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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2012

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Ha Janet PRESDT  
Haas Matthew DEANS  
Habaqe Jan DEANS  
Habel Jacqueline PRESDT  
Habib Aisha PRESDT  
Habib Mayada DEANS  
Habili Minoo DEANS  
Habtemariam Emebet DEANS  
Habteselassie Ephrem DEANS  
Hachem Christine DEANS  
Hackett Fred PRESDT  
Haddad Yassine DEANS  
Haddaway Catherine DEANS  
Hadi Mohammad DEANS  
Hadijski Katherine DEANS  
Hadley Alyssa DEANS  
Hafeez Safian DEANS  
Hagan Marc PRESDT  
Hager George DEANS  
Hager Magdalen DEANS  
Hagerman Logan DEANS  
Hagos Sessen PRESDT  
Hague Heather DEANS  
Haidacher Scott DEANS  
Haidar Abdelmalek DEANS  
Haidari Madeena DEANS  
Haider Oma DEANS  
Haile Dagmawet DEANS  
Haile Herani DEANS  
Haile Tejitu DEANS  
Hailemariam Angela PRESDT  
Hailey Tara PRESDT  
Hailu Ruth DEANS  
Hajimohammad Amir PRESDT  
Hakimi Nazaneen PRESDT  
Halabi Saif PRESDT  
Halada John DEANS  
Haldeman Sunny DEANS  
Hale Stephanie DEANS  
Haleem Mohamed DEANS  
Haleem Sadia PRESDT  
Haleem Zahra PRESDT  
Haley John DEANS  
Halim Sidiqullah DEANS  
Hall Amanda PRESDT  
Hall Andrea DEANS  
Hall Brandon DEANS  
Hall Bryan PRESDT  
Hall Christopher DEANS  
Hall Jordan DEANS  
Hall Katie DEANS  
Hall Lisa PRESDT  
Hall Madeline DEANS  
Hall Paul DEANS  
Hall Ryan DEANS  
Hall Samuel PRESDT  
Hall Summer DEANS  
Hall Zachary DEANS  
Hallman Que'andria DEANS  
Ham Montrese DEANS  
Hamad Dana PRESDT  
Hamann Michael DEANS  
Hambleton Robert PRESDT  
Hamby Christopher DEANS  
Hamdan Firas PRESDT  
Hameed Faraz PRESDT  
Hamid Ethar DEANS  
Hamilton Lillian DEANS  
Hamilton Liza DEANS  
Hamilton Sara DEANS  
Hamlin Allison DEANS  
Hammock Lauren DEANS  
Hammond Elizabeth DEANS  
Hammond Nicole DEANS  
Hampton Darryl DEANS  
Hampton Renita DEANS  
Hamza Ahamed DEANS  
Hamza Liwaa DEANS  
Hamza Sufyan DEANS  
Han Gyil PRESDT  
Han Jounghee PRESDT  
Han Min Kyung DEANS  
Han Paul DEANS  
Han Seunghoon DEANS  
Han SongEi PRESDT  
Han Xue DEANS  
Hana Mina PRESDT  
Hance Jing-Fen DEANS  
Hanchin Shannon DEANS  
Hand Julia DEANS  
Hanelli Amanda PRESDT  
Haninou Khalil PRESDT  
Hanley Steven DEANS  
Hanline Allison PRESDT  
Hanna Nicholas DEANS  
Hannah Marie DEANS  
Hannan Adrienne DEANS  
Hannegan Jeremy DEANS  
Hannigan Kent DEANS  
Hanover Pettit Rebekah DEANS  
Hansen Jessica DEANS  
Hansen Logan DEANS  
Hanson Emma DEANS  
Hanzek Lidija DEANS  
Hanzlik Austin DEANS  
Haq Umair DEANS  
Haque Atif DEANS  
Haque Ima DEANS  
Harbi Faisal DEANS  
Harden Matthew PRESDT  
Hardy Alec DEANS  
Hargrove Rebecca PRESDT  
Harley Christina DEANS  
Harlow Annie DEANS  
Harmon Chelsea DEANS  
Harmon Jessica DEANS  
Harr Charles PRESDT  
Harrelson April DEANS  
Harrigan Meghan PRESDT  
Harrington Lindsey DEANS  
Harrington Thomas DEANS  
Harrington Tiffany DEANS  
Harris Anisa DEANS  
Harris Benjamin DEANS  
Harris Danielle DEANS  
Harris Jayme PRESDT  
Harris Katie PRESDT  
Harris Kurt PRESDT  
Harris Kyle DEANS  
Harris Roland DEANS  
Harris Roxy DEANS  
