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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2012

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Saad Ibrahim PRESDT  
Saad Layla DEANS  
Saad Nuha DEANS  
Saad Remy DEANS  
Saadatkia Gelareh DEANS  
Saadulla Ahmed DEANS  
Saadulla Alan DEANS  
Saadulla Rozhan PRESDT  
Saadulla Seyar DEANS  
Saavedra Carla DEANS  
Saavedra Jessica PRESDT  
Saavedra Maria DEANS  
Saba Samir PRESDT  
Sababa Shafwat DEANS  
Sabah Sabah PRESDT  
Sabat Brian PRESDT  
Sabin Christi DEANS  
Sabirov Sergey DEANS  
Sachlis Gregory PRESDT  
Sachtleben Bethany DEANS  
Sachtleben Keriana PRESDT  
Saclolo Christopher DEANS  
Sadighian Philip DEANS  
Sadler Regina DEANS  
Sadler Thomas DEANS  
Sadr Amir DEANS  
Saeed Reesha PRESDT  
Saenz Eric PRESDT  
Saenz Ruiz Diana PRESDT  
Saffeels Dean DEANS  
Safi Freshta PRESDT  
Safi Masih DEANS  
Saggu Bimaljit DEANS  
Sahilu Hiwote DEANS  
Sahraei Ayaz DEANS  
Sahyouni Zana PRESDT  
Said Areizo DEANS  
Said Olga PRESDT  
Saidi Salwa DEANS  
Saidi Samay PRESDT  
Saifzada Malalai DEANS  
Saing Ranock PRESDT  
Saini Bhupinder PRESDT  
Sakam Ayoub DEANS  
Sakayan Vartan DEANS  
Sakul Samuel PRESDT  
Sakyi Agnes DEANS  
Salah Hannan DEANS  
Salah Widad DEANS  
Salaheldin Alaa PRESDT  
Salam Muhammad DEANS  
Salama Remonda PRESDT  
Salamanca Jorge DEANS  
Salas Andres DEANS  
Salas Daniel DEANS  
Salas Guevara Maria DEANS  
Salazar Favian DEANS  
Salazar Joseph DEANS  
Salazar Keila DEANS  
Saldana Nunez Alfredo DEANS  
Saleem Chawan DEANS  
Saleem Sahar DEANS  
Saleem Sannan DEANS  
Saleem Sayma DEANS  
Saleh Madina DEANS  
Salek Anna DEANS  
Salemme Albert PRESDT  
Sales Marie Angelique DEANS  
Salgado Ingrid DEANS  
Salgado Nicholas PRESDT  
Salguero Kevin DEANS  
Salifou Samir PRESDT  
Salih Eglal DEANS  
Salih Mai DEANS  
Salih Shene DEANS  
Salim Mustafa DEANS  
Salimi Mohammad DEANS  
Salinas Cristian DEANS  
Salinas Lia DEANS  
Salinas Wilfredo DEANS  
Saljuki Jones PRESDT  
Salotto Anthony DEANS  
Salussolia Michael DEANS  
Salvador Jennifer DEANS  
Salzberg Danielle DEANS  
Samantar Abdirashid PRESDT  
Samba Christopher DEANS  
Samba-Koroma Mariama DEANS  
Samimi Parnia DEANS  
Sammari Meryem DEANS  
Sammons Nicholas PRESDT  
Sampson Caitlin DEANS  
Sampson William PRESDT  
Samsel Kyungmi DEANS  
Sananikone Alina PRESDT  
Sanborn Richard DEANS  
Sanchez Christopher PRESDT  
Sanchez Claudia DEANS  
Sanchez Diana PRESDT  
Sanchez Gino PRESDT  
Sanchez Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Sanchez Kelly DEANS  
Sanchez Linette DEANS  
Sanchez Michael DEANS  
Sanchez Miguel DEANS  
Sanchez Tara DEANS  
