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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2011

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Pabst Tyler DEANS  
Pace Jill DEANS  
Pace Ronald DEANS  
Pacheco Bonny DEANS  
Pacheco Irving DEANS  
Pacheco Mark PRESDT  
Packard David DEANS  
Padilla Elizabeth DEANS  
Padilla Marsha DEANS  
Padilla Paula DEANS  
Padusi Julie DEANS  
Pagan Jacqueline DEANS  
Pagan Jose DEANS  
Page David PRESDT  
Page David DEANS  
Page Jason DEANS  
Page Reanna DEANS  
Page Sean DEANS  
Page Travis DEANS  
Pahari Simon DEANS  
Pahlevani Nazaneen DEANS  
Pahlmann Sarah DEANS  
Paige Tanisha PRESDT  
Paigir Mursal DEANS  
Painter Victor DEANS  
Pak Enoch DEANS  
pak hyung DEANS  
Palacios Rosmery DEANS  
Palma Oscar DEANS  
Palmer Caitlin DEANS  
Palmer Dwayne DEANS  
Palmer Elliott DEANS  
Palmer Kelly PRESDT  
Palmer Samuel DEANS  
Palomeque Christian DEANS  
Palomino Giovanni DEANS  
Palomino Jackie DEANS  
Palza Rebekah DEANS  
Pang Soi DEANS  
Pangilinan Eva Christabel DEANS  
Pangyarihan Glory DEANS  
Paniagua Libby DEANS  
Paniagua Louis DEANS  
Panjeti Krishna DEANS  
Pankow Sunja DEANS  
Panone Shawn DEANS  
Panta Subarna DEANS  
Pantow Tiffany PRESDT  
Papaloizou Stavros DEANS  
Papetti Robert PRESDT  
Paquette Elena PRESDT  
Paquette Elizabeth DEANS  
Parada Karina DEANS  
Paramo Aguilera Auxiliadora PRESDT  
Paras Edgar PRESDT  
Pardo Chunxia PRESDT  
Pardo Deborah DEANS  
Paredes Claribel DEANS  
Paredes Henry DEANS  
Pareja Luzmarina DEANS  
Parent Melissa PRESDT  
Pares-Emerick Vivian DEANS  
Parikh Shwetal DEANS  
Parillon Sharon DEANS  
Parin Herrelin DEANS  
Pariona Juana DEANS  
Parisi Joseph DEANS  
Park Bong DEANS  
Park Crystal DEANS  
Park Da PRESDT  
Park Ed PRESDT  
Park Eunsun PRESDT  
Park Hwa PRESDT  
Park Hyowon PRESDT  
Park Inwoo DEANS  
Park Jaclyn PRESDT  
Park Jane DEANS  
Park Jiho DEANS  
Park Jong Sung DEANS  
Park Junyeong PRESDT  
Park Kevin PRESDT  
Park Larry DEANS  
Park Patricia DEANS  
Park Se DEANS  
Park Seong Ha DEANS  
Park Sin Hyen PRESDT  
Park Sorbi DEANS  
Park Stacy DEANS  
Park Sunmin DEANS  
Park Yongwook DEANS  
Parker Alison DEANS  
Parker Frankie DEANS  
Parker Gilbert PRESDT  
Parker Joshua DEANS  
Parker Joshua PRESDT  
Parker Kelly DEANS  
Parker Matthew PRESDT  
Parker Mercer DEANS  
Parker Shannell DEANS  
Parker Yolanda DEANS  
Parkinson Zamal DEANS  
Parks James PRESDT  
Parks Jennifer DEANS  
Parks Rebecca DEANS  
Parlar Alicia DEANS  
Parnell Pecola DEANS  
Parnian Natasha DEANS  
Paroskie Christopher PRESDT  
Parr Daceeslava DEANS  
Parrado Luis DEANS  
