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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2011

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Saad Ibrahim DEANS  
Saad Layla DEANS  
Saad Remy DEANS  
Saadatkia Gelareh DEANS  
Saadulla Rozhan DEANS  
Saavedra Jessica PRESDT  
Sabat Brian PRESDT  
Saberi Movahed Shahrzad DEANS  
Sabin Christi DEANS  
Sabirov Sergey DEANS  
Saccomandi Julie DEANS  
Sachtleben Bethany PRESDT  
Saclolo Christopher DEANS  
Sadler Amanda DEANS  
Sadler Regina DEANS  
Sadr Amir DEANS  
Saengcharnchai Narongchai PRESDT  
Saenz Eric DEANS  
Saenz Jonathan PRESDT  
Saenz Stephanie DEANS  
Safi Masih PRESDT  
Sagatov Michelle DEANS  
Saghir Saira DEANS  
Saharya Vanshraj DEANS  
Said Areizo DEANS  
Said Olga DEANS  
Saidi Aaron DEANS  
Saidi Khalid DEANS  
Saifzada Malalai DEANS  
Sajous Johanne PRESDT  
Sakayan Vartan PRESDT  
Sakul Samuel DEANS  
Sakyi Agnes DEANS  
salah delal DEANS  
Salah Hannan PRESDT  
Salah Widad DEANS  
Salaheldin Alaa PRESDT  
Salam Zeshan DEANS  
salama remonda PRESDT  
Salas Andres DEANS  
Salas Bianca DEANS  
Salas Daniel DEANS  
Salas Gladys DEANS  
Salas Guevara Maria DEANS  
Salathe Irene PRESDT  
Salazar Favian DEANS  
Salazar Maria DEANS  
Saleem Sayma DEANS  
Saleem Usman DEANS  
Salehimobarakeh Soraya DEANS  
Salek Anna DEANS  
Salemme Albert PRESDT  
Salgado Mauricio PRESDT  
Salgado Nicholas PRESDT  
Salguero Cristina DEANS  
Salguero Randa PRESDT  
Salib Sally PRESDT  
Salifou Samir PRESDT  
Salim Mustafa PRESDT  
Salim Riffat DEANS  
Salinas Carla PRESDT  
Salinas Cristian DEANS  
Salinas Edgar DEANS  
Salinas Lia DEANS  
Salinas Wilfredo DEANS  
Saljuki Jones DEANS  
Salous Ranyah DEANS  
Salvador Ana DEANS  
Salvione Kevin DEANS  
Samba-Koroma Mariama DEANS  
Samee Uzma DEANS  
Samet Mavlide DEANS  
Sami Yamna DEANS  
Sammari Meryem PRESDT  
Samplaski John DEANS  
Samples Catherine DEANS  
Sampong Nerissa PRESDT  
Sampson William PRESDT  
Sams Maria PRESDT  
Samson Lauren DEANS  
Samuel Brandin DEANS  
Samuels Sherika DEANS  
Sanabria Pricila DEANS  
Sanborn Heather DEANS  
Sanchez David DEANS  
Sanchez Diego DEANS  
Sanchez Elyse PRESDT  
Sanchez Erik DEANS  
Sanchez Gino DEANS  
Sanchez Jose Antonio PRESDT  
Sanchez-Claros Windsor DEANS  
Sandefur Tyler PRESDT  
Sanders Margaret DEANS  
Sanders Stuart DEANS  
Sanderson Ian DEANS  
Sandhu Manjot DEANS  
Sandoval Kevin PRESDT  
Sandoval Mabel DEANS  
Sandoval Oscar DEANS  
Sanduijav Batzorigt DEANS  
Sangid Maan DEANS  
Sanie Jasmine PRESDT  
Sanie Nargis DEANS  
Sankarsingh Kim DEANS  
Sansbury Richard PRESDT  
