubaker Timothy PRESDT  
Bruce Charles PRESDT  
Bruce Desirae DEANS  
Bruch Lindsey PRESDT  
Bruegger Fletcher DEANS  
Bruening Joseph DEANS  
Brumbaugh Anne DEANS  
Brunhofer Matthew DEANS  
Brunhofer Stephanie PRESDT  
Brunson Chelsea PRESDT  
Brunton Holly DEANS  
Bryant John DEANS  
Bryant Susan DEANS  
Buchholz Sean DEANS  
Buckley Matthew DEANS  
Buckley Olivia DEANS  
Budd Laurel DEANS  
Budhathoki Alina DEANS  
Bueno Andrew PRESDT  
Bueno Nathaniel DEANS  
Buer Karen PRESDT  
Buettner Claire DEANS  
Bughao Kevin PRESDT  
Bughao Raymond DEANS  
Buhler Kelly DEANS  
Buhlman Alexander DEANS  
Bui Anh PRESDT  
Bui Bao DEANS  
Bui Clayton DEANS  
Bui Khang PRESDT  
Bui Kyle DEANS  
Bui Linh DEANS  
Bui Myphung PRESDT  
Bui Thao PRESDT  
Bukasa Maddy PRESDT  
Bukhari Nazira PRESDT  
Bukhari Servat DEANS  
Bul Jessica DEANS  
Bullen Eric DEANS  
Bullert Kinga PRESDT  
Bullock James DEANS  
Bult John DEANS  
Bulut Ugur PRESDT  
Bumgardner Christian PRESDT  
Bundrant Alexis PRESDT  
Burbage Stefanie DEANS  
Burd Brian DEANS  
Burden Zachary DEANS  
Burdette Jennifer DEANS  
Burgess Micheal DEANS  
Burgett Karla DEANS  
Burgi Linh DEANS  
Burk Daniel DEANS  
Burk Edward DEANS  
Burke Patrick DEANS  
Burkett Jason DEANS  
Burkhardt Caroline DEANS  
Burklew Susie PRESDT  
Burlimann Peter DEANS  
Burney Mahwish PRESDT  
Burney Tremayne PRESDT  
Burns Dustin DEANS  
Burns Eric DEANS  
Burns Jessica DEANS  
Burns Sandra DEANS  
Burns Timothy PRESDT  
Burrell Eugene DEANS  
Burrowes Aaron DEANS  
Burson Sarah PRESDT  
Burt Geoffrey DEANS  
Burt Sara PRESDT  
Burtis Cheryl DEANS  
Burton Adam DEANS  
Burton Greyson DEANS  
Burton Nichole DEANS  
Burtz Ashlen DEANS  
Burwinkel Tina DEANS  
Busa Maera DEANS  
Buser Melanie DEANS  
Bush Marlayna DEANS  
Busicchia Rachel DEANS  
Busick Regina DEANS  
Bussey Marcus DEANS  
Bustamante Eduardo PRESDT  
Bustamante Ingrid DEANS  
Bustamante Leticia PRESDT  
Bustamante Miguel DEANS  
Bustillo Jette DEANS  
Bustillos Julio DEANS  
Bustillos Melany PRESDT  
Butcher Mary DEANS  
Butler Antonio DEANS  
Butler Jonathan DEANS  
Butler Reem DEANS  
Butt Hina PRESDT  
Butt Tehreem DEANS  
Butterworth Edwin PRESDT  
Buzalsky Samantha DEANS  
Byard Christie DEANS  
Byers Amanda DEANS  
Byram Amy DEANS  
Byram Jonathan DEANS  
Byrd Charles PRESDT  
Byrne James PRESDT  
Byrne Rodney DEANS