Harris Vanessa DEANS  
Harrison Benjamin DEANS  
Harrison Daniel DEANS  
Harrison Lance DEANS  
Harrison Renee DEANS  
Hart Kathryn DEANS  
Hart Sophia PRESDT  
Hart Yurie PRESDT  
Harte Chris DEANS  
Harting Harry DEANS  
Harting Margaret DEANS  
Haruna Ruhia PRESDT  
Harvey Ann DEANS  
Harvey Morgan DEANS  
Harvey Salvador DEANS  
Harvey Thomas DEANS  
Harwood Amanda PRESDT  
Hasan Kristin DEANS  
Hasan Maisha DEANS  
Hasan Syeda DEANS  
Hasan Taqi DEANS  
Hashi Shamis DEANS  
Hashimi Shafiq DEANS  
Hassan Ali DEANS  
Hassan Alishan PRESDT  
Hassan Hammad DEANS  
Hassan Safiya DEANS  
Hassell Denzel DEANS  
Hassen Tahir DEANS  
Hassoun Yassmina DEANS  
Hastings Madeline PRESDT  
Haswell Kimberly PRESDT  
Hatcher Nathan DEANS  
Hatfield Marques PRESDT  
Hathaway Kaitlin PRESDT  
Hatton-lucy Constance DEANS  
Haun Garron DEANS  
Haverty Katherine DEANS  
Havrilla Timothy PRESDT  
Hawkins Anita DEANS  
Hawkins Cornelius DEANS  
Hawkins Staci DEANS  
Hawkins Wayne DEANS  
Hawley Claude PRESDT  
Hawley Elyse DEANS  
Hawley Jeryl DEANS  
Hay Kathleen PRESDT  
Haydari Noorzia PRESDT  
Hayde Adam DEANS  
Hayden Tucker DEANS  
Hayes Brittny DEANS  
Hayes Katherine DEANS  
Hayes Michael DEANS  
Haynes Andrew PRESDT  
Haynes Stephen DEANS  
Hayredin Elias PRESDT  
Hayungs Mandy PRESDT  
Hayward Mark DEANS  
Haywood John PRESDT  
Hazel Elwood DEANS  
He Meijiao PRESDT  
He Victor DEANS  
He Wei DEANS  
He Zinai PRESDT  
Heard Coriena DEANS  
Hearp Nicole DEANS  
Heavener Christopher PRESDT  
Hebert Jesse DEANS  
Heck Marea DEANS  
Heckel Christian PRESDT  
Hedges William DEANS  
Hefner Caroline DEANS  
Hegarty Ashley DEANS  
Heilemann Matthew DEANS  
Hein Suzanne DEANS  
Heins Alyssa DEANS  
Heintz Katrina DEANS  
Heinz Nadine PRESDT  
Heinzer Andree PRESDT  
Heiser Kirk DEANS  
Heisig Joyce PRESDT  
Heiss Jennifer DEANS  
Heist Hristina DEANS  
Hejazi Far Narmin Sadat DEANS  
Helander John PRESDT  
Helberg Jessica DEANS  
Heller David PRESDT  
Helm Angela PRESDT  
Helmandollar Cheri DEANS  
Helmey Nermeen DEANS  
Helmick Gregory PRESDT  
Helms Hannah PRESDT  
Helms Raven DEANS  
Heltzel Braeden PRESDT  
Hemdal James DEANS  
Henchbarger Erin PRESDT  
Hencin Alexander DEANS  
Henderson Anja DEANS  
Henderson Irving DEANS  
Henderson Marcellus DEANS  
Henderson Richard PRESDT  
Henderson Saide PRESDT  
Hendon Jeremiah DEANS  
Hendrickson Angela DEANS  
Hennessy Megan DEANS  
Henning Gregory DEANS  
Henning Holli DEANS  
Henriquez Manuel DEANS  
Henry Jennifer PRESDT  
Henry Kathleen DEANS  
Henry-gross Caroline PRESDT  
Henson Adrian DEANS  
Henson Eric DEANS  
Henyo Kwami DEANS  
Heo Jeho DEANS  
Herbas Cristian DEANS  
Herbas Ramirez Jhersson DEANS  
Herbert Nancy DEANS  
Herbstreit Brent PRESDT  
Heretick Janice DEANS  
Herlehy Niall DEANS  
Hermansen Neil DEANS  
Hernandez Anthony DEANS  
Hernandez Edward PRESDT  
Hernandez Heather DEANS  
Hernandez Juan PRESDT  
Hernandez Katherine DEANS  
Hernandez Melissa DEANS  
Hernandez Roberto DEANS  
Hernandez Valeria DEANS  
Hernandez Venessa DEANS  
Hernandez-Chacon Kleidy DEANS  
Herr Sara DEANS  
Herrera Alejandra DEANS  