Santander Marcelo DEANS  
Santiago Elizabeth DEANS  
Santiago Jenny PRESDT  
Santiago Phillip PRESDT  
Santillan Rodrigo DEANS  
Sanzetenea Daniela DEANS  
Sanzo Angela PRESDT  
Saphos Charles DEANS  
sapkota kriti DEANS  
Sappor Dorcas DEANS  
Saquicoray Ruth DEANS  
Sarangi Bagmee PRESDT  
saraus christopher DEANS  
Saravia Villatoro Juan DEANS  
Saravia-Morataya Yuri DEANS  
Sargent Neil DEANS  
Sarkisian Nayiree DEANS  
Sarkodie Victoria DEANS  
Sarkor Alston DEANS  
Sarmiento Roberto PRESDT  
Saroufim Saad DEANS  
Sarpong Henry DEANS  
Sarwar Syed DEANS  
Sasek Jillian DEANS  
Sasfai Oxana DEANS  
Sassman Daniel DEANS  
Sather Michael DEANS  
Satterfield Christopher DEANS  
Satterfield Creighton PRESDT  
Sauble Brandy PRESDT  
Saulitis Robyn DEANS  
Saunders Stephanie DEANS  
Savage Elsie DEANS  
Savage Paul PRESDT  
Sawasky Mark DEANS  
Sawitzky Julie PRESDT  
Sawyer Kimberly DEANS  
Sawyer Racheal DEANS  
Saxon Danika DEANS  
Sayre Casey DEANS  
Sayyad Leanna PRESDT  
scales jefferey DEANS  
Scanlon Katherine DEANS  
Scannell Alison DEANS  
Scantlin Cassandra DEANS  
Scaravetti Sveva DEANS  
Scarbrough Ben DEANS  
Scarola Angelo DEANS  
Scatto Dominic DEANS  
Sceviour Rachel DEANS  
Schaedler Bianca DEANS  
Schaefer Alicia DEANS  
Schantz Sara DEANS  
Schatz Joel DEANS  
Schauer Gordon DEANS  
Scheatzle Tyler PRESDT  
Scheid Jeremy DEANS  
Scheid William DEANS  
Schell Nathan DEANS  
Scheller Gail PRESDT  
Schenaker David DEANS  
Scherer Jared PRESDT  
Schertzer David DEANS  
Schexnayder Vena PRESDT  
Schiding Terri DEANS  
Schillero Christopher DEANS  
Schimmel Dana PRESDT  
Schirxl Daniela DEANS  
Schlabs Benjamin DEANS  
Schlander Krista DEANS  
Schleede Diana PRESDT  
Schleining Timothy DEANS  
Schloss Joann PRESDT  
Schlueb Janet DEANS  
Schmale Marta PRESDT  
Schmeidler LeAnna DEANS  
Schmidlen Monica PRESDT  
Schmidt Monika PRESDT  
Schmidt Sarah PRESDT  
Schmitt John DEANS  
Schmitt Sarah DEANS  
Schnabel Ashleigh DEANS  
Schoenberger Andrew PRESDT  
Schoepflin Philip DEANS  
Schomaker Larissa DEANS  
Schoppa Kimberly DEANS  
Schreiner Angelika DEANS  
Schrock Kristina DEANS  
Schroder Laine DEANS  
Schroeder Carmen PRESDT  
Schroeder Sarah DEANS  
Schroff Kayla DEANS  
Schrotel Kyle DEANS  
Schuenemeyer Christina DEANS  
Schulte Jeannine DEANS  
Schumacher John PRESDT  
Schwandt Nick DEANS  
Schwartz Lauren PRESDT  
Schwartz Robert DEANS  
Schwarztrauber Alexa DEANS  
Scicchitano Jason PRESDT  
Scoffield Julien DEANS  
Scott Austin DEANS  
Scott Brandon DEANS  
Scott Bruce DEANS  
Scott Douglas DEANS  
Scott Emily DEANS  
Scott Garrett PRESDT  
