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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2011

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Ma Kejian DEANS  
Maas Justin DEANS  
Maas Katherine DEANS  
Mabangi Agnes DEANS  
Mabrouk Marwa DEANS  
Mabud Saifuddin DEANS  
Mac Donald Juan DEANS  
Macarov Igor DEANS  
Macdonald Julie PRESDT  
Macdonald Megan PRESDT  
MacDougall Judtih DEANS  
Mace Rachel PRESDT  
Macek Zachary DEANS  
MacFarlane Sarah DEANS  
Macgregor Robert DEANS  
Mach Srey Mom PRESDT  
MacIntire Mahrya DEANS  
Mack Lolina DEANS  
Mackey James PRESDT  
Mackey Jessica PRESDT  
Mackey Rose Valerie DEANS  
Mackoviak Mark DEANS  
MacLean Brandon DEANS  
Macon Timothy DEANS  
MacPhail Amanda DEANS  
Macy John DEANS  
Madan Prachi DEANS  
Madden Ian PRESDT  
Madden Kelly PRESDT  
Maddox-Greathouse Anquinia PRESDT  
Madrid Victor DEANS  
Madrid-Narr Pamela PRESDT  
Maenza Anthony DEANS  
maffett ashley DEANS  
Maffey Andrew DEANS  
Magalong Ranuel DEANS  
Maghsoudi Amir DEANS  
maghsoudi paria DEANS  
Magill Amanda DEANS  
Magill Douglas PRESDT  
Maglalang Rose DEANS  
Magner Merrill DEANS  
Magnotti David DEANS  
Magnotti Theresa PRESDT  
Magyari Jessica DEANS  
Mahamat Itno Fatime Zara DEANS  
Maher John DEANS  
Maher Melissa PRESDT  
Mahlunge Cecilia DEANS  
Mahmoodi Zakia DEANS  
Mahmoud Mona DEANS  
Mahmoudi Maral DEANS  
Mahmud Batool DEANS  
Mahoney Raymond DEANS  
Mahoney Thomas PRESDT  
Mai Viet DEANS  
Maia Jason DEANS  
Maia Jessica PRESDT  
Maier Erica DEANS  
Maier Jacqueline PRESDT  
Maiorana Jonathan DEANS  
Maiwandi Neda DEANS  
Maizland Sabrina DEANS  
Majdas Piotr DEANS  
Majewski Janice DEANS  
Major Matthew PRESDT  
Makonnen Lia DEANS  
Makris George DEANS  
Malachi Maurice DEANS  
Malayavech Patai DEANS  
Maldonado Joshua DEANS  
Maldonado Ronner PRESDT  
Malek Auryana PRESDT  
Malik Malia DEANS  
Malik Rabia PRESDT  
Malik Shamaila DEANS  
Mallard Travis PRESDT  
Mallett Jessica PRESDT  
Mallini Monica DEANS  
Malone Marquis DEANS  
Maloney Paul DEANS  
Mamdouhi Alireza PRESDT  
Mammah Ulrica DEANS  
Mamo Besrate DEANS  
Mamushet Genet PRESDT  
Mamuyac Rufino Tomas DEANS  
Manafi Azadeh DEANS  
Mandeville Alexander DEANS  
Mandlekar Rijul DEANS  
Mandujano Pilar PRESDT  
Maneechot Pajareeporn DEANS  
Mang Josef DEANS  
Manganaris Samuel DEANS  
Manganiello Laura DEANS  
Mangar Lisa PRESDT  
Manglapus Mikhail DEANS  
Maniasa Rembulan DEANS  
Manicka Karina DEANS  
Manley Annette DEANS  
Manley Carlos DEANS  
Manley Ellen DEANS  
manley sandra DEANS  