Sanchez Villafranco Allmendra DEANS  
Sandag Tselmuun DEANS  
Sanders Casey PRESDT  
Sanders Jessica DEANS  
Sanders Raquel DEANS  
Sanderson Ian DEANS  
Sandhu Harpreet DEANS  
Sandhu Manjot DEANS  
Sandi Aye DEANS  
Sandidge Robert DEANS  
Sandoval Oscar PRESDT  
Sandoval Sofia DEANS  
Sandt Graciela DEANS  
Sanduijav Batzorigt DEANS  
Sangare Nene DEANS  
Sangid Maan PRESDT  
Sanhueza Jeancarla DEANS  
Sanie Jasmine DEANS  
Sanie Nargis DEANS  
Sanjinez-Nava Paola DEANS  
Sankarsingh Kim DEANS  
Sansaver Bethany PRESDT  
Sansbury Richard PRESDT  
Santa-Cruz Gianine DEANS  
Santiago Elizabeth DEANS  
Santillan Rodrigo DEANS  
Santos Camille DEANS  
Santos Edgard DEANS  
Santos Priscila PRESDT  
Sanworanart Pakorn DEANS  
Sanzetenea Daniela DEANS  
Sanzo Angela PRESDT  
Sanzotta Nicholas DEANS  
Sappor Dorcas PRESDT  
Sappor Ericson DEANS  
Sarangi Bagmee DEANS  
Saravia Villatoro Juan PRESDT  
Sarcione David DEANS  
Sarea Mohammed DEANS  
Saref Rida DEANS  
Sarfati Kathreja DEANS  
Sargent Richard PRESDT  
Sarker Abubaker DEANS  
Sarker Rabeya DEANS  
Sarkodie Victoria DEANS  
Sarmiento Roberto DEANS  
Sarpong Evert DEANS  
Sarpong Harriet DEANS  
Sarwar Syed PRESDT  
Satarova Dilfuza DEANS  
Sather Erik PRESDT  
Sather Michael DEANS  
Satterwhite Christopher DEANS  
Satterwhite Melanie DEANS  
Sauers Sherry DEANS  
Saunders Bradley PRESDT  
Saunders Hazel Lovely DEANS  
Sauter Samantha DEANS  
Savage Andre PRESDT  
Savage Elsie DEANS  
Sawasky Mark DEANS  
Sayegh Yasmine DEANS  
Sayers Mandie DEANS  
Saysay Benjamin DEANS  
Sayyad Leanna PRESDT  
Scaggs Erika DEANS  
Scango Lacey PRESDT  
Scantlin Cassandra DEANS  
Scarbrough Ben DEANS  
Scardino Samantha DEANS  
Sceviour Rachel DEANS  
Schabacker Ian DEANS  
Schadegg Amanda DEANS  
Schaedler Bianca PRESDT  
Schaefer Daniel PRESDT  
Schaengold Elise DEANS  
Schaller Artur DEANS  
Schantz Sara PRESDT  
Schappert Derek DEANS  
Schatz Joel PRESDT  
Scheatzle Tyler DEANS  
Scheid Jeremy PRESDT  
Scheid William PRESDT  
Schell Nathan DEANS  
Scheller Gail PRESDT  
Schertzer David DEANS  
Schick Dale DEANS  
Schiding Terri DEANS  
Schimmel Dana PRESDT  
Schirxl Daniela DEANS  
Schleede Diana PRESDT  
Schloss Joann DEANS  
Schlueb Janet DEANS  
Schmale Marta DEANS  
Schmand Elisabeth DEANS  
Schmeidler LeAnna DEANS  
Schmidt Rebecca DEANS  
Schmidt Sarah PRESDT  
Schmitt Michael DEANS  
Schneck Jared DEANS  
Schoen Jonathan DEANS  
Schoenberger Andrew PRESDT  
Schoenthaler Laila DEANS  
Schofield Amber PRESDT  
Scholz Sebastian DEANS  
Schomaker Larissa DEANS  
Schreiber Jeffrey DEANS  
Schreiner Angelika PRESDT  
Schrock Brittany DEANS  
Schrock Kristina PRESDT  
Schrotel Kyle DEANS  