Parraga Maria DEANS  
Parris Sandy DEANS  
Parrish Brittany DEANS  
Parrott James PRESDT  
Parsons Cameron DEANS  
Parsons Kristine DEANS  
Partner Norita DEANS  
Partridge Megan DEANS  
Pascale Kristen DEANS  
Paschal Sharolyn PRESDT  
Patalano Lisa DEANS  
Patch Trevor DEANS  
Pate Jessica DEANS  
patel avani PRESDT  
Patel Chandresh DEANS  
Patel Jaydeep PRESDT  
Patel Mehul DEANS  
Patel Neelkanth PRESDT  
Patel Nimisha DEANS  
Patel Prerna DEANS  
pateriya priya DEANS  
Pateriya Upma PRESDT  
Pathan Ibadullah DEANS  
Patnode Katelin DEANS  
Patron-Gonzalez Ignacio DEANS  
Patterson Blake PRESDT  
patterson jacalyn PRESDT  
Patterson Nyasha PRESDT  
Patterson Robert DEANS  
Patullo Kathleen DEANS  
Paudyal Sarmila PRESDT  
Paugh Blane DEANS  
Pauken Alexander PRESDT  
Paul Jasmine DEANS  
Paul Jonathan DEANS  
Paul Patrick PRESDT  
Paulson Niko DEANS  
Pavel Lisa DEANS  
Pawlikowski Ronald DEANS  
Pawlukiewicz Alexander DEANS  
Paydar Mahsa DEANS  
Payne Charles DEANS  
Payne CJ DEANS  
Payne David PRESDT  
Payne Griffin DEANS  
Payne Kelsey DEANS  
Payne Monique DEANS  
Payoe Mettissage Don PRESDT  
Paz Diane DEANS  
Paz Jennifer DEANS  
Pazdalski Eric DEANS  
Peacher Shawn DEANS  
Peacock David DEANS  
peacock john DEANS  
Peacock Malikka DEANS  
Pearson Patrick DEANS  
Peck Aaron DEANS  
Pedersen Gabrielle DEANS  
Pederson Brianna DEANS  
Pedicord Brittany DEANS  
Pedramrazi Hodasadat DEANS  
Peev Lyuben DEANS  
Pelechova Monika PRESDT  
Pelehowski Aaron DEANS  
Pelino Kristine DEANS  
Pellegrino Claudia DEANS  
Pelletier Michel DEANS  
Pelletier Roland DEANS  
Pelliccia Alessia DEANS  
Pen Seyla DEANS  
Pena Paula DEANS  
Penaloza Jessica DEANS  
Pendem Uma DEANS  
Penenburgh Timothy DEANS  
Peng Sheng DEANS  
Peng Steven PRESDT  
peng zhuoyu DEANS  
Penn Gordon PRESDT  
Penney Delaney DEANS  
Pennington Mark DEANS  
Pentz Bryan PRESDT  
Pentz Jordan DEANS  
Peppard Megan PRESDT  
Pepper Maralee DEANS  
Peralta Leonard Vincent PRESDT  
Perdew Tracy DEANS  
Perdomo Rafael DEANS  
Perdue Amber PRESDT  
Perea Vivian DEANS  
Pereira Helton DEANS  
Pereira Jessica DEANS  
Pereira Samantha DEANS  
Perera Chamil DEANS  
Perez Aida DEANS  
Perez Angela DEANS  
Perez Carisa DEANS  
Perez Daniel PRESDT  
Perez Guido PRESDT  
Perez Kathleen PRESDT  
Perez Melvin DEANS  
Perez Meybelina DEANS  
perez paolo DEANS  
Perez Ronald DEANS  
Perez Victor DEANS  
Perez Carvallo Cidonio DEANS  
Perez Paz Angela DEANS  
perez-lopez antonina DEANS  
perez-paz karla DEANS  
Perkett Brandon DEANS  
Perkins Courtney DEANS  
Perkins Susan PRESDT  
Pernet-McCulloch Fabienne Fabienne Anne DEANS  
