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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2012

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Ma Kejian DEANS  
Ma Lulu DEANS  
Maas Bryan DEANS  
Maca Marla DEANS  
MacBride Lorraine PRESDT  
Macdonald Julie PRESDT  
MacDonald Neal DEANS  
Mace Rachel DEANS  
Macedonia Nicholas PRESDT  
Macgregor Robert DEANS  
Mach Srey Mom PRESDT  
Machuca Luis PRESDT  
Macias Luis PRESDT  
MacIntire Mahrya DEANS  
Mack Jana DEANS  
Mackey James PRESDT  
Mackey Jessica PRESDT  
MacKinnon James DEANS  
MacLean Brandon DEANS  
Macomber BettyLou DEANS  
Macon Timothy PRESDT  
MacPhail Amanda DEANS  
Macy Elizabeth DEANS  
Madden Kelly DEANS  
Madison Ana DEANS  
Madison Jessica DEANS  
Madrid Victor DEANS  
Maenza Alexis PRESDT  
Maenza Anthony PRESDT  
Maffett Ashley PRESDT  
Maghsoudi Amir DEANS  
Magill Amanda PRESDT  
Magill Douglas PRESDT  
Maginness Taylor PRESDT  
Magnotti Theresa PRESDT  
Magnusson Hyrum DEANS  
Magyari Jessica DEANS  
Mahamadou-Souley Ali DEANS  
Mahdavi Yasaman DEANS  
Maher Melissa PRESDT  
Mahgoub Sara DEANS  
Mahlunge Cecilia DEANS  
Mahmood Saira DEANS  
Mahmood Tarana DEANS  
Mahmoud Jumana DEANS  
Mahmoud Tamer DEANS  
Mahmoudpour Rahmatollah DEANS  
Mahmud Batool DEANS  
Mahone Pamela DEANS  
Mahoney Raymond DEANS  
Mahoney Thomas PRESDT  
Mai Hung PRESDT  
Mai Yan Yun DEANS  
Maier Erica PRESDT  
Maier Jacqueline PRESDT  
Maier Margo DEANS  
Maiorana Joel DEANS  
Maiorana Joshua DEANS  
Maisano Jacelyn DEANS  
Maizel Jennifer DEANS  
Majdalawieh Mamoon DEANS  
Majeed Hanif DEANS  
Majersky James DEANS  
Majewski Janice PRESDT  
Majidi Fatima Zahra DEANS  
Makaringe Langavi DEANS  
Makec Martha DEANS  
Makris Christina DEANS  
Makwana Paresh DEANS  
Maldonado Abel DEANS  
Maldonado Daniela DEANS  
Maldonado Max DEANS  
Malik Anam DEANS  
Malik Malia DEANS  
Malik Shamaila DEANS  
Malkin Rachel PRESDT  
Mallini Monica DEANS  
Maloy Whitney DEANS  
Mambo Lydie DEANS  
Mamdouhi Alireza PRESDT  
Mamo Tamiru DEANS  
Mamushet Genet PRESDT  
Man Jessica PRESDT  
Manalang Jazmin DEANS  
Maneechot Pajareeporn PRESDT  
Mang Josef DEANS  
Manganiello Laura DEANS  
Mangar Lisa PRESDT  
Manicka Karina PRESDT  
Maniyar Arjun DEANS  
Manley Sandra DEANS  
Mann Brian DEANS  
Mann Gregory PRESDT  
Mann Hatsumi DEANS  
Mann Lauren PRESDT  
Mann Maitland DEANS  
Mann Nesir DEANS  
Mann Sandres DEANS  
Mannan Stephanie DEANS  
Manning Erin DEANS  
Mannino Christa DEANS  
Manno Justine PRESDT  
Manocchio Anthony DEANS  
Manohoratat Sireetorn DEANS  