Schuch Susanna DEANS  
Schuck Nelson DEANS  
Schuenemeyer Christina DEANS  
Schultz Andrew DEANS  
Schultz Shawn DEANS  
Schulze Sherilynne DEANS  
Schum Hannah DEANS  
Schumacher Zachary DEANS  
Schwandt Nick PRESDT  
Schwartz Nathan DEANS  
Schwartz Robert PRESDT  
Sciarrino Christine DEANS  
Scicchitano Jason PRESDT  
Scifo Ashley DEANS  
Scofield Heather DEANS  
Scopelliti Bryan DEANS  
Scordellis Lisa DEANS  
Scott Beverly DEANS  
Scott Bruce PRESDT  
Scott Christal DEANS  
Scott Clark DEANS  
Scott Garrett DEANS  
Scott Jessica DEANS  
Scott Kelvin DEANS  
Scott Lori DEANS  
Scott Robin PRESDT  
Scrivner Cory DEANS  
Seaboy Danielle PRESDT  
Seabridge Kayla DEANS  
Seale Phillip DEANS  
Sealey Sheila DEANS  
Seeberger Meghan DEANS  
Seemiller David PRESDT  
Seferawe Kidist DEANS  
Segovia Tristan DEANS  
Segura Amy PRESDT  
Sehhati Kourosh DEANS  
Sehorn Miranda PRESDT  
Seid Mohammed PRESDT  
Seifu Edom DEANS  
Seigel Ivan DEANS  
Seitzinger Milo PRESDT  
Sekayi Emmanuel DEANS  
Seleshi Lishan DEANS  
Sellers Erica DEANS  
Sellmer Polina DEANS  
Selmi Walid DEANS  
Selz Ginny DEANS  
Semenenko Anastasiia PRESDT  
Semenikhin Denis DEANS  
Semere Helen DEANS  
Sen Sushant DEANS  
Senar Cyril DEANS  
Senbete Esayas DEANS  
Senbete Meheret DEANS  
Sender herencia Faride DEANS  
Sengnou Seudieu Liliane mirabelle DEANS  
Sengul Volkan DEANS  
Sennett Laura DEANS  
Seo Soo-Ah DEANS  
Seppala Daniel DEANS  
Sergei Daniel PRESDT  
Serino Scott DEANS  
Sermons Elizabeth DEANS  
Serota Kaitlyn DEANS  
Serpa Kathleen DEANS  
Serpa Polo Gabriela PRESDT  
Serpa Polo Marcela DEANS  
Serpas Maria PRESDT  
Serraino Carolyn DEANS  
Serrano Alexis DEANS  
Serrano Alyssa Marie PRESDT  
Serrano Erwin DEANS  
Serwaa-Bonsu Nana DEANS  
Sesock Nikki DEANS  
Setash Allan DEANS  
Settle Timothy DEANS  
Sevier Justin PRESDT  
Sexton Matthew DEANS  
Sexton Nicole DEANS  
Seyed Mohammadi Meghdad DEANS  
Seymore Teronda DEANS  
Seymore Tiffany DEANS  
Seymour Erica DEANS  
Shaat Dana PRESDT  
Shackleford Jennefer DEANS  
Shadid Stephanie DEANS  
Shaffer Rebekah DEANS  
Shafique Maryam DEANS  
Shafkat Iram DEANS  
Shah Asya DEANS  
Shah Bhavi DEANS  
Shah Mona DEANS  
Shah Parita DEANS  
Shah Shahzaib DEANS  
Shah Syed DEANS  
Shahaltough Adam DEANS  
Shahbakhti Mahdi DEANS  
Shahi Nira DEANS  
Shahid Abubakar PRESDT  
Shahid Junaid DEANS  
Shaikh Fozia DEANS  
Shaikh Kanwal DEANS  
Shaikh Tayaba PRESDT  
Shakhbanova Elmira PRESDT  
Shakhova Ekaterina DEANS  
Shakib Nabil DEANS  
Shakya Mikesh DEANS  
Shalonis Danica PRESDT  
Shalonis Victoria PRESDT  
Shamsolkotaby Shahriyar DEANS  
Shanahan Alexandra PRESDT  
Shanahan Renee PRESDT  