Herrera Sebastian DEANS  
Herring-Viscusi Katelynne DEANS  
Hertzog Erica DEANS  
Heslin Megan DEANS  
Hess Earl DEANS  
Hess Mitzi DEANS  
Hesse Poramaporn DEANS  
Hesson Holly DEANS  
Hester Katelyn DEANS  
Hetherington Sandra DEANS  
Hewitson William DEANS  
Hewitt Robert DEANS  
Heymer Kristen DEANS  
Hickey Paul DEANS  
Hickle Daniel DEANS  
Hickman Ahbleza DEANS  
Hickman Valerie PRESDT  
Hicks Brandon DEANS  
Hicks Taylor DEANS  
Hicks Terry PRESDT  
Hidayat Sana PRESDT  
Hiestand Madeleine PRESDT  
Higbee John PRESDT  
Higginbotham Ryan DEANS  
Higgins Chianne PRESDT  
Higgins Sara DEANS  
High Attallah DEANS  
Highley Eric DEANS  
Hilberath Rachel DEANS  
Hildenbrand Charles PRESDT  
Hill Brian DEANS  
Hill Daniel PRESDT  
Hill Hunter DEANS  
Hill Justin DEANS  
Hill Latoya DEANS  
Hill Michelle DEANS  
Hill Monica PRESDT  
Hill Peter DEANS  
Hill Rachel DEANS  
Hill Richard DEANS  
Hill Ryan DEANS  
Hill Shawnna DEANS  
Hilland Chris PRESDT  
Hillmon Stephanie PRESDT  
Hilton Kimberly PRESDT  
Hines Andrea DEANS  
Hines David DEANS  
Hines Reisa DEANS  
Hines-Laboy Sue DEANS  
Hing Susan DEANS  
Hinkle Daniel PRESDT  
Hinnant Rhiannon-Nadine DEANS  
Hinson Oliver DEANS  
Hinson Victoria DEANS  
Hinton Hartini DEANS  
Hipolito Christopher DEANS  
Hipp Kimberly DEANS  
Hirad Idil PRESDT  
Hirscher Jonathan DEANS  
Hirsi Fathiya PRESDT  
Hitchcock Anzhela DEANS  
Hively Jennifer PRESDT  
Hixon Michael DEANS  
Hjelm Corinne DEANS  
Ho Nhu-khanh DEANS  
Ho Thao PRESDT  
Hoang Katherine PRESDT  
Hoang Linh DEANS  
Hoang Luan PRESDT  
Hoang My-Tien PRESDT  
Hoang Ngan DEANS  
Hoang Vu DEANS  
Hobbie Kristopher PRESDT  
Hoch Samantha DEANS  
Hockman Lauren DEANS  
Hodge Christy DEANS  
Hodgens Tim DEANS  
Hodgson Diana PRESDT  
Hodja Farah PRESDT  
Hodnett Ronnie PRESDT  
Hoeffler Christa PRESDT  
Hofer Marion PRESDT  
Hoff Alan DEANS  
Hoff Douglas DEANS  
Hoff Kiersten DEANS  
Hoff Kyle DEANS  
Hoff Tyler PRESDT  
Hoffman Dwayne DEANS  
Hoffman Joyce DEANS  
Hoffman Kimberly DEANS  
Hoffman Mary DEANS  
Hoffman Molly PRESDT  
Hoffman Valerie DEANS  
Hoffman-gallucci Ashley DEANS  
Hoffmann Thomas DEANS  
Hogan Cherita DEANS  
Hoge Lucas PRESDT  
Hohweiler Veronica DEANS  
Hok Tola DEANS  
Holcomb Lydia DEANS  
Holcomb Matthew DEANS  
Holder Jennifer DEANS  
Holdren Robert PRESDT  
Holiday Alan DEANS  
Holland John DEANS  
Holland Sara DEANS  
Hollar Kyla PRESDT  
Hollar Terri DEANS  
Hollenbeck Alexander DEANS  
Hollett Seon Ok PRESDT  
Holley David DEANS  
Holloway Cassandra DEANS  
Holly Laurie DEANS  
Hollyer Alexander DEANS  
Hollywood Emily DEANS  
Holman Ernest PRESDT  
Holman Robert DEANS  
Holmes Janay DEANS  
Holmes Olga PRESDT  
Holmes Patrick DEANS  
Holsten Katherine DEANS  
Holt Takeia DEANS  
Holtgrieve Katherine PRESDT  
Holwick John PRESDT  
Holy Shayla PRESDT  
Holyk Alycia PRESDT  
Homayouni Brandon PRESDT  
Homayun Khalid DEANS  
Hong Janet DEANS  
Hong Justin DEANS  
Hong Sujung DEANS  
Hong Sunghyeok DEANS  
Honores Franco DEANS  
Hoonan Kevin PRESDT  
Hooper Katherine PRESDT  
Hope Linda DEANS  
