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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2012

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A.Boateng Caroline DEANS  
Aakesson John DEANS  
Aardahl Klaya DEANS  
Abaka Chelsea DEANS  
Abalkhail Abdullah DEANS  
Abalos Skeeter DEANS  
Abawi Jamila DEANS  
Abawi Kais DEANS  
Abbas Ayman PRESDT  
Abdalhamid Mohammed DEANS  
Abdallah Omar DEANS  
Abdelameer Amir DEANS  
Abdelgader Remaz PRESDT  
Abdella Feryza DEANS  
Abdellatief Mohamed DEANS  
Abdelmalk Elhamy PRESDT  
Abdelrahman Sara DEANS  
Abdi Abdi Karim DEANS  
Abdi Khadar DEANS  
Abdi Sahra DEANS  
Abdikarim Ulpan DEANS  
Abdirahman Ismael DEANS  
Abdo Lula PRESDT  
Abdulla Deeman DEANS  
Abdullah Kawther PRESDT  
Abdullah Khalid DEANS  
Abdullah Omar DEANS  
Abdul-majeed Debra DEANS  
Abebe Emanuel DEANS  
Abebe Rahel DEANS  
Abebrese Rebecca DEANS  
Abed Farah PRESDT  
Abedy Mashaell DEANS  
Abedy Nadia DEANS  
Abel Diana DEANS  
Abelkis John PRESDT  
Abell Leslie DEANS  
Abendschein Kurt DEANS  
Abera Lensa DEANS  
Abera Samuel DEANS  
Abera Solomon DEANS  
Aberg Alexander PRESDT  
Aberra Ikram DEANS  
Abia Bryan PRESDT  
Abich Joshua DEANS  
Abid Usaid DEANS  
Abilmona Sandra DEANS  
Abi-Saleh Nadine DEANS  
Abisourour Mona DEANS  
Abney Benjamin DEANS  
Abohasen Tiffany DEANS  
Abouissa Mohamed DEANS  
Aboushaban Abdelhay DEANS  
Abraha Atsede DEANS  
Abraham Elshaday PRESDT  
Abraham Fithi DEANS  
Abrari Soheila DEANS  
Abu Ahmad Ahmad DEANS  
Abu Bakr Kais PRESDT  
Abu Laban Aara DEANS  
Abubakar Esmahan DEANS  
Abughannam Mohammad DEANS  
Abulaban Khaled PRESDT  
Aburto Roberto DEANS  
Abu-Taleb Iman DEANS  
Acevedo Jorge DEANS  
Acey Cory DEANS  
Acharya Dipendra DEANS  
Acharya Sailesh PRESDT  
Acheampong Eva DEANS  
Acheampong Gabriel DEANS  
Achu Valerine DEANS  
Ackerman Jennifer DEANS  
Ackert Kelly PRESDT  
Ackley Nicholas DEANS  
Acklin Susan DEANS  
Ackom daafo Ebenezer DEANS  
Acosta Adrian DEANS  
Acquaye Elfreda DEANS  
Adabi Hassan DEANS  
Adal Esubalew DEANS  
Adalla Beryl DEANS  
Adam Abshir DEANS  
Adam Sala DEANS  
Adamonis Alexandria PRESDT  
Adams Rosemarie DEANS  
Adams Schuylia DEANS  
Addison Lawrencia DEANS  
Adeleke Funmi DEANS  
Adem Bilal DEANS  
Adem Nadra PRESDT  
Adem Nebil DEANS  
Adeyemi Sandra DEANS  
Adhana Lidiya DEANS  
Adjaho Patience PRESDT  
Adjei Mabel DEANS  
Adjepong Christopher DEANS  
Adjepong Stephanie DEANS  
Adjetey Suzana DEANS  
Adkins Alexa PRESDT  
Adkins-Blanch Megan DEANS  
Adnan Noreen DEANS  
Adolphe Andrea DEANS  
Adomaa Veronica DEANS  
Adomako Kofi PRESDT  
Adu Comfort DEANS  
Afan Don Vito DEANS  
Afaq Hina PRESDT  
Affane Nguema Chris PRESDT  
Afrane Patrick DEANS  
Afzal Ismail DEANS  
Agee Daniel DEANS  
Aggarwal Annie DEANS  
Aghajanian Darh DEANS  
Agner Hailey PRESDT  