Shannon Adam DEANS  
Shanta Michael DEANS  
Shapiro Laura DEANS  
Sharifaie-Arabi Sharveen DEANS  
Sharma Ankit DEANS  
Sharma Rahul PRESDT  
Sharma Samridhi PRESDT  
Sharma Shapna DEANS  
Sharp Brittany DEANS  
Sharp Christopher PRESDT  
Sharp Jeanene PRESDT  
Sharp Jeannie DEANS  
Sharpe Raynesha DEANS  
Sharpe Tianii DEANS  
Shasho Entela PRESDT  
Shaughnessy Ryan DEANS  
Shaver Evan PRESDT  
Shaw Courtney DEANS  
Shaw Khaoula PRESDT  
Shea Christina DEANS  
Shearin James DEANS  
Sheblak Sam DEANS  
Shebru Henock PRESDT  
Sheehan Daniel PRESDT  
Sheikh Amna PRESDT  
Sheikh Huda DEANS  
Sheikh karani Houra DEANS  
Sheldon Bobby DEANS  
Shelley Jessie PRESDT  
Shelly William PRESDT  
Shelmerdine Daniela DEANS  
Shelton Kimberly DEANS  
Shelton Paige DEANS  
Shen Yulin DEANS  
Shepard Karena DEANS  
Shepard Loredana DEANS  
Sheridan Catherine DEANS  
Sherman Jennifer DEANS  
Sherman Kaitlynn DEANS  
Sherman Lacey PRESDT  
Sherman Marilyn DEANS  
Sherman Natasha PRESDT  
Sherven Scott DEANS  
Sherwood Kyle PRESDT  
Sheth Jay PRESDT  
Sheth Zulfiqar DEANS  
Shidlovsky Alexander DEANS  
Shields Holly DEANS  
Shih Casrin DEANS  
Shih Ho-chien DEANS  
Shim Alexander DEANS  
Shim Jae Seon DEANS  
Shin Dina DEANS  
Shin Dongseung DEANS  
Shin Jun Woo DEANS  
Shin Seung Pil PRESDT  
Shin So Young DEANS  
Shindledecker Natalia DEANS  
Shindler Chelsey PRESDT  
Shinners Rebecca DEANS  
Shipp Danielle PRESDT  
Shipton Brittany DEANS  
Shire Hawa DEANS  
Shirinov Suhrob DEANS  
Shiroma David PRESDT  
Shively Nicholas DEANS  
Shmerling Michelle DEANS  
Shockey Maleighia DEANS  
Shoja Mariam DEANS  
Shoja Zainab DEANS  
Shoriz Anmar PRESDT  
Shoriz Bashar DEANS  
Short Rachel DEANS  
Shouman Azza DEANS  
Shpil Ryan DEANS  
Shreeves James DEANS  
Shrestha Akriti DEANS  
Shrestha Anugh PRESDT  
Shrestha Jeena DEANS  
Shrestha Nistha PRESDT  
Shrestha Prativa DEANS  
Shrestha Raj DEANS  
Shrestha Smita DEANS  
Shrestha Sushanta PRESDT  
Shreve Randell PRESDT  
Shtoyunda Oxana PRESDT  
Shuaib Pary DEANS  
Shuklin Natalia DEANS  
Shull Daniel PRESDT  
Shumate Brandy DEANS  
Shumbulo Eden DEANS  
Shurland Lyttleton DEANS  
Shvedova Iryna PRESDT  
Sianati Aynaz DEANS  
Sibai Munira DEANS  
Sibert Thomas PRESDT  
Sibilo Michael DEANS  
Sicilia Natalia PRESDT  
Sickles Katharine DEANS  
Siddick Mona DEANS  
Siddiqi Farah PRESDT  
Siddiqi Fatima DEANS  
Siddiqui Arslan DEANS  
Siddiqui Numan DEANS  
Sides Steven DEANS  
Sidhu Tejwinder DEANS  
Sidvall Annika DEANS  
Siebor Anna PRESDT  
Sieczkowski Chad DEANS  
Siegel Shaun PRESDT  
Siegenthaler Courtney PRESDT  
Sielinski Sandra DEANS  
Sierra Silvia PRESDT  
Siervo Clarissa DEANS  
