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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2012

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Aaronstein Amber-Celeste DEANS  
Abadir Mina DEANS  
Abalikhina Alena DEANS  
Abani Djanabou DEANS  
Abao Maria Armi DEANS  
Abara Oksana DEANS  
Abaspour khamene Yasaman DEANS  
Abate Yared DEANS  
Abbasi Abu DEANS  
Abbasi Lubna DEANS  
Abbey Lawrence DEANS  
Abboud Majd DEANS  
Abdallah Suhad PRESDT  
Abdallah-Azzam Khadija DEANS  
Abdelaal Omar DEANS  
Abdelaziz Ahmed DEANS  
Abdelkhalik Marwa DEANS  
Abdella Ekram DEANS  
Abdellatief Mohamed DEANS  
Abdelmajd Mona DEANS  
Abdelrahman Sara PRESDT  
Abdelrahman Tarek DEANS  
Abdelwahed Sharif DEANS  
Abdeshahzadeh Omid DEANS  
Abdi Fowzia DEANS  
Abdi Guleid PRESDT  
Abdi Khadar PRESDT  
Abdi Tehmina PRESDT  
Abdikarim Ulpan DEANS  
Abdillahi Nimco DEANS  
Abdisa Lencha DEANS  
Abdu Bashar DEANS  
Abdulali Nafisa PRESDT  
Abdulkareem Khadar DEANS  
Abdulla Reem DEANS  
Abdullah Iman DEANS  
Abdullah Tamana DEANS  
Abdurahman Inas DEANS  
Abebe Girma DEANS  
Abedrabo David PRESDT  
Abell Leslie PRESDT  
Abera Bethelhem DEANS  
Abera Lensa DEANS  
Aberg Alexander PRESDT  
Abich Joshua DEANS  
Abid Usaid PRESDT  
Abiles McGlensey DEANS  
Abilmona Sandra DEANS  
Abi-Saleh Nadine DEANS  
Abla Abdo DEANS  
Abniki Fatemeh DEANS  
Abolghasemi Tina DEANS  
Abood Rebecca DEANS  
Abrafi Priscilla PRESDT  
Abraha Alemayehu DEANS  
Abraham Alexander DEANS  
Abraham Elshaday PRESDT  
Abraham Fithi PRESDT  
Abrari Soheila DEANS  
Abreham Beza DEANS  
Abriam Jeric DEANS  
Abubakar Mariam DEANS  
Abughannam Mohammad PRESDT  
Abu-Ghannam Kareem DEANS  
Abutaa Tamir DEANS  
Abu-Taleb Reena PRESDT  
Accornero Anthony DEANS  
Acevedo Charlene DEANS  
Acey Cory DEANS  
Achama Patricia DEANS  
Acharya Kriti DEANS  
Acharya Sailesh DEANS  
Acheampong Eva DEANS  
Achour Hadi DEANS  
Ackerman Robyn DEANS  
Ackert Kelly PRESDT  
Acklin Susan PRESDT  
Acone Courtney DEANS  
Acosta Christian DEANS  
Acotchou Oriane DEANS  
Acuff Troy DEANS  
Adabi Hassan PRESDT  
Adabunu Koudjo DEANS  
Adal Esubalew DEANS  
Adams Dustin DEANS  
Adams Jessica DEANS  
Adams Vicki DEANS  
Addai Emmanuel PRESDT  
Addai Veronica DEANS  
Addo Mariam DEANS  
Aderholt Harold DEANS  
Adjei Mabel DEANS  
Adofo Oware DEANS  
Adu Comfort DEANS  
Afanador Nelson DEANS  
Afaq Hina PRESDT  
Affane Nguema Chris DEANS  
Afshar Ausia DEANS  
Afzalnia Maryam PRESDT  
Agarwal Eena DEANS  
Agbor Crystal DEANS  
Agcayazi Betul DEANS  
Aghdam Parvaneh DEANS  
Aghel Davood DEANS  
Agrawal Monali PRESDT  
Agress Danielle DEANS  
Aguas Jhonimie DEANS  
Aguilar Jennifer DEANS  
Aguilar Yoselin DEANS  
Aguilar Estrada Claudia DEANS  
Aguirre Brian PRESDT  
Agyeman Henry DEANS  
Agyemang Kimberly DEANS  
Agyen Kofi DEANS  