Scott Jamie DEANS  
Scott Jeanne PRESDT  
scott kristen PRESDT  
Scott Lori DEANS  
Scott Nia DEANS  
Scott Robin PRESDT  
Scott Veronica DEANS  
Scott W D DEANS  
Scrivener Justin DEANS  
Scroggs Nicholas DEANS  
Scudder Kyle DEANS  
Scully Steven DEANS  
seabridge kayla DEANS  
Seale Phillip DEANS  
Sealey Sheila DEANS  
Sealock James DEANS  
Seaman Jonah DEANS  
Seda Joanna DEANS  
Seddiq Yosef DEANS  
See Nicholas DEANS  
Seemiller David DEANS  
Segovia Tristan DEANS  
Seguine Kyle DEANS  
Segura Elida DEANS  
Seid Hassen DEANS  
Seidel Andrew DEANS  
Seidel Kathryn DEANS  
Seiden Andrea DEANS  
Seigel Ivan DEANS  
Seitzinger Milo DEANS  
Sekyere Jason DEANS  
Selby Tyler DEANS  
Seleshi Lishan DEANS  
Seligman CaraMari DEANS  
Sellers Pamela DEANS  
Selph Zachary PRESDT  
Semenenko Anastasiia DEANS  
Sen Sushant DEANS  
Sengnou Seudieu Liliane mirabelle DEANS  
Sepulveda Andy DEANS  
Sergei Daniel DEANS  
Serino Scott DEANS  
Sermons Elizabeth DEANS  
Serrano Alexis PRESDT  
Serrano Alyssa Marie DEANS  
Serrano Vanessa DEANS  
Serwaa Boadu Theodora DEANS  
Sesay Abdul Karim DEANS  
Sesay Pinky DEANS  
Sessions John DEANS  
Sethian David DEANS  
setsoafia lawer DEANS  
Settle Timothy DEANS  
Settles Thomas DEANS  
Sever Nicholas PRESDT  
Severo Alexa PRESDT  
Sevidal lauren DEANS  
Sevier Justin DEANS  
Sewell Seth DEANS  
Sexton Matthew PRESDT  
Sexton Shannon PRESDT  
Seymore Tiffany PRESDT  
Seymour Erica PRESDT  
Sfara John DEANS  
Shabala Christopher DEANS  
Shade Sarah DEANS  
Shadid Stephanie DEANS  
Shadish Jason DEANS  
Shaer Daniel DEANS  
Shaffer Rebekah PRESDT  
Shaffer Samantha DEANS  
Shaffer Ted DEANS  
Shafkat Iram DEANS  
Shafovaloff Erica DEANS  
Shah Amina DEANS  
Shah Parita DEANS  
Shah Shahzaib DEANS  
Shahbakhti Mahdi PRESDT  
Shaheen Lubna DEANS  
Shahi Banti PRESDT  
Shahid Junaid PRESDT  
Shahid Rahil PRESDT  
shahid umer DEANS  
Shahryary Kian Paul DEANS  
Shahzadi Sobia DEANS  
Shaikh Bilal DEANS  
Shaikh Fozia PRESDT  
Shakhbanova Elmira PRESDT  
Shakhova Ekaterina DEANS  
shakib nabil DEANS  
Shalonis Victoria DEANS  
Shamim Arifeen DEANS  
Shams Mohammad DEANS  
Shamshad Maria DEANS  
Shanahan Renee PRESDT  
Shangraw Sarah DEANS  
Shanley Colleen DEANS  
Shanmuganathan Kamini DEANS  
Shannon Adam DEANS  
Shapbell Brett PRESDT  
Shapiro Stephanie DEANS  
Sharifaie-Arabi Sharveen DEANS  
Sharma Kulbhushan DEANS  
sharma rahul DEANS  
Sharma Samridhi DEANS  
Sharma Srijana PRESDT  
Sharma Sudha DEANS  
Sharma Veronica DEANS  
Sharp Jeanene PRESDT  
Shasho Entela DEANS  
Shaukat Muhammad DEANS  
Shaver Evan PRESDT  