Sigler Jacob PRESDT  
Siler Jasmine PRESDT  
Sillah Aminata DEANS  
Sills Daniel DEANS  
Sills Douglas PRESDT  
Siloto da Silva Aponte Bruna PRESDT  
Silva Betzaida DEANS  
Silva Johab PRESDT  
Silva arriola Jacqueline DEANS  
Silvious Michael DEANS  
Simbulan Veronica DEANS  
Simler John DEANS  
Simmons Andre DEANS  
Simmons Ashleigh PRESDT  
Simmons Brandon DEANS  
Simmons Derek DEANS  
Simmons Jane DEANS  
Simmons Lauren DEANS  
Simmons Marivel DEANS  
Simmons Sabrina DEANS  
Simnett Gordon DEANS  
Simon Belen DEANS  
Simon Gabriel DEANS  
Simon Mewael DEANS  
Simpkins Jessica DEANS  
Simpson George PRESDT  
Simpson Vanessa DEANS  
Sims Danjuelle PRESDT  
Singh Amy PRESDT  
Singh Bhawanjit PRESDT  
Singh Bibek DEANS  
Singh Gagandeep PRESDT  
Singh Guriqbal DEANS  
Singh Harmanpreet DEANS  
Singh Onkar DEANS  
Singh Yodh DEANS  
Singletary Emmanuel DEANS  
Singleton Jafar PRESDT  
Singngam Wanwipa DEANS  
Sinkfield Chernenka PRESDT  
Sinkfield Gina PRESDT  
Sinkovic Kassondra DEANS  
Sir Theodore DEANS  
Sirag Becky DEANS  
Sison Karen PRESDT  
Sit Hong DEANS  
Sithole Thembelihle DEANS  
Sizemore Emily DEANS  
Skaggs Morgan PRESDT  
Skiba Steven DEANS  
Skislak Cade DEANS  
Skoglund Devon DEANS  
Skokowski Scott DEANS  
Skoog Patricia PRESDT  
Slabko Katsiaryna DEANS  
Slater Lee DEANS  
Slater Wesley DEANS  
Sljivic Maja DEANS  
Slocum Margaret DEANS  
Slusher Irene DEANS  
Slye Elizabeth DEANS  
Small Clifford DEANS  
Smedberg Dorothy PRESDT  
Smentkowski Stacie PRESDT  
Smith Andrew DEANS  
Smith Anna DEANS  
Smith Blade DEANS  
Smith Cary DEANS  
Smith Cassandra PRESDT  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith David PRESDT  
Smith Elayne PRESDT  
Smith Erin PRESDT  
Smith Gloria PRESDT  
Smith Graham PRESDT  
Smith Haley DEANS  
Smith Hugh DEANS  
Smith Jacob DEANS  
Smith Jamie DEANS  
Smith Janet DEANS  
Smith Jeffrey DEANS  
Smith Julia DEANS  
Smith Kaitlin DEANS  
Smith Kaleigh PRESDT  
Smith Kathleen DEANS  
Smith Kelly DEANS  
Smith Kerry PRESDT  
Smith Keywonda DEANS  
Smith Marcus DEANS  
Smith Marie PRESDT  
Smith Mary DEANS  
Smith MaToya DEANS  
Smith Michael PRESDT  
Smith Michael DEANS  
Smith Nancy DEANS  
Smith Paola DEANS  
Smith Peter PRESDT  
Smith Rebecca DEANS  
Smith Robert DEANS  
Smith Sarah DEANS  
Smith Syrina DEANS  
Smith Taniya DEANS  
Smith Tiffany DEANS  
Smith Tracy PRESDT  
Smith Tyrell DEANS  
Smith William DEANS  
Smith Ximena PRESDT  
Smoot Ryan DEANS  
Smyczek Jelena PRESDT  
Snead Cecilia PRESDT  
Sneed Maria DEANS  
Snellbaker Ladonna DEANS  
Snodgrass Jonathan DEANS  
Snow Jeffrey PRESDT  
Snow Jessica DEANS  
Snow Kendall PRESDT  