Ahmad Afaf DEANS  
Ahmad Dana DEANS  
Ahmad Saba DEANS  
Ahmad Syed DEANS  
Ahmad Tanvir DEANS  
Ahmad Uzair PRESDT  
Ahmad Haj Ali Nawal DEANS  
Ahmadi Khalida DEANS  
Ahmadzada Panjshiri Marjan DEANS  
Ahmed Ahmed DEANS  
Ahmed Dina DEANS  
Ahmed Farhan DEANS  
Ahmed Manahil DEANS  
Ahmed Meheruba PRESDT  
Ahmed Mehreen PRESDT  
Ahmed Momotaj DEANS  
Ahmed Nader PRESDT  
Ahmed Nadya DEANS  
Ahmed Nizam PRESDT  
Ahmed Omar DEANS  
Ahmed Salwa DEANS  
Ahmed Samira DEANS  
Ahmed Saweel DEANS  
Ahmed Shahmad DEANS  
Ahmed Shamim DEANS  
Ahmed Syed DEANS  
Ahmed Eissa Sarah DEANS  
AhmedElnour Syada DEANS  
Ahn Hyunmo PRESDT  
Ahn Jae Hyun DEANS  
Ahn Joohwa DEANS  
Ahn Timothy PRESDT  
Ahn Choi Soonyoung DEANS  
Ahsan Mohammad DEANS  
Aiken Benjamin PRESDT  
Aimaiti Aizire DEANS  
Aisa Mahsuda DEANS  
Ait Bakadir Hicham DEANS  
Aitken Shenicka DEANS  
Ajaj Rifqa DEANS  
Aka Marie DEANS  
Akakpo William DEANS  
Akalu Rahel DEANS  
Akalu Tamrat DEANS  
Akanni Temitope DEANS  
Akbari Mehbooba DEANS  
Akenji Brenda DEANS  
Akers Elizabeth PRESDT  
Akhlaghi Feizasar Kiarash PRESDT  
Akhtar Kalsoom DEANS  
Akhter Faisal DEANS  
Akhwand Reihana PRESDT  
Akinloye Milka DEANS  
Akiyama Yu PRESDT  
Aklil Nabil DEANS  
Aklilu Betel DEANS  
Akollor Sassou DEANS  
Akomeah Irene DEANS  
Akram Mursal PRESDT  
Akshulakova Raushana PRESDT  
Akter Magferat PRESDT  
Akter Tahmina DEANS  
Akter Ziasmin DEANS  
Akyena Kelly PRESDT  
Al Abdullatif Turky DEANS  
Al Emadi Abdulrahman DEANS  
Al Harazi Nada DEANS  
Al Khatib Ali DEANS  
Al Kinani Hiba PRESDT  
Al Kinani Raghad DEANS  
Al Marikhi Mubarak PRESDT  
Al Mazrouei Abdulla DEANS  
Al Muhairi Mohamed PRESDT  
Al Nehayan Hamdan DEANS  
Al Shakarchi Ammar DEANS  
Al sufayan Randa DEANS  
Alabbas Yahya DEANS  
Alabdi Halah DEANS  
Alabdullatif Turki DEANS  
Alabous Ebtihal DEANS  
Alaeddini Alborz DEANS  
Alahbabi Sehmi PRESDT  
Alahmadi Sarah DEANS  
Alam Mariyae DEANS  
Alam Mohammad DEANS  
Alam Shamima DEANS  
Alamiree Farah PRESDT  
Alaoui ismaili Naima DEANS  
Alapide Abygale DEANS  
Alarcon Yehin DEANS  
Al-Aruri Ramzi PRESDT  
Alas Cindy DEANS  
Alas Johana DEANS  
Alas Martinez Carlos DEANS  
Alavi Babak PRESDT  
Alavy Nazifa PRESDT  
Al-Awadhi Fatemah DEANS  
Al-Awadhi Omar DEANS  
Alayo Salas Lesly DEANS  
Alba Ivonne PRESDT  
Alba Jorge DEANS  
Albert Laura DEANS  
Alberti Robert PRESDT  
Albright Rachel DEANS  
Albrittain Amanda DEANS  
Alcala Eva DEANS  
Alcantara Lindsay DEANS  
Alcocer Vicky DEANS  
Aldabbagh Saly DEANS  
Aldana Michelle DEANS  
Aldana Ricardo DEANS  
Aldebs Ahmed DEANS  
Alderton Christopher PRESDT  
Aldhaheri Nabeilah DEANS  
Aldrich Katharine PRESDT  
Alejandre Carlos Andres DEANS  
Alejandro Daniel DEANS  
Alem Bruktawit PRESDT  
Alemayehu Robel PRESDT  
Alemayehu Yodit DEANS  
Alexander Christopher DEANS  