Shaw Khaoula PRESDT  
Shearin James DEANS  
Sheehan Daniel DEANS  
Sheikh Amna DEANS  
Sheinfeld David DEANS  
Shelby Stephen DEANS  
Shepard Karena DEANS  
Shepeck Brett DEANS  
Shephard Lillian DEANS  
Sheppard Cara DEANS  
Sheridan Catherine DEANS  
Sherif Mahmoud DEANS  
Sherman Jennifer DEANS  
sherman kaitlynn PRESDT  
Sherman Lacey PRESDT  
sherpa yogesh DEANS  
Sherven Scott DEANS  
Sherwood Erica DEANS  
Sherwood Kyle DEANS  
Sheth Jay DEANS  
Shewmaker Kimberly DEANS  
Shibru Biniam DEANS  
Shields Erin PRESDT  
Shields Justin PRESDT  
Shiffler Kristin DEANS  
Shifflett Kelly DEANS  
Shifflett Laura DEANS  
Shih Ho-chien DEANS  
Shillingford Nicholas DEANS  
Shim Jae Seon DEANS  
Shim Jiyee DEANS  
Shin Erika DEANS  
Shin Hyun Jin DEANS  
Shin SangOh PRESDT  
Shin So Young PRESDT  
Shin SunWoong DEANS  
Shindledecker Natalia PRESDT  
Shindler Chelsey DEANS  
Shinmoto Sayuri DEANS  
Shire Hawa DEANS  
Shirley Delores PRESDT  
Shirley Rebecca DEANS  
Shiroma David PRESDT  
Shirron Rose DEANS  
Shirzadian Sepehr PRESDT  
Shivers Robyn DEANS  
shmerling michelle DEANS  
Shoemaker Robert DEANS  
Shoja Zainab DEANS  
Shomo Patricia DEANS  
Shor Jeffrey PRESDT  
Shoriz Anmar DEANS  
Shoup Brent DEANS  
Shpil Ryan PRESDT  
Shreeves James DEANS  
Shrestha Anugh PRESDT  
Shrestha Jeena DEANS  
Shrestha Nistha DEANS  
Shrestha Sushanta DEANS  
Shtoyunda Oxana PRESDT  
Shuaib Pary PRESDT  
Shuey Samuel DEANS  
Shuford Robin DEANS  
Shuler Katherine DEANS  
Shull Daniel PRESDT  
Shumate Brandy PRESDT  
shumbulo eden DEANS  
Sianati Aynaz DEANS  
Sibai Munira DEANS  
Sibilo Michael DEANS  
Sickles Katharine DEANS  
Siddiqi Fatima DEANS  
Siddiqui Arslan DEANS  
Sider Kayleigh DEANS  
Sides Steven DEANS  
Sidvall Annika DEANS  
Siebor Anna PRESDT  
Siegel Shaun DEANS  
Siegenthaler Courtney PRESDT  
Sielaff Kathleen PRESDT  
Siemsen Christine DEANS  
Siev Michelle DEANS  
Sifre Keyla DEANS  
Sifuentes Betsabe DEANS  
Sigala Lorena DEANS  
Sigler Jacob PRESDT  
Sikorra Joseph DEANS  
Siles Borda Mishell PRESDT  
Sills Douglas PRESDT  
Siloto da Silva Aponte Bruna DEANS  
Silva Betzaida DEANS  
Silva Jessica DEANS  
Silva Roberto DEANS  
Silva Thaina DEANS  
Sim Jay DEANS  
Sim Jennifer DEANS  
Simeonova Zorina DEANS  
Simmons Ashleigh PRESDT  
Simmons James DEANS  
Simmons Jane DEANS  
Simmons Janette PRESDT  
Simmons Lauren PRESDT  
Simmons Marivel DEANS  
Simmons Michael DEANS  
Simms Leon PRESDT  
Simon Elvin DEANS  
Simon Teclai DEANS  
Simpson Emily DEANS  
Simpson George PRESDT  
Simpson Jennifer DEANS  
Sims Brett DEANS  
Sims Charissa DEANS  