Mansaray Hawa DEANS  
Mansare Adama DEANS  
Mansoori Saba DEANS  
Mansouri Arya PRESDT  
Mansurov Miraziz DEANS  
Mantilla Ricardo PRESDT  
Mantiply Kimberly DEANS  
Manu Ofa DEANS  
Manuel Andrew DEANS  
Manzanares Jose DEANS  
Mao Channy DEANS  
Maples Laura PRESDT  
Maranon Kimberly DEANS  
Maraqa Shaden PRESDT  
Marcano Lenny DEANS  
March Whitney DEANS  
Marchan Anneka DEANS  
Marcikic Mirela DEANS  
Marcu Adina PRESDT  
Marcum Mary PRESDT  
Mardelli George DEANS  
Marfo Christiana DEANS  
Margolis Geri DEANS  
Marguerite Didier DEANS  
Marin Alvaro DEANS  
Marin Rosas Jorge DEANS  
Marinucci Jacquelyn DEANS  
Mariscal Krizia PRESDT  
Markley Gabrielle DEANS  
Marks Andrea DEANS  
Marksberry Scott PRESDT  
Markuszewski Michal DEANS  
Marmorstein Fred DEANS  
Marquez Leysla DEANS  
Marquez Silvia DEANS  
Marr Aaron PRESDT  
Marrazzo Megan DEANS  
Marron Kelsey PRESDT  
Marrone Tyler DEANS  
Marroquin Diana DEANS  
Marroquin Walter PRESDT  
Marsh Benjamin DEANS  
Marsh Benjamin PRESDT  
Marshall Brianna DEANS  
Marshall Candice PRESDT  
Marshall Gregory PRESDT  
Marshall Matthew DEANS  
Marshburn Trevor PRESDT  
Marteney Brittany DEANS  
Marteny Kevin PRESDT  
Martin Benjamin PRESDT  
Martin Britny DEANS  
Martin Christopher PRESDT  
Martin Corine DEANS  
Martin Danielle DEANS  
Martin Gregory DEANS  
Martin Jacob PRESDT  
Martin Kirstin DEANS  
Martin LaMartha PRESDT  
Martin Robert DEANS  
Martin Ryan DEANS  
Martin Sarah DEANS  
Martinez Ana DEANS  
Martinez Ana PRESDT  
Martinez Carlos DEANS  
Martinez Christian PRESDT  
Martinez Gonzalo PRESDT  
Martinez Idalia DEANS  
Martinez Jennifer DEANS  
Martinez Laura PRESDT  
Martinez Marcela PRESDT  
Martinez Marcos PRESDT  
Martinez Reynaldo DEANS  
Martinez Ryan PRESDT  
Martinko Reed DEANS  
Martinson Jennifer DEANS  
Martir Benito DEANS  
Martoatmodjo Adi DEANS  
Maruco Steven DEANS  
Marzec Mary DEANS  
Mashood George DEANS  
Masiak Shannon DEANS  
Mason Dalonte' DEANS  
Mason Karen PRESDT  
Mason Kelvin DEANS  
Mason Peter DEANS  
Massa Pierina DEANS  
Massey Kristin DEANS  
Massie Michelle DEANS  
Massous Sami DEANS  
Masterson Valery PRESDT  
Masyita Safira DEANS  
Mata Herson PRESDT  
Mateo Alexandra DEANS  
Matewos Mestewat DEANS  
Mathes Christopher DEANS  
Mathews Angelique DEANS  
Mathews Jordan PRESDT  
Mathewson Joseph DEANS  
Mathy Liliana DEANS  
Matias Carlin Monica DEANS  
Matias Grace PRESDT  
Matlock Isaac DEANS  
Matney Chad PRESDT  
Matowo Nixon DEANS  
Matteson Earl PRESDT  
Mattoon Kathleen DEANS  
Maturah David DEANS  
Maurya Amit DEANS  