Hopkins Matthew DEANS  
Hopkins Merima PRESDT  
Hoque Mohammad DEANS  
Hord Charlotte DEANS  
Hordell Elizabeth DEANS  
Horn David DEANS  
Horn Irina DEANS  
Horne Charles DEANS  
Horneman Jonathan DEANS  
Horrocks Joe DEANS  
Horton Jasmine DEANS  
Horton Sarah DEANS  
Hosek Beth PRESDT  
Hoshikawa Karina DEANS  
Hossain Manisha PRESDT  
Hossain Sazid PRESDT  
Hossein Mursal PRESDT  
Hosseini Neda DEANS  
Hotaki SIbghatullah DEANS  
Hotchkiss Carolyn PRESDT  
Hotle Christa PRESDT  
Hott Richard PRESDT  
Houck Ashley DEANS  
Houck Billy PRESDT  
Houenouvi Komlanvi PRESDT  
House David PRESDT  
House Esi DEANS  
Houser Mark DEANS  
Houston Vanessa DEANS  
Houtchens Colleen DEANS  
Hovhannissian Maro DEANS  
Howard Christopher DEANS  
Howard Neil DEANS  
Howard Timothy PRESDT  
Hower Maya DEANS  
Howieson Devlin PRESDT  
Hoyos Carolina PRESDT  
Hsu Tiffany DEANS  
Hsu Ya-han DEANS  
Hsueh Hao PRESDT  
Hu Cissy PRESDT  
Hu Xin DEANS  
Hua Eva PRESDT  
Huang YingFei PRESDT  
Huang Zi PRESDT  
Huaytalla Kenneth PRESDT  
Hubbard James DEANS  
Hubbard Tierre' DEANS  
Huber Jesse PRESDT  
Hubert Charles DEANS  
Hubsch McKenna PRESDT  
Hudgins Grace DEANS  
Hudgins Jonathan DEANS  
Hudkins David DEANS  
Hudock Kathryn DEANS  
Hudson Devin DEANS  
Hudson Nia DEANS  
Huerta Edgar DEANS  
Huertas Edgar DEANS  
Huff David PRESDT  
Huff George DEANS  
Huggins Charlie DEANS  
Hughes Andrew DEANS  
Hughes Kelly DEANS  
Hughes Nathaniel PRESDT  
Hughes Norman PRESDT  
Hughes Tre PRESDT  
Hughes-Smith Gia DEANS  
Huh Jaejoon PRESDT  
Huh Jong Man DEANS  
Hulbert Robert DEANS  
Huley Hilarie DEANS  
Hulkower Ariane DEANS  
Hull Caitlin PRESDT  
Hull Crystal DEANS  
Hull Kerry DEANS  
Hull Rebecca DEANS  
Hulligan Kevan PRESDT  
Humbertson Brian PRESDT  
Humbertson Michelle DEANS  
Hummel Charles DEANS  
Hummel Pamela DEANS  
Hummell Brandan PRESDT  
Hummer Clinton DEANS  
Humphrey Troy DEANS  
Humphries Charlotte DEANS  
Humphries Madeline DEANS  
Huneycutt Osk DEANS  
Hunger Rebecca DEANS  
Hunt Colby DEANS  
Hunt David PRESDT  
Hunt Kelly DEANS  
Hunter Dana PRESDT  
Hunter Danielle DEANS  
Hunter Glenda DEANS  
Hunter Martha DEANS  
Hunter Ophelia DEANS  
Hunter Sara DEANS  
Hunter Vania PRESDT  
Hunter Victoria DEANS  
Hupp David DEANS  
Huppert Alexander PRESDT  
Hurlbut Kristin DEANS  
Hurley Jennifer DEANS  
Hurrle Robin DEANS  
Hurst Harry DEANS  
Hurtado Sofia DEANS  
Husain Sana PRESDT  
Husein Hani DEANS  
Huska Jacob PRESDT  
Hussain Anum PRESDT  
Hussain Fasih PRESDT  
Hussain Naveen PRESDT  
Hussein Samar PRESDT  
Hussey Timothy DEANS  
Hutchens Karin DEANS  
Hutchings Amanda PRESDT  
Hutchings Wesley PRESDT  
Hutchins Robin PRESDT  
Hutson Timothy PRESDT  
Huttner Andrew DEANS  
Hutton Jackson DEANS  
Hutton Matthew PRESDT  
Hutzell Sarena DEANS  
Huybrechts Wendy PRESDT  
Huynh Anh DEANS  
Huynh Cam Tu DEANS  
Huynh Hieu DEANS  
Huynh Lucy DEANS  
Huynh Mai DEANS  
Huynh My PRESDT  
Huynh Sinh PRESDT  
Huynh Tien DEANS  
Huynh Truong DEANS  
Hwang Inyoung DEANS  
Hwang Juhee DEANS  
Hwang Seon-wook PRESDT  
Hyatt Raymond DEANS  
Hyde Brian DEANS