Alexander Daniel DEANS  
Alexander Morgana DEANS  
Alexei Maria DEANS  
Alfaheid Leila DEANS  
Alfaqih Murad DEANS  
Alfaro John DEANS  
Alfaro Yennisse DEANS  
Alford Christine DEANS  
Alghailani Shada DEANS  
Alguadich Edith DEANS  
Al-hassan Sarah DEANS  
Ali Anika DEANS  
Ali Hana PRESDT  
Ali Mahad PRESDT  
Ali Muhammad DEANS  
Ali Rafil PRESDT  
Ali Rehab DEANS  
Ali Saif DEANS  
Ali Zakiyyah DEANS  
Alisalih Anhar DEANS  
Alizo Yusuf DEANS  
Aljaaf Maram DEANS  
Al-Jaradat Nasser DEANS  
Aljazairi Baraa DEANS  
Aljouaid Alhanouf PRESDT  
Alkader Fozeya DEANS  
Alkhater Ashah DEANS  
Alkhater Khalid DEANS  
Alkhenin Bayan DEANS  
Alkuray Alayah PRESDT  
All Corinne DEANS  
Allam-ouguir Fatima DEANS  
Allen Alysia DEANS  
Allen Andrew PRESDT  
Allen Anquannette DEANS  
Allen Brittney DEANS  
Allen Cynthia DEANS  
Allen Elizabeth DEANS  
Allen Katie PRESDT  
Allen Leslie DEANS  
Allen Thomas PRESDT  
Allen Wade DEANS  
Allison Jamie DEANS  
Allison Miranda PRESDT  
Allison Nee DEANS  
Al-majid Iryen DEANS  
Almanza-Lopez Iris DEANS  
Almaraz Edith DEANS  
Al-Maslamani Abdullatif DEANS  
Almateer Manar DEANS  
Almeida John PRESDT  
Almeida Simone DEANS  
Almuntazar-Harris Malcolm DEANS  
Almutairi Sultan DEANS  
Almutawakel Fatima PRESDT  
Alnahari Basim PRESDT  
Alnahdi Yousuf DEANS  
Al-Naimi Mohamed DEANS  
Al-najafi Rawan PRESDT  
Alonso Gertrudis DEANS  
Alonzo James DEANS  
Alonzo Rosa PRESDT  
Alotaibi Dhaifalla DEANS  
Alotaibi Hazzaa DEANS  
Alradadi Sultan DEANS  
Alrawas Rayaan PRESDT  
Alrayyan Muna PRESDT  
Alrayyan Reem PRESDT  
Alsaadi Ennis DEANS  
Al-Shafi Saoud PRESDT  
Alshar' Enas DEANS  
Alshehhi Abdulnaser DEANS  
Alshihabi Aya DEANS  
AlSudani Lina PRESDT  
Alsuhaibani Mohammed DEANS  
Alswayan Sarah DEANS  
AL'Taha E'yad PRESDT  
Altangerel Anar DEANS  
Al-Thani Fahad DEANS  
Al-Timimi Eman DEANS  
Altizer Alan PRESDT  
Altuna Eduardo DEANS  
Altuwaijri Thamer PRESDT  
Alvarado Ashley PRESDT  
Alvarado Diana DEANS  
Alvarado Gabriel DEANS  
Alvarado Nunez Peter PRESDT  
Alvarado Nunez Walter DEANS  
Alvarado-Montano Alexia DEANS  
Alvarez Carlos PRESDT  
Alvarez Elizabeth DEANS  
Alvarez Enrique DEANS  
Alvarez Gemima DEANS  
Alvarez Miriam DEANS  
Alvarez Villagrana Ruben DEANS  
Alvey James PRESDT  
Alwardi Aya PRESDT  
Alworth Jato DEANS  
Alzaben Mazin PRESDT  
Alzaini Mohammed PRESDT  
Amacio Steven DEANS  
Amankwah Ellen DEANS  
Amanon Araya DEANS  
Amara Sarah DEANS  
Amare Abraham PRESDT  
Amatangelo Christine PRESDT  
Ambaw Adane DEANS  
Ambrose Robert DEANS  
Ambrosio Kaitlyn DEANS  
Ameller Claudia DEANS  
Amestica Neva DEANS  
Ameyaw Josephine DEANS  
Amin Johnny DEANS  
Amin Nazifa DEANS  
Amin-Arsala Temor DEANS  
Amini Musawar DEANS  
Amireh Hana DEANS  
Amirian Mozhgan DEANS  
Amjad Sana DEANS  
Amkor Ahmed DEANS  
Ammons Ryan DEANS  