Snowden Michael DEANS  
Snyder Mark PRESDT  
Soares Bruna PRESDT  
Sobel Carol DEANS  
Sobhani Hoda DEANS  
Sodhi Harsimran DEANS  
Sojka Nicholas PRESDT  
Sok Somaley DEANS  
Soler Marin Juan David DEANS  
Soley Erin DEANS  
Soliman George DEANS  
Solis Julia DEANS  
Solis Monica PRESDT  
Soliz Rissel DEANS  
Solodka Valeriia DEANS  
Solomon Marina DEANS  
Solongo Bishrelt DEANS  
Solorzano Waleska PRESDT  
Solorzano Basualdo Melina DEANS  
Solos Lukshmi DEANS  
Somers Jennifer DEANS  
Somerville Heather DEANS  
Sommar Joseph DEANS  
Sommer Monique PRESDT  
Sommer Rosalyn PRESDT  
Somosi Hamim DEANS  
Somoza Jose DEANS  
Son Dat DEANS  
Son Ju Hee DEANS  
Son So Hee PRESDT  
Song Chung-ah PRESDT  
Song Hongsub DEANS  
Song Jennifer DEANS  
Song Jinsung DEANS  
Song Seong-hwan DEANS  
Sonneborn Kate DEANS  
Sorya Mona PRESDT  
Sosa Edwin DEANS  
Sosa Nestor PRESDT  
Sossa Kevin DEANS  
Sossa Viviana PRESDT  
Sothoron Alina PRESDT  
Soto Jessica DEANS  
Souaya June DEANS  
Soueid Michael PRESDT  
Souiri Hassan DEANS  
Soulard Katelyn DEANS  
Southard Stephanie DEANS  
Souza Joseph DEANS  
Spagnolo Emily DEANS  
Spahn David DEANS  
Spain David PRESDT  
Spak Nicholas DEANS  
Spalding Caitlin PRESDT  
Spalti Cassandra DEANS  
Spann Shawn DEANS  
Sparkman Benjamin PRESDT  
Sparrow Meghan DEANS  
Spaulding David DEANS  
Speach George DEANS  
Speaks Teresa DEANS  
Spears Debbie DEANS  
Spears Lauren DEANS  
Speas Neal DEANS  
Spector Brian DEANS  
Spence Jessica DEANS  
Spence Samantha DEANS  
Spencer George DEANS  
Spencer Jason DEANS  
Spencer Omroy DEANS  
Spiers Patricia DEANS  
Spillman Faith PRESDT  
Spillman Stacey PRESDT  
Spitz Eric DEANS  
Spofford Haley DEANS  
Sponaugle Lan DEANS  
Sproles Justin DEANS  
Sprouse Laura DEANS  
Spruce Alisha DEANS  
Spyros Sarah DEANS  
Sraiya Sultan DEANS  
Sritanyarath Patiphan DEANS  
Stack Samuel DEANS  
Stadtler Jessica DEANS  
Stagman Kelsey DEANS  
Stallsmith Jesse PRESDT  
Stallworth Sonja DEANS  
Stambouli Mehdi DEANS  
Stamper Ashley DEANS  
Stanley James DEANS  
Stanley Joan PRESDT  
Stanley Rachel DEANS  
Stanley Rona PRESDT  
Stanley Terri PRESDT  
Stanoiu Gabriel PRESDT  
Stapleton Robert DEANS  
Starikova Yevgeniya DEANS  
Stark Paul DEANS  
Starrs Maria DEANS  
Starski Vanessa DEANS  
Starta Martin DEANS  
Stasik Matthew DEANS  
Stead Justin DEANS  
Steadman Ronald DEANS  
Stecher Craig DEANS  
Stecker Courtney PRESDT  
Steele Briannah DEANS  
Steele Catherine DEANS  
Steele James DEANS  
Steele Robert PRESDT  
Steen Mary DEANS  
Steiger Ingrida DEANS  
Stein Tanya DEANS  
Steinman Tanya DEANS  
Stempfley Catherine PRESDT  
Stempfley Dion DEANS  
Stephens Andrew DEANS  