Mann Gregory DEANS  
Mann Harkirat PRESDT  
Mann Hatsumi DEANS  
Mann Jason DEANS  
Mann Lauren DEANS  
Mann Raymond PRESDT  
Mannan Stephanie PRESDT  
Manninen Tanja PRESDT  
Manocchio Anthony DEANS  
Manocchio Kaitlin DEANS  
Manocchio Patrick DEANS  
Mansaray Albert DEANS  
Mansaray Yalamba PRESDT  
Mansare Adama DEANS  
Mansfield Mitchell DEANS  
Mansouri Arya PRESDT  
Mantiply Kimberly DEANS  
Manuel Andrew DEANS  
Maraqa Shaden DEANS  
Maravas Matt DEANS  
marbury deon DEANS  
Marca Juan DEANS  
Marcelo Arvin DEANS  
March Dakota DEANS  
Marcu Adina PRESDT  
Mardelli George DEANS  
Mares Rachel DEANS  
Maresca Neal DEANS  
Margolis Geri DEANS  
marie Gebeyaw DEANS  
Marin Alvaro PRESDT  
Markell Caitlin PRESDT  
Markham Kyle DEANS  
Markley Gabrielle PRESDT  
Markley John Eric DEANS  
Marksberry Scott PRESDT  
Markuszewski Michal DEANS  
Maroney Peter DEANS  
Marquina Belinda DEANS  
Marquina Dayana PRESDT  
Marquina Leticia DEANS  
Marrazzo Megan DEANS  
Marron Kelsey PRESDT  
Marrone Tyler DEANS  
Marroquin Walter PRESDT  
Marsh Benjamin DEANS  
Marsh David DEANS  
Marshall Brianna DEANS  
Marshall Candice DEANS  
Marshall Matthew DEANS  
Marshall Princy DEANS  
Martin Ashley PRESDT  
Martin Britny DEANS  
Martin Bryan PRESDT  
Martin Corine PRESDT  
Martin Gary PRESDT  
Martin Ian DEANS  
Martin LaMartha PRESDT  
Martin Markita DEANS  
Martin Mary PRESDT  
Martinet Marie DEANS  
Martinez Christian DEANS  
Martinez Daniel PRESDT  
Martinez Eddy DEANS  
Martinez Gonzalo DEANS  
Martinez Haydee DEANS  
Martinez Idalia DEANS  
Martinez James DEANS  
Martinez Jennifer DEANS  
Martinez Jorje DEANS  
Martinez Joshua DEANS  
Martinez Laura DEANS  
Martinez Louie DEANS  
Martinez Marcela PRESDT  
Martinez Marcos DEANS  
Martinez Reynaldo DEANS  
Martinez Telleria Mariana PRESDT  
Martinkov Oleg DEANS  
Martins Liliana DEANS  
Marvine Lenelson DEANS  
Marx Aaron DEANS  
Marzen Claire DEANS  
Mascher Charles DEANS  
Mashood George DEANS  
Mason Karen PRESDT  
Mason Kelvin DEANS  
Mason Michael DEANS  
Mason Najee DEANS  
Masood Kanwal DEANS  
Massey Dustin DEANS  
Massie Michelle PRESDT  
Masterson Alice DEANS  
Masterson Brian PRESDT  
Mastropietro Jessica DEANS  
Mateo Alexandra PRESDT  
Mathew Jojo DEANS  
Mathews Angelique DEANS  
Mathews Bianca DEANS  
Mathews Marvin DEANS  
Mathews Megan DEANS  
Mathewson Joseph DEANS  
Mathieu Edward DEANS  
Mathur Kelsey DEANS  
Matsumoto Nobuyuki DEANS  
Matteson Earl PRESDT  
Matthews Charese DEANS  
Matthews Kassandra DEANS  
Mattingly Kaitlyn DEANS  
Matwijec Danielle PRESDT  