Aguilar Carmen DEANS  
Aguilar George DEANS  
Aguilar Greta DEANS  
Aguilar Sarah PRESDT  
Aguirre Brian DEANS  
Agyapong Bernice PRESDT  
Agyemang sarfo Nana DEANS  
Ahferom Feben DEANS  
Ahmad Aamna PRESDT  
Ahmad Afaf PRESDT  
Ahmad Dana DEANS  
Ahmad Osman PRESDT  
Ahmad Saman DEANS  
Ahmad Tanvir DEANS  
Ahmadi Ahmad DEANS  
Ahmadi Massoud DEANS  
Ahmed Abdullahi DEANS  
Ahmed Anber DEANS  
Ahmed Azza DEANS  
Ahmed Manahil PRESDT  
Ahmed Nader DEANS  
Ahmed Nizam DEANS  
Ahmed Salwa DEANS  
Ahmed Samira DEANS  
Ahn Hyunmo PRESDT  
Ahn Jaehong DEANS  
Ahn Ki Yong DEANS  
Ahn Phillip DEANS  
Ahn Choi Soonyoung DEANS  
Ahrens Brendan PRESDT  
Ahsan Nabeel PRESDT  
Ahumada Carlos DEANS  
Aimaiti Aizire PRESDT  
Aimoto Erika DEANS  
Aimoto Kenji DEANS  
Aitken Melissa DEANS  
Aitken Shenicka DEANS  
Ajjawi Shannon DEANS  
Akai Alex DEANS  
Akakpo Kenneth PRESDT  
Akanni Oluwabukola DEANS  
Akari Ibrahim DEANS  
Akbar Sohaib DEANS  
Akbari Mehbooba DEANS  
Akenji Brenda DEANS  
Akers Aaron PRESDT  
Akers Elizabeth PRESDT  
Akhavanmalayeri Mahdiyar PRESDT  
Akhlaghi Feizasar Kiarash PRESDT  
Akhremenko Stanislav DEANS  
Akhtar Moona PRESDT  
Akhtar Saba PRESDT  
Akhtar Safiya DEANS  
Akhtar Shamila PRESDT  
Akhter Mohsin DEANS  
Akinloye Milka DEANS  
Akins Adekunbi PRESDT  
Akiyama Yu DEANS  
Akomeah Irene DEANS  
Akouete Akomala DEANS  
Akpa Melei Victorine DEANS  
Akram Mursal DEANS  
Akter Roney DEANS  
Akter Salma DEANS  
Akter Tahmina DEANS  
Akwei Kpakpo DEANS  
Akyena Kelly PRESDT  
Al Abyad Abir DEANS  
Al Affouri Qamar DEANS  
Al Ausaj Nawar DEANS  
Al Dailami Altaf DEANS  
Al- Hassan Khalid PRESDT  
Al Marikhi Mubarak PRESDT  
Al Omar Khalid DEANS  
AL Qaisi Hussein DEANS  
Al Thani Abdulla DEANS  
Aladmaai Hani DEANS  
Alaeddin Fadi DEANS  
Alameri Farah DEANS  
Alamiree Russul PRESDT  
Alammari Najla DEANS  
Alaoui Ismaili Zeinab DEANS  
Al-Aruri Ramzi DEANS  
Alas Cindy DEANS  
Al-assad Omar DEANS  
Alavy Nazifa PRESDT  
Al-Awadhi Fatemah DEANS  
Alaybeyoglu Melissa DEANS  
Alba Fred DEANS  
Alba Illyana DEANS  
Alba Jorge DEANS  
Al-Baiati Vian PRESDT  
Albarracin Rocio DEANS  
Albayeros Nelsy PRESDT  
Albayrak Sinan DEANS  
Alberti Robert PRESDT  
Albisu Carolina DEANS  
Albright Jessica PRESDT  
Albrittain Amanda DEANS  
Albury Anita DEANS  
Alcoba Ciro DEANS  
Alderson Anne PRESDT  
Aldhaheri Nabeilah DEANS  
Aldous Annette PRESDT  
Aldubays Ali DEANS  
Al-dulaimi Zahraa PRESDT  
Alejo-Nina Erick DEANS  
Alem Bellah DEANS  
Alem Bruktawit PRESDT  
Aleman Steven DEANS  
Alexander Sean PRESDT  
Alexander Trevor DEANS  
Alfaro Marvin DEANS  
Alfaro Yennisse DEANS  
Alford Christine DEANS  
Alhajri Abdulhadi DEANS  
Al-Hajri Saleh DEANS  
AlHarazi Sami PRESDT  
Alhassun Abdullah DEANS  
Ali Bilal DEANS  
Ali Coli DEANS  
Ali Farah DEANS  
Ali Mateen DEANS  