Perrish Evelyn DEANS  
Perrochon Paola DEANS  
Perroots Nicole DEANS  
Perry Carlton DEANS  
Perry Hannah PRESDT  
Perry Rodger DEANS  
Perry Teanne DEANS  
Perry Terry DEANS  
Pertica Priscilla PRESDT  
Perugachi Estefania DEANS  
Pervaiz Zan DEANS  
Peshnyak Olga PRESDT  
Pessotti Philippe DEANS  
Peters Ashley DEANS  
Peters Peace DEANS  
Peterson Caetrina DEANS  
Peterson Douglas PRESDT  
Peterson Kayla PRESDT  
Peterson Nathan PRESDT  
Petitt Milinda DEANS  
Petkoff Harry DEANS  
Petnga Nzouankeu Alex DEANS  
Petrikaite Viktorija DEANS  
Petrochenkov Gregory PRESDT  
Petrosyan Manya DEANS  
Petrus Christina DEANS  
Petty Melanie PRESDT  
Petty Rachel DEANS  
Pfeiffer Jordan PRESDT  
Pham Anhthu DEANS  
Pham Cam-Dung PRESDT  
Pham Chau DEANS  
Pham Dong Huy PRESDT  
Pham Duong PRESDT  
Pham Gabrielle DEANS  
Pham Hai DEANS  
Pham Linh DEANS  
Pham Linh PRESDT  
Pham Luan DEANS  
Pham Ngan Ha DEANS  
Pham Nguyen PRESDT  
Pham Sang DEANS  
Pham Tan PRESDT  
Pham Thanh DEANS  
Pham Thaouyen DEANS  
Pham Thao-Vy DEANS  
Pham Chau Uyen DEANS  
Phan Diem PRESDT  
Phan Le DEANS  
Phan Minh PRESDT  
Phan Nguyet DEANS  
Phan Nhat DEANS  
Phan Nhi PRESDT  
Phan Thao DEANS  
Phan Thinh PRESDT  
Phan Tiffany DEANS  
Phan Tu DEANS  
Phelps Cassandra DEANS  
Phelps Douglas DEANS  
Phelps Jr Ronald DEANS  
Philippsen Christopher DEANS  
Phillip Phillipa DEANS  
Phillips Amelia DEANS  
Phillips Amy DEANS  
Phillips Cassie PRESDT  
Phillips Daniel PRESDT  
Phillips James DEANS  
Phillips Jennifer DEANS  
Phillips Katherine DEANS  
Phillips Madison DEANS  
Phillips Michael PRESDT  
phillips robert DEANS  
Phillips Shelby DEANS  
Phimmasone Katelynn DEANS  
Phipps Denisha DEANS  
Phoummithone Darasinh DEANS  
Pich Allan DEANS  
Pick Michael DEANS  
Pickett Brett PRESDT  
Pickett Susanne DEANS  
Pierce Christopher PRESDT  
Pierce Marie PRESDT  
Pierce Oana DEANS  
Pierola Hony DEANS  
Pierson Derek DEANS  
Pierson Owin PRESDT  
Pijaca Nicholas DEANS  
Pineda Carlos DEANS  
Pineda Efren PRESDT  
Pinheiro Andrew DEANS  
Pinkston Annette DEANS  
Pinnisi Candace DEANS  
Pino Emily DEANS  
Pintane Kelli PRESDT  
Piotrowski Jenna PRESDT  
Piriyakulchai Rewadee DEANS  
Pirkey Stephen DEANS  
Pirzada Ahmed DEANS  
Piskova Anna PRESDT  
Pitaloka Intania DEANS  
Pitchford Haydon DEANS  
Pittman Jennifer PRESDT  
Pitts Jessica DEANS  
Pitts Kristin DEANS  
Pitylak Kelly DEANS  
Pivoriuniene Jurate DEANS  
Piwek Katarzyna DEANS  
Pixley Jessica PRESDT  
Pizarro Juan DEANS  
Pizer Samuel PRESDT  
Pizoh Berlin PRESDT  
Plaine Dalila DEANS  
Plascencia Joshua DEANS  