Matysyna Yelena DEANS  
Matz Peter DEANS  
Maurer Peter PRESDT  
maurya amit PRESDT  
Mavani Harsh PRESDT  
Maxwell Daniel DEANS  
Maydwell Sean PRESDT  
Mayel Mohammad PRESDT  
Mayle Ashly DEANS  
Maylett Daniel DEANS  
Maynard Jeffery PRESDT  
Mayne Jennifer DEANS  
Mayo Donald DEANS  
Mayo Walter DEANS  
Mays Dhaakira DEANS  
Maysaud Rajaa DEANS  
Mayuga Jose Gabriel DEANS  
Maywalt John DEANS  
Mazaheri Sina DEANS  
Mazkour Charlotte DEANS  
Mazmanian Cheryl DEANS  
Mazzini Fiorella DEANS  
Mazzochi Chris DEANS  
Mbakwa Festus PRESDT  
Mbawuike Chigozie PRESDT  
Mboche Boche PRESDT  
mbuchu mirabel PRESDT  
Mc Daniels Chasio DEANS  
McAlpin Bonnie DEANS  
Mcbride Jesse PRESDT  
McBurney Kennya PRESDT  
McBurney Tressie PRESDT  
McCarthy Danielle DEANS  
McCarthy Kate DEANS  
McCarthy-Cruse Connor PRESDT  
McCarty Justin PRESDT  
McCathren Alyson DEANS  
McCauley Robert PRESDT  
McCleary Matthew DEANS  
McClelland Ashley PRESDT  
Mccloskey Linda DEANS  
McClure Laura PRESDT  
McCollough Sarah DEANS  
McConnell Maggie DEANS  
McCormack Gabrielle DEANS  
McCormick Heather DEANS  
McCormick Peyton DEANS  
McCoy David DEANS  
McCracken Emily PRESDT  
McCray Andrea DEANS  
McCray John PRESDT  
McCrea Meredith PRESDT  
McCroskey Tamara DEANS  
McCue Deborah DEANS  
Mccue James DEANS  
McCullough Jared DEANS  
McCurdy Ross PRESDT  
McDaniel Megan DEANS  
McDaniel Rhianna DEANS  
McDaniels Heather PRESDT  
Mcdermott David DEANS  
McDole Brittany DEANS  
McDonald Mark DEANS  
McDonald Rachael DEANS  
McDonnell John DEANS  
McDowell Alec PRESDT  
McDowell LaVerne DEANS  
McDowell Leah DEANS  
McElroy Laura PRESDT  
McEnelly Aubrey PRESDT  
McEvoy Kelsey PRESDT  
McEwen Amy DEANS  
McEwen Jan DEANS  
McFall Christy DEANS  
McFarland Katelyn DEANS  
MCFarlane Geun Gu PRESDT  
McFeron Sean DEANS  
McGee Barbara DEANS  
McGee Heather DEANS  
McGetrick Eric DEANS  
McGlade Kevin DEANS  
McGrady Sheryl DEANS  
McGranahan Georgia PRESDT  
McGrath Jennifer DEANS  
McGregor Malcolm PRESDT  
McGuinness Mary Megan DEANS  
McGuire Jonathan PRESDT  
Mcilvoy Katherine DEANS  
McIntyre Ann DEANS  
McIntyre Rachel DEANS  
McIver William PRESDT  
McKee Elizabeth DEANS  
McKelvey Kayla DEANS  
Mckelvin Tondalei DEANS  
McKenzie Jessica DEANS  
McKinney Patrick DEANS  
McKinnon Toni DEANS  
McLain Ashley DEANS  
McLain James PRESDT  
McLaughlin Brandon DEANS  
McLean Robert DEANS  
McLean Shanita DEANS  
McLees John DEANS  
McLemore Henry PRESDT  
McLemore Jared DEANS  
McLenigan Robert DEANS  
McManaman Heather DEANS  
McManus Bryan DEANS  