Ali Mohammed PRESDT  
Ali Mohammed DEANS  
Ali Mohmmad DEANS  
Ali Nabia DEANS  
Ali Rafil DEANS  
Ali Sally DEANS  
Ali Tuba PRESDT  
Ali Zina DEANS  
Aliaga Brandon DEANS  
Alicea-Torres Mayra PRESDT  
Alizadeh Fahimeh DEANS  
Alizadeh-Saei Sarah DEANS  
Al-jawahiry Ilham PRESDT  
Aljazairi Mustafa DEANS  
Aljouaid Shima DEANS  
Alkan Sevda DEANS  
Alker Ashley DEANS  
Alkhafaji Hossam DEANS  
Al-Khalili Jalaluddin DEANS  
Al-Khayarin Abdulla DEANS  
AlKhulaidy Tarek PRESDT  
Alkuray Alayah DEANS  
Alkurd Khaled DEANS  
All Stephen DEANS  
Al-laham Susan DEANS  
Allard Stephanie PRESDT  
Allen Alysia PRESDT  
Allen Andrew DEANS  
Allen Christopher DEANS  
Allen Elizabeth DEANS  
Allen Leslie DEANS  
Allen Linda DEANS  
Allen Michael DEANS  
Allen Nicholas PRESDT  
Allen Patrick DEANS  
Allen Sheldon DEANS  
Allen Tamecka DEANS  
Alleyne Gileszenna DEANS  
Allis Zachariah DEANS  
Allison Heather PRESDT  
Allison Tama DEANS  
Allison Tracy DEANS  
Allred Ernest PRESDT  
Almanza Rolled PRESDT  
Almarar Salem PRESDT  
Al-Maslamani Abdullatif PRESDT  
Almayah Nabi DEANS  
Almayehu Yetinayet DEANS  
Almazan Itzel DEANS  
Almazrouei Obaid PRESDT  
Alnahari Basim DEANS  
Alnashif Lamia PRESDT  
Alojayan Abdullah DEANS  
Alomari Ahmed DEANS  
Alonzo Rosa PRESDT  
Alotaibi Zeiad DEANS  
Alrawas Rayaan DEANS  
Alrayyan Reem DEANS  
Alrsheed Nasser DEANS  
Alsaadat Ibrahim DEANS  
Alsaadi Maisa DEANS  
Al-Sada Hussain DEANS  
Alsakaji Ala PRESDT  
Alsamiri Muna DEANS  
Al-shami Ebtehal DEANS  
Alshamsi Ahmed PRESDT  
Alshehhi Abdulnaser DEANS  
Alshehhi Sultan DEANS  
Alston Briana DEANS  
Alsulaim Mohammed DEANS  
Altaf Uzma PRESDT  
AL'Taha E'yad PRESDT  
Altaye Deborah DEANS  
Al-Thani Fahad DEANS  
Altice Christopher PRESDT  
Altizer Alan DEANS  
Alvarado Ashley DEANS  
Alvarado Hugo PRESDT  
Alvarado Jose DEANS  
Alvarado Nunez Peter PRESDT  
Alvarado-Montano Alexia DEANS  
Alvarez Alejandra DEANS  
Alvarez Amanda DEANS  
Alvarez Andres DEANS  
Alvarez Carlos DEANS  
Alvarez Enrique PRESDT  
Alvarez Katerine PRESDT  
Alvarez Tomas DEANS  
Alvarez Yesenia DEANS  
Alvarez Kerscher Erika DEANS  
Alvey James DEANS  
Alwardi Amna PRESDT  
Alworth Jato PRESDT  
Alymova Saikal PRESDT  
Al-Zirikly Sarah DEANS  
Amacio Steven DEANS  
Amador Salmeron Tania PRESDT  
Amanon Araya PRESDT  
Amanuah Yaa DEANS  
Amaro Gabriel DEANS  
Amaro Rosales Elaine DEANS  
Amatangelo Christine DEANS  
Amaya Elvis DEANS  
Amaya Enrique DEANS  
Amaya Silvia DEANS  
Ambriz-Reyes Ricardo PRESDT  
Ambrosio James PRESDT  
Ambuludi Zoila DEANS  
Amdie David DEANS  
Ameto Chris DEANS  
Amezquita Glenn DEANS  
Amha Haddis DEANS  
Amichia Debora PRESDT  
Amin Khalid DEANS  
Amin Mohammad DEANS  
Amir Mohammad DEANS  
Amir Sundas DEANS  
Amirian Mozhgan DEANS  
Amjad Amna DEANS  
Amjad Fawaz DEANS  
Ammons Ryan DEANS  