Sims Danjuelle DEANS  
Sims Mary PRESDT  
Simunyola Teza DEANS  
Sindi Haveen DEANS  
Sines Jessica DEANS  
Singeltary James DEANS  
Singh Anil DEANS  
singh bhawanjit DEANS  
Singh Guriqbal PRESDT  
Singh Harjot DEANS  
Singh Jatinder DEANS  
Singh Randeep DEANS  
Singh Yodh DEANS  
Singletary Emmanuel DEANS  
Sinkfield Chernenka DEANS  
Sinn Leslie DEANS  
Siriwardena Sithara DEANS  
Sirris Alexander PRESDT  
Sison Karen DEANS  
Sithole Thembelihle DEANS  
Sitton Lakecia DEANS  
Siwy Christopher DEANS  
Sixbey Melinda DEANS  
Sizemore Emily PRESDT  
Sjelin Matthew DEANS  
Skaggs Morgan DEANS  
Skerry Catherine DEANS  
Skinner Stephanie DEANS  
Skokowski Scott PRESDT  
Skoog Patricia PRESDT  
Skopljakovic Monika DEANS  
Skubel Alexander DEANS  
Slabko Katsiaryna DEANS  
Slachta Douglas DEANS  
Slater Wesley DEANS  
Slaubaugh Amy DEANS  
Slaughter Meredith PRESDT  
Slawson Micah DEANS  
Sliger Melanie DEANS  
Sloan Carl DEANS  
Sloan William DEANS  
Slonka Gregory DEANS  
Slusher Irene DEANS  
Slye Elizabeth DEANS  
Small Clifford DEANS  
Smedberg Dorothy PRESDT  
Smentkowski Stacie DEANS  
Smith Andrew DEANS  
Smith Blade DEANS  
Smith Brett PRESDT  
Smith Cary DEANS  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith Chelsea DEANS  
Smith Daniel DEANS  
Smith David DEANS  
Smith Elayne DEANS  
Smith Erin PRESDT  
Smith George DEANS  
Smith Gloria DEANS  
Smith Graham DEANS  
Smith Gregory PRESDT  
Smith Haley DEANS  
Smith Jacob DEANS  
Smith Janet DEANS  
Smith Jennifer DEANS  
Smith Joshua PRESDT  
Smith Julia DEANS  
Smith Kaleigh DEANS  
Smith Kathleen DEANS  
Smith Kelly PRESDT  
Smith Kerry DEANS  
Smith Krysta DEANS  
Smith Michael DEANS  
Smith Monique PRESDT  
Smith Peter DEANS  
Smith Peter PRESDT  
Smith Rebecca DEANS  
Smith Sarah DEANS  
Smith Shannon DEANS  
Smith Shirley DEANS  
Smith Stephanie DEANS  
Smith Suzanne DEANS  
Smith Tracy DEANS  
Smith Tyrell DEANS  
Smith William DEANS  
Smith Ximena DEANS  
Smithers Jonathan DEANS  
Smoot Ryan PRESDT  
Smyczek Jelena PRESDT  
Snellings Harold DEANS  
Snook Trevor DEANS  
Snow Antoine DEANS  
Snow Jeffrey DEANS  
Snyder Mark PRESDT  
Sodhi Harsimran DEANS  
Soe Seinn DEANS  
Sokol Rita DEANS  
Solak Zeynep PRESDT  
Soldo Anne DEANS  
Soliman Khalid DEANS  
Solis Jennifer DEANS  
Solis Julia PRESDT  
Solis Monica DEANS  
Solomon Afeworki DEANS  
Solomon Mehari PRESDT  
Solongo Bishrelt PRESDT  
solos lukshmi PRESDT  
Soltanolketabi Mitra DEANS  
Somadelis Nicholas DEANS  
Somerville Andrew DEANS  
Somerville Heather PRESDT  
Sommer Monique DEANS  
Son Jung Hwa PRESDT  
Son So Hee PRESDT  