Sterlacci Lauren DEANS  
Sterling Jody DEANS  
Stern Madeleine DEANS  
Stern Mary Elizabeth PRESDT  
Stern Neil DEANS  
Stevanovic Ilija DEANS  
Stevens Nicole DEANS  
Stevenson Holly DEANS  
Steverson Erin DEANS  
Stewart Jerome DEANS  
Stewart Makeda DEANS  
Stewart Shannon PRESDT  
Stief Joshua DEANS  
Stillerman Breanna DEANS  
Stinnett Bruce PRESDT  
Stock Sarah DEANS  
Stockard Michelle DEANS  
Stockman Brett DEANS  
Stockton Cindy PRESDT  
Stokes Bridget DEANS  
Stokes Christopher DEANS  
Stokes Devin DEANS  
Stokes Reidus PRESDT  
Stoll Danielle DEANS  
Stoltz Christopher DEANS  
Stone Rachel PRESDT  
Stone Sher PRESDT  
Stopinski Jeffrey DEANS  
Storvick Jonathan PRESDT  
Stoskus Joanna DEANS  
Stotka Bailey DEANS  
Stovall Dorazelia DEANS  
Stovall Marie DEANS  
Straw Paul DEANS  
Street James PRESDT  
Strickland Benjamin DEANS  
Strini Benita DEANS  
Stroble Tanja PRESDT  
Strobridge Ashley DEANS  
Strojec Klaudia DEANS  
Strong Mark DEANS  
Strong Raymond DEANS  
Struyk David DEANS  
Struyk Robin PRESDT  
Stuart Lakita DEANS  
Stucker Sarah DEANS  
Studholme Michael DEANS  
Stukey Jetly PRESDT  
Stunkle Sean DEANS  
Sturdivant Raevin DEANS  
Sturgis Latasha DEANS  
Stutz John DEANS  
Suarez Gustavo DEANS  
Suarez Irene DEANS  
Suarez Marcos DEANS  
Suazo Miguel DEANS  
Subandh Archana DEANS  
Subhankar Krish DEANS  
Subido Jenny DEANS  
Subido Joel DEANS  
Suer Ceren DEANS  
Suggs Temple DEANS  
Suh Hae DEANS  
Suh Katherine DEANS  
Suitor Earl PRESDT  
Sukol David DEANS  
Sulam Lesley DEANS  
Suleman Sidra PRESDT  
Suliman Rozina DEANS  
Sullivan Daniel DEANS  
Sullivan David DEANS  
Sullivan Kelsey DEANS  
Sullivan Laura DEANS  
Sullivan Matthew PRESDT  
Sullivan Stephen DEANS  
Sullivan Thomas PRESDT  
Sultan Amna PRESDT  
Sultan Aumid DEANS  
Sultan Yousof DEANS  
Sultana Tania PRESDT  
Sultani Hedya DEANS  
Sum Seyha DEANS  
Summer Jace DEANS  
Summerhays Jacob DEANS  
Summers Michael DEANS  
Sun Jessica DEANS  
Sun Jian DEANS  
Sunde James DEANS  
Suon Sovaddine DEANS  
Suresh Lakshmi PRESDT  
Surujpaul Yassodia DEANS  
Suryanto Sandra DEANS  
Suschuk Roza PRESDT  
Sutantyo Diana DEANS  
Sutphin Lea PRESDT  
Sutter Drake DEANS  
Sutton Miles PRESDT  
Suubi Rebecca DEANS  
Suxo Dayshva DEANS  
Suzuki Tomoya PRESDT  
Svajdlenka Paul PRESDT  
Svedruzic Michelle DEANS  
Swain Alana PRESDT  
Swan Christina PRESDT  
Swank Noah DEANS  
Swanson Taylar DEANS  
Sweeney Gena DEANS  
Sweeney Mary DEANS  
Sweet Nicole DEANS  
Swenson Jennifer PRESDT  
Swenson Matthew DEANS  
Swinhart Lyndsey DEANS  
Sydnor Tara PRESDT  
Syed Nadeemul DEANS  
Syed Sambreen PRESDT  
Sykes Dana DEANS  
Szkalak Alexis DEANS