Mavrommatis Mary DEANS  
Mawyer Victoria PRESDT  
Maxwell Daniel DEANS  
May Mary DEANS  
Mayen-Krogstad John DEANS  
Mayle Ashly DEANS  
Maynard Jeffery PRESDT  
Mayo Donald DEANS  
Mays Dhaakira PRESDT  
Maysaud Rajaa DEANS  
Mazaheri Sina PRESDT  
Mazariegos Selwin DEANS  
Mazloum-yazdi Tandeece PRESDT  
Mazmanian Cheryl DEANS  
Mazzei Marissa DEANS  
Mazzoleni Christian DEANS  
Mbakwa Festus PRESDT  
Mbanwei Prodencia DEANS  
Mbayo Ulrica DEANS  
Mbulu Gladys DEANS  
Mc Daniels Chasio PRESDT  
McAllister Kaylynn DEANS  
McAllister Kevin DEANS  
McArthur Shirlina DEANS  
McAuley Anna DEANS  
McAuliffe Michael DEANS  
McAuslin Alex DEANS  
McAvoy Jerome DEANS  
Mcbride Jesse DEANS  
McBurney Kennya PRESDT  
McBurney Tressie PRESDT  
McCabe Anna DEANS  
McCabe Monica DEANS  
McCarry Thomas DEANS  
McCarthy Hannah PRESDT  
McCarthy Robert DEANS  
McCarthy-Cruse Connor DEANS  
McCathren Alyson DEANS  
McCauley Justin DEANS  
Mcceney Connor DEANS  
McClafferty Christopher DEANS  
McClelland Timothy DEANS  
Mccloskey Linda DEANS  
McClure John DEANS  
McClure Trey DEANS  
McCommas Loretta DEANS  
McConnell Maggie DEANS  
McCord Jacquelyn DEANS  
McCormack Gabrielle DEANS  
McCormick Heather DEANS  
McCormick Kathryn PRESDT  
McCormick Peyton PRESDT  
McCracken Emily PRESDT  
McCracken Gregory DEANS  
McCracken Lauren DEANS  
McCray John DEANS  
McCrea Meredith DEANS  
McCrone Christopher DEANS  
McCrory Nicole DEANS  
McCrory Patrick DEANS  
McCue Jennifer PRESDT  
McDaniel Reta PRESDT  
Mcdermott David DEANS  
McDole Brittany PRESDT  
McDonagh Casey DEANS  
McDonald James DEANS  
McDonnell John DEANS  
McDonough Brendan DEANS  
McDowell Aimee DEANS  
McDowell LaVerne DEANS  
McDowell Leah DEANS  
McElroy Laura PRESDT  
McElwee Mark PRESDT  
McEnelly Aubrey PRESDT  
McEvoy Kelsey DEANS  
McEvoy Liam DEANS  
McEwen Jan DEANS  
McFarland Katelyn DEANS  
Mcfarland Susanna DEANS  
MCFarlane Geun Gu PRESDT  
McFeron Sean DEANS  
Mcgann Jeanne DEANS  
Mcgeary Joey DEANS  
McGilton Richard DEANS  
McGown Richard PRESDT  
McGrady Sheryl PRESDT  
McGuire Jonathan PRESDT  
Mcilvoy Katherine DEANS  
McIntyre Abigail DEANS  
McKee Elizabeth PRESDT  
McKenzie Jeffrey PRESDT  
McKinney Andrew PRESDT  
McKinney Patrick PRESDT  
McKinnon Justine DEANS  
McKinnon Toni DEANS  
McLaughlin Sean PRESDT  
McLean Shanita DEANS  
McLees John DEANS  
Mcleese Evan DEANS  
McLellan Katherine DEANS  
McLemore Henry PRESDT  
McLemore Jared PRESDT  
McLemore Josh DEANS  
McLeod Virginia DEANS  
McLune Tanika PRESDT  
McMahon Brandon DEANS  