McManus Caitlin DEANS  
McMillon Christopher DEANS  
McMurry Walter DEANS  
McMurtry Robert DEANS  
Mcnamara James PRESDT  
McNeal Timothy PRESDT  
McNealy Daniel DEANS  
McNicholas Leah DEANS  
McPeak Katie DEANS  
McPherson Carl DEANS  
McPhilamy Colin DEANS  
McQuade Kinnaird DEANS  
McQuay Mark DEANS  
McReynolds Patrick DEANS  
McRory Ramsey PRESDT  
McSorley Adjoua PRESDT  
McTaggart Jessica DEANS  
McVicker Krysten DEANS  
McWilliams Kenneth DEANS  
Meaden James DEANS  
Meadows Scott DEANS  
Mears Andrew DEANS  
Mebrahtu Dawit DEANS  
Medehane Roza PRESDT  
Medeiros Karina DEANS  
Medina Ana DEANS  
medina erika DEANS  
Medina Mario DEANS  
Medlin Dana PRESDT  
Medlock Kristina DEANS  
medrano Cindy DEANS  
Medrano Elvis DEANS  
Medrano Jessica DEANS  
Medrano Karen DEANS  
Medrano-Logo Damaris DEANS  
Meek Anthony DEANS  
Meeker John DEANS  
Meeks Judy DEANS  
Megaw Matt DEANS  
Mehall Jamie DEANS  
Mehari Amine DEANS  
Mehicic Amela DEANS  
Mehki Jennifer DEANS  
mehmanesh nusha DEANS  
Mehta Angelee PRESDT  
Meidt Melissa DEANS  
Meininger Grace DEANS  
Mejia Josue PRESDT  
mejia oralia DEANS  
Mejia Ramon DEANS  
mejia roxana DEANS  
Mekhmankulova Nasiba DEANS  
Mekonen Axsumawit DEANS  
Mekonnen Afomeya DEANS  
Mekonnen Benyam DEANS  
Mekonnen Shewangzaw DEANS  
Melad Refan DEANS  
Melaku Mebrat PRESDT  
Melcher Daniel PRESDT  
Melchiori Matthew DEANS  
Melean Emired DEANS  
Melendez Ashley DEANS  
Melendez Karla DEANS  
Melendez Marlena DEANS  
Melesse Tadesse DEANS  
Melgar Luis PRESDT  
Melnikova Irina PRESDT  
Melone John DEANS  
Meltz Carolyn DEANS  
Membreno Mirna DEANS  
Memmo Callan DEANS  
Menard Kristen DEANS  
Menard-Katcher Ariane DEANS  
Mendez Marilid PRESDT  
Mendez Vannessa PRESDT  
Mendonca Ana Paula PRESDT  
Mendonca Nancy PRESDT  
Mendoza Allan DEANS  
Mendoza Angie DEANS  
Mendoza Christina DEANS  
Mendoza Eri DEANS  
Mendoza Jorge DEANS  
Mendoza Pedro DEANS  
Mends George DEANS  
Menefee Christiana DEANS  
Menegazzi Caseiro Bianca DEANS  
Meneses Amanda DEANS  
Meneses Carmela DEANS  
Menezes Ana DEANS  
Meng Grace DEANS  
Menna Caroline DEANS  
Menor Jason DEANS  
Mensah Dela DEANS  
Mensah Sylvanus DEANS  
Mensah-etsi Kokougan PRESDT  
Menzer Debbie DEANS  
Mercado Fabiola DEANS  
Merida Dan DEANS  
Merida Giovana DEANS  
Merino Juan DEANS  
merino melissa DEANS  
Merker Elliot DEANS  
Merlo Stephen DEANS  
Merrill Jennifer DEANS  
Merrill Jessica DEANS  
Merryman Kevin DEANS  
Mesfin Betelehem DEANS  
Mesfin Kidisthanna PRESDT  
Mesfin Lucy DEANS  
Mesich Jessica DEANS  