Amo-Awuah Kwame PRESDT  
Amon Joseph DEANS  
Amorelli Monique DEANS  
Amos Nancy DEANS  
Ampomah Diana DEANS  
Amponash Believe PRESDT  
Amponsah William DEANS  
Amurrio-Moya Flavio DEANS  
Anable Kristi DEANS  
Anand Swapnil PRESDT  
Anaya Jennifer DEANS  
Ancheta Pinzon Rocio DEANS  
Anckner Leann PRESDT  
Andersen Beate DEANS  
Andersen Laura PRESDT  
Anderson Andre DEANS  
Anderson Beverly DEANS  
Anderson Bradley PRESDT  
Anderson Brian PRESDT  
Anderson Bruce DEANS  
Anderson Caitlin DEANS  
Anderson Christine DEANS  
Anderson Darrell DEANS  
Anderson Gabriel PRESDT  
Anderson Gene PRESDT  
Anderson Ian DEANS  
Anderson Joel PRESDT  
Anderson Karrie DEANS  
Anderson Michael DEANS  
Anderson Michele DEANS  
Anderson Preston DEANS  
Anderson Shelby PRESDT  
Anderson Sonja DEANS  
Anderson Tamera DEANS  
Anderson Veronica DEANS  
Anderson- Hanes Nicole DEANS  
Andersson Bolander Jenny PRESDT  
Andia Ivana PRESDT  
Andican Fatih PRESDT  
Andoh Jojo DEANS  
Andrade Andrea DEANS  
Andrade Cynthia DEANS  
Andrade Ingrid DEANS  
Andrade Jenny PRESDT  
Andrade Sonia DEANS  
Andrade William DEANS  
Andres Hannah DEANS  
Andrews John DEANS  
Andrews Kristin DEANS  
Andrews Lucia DEANS  
Andrews Nancy DEANS  
Andrews Rachel PRESDT  
Andrews Rosily DEANS  
Andrews Serina PRESDT  
Andrews-Yi Peyton PRESDT  
Andrino Emily DEANS  
Andritsis David PRESDT  
Anenia Hanna PRESDT  
Angel Deborah PRESDT  
Angeles Melissa DEANS  
Angord De Armas Lourdes DEANS  
Aniceto Roxanne DEANS  
Anim Kwabena DEANS  
Anjum Seemaab DEANS  
Ankney Robert DEANS  
Ansah Adelaide DEANS  
Ansah Tina DEANS  
Ansari Nadiaa DEANS  
Ansari Sofia PRESDT  
Antayhua Reynoso Mariela DEANS  
Anteneh Beneyam DEANS  
Antezana Brian PRESDT  
Antezana Mauricio DEANS  
Anthony Leonard DEANS  
Antin Elizabeth DEANS  
Anton Joshua DEANS  
Antonio Endy PRESDT  
Antonova Olga PRESDT  
Antwine Jessica DEANS  
Anwar Afsana PRESDT  
Anwar Maryam PRESDT  
Anwar Shafqat DEANS  
Anyanwu Helen DEANS  
Apetorgbor Wisdom DEANS  
Aphisutthipongsakul Warunya DEANS  
Apodaca Elizabeth DEANS  
Apolo-Arevalo Mayra Alexandra DEANS  
Aponte Segundo DEANS  
Appanah Mark PRESDT  
Appleby Nathanael DEANS  
Aragaw Alebachew DEANS  
Arango Al DEANS  
Arango Luis PRESDT  
Araujo Gregorio Rafael DEANS  
Archer Rita DEANS  
Arciniega Andrea PRESDT  
Arends Scott DEANS  
Arens William PRESDT  
Arevalo Alexander DEANS  
Arevalo William DEANS  
Argaw Dessalegne PRESDT  
Argueta Paola PRESDT  
Argueta-Flores Karin PRESDT  
Argus Robert PRESDT  
Argyle Leanna DEANS  
Arias Oscar DEANS  
Arias Vanessa PRESDT  
Arif Abdulwahaab DEANS  
Arif Anam DEANS  
Arif Shahir PRESDT  
Ariunbold Ariuntuya DEANS  
Arkhipova Anastasia DEANS  
Arleth Joseph DEANS  
Arm Rebecca PRESDT  
Armiger Hannah DEANS  
Armoo Ama DEANS  
Armstead Princess DEANS  
Armstead Takia DEANS  