McManaman Heather DEANS  
McManus Adrian DEANS  
Mcmaster Tuangrat DEANS  
McMurry Walter DEANS  
McMurtry Robert DEANS  
Mcnamara James PRESDT  
Mcnamee Amanda PRESDT  
Mcnamee Mary DEANS  
McNeal Timothy PRESDT  
McNichol Connor PRESDT  
McPeak Katie DEANS  
McQuay Mark PRESDT  
McReynolds Patrick PRESDT  
McSorley Adjoua DEANS  
McTaggart Jessica PRESDT  
Meaden James DEANS  
Meadows Andrew DEANS  
Meadows Michael DEANS  
Medani Walid PRESDT  
Medehane Roza DEANS  
Medellin Alanis Magalys DEANS  
Medina Milton DEANS  
Medina-Martinez Janedisse DEANS  
Medlin Dana DEANS  
Medrano Cindy DEANS  
Medrano Tiffany PRESDT  
Medrano-Logo Damaris PRESDT  
Medwedeff Cameron DEANS  
Meeker John PRESDT  
Megaw Matt DEANS  
Mehari Tighisti PRESDT  
Mehicic Amela DEANS  
Mehki Jennifer DEANS  
Mehler Ashley DEANS  
Mehmanesh Nusha PRESDT  
Meidt Melissa PRESDT  
Meininger Grace DEANS  
Mejia Josue PRESDT  
Mejia Ramon DEANS  
Mejia Raul DEANS  
Mejia Sara PRESDT  
Mekhmankulova Nasiba DEANS  
Mekonen Axsumawit PRESDT  
Mekonnen Meron DEANS  
Melaku Mebrat PRESDT  
Melendez Ashley DEANS  
Melendez Ventura David DEANS  
Melgar Luis PRESDT  
Melkerson Matthew DEANS  
Melnikova Irina PRESDT  
Melone John PRESDT  
Melton Patricia DEANS  
Melton Sarah DEANS  
Memmo Callan DEANS  
Mena Deborah DEANS  
Mena Iliana DEANS  
Menard Kristen DEANS  
Mendez Edwin DEANS  
Mendez Glendy PRESDT  
Mendez Ingrid DEANS  
Mendez Jesse DEANS  
Mendez Marilid PRESDT  
Mendez-Rourk Alexandra DEANS  
Mendieta Calero Juan PRESDT  
Mendonca Nancy DEANS  
Mendoza Allan DEANS  
Mendoza Eri DEANS  
Mendoza Jorge PRESDT  
Mendoza Katharina DEANS  
Mendoza Morris DEANS  
Mendoza Roa Alieth DEANS  
Menefee Christiana PRESDT  
Menegazzi Caseiro Bianca DEANS  
Meng Grace PRESDT  
Menor Jason DEANS  
Mensah Massan DEANS  
Mensah Michael DEANS  
Mensah Solomon DEANS  
Mensah Stephen DEANS  
Mensah Sylvanus PRESDT  
Mensah-etsi Kokougan DEANS  
Meny-plunkett Bernadette DEANS  
Meraj Tarannum DEANS  
Mercado Carmen DEANS  
Mercer Jasmine DEANS  
Merida Giovana DEANS  
Merida Stephanie DEANS  
Merker Elliot DEANS  
Merlo Stephen DEANS  
Merrill Jessica DEANS  
Merryman Kevin DEANS  
Merza Angie DEANS  
Mesbahi Ardavan DEANS  
Meserole Alaina DEANS  
Mesfin Kidisthanna DEANS  
Mesick Kristin DEANS  
Metaferia Hanna DEANS  
Metcalfe Aubrey DEANS  
Metcalfe Cassandra DEANS  
Metz Donna DEANS  
Meushaw Arthur DEANS  
Meyer Jennifer DEANS  
Meyer Margot DEANS  
Meyer Parvin DEANS  
Meyers Claire PRESDT  
Mhanaojyakorn Sophol DEANS  
Miah Masum PRESDT  
Mian Hussanain DEANS  