Mesick Kristin DEANS  
Mesquita Rayeisha DEANS  
metangpa tasong DEANS  
Metcalfe Aubrey PRESDT  
Metcalfe Cassandra DEANS  
Metz Susanne DEANS  
Meyers Claire DEANS  
Mhanaojyakorn Sophol DEANS  
Mialou Elise DEANS  
Michael Jeremy DEANS  
Michael Larry DEANS  
Michaels Anthony DEANS  
Michalski William DEANS  
Michel Aurore DEANS  
Michik Melissa PRESDT  
Mierez Agustin PRESDT  
Mignoli Brittany DEANS  
Mignone Michael PRESDT  
Mignott Jasmine DEANS  
Mijango Jennifer PRESDT  
Mijango Saul DEANS  
Mikulas Gabriella DEANS  
Milburn Phillip DEANS  
Milde Nina DEANS  
Milem Stephanie DEANS  
Miles Amber DEANS  
Miles Bobbie DEANS  
Miles Christian DEANS  
Miles Elizabeth DEANS  
Miles Ellen DEANS  
Milhouse Robert DEANS  
Militar Santos PRESDT  
Miller Annette DEANS  
Miller Chandell DEANS  
Miller Chelsea DEANS  
Miller Christopher DEANS  
Miller Daniel DEANS  
Miller David PRESDT  
Miller Dean PRESDT  
Miller Gloria DEANS  
Miller Jared DEANS  
Miller Joseph DEANS  
Miller Julia DEANS  
Miller Kristine DEANS  
Miller Marcus DEANS  
miller matthew DEANS  
Miller Michele PRESDT  
Miller Miranda DEANS  
Miller Nicholas DEANS  
Miller Pepe DEANS  
Miller Robert DEANS  
Miller Ryan PRESDT  
Miller Ryan DEANS  
Miller Samantha DEANS  
Miller Samuel DEANS  
Miller Sara PRESDT  
Miller Sarah DEANS  
Miller Scott DEANS  
Miller Tabatha DEANS  
Miller Theresa DEANS  
Miller Travis PRESDT  
Miller Vincent DEANS  
miller wayne DEANS  
Millette Sydney PRESDT  
Milliken Emily DEANS  
Millones Sara DEANS  
Millones-Bilbao Alhan DEANS  
Mills John DEANS  
Mills Tiffany DEANS  
Milo William DEANS  
Milton Allyson DEANS  
Min Ji Hyun PRESDT  
Min Jung Hwan PRESDT  
Min Sohyun DEANS  
min sue DEANS  
Mingos Johanna PRESDT  
Minosh Ashley DEANS  
Mir Saniyah DEANS  
Mirabella Julia DEANS  
Miranda Adams DEANS  
Miranda Oscar DEANS  
Miranda Rommel PRESDT  
Miranda Sejas Zelenne DEANS  
Miressa Kidist DEANS  
Mir-gharavi AmirReza DEANS  
Mirra Keith DEANS  
Miserendino Thomas DEANS  
Missar Kyle DEANS  
Mitalo Nancy DEANS  
Mitchell Alexandra DEANS  
Mitchell Aprille DEANS  
Mitchell Daniel DEANS  
Mitchell Doyoung DEANS  
Mitchell Jake DEANS  
Mitchell Joe DEANS  
Mitchell Kayleigh DEANS  
Mitchell Kristen DEANS  
Mitchell Michelle PRESDT  
Mitiku Rahel DEANS  
Mitolo Kirsty DEANS  
Mittal Nidhi DEANS  
Mitton Johanna DEANS  
Miyamoto Timothy DEANS  
Moberly Laura DEANS  
Mobley Gordon DEANS  
Mobley Ross DEANS  
Modamwen Owen DEANS  
Modar Karima DEANS  
Mogensen Karen DEANS  
Mohamad Tahnaz DEANS  
Mohamed nur Marian DEANS  