Amoa-Mensah Ruth PRESDT  
Amoasah Judith DEANS  
Amouhashem Seyamak DEANS  
Amponsah Believe DEANS  
Ampuero Carolina PRESDT  
Amurrio Quiroga Lady PRESDT  
Anam Maryam DEANS  
Anaya Jennifer PRESDT  
Anbaei Parastoo DEANS  
Anbai Pejman DEANS  
Anckner Leann DEANS  
Andeberhan Tewodros DEANS  
Anders Brittany DEANS  
Andersen Laura PRESDT  
Anderson Andre DEANS  
Anderson Andrea DEANS  
Anderson Anisha DEANS  
Anderson Brian PRESDT  
Anderson Bruce DEANS  
Anderson Charles DEANS  
Anderson Christopher DEANS  
Anderson Darrell DEANS  
Anderson Gabrielle DEANS  
Anderson Griffin DEANS  
Anderson Joel PRESDT  
Anderson Julia DEANS  
Anderson Karen DEANS  
Anderson Karrie DEANS  
Anderson Kelly DEANS  
Anderson Leigh DEANS  
Anderson Marguerite DEANS  
Anderson Nadia DEANS  
Anderson Nicholas DEANS  
Anderson Sean DEANS  
Anderson Sonja PRESDT  
Anderson Stephani DEANS  
Andia Ivana PRESDT  
Andia Marianela DEANS  
Andican Fatih PRESDT  
Andrade Andrea DEANS  
Andrade Sonia DEANS  
Andraos Jacqueline DEANS  
Andreadis Natsios Allegra PRESDT  
Andrews Daniel PRESDT  
Andrews Emily DEANS  
Andrews John PRESDT  
Andrews Kevin DEANS  
Andrews Kristin DEANS  
Andrews Lillian DEANS  
Andrews Rachel DEANS  
Andrews Renae DEANS  
Andrews-Yi Peyton DEANS  
Andros W. (Whitney) DEANS  
Angel William PRESDT  
Angle Dorothy Dew DEANS  
Angord De Armas Lourdes DEANS  
Aniroodh Aaron DEANS  
Anjelo Medhanit DEANS  
Ankapong Gerald DEANS  
Annand Andrea DEANS  
Ansah Enock DEANS  
Ansari Huda DEANS  
Ansari Mariam DEANS  
Ansell Andrew DEANS  
Anselmo Stephanie DEANS  
Anteneh Yonathan DEANS  
Antezana Mauricio DEANS  
Anthony Michael DEANS  
Anton Pamela PRESDT  
Anwar Maryam PRESDT  
Anwar Sheraz DEANS  
Anyanwu Irene DEANS  
Aparicio Jorge DEANS  
Apaza Daniela DEANS  
Apodaca Elizabeth DEANS  
Apolinario Janieli PRESDT  
Appiah-Baiden Cynthia DEANS  
Appiah-Knudsen Alexander DEANS  
Applegate Jillian DEANS  
Apsondaise Josephine DEANS  
Aqeel Amen DEANS  
Aquino Milagros DEANS  
Aranibar Dania DEANS  
Arata Charles DEANS  
Arauco Elvira DEANS  
Aravind Revathi DEANS  
Arbi Alae DEANS  
Arbieto Stephanie DEANS  
Arce Gabriela DEANS  
Archibald Micah DEANS  
Arciniega Eduwiges DEANS  
Ardaiolo Robert DEANS  
Arefaynea Genet DEANS  
Arenivar Alfaro Jazmin DEANS  
Arevalo Alexander PRESDT  
Arevalo John Erick DEANS  
Arfany Maryam PRESDT  
Argote Nohelia DEANS  
Argueta Elsy DEANS  
Argueta Evelyn DEANS  
Argueta Paola PRESDT  
Argueta-Flores Karin DEANS  
Arias Vanessa PRESDT  
Arif Abdulwahaab PRESDT  
Arif Jennifer DEANS  
Arif Shahir PRESDT  
Ariston Adel Ismail DEANS  
Ariunbold Ariuntuya DEANS  
Arku-Letsa Christian DEANS  
Arm Rebecca PRESDT  
Armantrading Roxanne DEANS  
Armstrong William DEANS  
Arnold James DEANS  
Arnold Jessica DEANS  
Arnold Joshua DEANS  
Arnold Mary Jean PRESDT  