Michael Jarrett PRESDT  
Michael Jeremy PRESDT  
Michaels James DEANS  
Michel Hugo DEANS  
Michelsen Monique DEANS  
Michener Christine PRESDT  
Michik Melissa PRESDT  
Michnay Emily DEANS  
Mickle Jeffrey DEANS  
Middleton Carli DEANS  
Mierez Agustin PRESDT  
Mignoli Brittany DEANS  
Mignone Michael DEANS  
Mignott Jasmine DEANS  
Miguel Andrea DEANS  
Mijango Jennifer PRESDT  
Mijango Saul DEANS  
Mikulas Gabriella PRESDT  
Milam Adriane DEANS  
Milde Nina PRESDT  
Miles Christine DEANS  
Miles Elizabeth DEANS  
Miles Franklin DEANS  
Miles Myra DEANS  
Millar Christopher PRESDT  
Millar Jasper DEANS  
Miller Amanda DEANS  
Miller Annette PRESDT  
Miller Austin PRESDT  
Miller Brianna DEANS  
Miller Charles DEANS  
Miller Daniel PRESDT  
Miller David DEANS  
Miller Dean DEANS  
Miller Dustin DEANS  
Miller Elizabeth DEANS  
Miller Julia DEANS  
Miller Kayla DEANS  
Miller Laura DEANS  
Miller Lynn DEANS  
Miller Marcus DEANS  
Miller Matthew DEANS  
Miller Robert DEANS  
Miller Samantha DEANS  
Miller Sara PRESDT  
Miller Sarah DEANS  
Miller Scott DEANS  
Miller Theresa PRESDT  
Miller Tiffany DEANS  
Millian Andrew DEANS  
Milliken Teresa DEANS  
Millones-Bilbao Alhan DEANS  
Mills Amanda DEANS  
Mills Eric DEANS  
Mills John DEANS  
Mills Karen DEANS  
Mills Sarah PRESDT  
Mills Tiffany DEANS  
Milroy Alexander DEANS  
Mims Keith DEANS  
Min Jung Hwan PRESDT  
Mingos Johanna PRESDT  
Minto Christina DEANS  
Mirabella Julia PRESDT  
Miramontes Nicolas DEANS  
Miranda-Ocampo Iris DEANS  
Mireku Justin PRESDT  
Miressa Kidist DEANS  
Mirza Abdul DEANS  
Mirza Al DEANS  
Mishima Justin PRESDT  
Miskell Kayla DEANS  
Mitalo Nancy DEANS  
Mitchell Alexandra PRESDT  
Mitchell Aprille DEANS  
Mitchell Daniel PRESDT  
Mitchell Heather DEANS  
Mitchell James DEANS  
Mitchell Jasmine DEANS  
Mitchell Joe DEANS  
Mitchell Joshua DEANS  
Mitchell Kevin DEANS  
Mitchell Mariah PRESDT  
Mitchell Michelle PRESDT  
Mitchell Timothy DEANS  
Mitchell Walter DEANS  
Mitchell Warren DEANS  
Mitiku Rahel DEANS  
Mitterbach Stephani DEANS  
Mitzel Marty DEANS  
Moayyer Nilofar PRESDT  
Moberly Laura PRESDT  
Mobley Gordon DEANS  
Mobley Ross DEANS  
Mocabee Tyler DEANS  
Mockabee Lydia DEANS  
Modar Karima PRESDT  
Mogavero Sara DEANS  
Mogensen Karen DEANS  
Mohamed Abdikadir DEANS  
Mohamed Abdullahi PRESDT  
Mohamed Idman DEANS  
Mohamed Sherif DEANS  
Mohamed Wisal DEANS  
Mohammad Javaheri Sepideh DEANS  
Mohammadhasani Amirreza PRESDT  
Mohammadpour Maria DEANS  
Mohammed Hanan DEANS  
Mohammed Kadir DEANS  
Mohammed Maha DEANS  