Armstrong Whitney DEANS  
Arneson Brett PRESDT  
Arnett Phillip DEANS  
Arney Amanda PRESDT  
Arnobit Elizabeth PRESDT  
Arnold Joshua DEANS  
Arnold Mary Jean PRESDT  
Arnold Samantha PRESDT  
Arnsmeyer Lindsay DEANS  
Arora Amitabh DEANS  
Arpa Melinda PRESDT  
Arrighi Gordon PRESDT  
Arrington Eric PRESDT  
Arrington Melissa PRESDT  
Arroyo Allison DEANS  
Arruda Rebecca DEANS  
Arscott Sean PRESDT  
Arseneault Peter DEANS  
Arshad Ali DEANS  
Arthur Jessica DEANS  
Arthur Kiley PRESDT  
Arthur Mark DEANS  
Arthur-Williams Jacqueline DEANS  
Artic Aliona DEANS  
Aryee Racheal DEANS  
Aryobi Rafael PRESDT  
Asadi Joshua DEANS  
Asankomah Lydia DEANS  
Asante Angela DEANS  
Asare Jacob DEANS  
Asare Sabina DEANS  
Asay Nadja DEANS  
Asbeha Eden PRESDT  
Asdessu Hiwot PRESDT  
Aseel Hassan DEANS  
Asfaw Elias DEANS  
Asfaw Tesfalidet DEANS  
Asgari Sepideh PRESDT  
Asghari Mona DEANS  
Asgharinejad Yaseman DEANS  
Ashhar Lemar PRESDT  
Ashton Tiffany DEANS  
Asif Faisal DEANS  
Asif Faraz DEANS  
Asif Farhana DEANS  
Asif Mehrina DEANS  
Asim David DEANS  
Asim Nida DEANS  
Askin Emily DEANS  
Aslam Mohammad DEANS  
Asmus Thomas DEANS  
Asomaning Adelaide DEANS  
Asonganyi Kayla DEANS  
Asonganyi Kimberley DEANS  
Asonye Collins DEANS  
Asper Andrew DEANS  
Assamnew Tefera DEANS  
Assefa Hilina DEANS  
Assefa Birkie Dawit DEANS  
Astrin Cal DEANS  
Astudillo Scarlet DEANS  
Asuncion Aurora DEANS  
Atabong Martina PRESDT  
Atalla Tracy DEANS  
Atanasov Michael DEANS  
Atari Ali DEANS  
Athar Fatima DEANS  
Ather Arslan PRESDT  
Athinson April DEANS  
Atkins Tommy PRESDT  
Atkinson Ashley DEANS  
Atkinson Kyndll DEANS  
Atshan Sarah DEANS  
Attwa Matthew DEANS  
Auceda Leslie DEANS  
Augustine Jeff DEANS  
Augustine Kathryn PRESDT  
Augustoski Andrea DEANS  
Aulet Gary PRESDT  
Aung Ye-Mon DEANS  
Autrey Kasey PRESDT  
Avalos Ventura Ivan PRESDT  
Avazova Lola DEANS  
Avedissian Mary PRESDT  
Avelar Philip PRESDT  
Avery Ryan DEANS  
Avino Melissa DEANS  
Avomo Ndong Sandy Steven DEANS  
Awad Asma DEANS  
Awad Odi PRESDT  
Awadzi Cynthia PRESDT  
Awan Tarannum DEANS  
Awasthi Gaurav DEANS  
Awofeso Sadie DEANS  
Ayala Alexandra PRESDT  
Ayala Angelique PRESDT  
Ayala Carlos PRESDT  
Ayala Danniel DEANS  
Ayala Isaac PRESDT  
Ayala Miriam DEANS  
Ayalew Nebiyu DEANS  
Ayash Andrew DEANS  
Aydin Onur DEANS  
Ayeh Ellen PRESDT  
Ayele Abigail DEANS  
Ayele Bruk DEANS  
Ayele Sara DEANS  
Ayemefack Giscar DEANS  
Ayers Tykeda DEANS  
Ayi-Quaye Fred DEANS  
Aylestock Dan DEANS  
Aylor Vincent DEANS  
Azad Andre DEANS  
Azamy Hussna DEANS  
Azar Jennifer PRESDT  
Azar Mark PRESDT  
Azazeel Nadia DEANS  
Azazil Edik DEANS  
Azeem Zoya DEANS  
Azimi Salimon DEANS  
Azimi Shugofa DEANS  
Aziz Sahrish DEANS  
Aziz Samira PRESDT  
Azma Babak DEANS  
Azrour Driss DEANS  
Azzam Samy DEANS