Mohammad Suraya DEANS  
Mohammad Daud Behzad DEANS  
Mohammad Daud Farzad DEANS  
Mohammadhasani Amirreza DEANS  
Mohammadpour Mardin DEANS  
Mohammed Abdul-Nasir DEANS  
Mohammed Adey-Ababa PRESDT  
Mohammed Halima DEANS  
Mohammed Hanan DEANS  
Mohammed Samiah DEANS  
mohammed seid PRESDT  
Mohammed Umar PRESDT  
Mohamud Amina DEANS  
Mohay Gwen DEANS  
Mohbo-oh Shiwoh DEANS  
Mohd Hadtamizi Fatin Nashra PRESDT  
Mohd Supandi Zul DEANS  
mohmand nazaneen DEANS  
Mojaddidi Adam DEANS  
Mojadidi Hena DEANS  
Mojadidi Madina DEANS  
Molina Esaul DEANS  
Molina Nelson DEANS  
Molinaro Amanda PRESDT  
Moline Paul PRESDT  
Molinet Kal PRESDT  
Molini John DEANS  
Molnar Vanessa DEANS  
Monahan Connor PRESDT  
Moncada Katherine DEANS  
Monge Alexandra DEANS  
Monge- Barlow Max DEANS  
Mongoue Paul PRESDT  
Mongue Jamie DEANS  
Monjer Abu DEANS  
Monsalve Maria DEANS  
Monsur Rumi PRESDT  
Montalvan Guillermo DEANS  
Montalvo Yorka DEANS  
Montanaro Monica DEANS  
Montano Henry DEANS  
Montclair Megan DEANS  
Monte Lucy DEANS  
Montee Jeffrey DEANS  
Montenegro Luis PRESDT  
montes cecilia DEANS  
Montes de Oca Elizabeth DEANS  
Montesa Nicole DEANS  
Montgomery Barbara DEANS  
Montgomery Bethany DEANS  
Montgomery Diana DEANS  
Montgomery Erica DEANS  
Montgomery Katherine PRESDT  
Montgomery Kristofer PRESDT  
Montgomery Nicole DEANS  
Montoney Lindsay DEANS  
Montoya Amy DEANS  
Montoya Cano Astrid DEANS  
Monzon Andrea PRESDT  
Moon Donato DEANS  
Moon Seho PRESDT  
Moore Amber PRESDT  
Moore Bianca DEANS  
Moore Christine DEANS  
Moore Christopher DEANS  
Moore Hannah DEANS  
Moore Irene DEANS  
Moore John DEANS  
Moore Kevin DEANS  
Moore Malcolm DEANS  
Moore Melissa DEANS  
Moore Nathan DEANS  
Moore Nathaniel DEANS  
Moore Pamela DEANS  
Moore Russell PRESDT  
Moore Sarah DEANS  
Moore Shaquanda DEANS  
Moorman Tamara PRESDT  
mora daniel DEANS  
Moradi Hengameh DEANS  
moradianboroujeni hossein DEANS  
Morales Jessie PRESDT  
Morales Kevin DEANS  
Morales Reinaldo DEANS  
Morales Sergio DEANS  
Morales Wendy PRESDT  
Morales Monsalve Jose PRESDT  
Moran Christopher DEANS  
Moran Crystal DEANS  
Moran Edward PRESDT  
Morato Robert DEANS  
Moreau David DEANS  
Morefield Heidi DEANS  
Morehouse Alexandra DEANS  
moreira cynthia DEANS  
Morejon Maritza PRESDT  
Morel Caroline DEANS  
Moreland Justen DEANS  
Morello Andrea DEANS  
Moreno Gabriela DEANS  
Moreno Celis Paola PRESDT  
Moretti Nicole DEANS  
Morgan Allison DEANS  
Morgan Cherish DEANS  
Morgan Claudia PRESDT  
Morgan Daniel PRESDT  
Morgan Roy DEANS  