Mohammed Seid PRESDT  
Mohammed Sozit DEANS  
Mohammed Umar DEANS  
Mohammed Saeed Zainab DEANS  
Mohamud Harun PRESDT  
Mohbo-oh Shiwoh DEANS  
Mohd Supandi Zul PRESDT  
Mohd Zainal Muhammad Hakkim PRESDT  
Mohmand Nazaneen PRESDT  
Mojadidi Hena PRESDT  
Molaeenejad Maryam DEANS  
Molina Aleixa DEANS  
Molina Iliana DEANS  
Molina Jacqueline DEANS  
Molina Nelson DEANS  
Molina Olvin DEANS  
Molina Renderos Jenifer DEANS  
Molnar Vanessa DEANS  
Moloney Angus DEANS  
Momtahan Mahsa DEANS  
Monahan Connor DEANS  
Monastra Ibrahim DEANS  
Money Richard DEANS  
Monge Alexandra PRESDT  
Mongoue Paul PRESDT  
Monin Katie DEANS  
Monjer Abu DEANS  
Monsalve Maria DEANS  
Montanaro Monica DEANS  
Montclair Megan DEANS  
Montecinos Delia DEANS  
Montemayor Jonathan DEANS  
Montemorano Patrick DEANS  
Montenegro Luis DEANS  
Montero Rodolfo DEANS  
Montero Zachary DEANS  
Monterrosa-rivera Patricia DEANS  
Montes Gabriela DEANS  
Montes de Oca Elizabeth DEANS  
Montgomery Diana DEANS  
Montgomery Katherine DEANS  
Montgomery Kristofer DEANS  
Monticone Megan DEANS  
Montoney Lindsay DEANS  
Montoya Amy DEANS  
Montoya Cano Astrid PRESDT  
Monzon Ashley DEANS  
Moody Briana DEANS  
Moody Lauren DEANS  
Moon Donato PRESDT  
Moon Hyeho DEANS  
Moon Mira DEANS  
Moon Seho PRESDT  
Mooney Laura PRESDT  
Mooney Mark DEANS  
Moore Abigail DEANS  
Moore Bianca DEANS  
Moore Hannah DEANS  
Moore Jade DEANS  
Moore Malcolm DEANS  
Moore Michael PRESDT  
Moore Sarah DEANS  
Moore Steve DEANS  
Moore Timothy PRESDT  
Moore Timothy DEANS  
Moore Zachary DEANS  
Mora Elvia DEANS  
Moradianboroujeni Hossein PRESDT  
Morales Jessie DEANS  
Morales Jonathan DEANS  
Morales Wendy PRESDT  
Morales William DEANS  
Morales Monsalve Jose DEANS  
Morales Perdomo Jose DEANS  
Moran Ada DEANS  
Moran Christopher DEANS  
Moran Laura DEANS  
Morejon Maritza DEANS  
Morel Caroline PRESDT  
Moreno Keira DEANS  
Moreno Celis Paola PRESDT  
Moretti Nicole PRESDT  
Morgan Alexander DEANS  
Morgan Allison DEANS  
Morgan Claudia PRESDT  
Morgan Daniel PRESDT  
Morgan Joseph DEANS  
Morgan Michael PRESDT  
Morgan Michelle PRESDT  
Morgan Trevor DEANS  
Morgan Yolanda DEANS  
Moriarty John DEANS  
Moridzadeh Jayran PRESDT  
Moroz Laura PRESDT  
Morrell Carolyn PRESDT  
Morrell Richard DEANS  
Morris Alexandra DEANS  
Morris Anthony DEANS  
Morris Audra DEANS  
Morris Diana DEANS  
Morris Gail DEANS  
Morris Joel PRESDT  
Morris Olivia DEANS  
Morrison Brian DEANS  
Morrison Tra'mel DEANS  
Morrobel Yinaurys DEANS  
Morrow Monique DEANS  
Morrow Zachary DEANS  