Song Chung-ah DEANS  
Song Hee DEANS  
Song Hongsub DEANS  
Song InSoo DEANS  
Song Jinsung DEANS  
sonnier david DEANS  
Sorge Kramer Veralucia DEANS  
Soria Kevin DEANS  
Soroczak Mikki PRESDT  
Sosa Karim DEANS  
Sosa Luis DEANS  
Sossa Viviana DEANS  
Sothoron Alina DEANS  
Soto Alexia DEANS  
Soto Daniel DEANS  
Soto Jessica DEANS  
Soueid Michael PRESDT  
Soughe Bissai Christian DEANS  
Soulard Katelyn DEANS  
Souza joseph DEANS  
Sova Nataliia DEANS  
Spagnolo Emily PRESDT  
Spain David PRESDT  
Spak Nicholas DEANS  
Spalding Caitlin DEANS  
Sparkman Benjamin PRESDT  
Sparrow Meghan DEANS  
Spaulding Monica PRESDT  
Spaulding Richard DEANS  
Spaw Jamie PRESDT  
Spear Laura PRESDT  
Spears Lauren DEANS  
Spector Brian DEANS  
Spence Jessica DEANS  
Spence Robyn DEANS  
Spence Samantha PRESDT  
Spencer Brett DEANS  
Spencer Janel DEANS  
Spencer Michele PRESDT  
Spencer Omroy DEANS  
Sperling Sophia DEANS  
Speth Mark DEANS  
Spicer Amanda DEANS  
Spicer Elizabeth PRESDT  
Spicer Mark DEANS  
Spigle Meghan DEANS  
Spillenkothen Richard DEANS  
Spillman Faith DEANS  
Spillman Stacey DEANS  
Spingher Ilham DEANS  
Spingher Massih PRESDT  
Spink Charles DEANS  
Spittle Jeremy DEANS  
Spitz Eric PRESDT  
Spring Jessica DEANS  
Springer Gilberto DEANS  
Springer Marc DEANS  
Springston Dakota DEANS  
Sprouse Laura DEANS  
Spurgeon Christopher DEANS  
Spurling Weldon DEANS  
Spurr Stephanie DEANS  
Spyros Sarah DEANS  
Sreang Sotheara PRESDT  
Srinivasaraghavan Srimathi DEANS  
St. Laurent Nicole DEANS  
Stack Samuel DEANS  
Stackhouse TeShawna DEANS  
Stamper Hugh DEANS  
Stanger Ryan DEANS  
Stanley Joan PRESDT  
Stanley Kelsey DEANS  
Stanley Rona DEANS  
stanton katelyn DEANS  
Stapleton Robert DEANS  
Stark Erica DEANS  
Stark Paul DEANS  
Staron Kyle PRESDT  
Starrs Maria DEANS  
Stasiewicz Paige DEANS  
Stasik Matthew DEANS  
Stasulis Ryan DEANS  
Staudt Lisa PRESDT  
Stazzone Joseph DEANS  
Stebbins Phyllis DEANS  
Steele Briannah DEANS  
Steele Catherine DEANS  
steele elissa DEANS  
Steele George DEANS  
Steele Robert PRESDT  
Steen Mary PRESDT  
Steger Hannah DEANS  
Steiner Todd DEANS  
Stemke Michael DEANS  
Stepan Victoria DEANS  
Stephenson Ada PRESDT  
Stephenson Karen PRESDT  
Sterian Silviu DEANS  
Sterling Jody DEANS  
Stern Madeleine DEANS  
Stern Mary Elizabeth DEANS  
Stevens Charlotte DEANS  
Stevens Debra DEANS  
Stevenson Kyle DEANS  
Stewart Catherine DEANS  
Stewart Charles DEANS  
Stewart Makeda DEANS  
Stewart Melanie PRESDT  
Stewart Ramelia DEANS  
Stewart Samuel PRESDT  
Stewart Shannon DEANS  
Stewart Tomoko DEANS  