Morgan Travis DEANS  
Morin Dennis DEANS  
Morkos Wael PRESDT  
Moroz Laura DEANS  
Morozova Arina DEANS  
Morrell Carolyn PRESDT  
Morrell Richard DEANS  
Morrello Stephen DEANS  
Morris Charles DEANS  
Morris David DEANS  
Morris Joel PRESDT  
Morris Morgan DEANS  
Morris Roberta DEANS  
Morrison Brian PRESDT  
Morrison Kirstin DEANS  
Morrow Monique DEANS  
Morton Alfred DEANS  
Morton Evan PRESDT  
Morton Jennifer DEANS  
Mose Edward DEANS  
Mosemak Gabriel DEANS  
Moser Margot DEANS  
Moses Micia DEANS  
Mosher Kyle DEANS  
Mosier Jenna DEANS  
Mosina Yuliya DEANS  
Most Taylor DEANS  
Moten erika DEANS  
Motsch Michelle DEANS  
Motta Jussara DEANS  
Moujaes Jason DEANS  
Moulton Jennifer DEANS  
Moulton Kate DEANS  
Moummi Ghita DEANS  
moummi sanae DEANS  
Mounguen-Ndom Isaac PRESDT  
Moure Jesse DEANS  
Mousavi Sasan PRESDT  
Moussa Dlwar PRESDT  
Moutawakil Lisa DEANS  
Movahed Branwen DEANS  
Mower Rachel DEANS  
Moy Madeline DEANS  
Moy Skyler PRESDT  
Moya Heather DEANS  
Moye Anthony DEANS  
Moyer Brittany DEANS  
Moyer Joshua DEANS  
Mozier Josh DEANS  
Mozisek Ratree DEANS  
Mubiru Julia DEANS  
Mudre Lauren PRESDT  
Mudrezow Jake DEANS  
Mufarreh Norman PRESDT  
Mugnaini Fabio DEANS  
Mulcahy Joshua DEANS  
Mull Erin DEANS  
Mullan Imaida DEANS  
Mullen Anna PRESDT  
Mullen Jackie PRESDT  
Mullen Jonathan PRESDT  
Mullen Thomas DEANS  
Mullins Frances DEANS  
Mullins Michelle DEANS  
Mullins William DEANS  
Mulugeta Aden PRESDT  
Mulugeta Robel DEANS  
Mulvihill Amber DEANS  
Mumenthaler Agata DEANS  
Mumini Adnan PRESDT  
Munezero Gloria DEANS  
Muniz Amy DEANS  
Muniz Valerie DEANS  
Munkhtur Yanjindulam DEANS  
Munoz Alexi DEANS  
Munoz Franco DEANS  
Munson Megan DEANS  
Munye Yasmeen DEANS  
Muradi Nazik DEANS  
Murati Rey DEANS  
Murdock Orison DEANS  
Murillo Samuel DEANS  
Murphy Erin DEANS  
Murphy James DEANS  
Murphy Jennifer PRESDT  
Murphy Kyle DEANS  
Murphy Paul DEANS  
Murphy Sabina DEANS  
Murphy Samuel DEANS  
Murphy Sean DEANS  
Murphy Teri PRESDT  
Murphy-Solano Paul PRESDT  
Murray Deana PRESDT  
Murray Lynne DEANS  
Murray Maureen DEANS  
Murray-pino Louise PRESDT  
Muschler Jillian DEANS  
Muse Jessica DEANS  
Music Shane DEANS  
Musick Amanda DEANS  
Musman Margarita PRESDT  
Mussett Colby PRESDT  
Mustahseen Rashique DEANS  
Mustone Haley DEANS  
Mutahidi Safiulla PRESDT  
Mutesi Nicola DEANS  
Muyen Ponnia DEANS  
Muzaffar Javeria DEANS  
Mwila Patricia DEANS  
Myers Amber DEANS  
Myers Jaclyn DEANS  
Myers Mark DEANS  
Myers Maureen DEANS  
Myers Michael DEANS