Morse Kara PRESDT  
Mortazie Michelle PRESDT  
Mortillo Steven DEANS  
Morton Alison PRESDT  
Morton Evan PRESDT  
Morton Jennifer DEANS  
Moruno Evelyn DEANS  
Moschopoulos Constantine DEANS  
Moser Elizabeth DEANS  
Mosina Yuliya DEANS  
Mosler Alexandra DEANS  
Mott Lydia DEANS  
Moujaes Jason DEANS  
Moulinier Megan PRESDT  
Moummi Ghita DEANS  
Moummi Sanae DEANS  
Mounts David DEANS  
Mounts Tracy DEANS  
Mourao Monica DEANS  
Mousavi Sasan DEANS  
Mower Rachel DEANS  
Moy Skyler PRESDT  
Moya Cynthia PRESDT  
Moye Anthony DEANS  
Moyer Nathan PRESDT  
Mozier Josh DEANS  
Mozisek Ratree PRESDT  
Mphofe Alinah DEANS  
Mphofe Sylvia DEANS  
Mraczek DIane DEANS  
Mthethwa Xolani DEANS  
Mubiru Julia DEANS  
Mudd Eleanor DEANS  
Mueller Christin DEANS  
Mueller Kristen DEANS  
Mueller Michael PRESDT  
Mughal Husnain DEANS  
Mugomoka Ciragane DEANS  
Muguerza Cendy DEANS  
Muhammad Khadija PRESDT  
Muhammad Nimra DEANS  
Muhanyi Pastory DEANS  
Mukku Vivekananda DEANS  
Mulholland Frank DEANS  
Mullaly Katie DEANS  
Mullan Imaida DEANS  
Mullen Anna DEANS  
Mullen Jackie DEANS  
Mullen Jonathan DEANS  
Muller Antoine DEANS  
Muller Kevin DEANS  
Muller-Thym Andrew DEANS  
Mullins Pamela DEANS  
Mulowayi Marie-josee DEANS  
Mulugeta Aden DEANS  
Mulugeta Robel DEANS  
Mulugeta Tehetena PRESDT  
Mulvaney Barbara DEANS  
Mun Alex PRESDT  
Mun Peter PRESDT  
Muniz Valerie DEANS  
Munkhbat Temuulen DEANS  
Munkhtur Yanjindulam DEANS  
Munoz Benjamin PRESDT  
Munoz Linda DEANS  
Munoz Mirian DEANS  
Munoz Phillip DEANS  
Munyemana Elvis DEANS  
Murad Zebah DEANS  
Murangi Anita DEANS  
Murdock Orison DEANS  
Murga Luis DEANS  
Murphy DeAngelo DEANS  
Murphy Elizabeth DEANS  
Murphy Erin PRESDT  
Murphy Evan DEANS  
Murphy James PRESDT  
Murphy Jennifer DEANS  
Murphy Justin DEANS  
Murphy Kyle PRESDT  
Murphy Michael DEANS  
Murphy Samuel DEANS  
Murphy Sarah DEANS  
Murphy Teri PRESDT  
Murphy Timothy DEANS  
Murphy-Solano Paul PRESDT  
Murray Brian DEANS  
Murray Christopher DEANS  
Murray Deana PRESDT  
Murray John DEANS  
Murray Lynne DEANS  
Murray Nathan DEANS  
Murshid Shamsa PRESDT  
Murtada Mohd Khalil DEANS  
Musa Ahmed PRESDT  
Muschler Jillian PRESDT  
Muscolino Cynthia DEANS  
Muse Melissa DEANS  
Mussett Colby PRESDT  
Mustahseen Rashique PRESDT  
Mutahidi Safiulla PRESDT  
Mutterer Morgan DEANS  
Muyen Ponnia PRESDT  
Muzaffar Javeria PRESDT  
Muzeyen Tesfahun DEANS  
Myers Katie DEANS  
Myers Mark PRESDT  
Myers Michael DEANS  
Myles Latrice DEANS  
Mysak Mariya DEANS  
Mysiuk Micah DEANS  
Mzamo Mbonisi PRESDT