Stewart Xuan-thao DEANS  
Stibi Richard DEANS  
Stickles Justin DEANS  
Stidman Frank DEANS  
Stief Joshua DEANS  
Stike Ginger PRESDT  
Stillman Brandi DEANS  
Stockard Michelle DEANS  
Stockton Cindy DEANS  
Stoffel Suzanne DEANS  
Stohr Leah DEANS  
Stoilova Valentina PRESDT  
Stokes Reidus DEANS  
Stoll Danielle DEANS  
Stombock Christopher DEANS  
Stone Rachel PRESDT  
Stone Sher DEANS  
Storvick Jonathan PRESDT  
Stovall Dorazelia DEANS  
Strasel Kevin PRESDT  
Streaker Elaine DEANS  
Strickland Benjamin DEANS  
Stricklen Kimberly DEANS  
Strickler Stephen DEANS  
Stroble Tanja PRESDT  
Strohecker Jennifer DEANS  
Strohl John DEANS  
Strojec Klaudia PRESDT  
Strong Mark DEANS  
Stronko Jakob DEANS  
Stryker Jonathan DEANS  
Stuart Lakita DEANS  
Stucki Claudia DEANS  
Stueben Tiffany DEANS  
Stuebner Sean PRESDT  
Sturgis Latasha DEANS  
Stygar Christina DEANS  
Styles Casandra PRESDT  
Su Quyen PRESDT  
Suarez Joel DEANS  
Suarez Marcos DEANS  
Subandh Archana DEANS  
Subedi Madan DEANS  
Subhankar Krish DEANS  
Subhi Amneh PRESDT  
Subido Joel DEANS  
Subido Marie-ella DEANS  
Suchan Christopher DEANS  
Suciu David DEANS  
Suder Carol DEANS  
Suer Ceren PRESDT  
Suggs Temple DEANS  
Suh Katherine DEANS  
Suitor Earl PRESDT  
Sujoy Bruno DEANS  
Sul See-Eun DEANS  
Suleman Sidra PRESDT  
Suliman Rozina DEANS  
Sullivan Kathleen DEANS  
Sullivan Laura DEANS  
Sullivan Sarita-anne DEANS  
Sullivan Stephen DEANS  
Sullivan Thomas PRESDT  
Sultan Amna DEANS  
Sultana Rebaka DEANS  
Sultani Hedya PRESDT  
Summer Jace DEANS  
Summerfield Cindi PRESDT  
Summers Raymond DEANS  
Sumpter Ryan DEANS  
sun jessica DEANS  
Sun Xiaokang PRESDT  
Sun Xiaowei PRESDT  
Sunde James DEANS  
Sung Yeonhak DEANS  
Sunga Isabelle DEANS  
Suppan Nathaniel DEANS  
Suresh Lakshmi PRESDT  
Suryawanshi Pragati DEANS  
Suss Stephen PRESDT  
Sutor James DEANS  
Sutphin Lea PRESDT  
Sutter Drake DEANS  
Sutton Hanna DEANS  
Sutton Joshua DEANS  
Sutton Miles PRESDT  
Sutton Tiffany DEANS  
Suubi Rebecca DEANS  
Svajdlenka Paul PRESDT  
Svedruzic Michelle DEANS  
Svendsen Mark DEANS  
Swain Alana PRESDT  
Swain Dana DEANS  
Swain Sabrina DEANS  
Swale Lauren PRESDT  
Swan Christina DEANS  
Swan Joseph DEANS  
Sward Rebecca DEANS  
Swartz Tara DEANS  
sweetall donald DEANS  
Sweezey Kristine DEANS  
Swenson Jennifer PRESDT  
Swinburne Peter PRESDT  
Swinhart Lyndsey DEANS  
Swiscoski Mary DEANS  
Swomley Sam DEANS  
Sydnor Tara DEANS  
Syed Sambreen PRESDT  
Syeda Shaza DEANS  
Sylvanis John PRESDT  
Sysak Stephanie PRESDT  
Szabo Laila DEANS  
Szendre Ashley DEANS  
Szostak Kari DEANS