Plasmier Kateri PRESDT  
Platt Antwaun DEANS  
Plattner Helen DEANS  
Pleger Shelby DEANS  
Po Marynet DEANS  
Podeyko Mariya DEANS  
Podurushina Nadezhda DEANS  
Poe Dwight PRESDT  
Pohl Garrett DEANS  
Pojar Verity DEANS  
Pokharel Ichha DEANS  
Pokharel Surekha DEANS  
Pokraka Samantha DEANS  
Poladian Jahangir DEANS  
Polat Fatma DEANS  
Polen Adam PRESDT  
Polinska Anna DEANS  
Polizzi Branddon PRESDT  
Polkh Victoria DEANS  
Pollard Grant DEANS  
Pollard Marlene DEANS  
Pollastri Georgina DEANS  
Polley Michael PRESDT  
Pomeroy Amanda DEANS  
Ponce Nathalie DEANS  
Ponce Rodrigo DEANS  
Ponce Quintanilla Dennis DEANS  
Ponrajah Kalavathi PRESDT  
Ponzini Edward DEANS  
Poole Abigail PRESDT  
Poole Catherine DEANS  
Poole Magdalena DEANS  
Poon Nga-Lai DEANS  
Popal Rehmat PRESDT  
Pope Althea DEANS  
Pope Corinn DEANS  
Pope John DEANS  
Pope-Graham Victoria DEANS  
Popham Timothy PRESDT  
Poplawska Natalia DEANS  
Poplin-McGhee Katharyn DEANS  
Poppy Rachel DEANS  
Poran Kazi PRESDT  
Poroj Yvette DEANS  
Porras Antonio DEANS  
Porter Natasha DEANS  
Portillo Erika PRESDT  
Portillo Margarita DEANS  
Portillo Natalie DEANS  
Posada-Roque Erick DEANS  
Posey Heather DEANS  
Posey Lisa DEANS  
Post Nicholas DEANS  
Potell Kyle DEANS  
Potes Luis DEANS  
Pothorszki Nora DEANS  
Potosky Melissa DEANS  
Potprasat Makara DEANS  
Pouliot Lauren DEANS  
Poutre Rachel PRESDT  
Poveda Martha DEANS  
Powell Daniel PRESDT  
Powell Edward DEANS  
Powell Elora DEANS  
Powell John DEANS  
Powell Kathleen DEANS  
Powell Nicholas DEANS  
Powers James DEANS  
Prabhu Prajakti PRESDT  
Pradhan Debjani DEANS  
Preisner Paula PRESDT  
Prellwitz Kari DEANS  
Prescott Sarah DEANS  
Prestegord Adam DEANS  
Preston James DEANS  
Preston Jason PRESDT  
Preston Lindsey DEANS  
Pretz John DEANS  
Preudhomme Nofert DEANS  
Price Barbara DEANS  
Price Josh DEANS  
Price Micah DEANS  
Price Roxana PRESDT  
Price Tara PRESDT  
Price Tim DEANS  
Price II Mark DEANS  
Priester Monique DEANS  
Prieto Diane DEANS  
Pring Paula Virnadette DEANS  
Pringle Jordan DEANS  
Pritchard Cierra DEANS  
Propst Xel-Ha DEANS  
Prosper Jamesca DEANS  
Protacio Brent DEANS  
Prudencio Paola DEANS  
Prum Leakeina DEANS  
Pruss Rhonda DEANS  
przybylek alexander DEANS  
Psarakis Paul DEANS  
Puckett Samantha PRESDT  
Puckett Sarah PRESDT  
Puffenbarger Steven DEANS  
Puffenberger Yuqing DEANS  
Pugh Shandril DEANS  
Pulido Carol PRESDT  
Purdon Donald DEANS  
Purkey Daniel DEANS  
Purks Kayse DEANS  
Purtell Samuel PRESDT  
Putiyon Patricia DEANS  
Putnam George PRESDT  
Putnam Jaclyn DEANS  
Pye Andrew DEANS