Arnold Samantha DEANS  
Arreola J. Jesus DEANS  
Arriaza Johanna DEANS  
Arriaza Michael DEANS  
Arrieta Pamela DEANS  
Arrington Kendra DEANS  
Arroyo Elva DEANS  
Arroyo Maria PRESDT  
Arruda Rebecca PRESDT  
Arscott Sean PRESDT  
Arsenov Brittney DEANS  
Arshad Wajiha PRESDT  
Arthur Christin DEANS  
Arthur Joshua DEANS  
Artic Aliona DEANS  
Artiga Horacio DEANS  
Artigue Milan DEANS  
Artis Tsahai DEANS  
Aru Kerem DEANS  
Arun Balaji PRESDT  
Arvey Thomas DEANS  
Asadi Joshua DEANS  
Asafu-Adjaye Kweku DEANS  
Asankomah Lydia DEANS  
Asante Enoch DEANS  
Asante-ghansah Charlotte PRESDT  
Asdessu Hiwot PRESDT  
Aseel Hassan PRESDT  
Asefa Feven DEANS  
Aserese Maza DEANS  
Asfaw Elias DEANS  
Asfaw Sara DEANS  
Asfaw Yordanos DEANS  
Asghari Mona PRESDT  
Ashagre Mahlet DEANS  
Ashamole Alexander DEANS  
Ashamole Benjamin DEANS  
Ashar Uzma DEANS  
Ashraf Faraz DEANS  
Ashwell Madeline DEANS  
Asiedu Daniel PRESDT  
Asif Waqas DEANS  
Asihene NanaAdwoa DEANS  
Askaryar Rockshana PRESDT  
Aslam Izek PRESDT  
Aslam Saqib DEANS  
Aslam Sumaira DEANS  
Aslami Ahmad DEANS  
Aslim Bilal DEANS  
Aslim Omer DEANS  
Asomuah Linda DEANS  
Asonye Collins DEANS  
Asper Eric DEANS  
Aspromonti Jonathan PRESDT  
Asrorov Daler PRESDT  
Assefa Birkie Dawit PRESDT  
Asuncion Aurora DEANS  
Atabong Martina PRESDT  
Atahuaman honores Johan DEANS  
Atayeva Sevil DEANS  
Atefi Anna DEANS  
Atemafac Bernice DEANS  
Atemnkeng Sheila PRESDT  
Atinafu Girma PRESDT  
Atkinson Ashley PRESDT  
Atkinson Katherine DEANS  
Atkinson Kirstin DEANS  
Atout Mohammad DEANS  
Atsumi Musashi PRESDT  
Auceda Leslie PRESDT  
Aud Daryl DEANS  
Audet Patricia DEANS  
Augustine Katherine DEANS  
Augustine Kathryn PRESDT  
Augustoski Andrea PRESDT  
Aujla Aaronvir PRESDT  
Aulov Michael DEANS  
Aung Wint DEANS  
Austin Abigail DEANS  
Austin Jaymie DEANS  
Au-Yeung So Man DEANS  
Auza Carlos DEANS  
Avary Nita DEANS  
Avelar Philip DEANS  
Avera Alice DEANS  
Averanga Lia DEANS  
Avery Ana Katrina DEANS  
Avery Audra DEANS  
Awadzi Cynthia PRESDT  
Awan Tarannum DEANS  
Awara Ramy DEANS  
Awasthi Gaurav DEANS  
Awol Jemal DEANS  
Awumey Edgar DEANS  
Awwad Reem DEANS  
Ayala Alexandra DEANS  
Ayala Danniel DEANS  
Ayala Guadalupe DEANS  
Ayala Hernan PRESDT  
Ayala Karina DEANS  
Ayala Mario PRESDT  
Ayala Rosa DEANS  
Ayala Zuleima DEANS  
Ayash Andrew DEANS  
Ayazi Aimel DEANS  
Aycock Angela DEANS  
Ayele Bruk PRESDT  
Ayenachew Helina DEANS  
Ayer Juliet DEANS  
Ayi-Quaye Fred DEANS  
Ayoub Mariam DEANS  
Azadikhah Tara DEANS  
Azam Hira DEANS  
Azamy Farah PRESDT  
Azamy Hamida DEANS  
Azamy Hussna PRESDT  
Azar Dareen. DEANS  
Azar Mark DEANS  
Azaria Amanuel DEANS  
Azazeel Nadia PRESDT  
Azeez Nandi DEANS  
Azez Mora DEANS  
Azhandeh Behrad DEANS  
Aziz Samira DEANS  
Azizi Roheanna DEANS  
Azma Babak DEANS