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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2011

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Ka Rokhaya DEANS  
Kaar Kelly DEANS  
Kabbani Nancy DEANS  
Kabir Salman DEANS  
Kaboeamodimo Katlego DEANS  
Kadisius Pijus PRESDT  
Kafchinski Kate DEANS  
Kaganda Evetha DEANS  
Kahsay Eden DEANS  
Kaid Rayda DEANS  
Kaiser Matthew PRESDT  
Kalafa Evan PRESDT  
Kalani Tara DEANS  
Kalantarzadeh Elham DEANS  
Kales Chris DEANS  
Kalian Heidi DEANS  
Kalkbrenner Anna DEANS  
Kallini Michele DEANS  
Kalman Zuzanna PRESDT  
Kalpos Amalia DEANS  
Kalt Adam DEANS  
Kam Soo Jin DEANS  
Kamara Ernest DEANS  
Kamara Mohamed DEANS  
Kamara Sheku DEANS  
Kamiyama Justin DEANS  
kandahari amir DEANS  
Kandahari Shabnam PRESDT  
Kandil Gabriel PRESDT  
Kane Khadidiatou DEANS  
Kane Lucia DEANS  
Kang Byoung Hong DEANS  
Kang Chan Hee PRESDT  
Kang Ji DEANS  
Kang John DEANS  
Kang Junho PRESDT  
Kang Sung-Jun PRESDT  
Kangam Gafar DEANS  
Kanojia Ashneel PRESDT  
Kantor David PRESDT  
Kantorski Matthew DEANS  
Kanu Abu DEANS  
Kapar Marc DEANS  
Kapitz Bente DEANS  
Kapsiak Kathryn DEANS  
Kapur Dhriti PRESDT  
Karam Hassan DEANS  
Karasapan Sinan DEANS  
Kargar-Zahir Nadia DEANS  
Karimi Imran DEANS  
Karimullah Waleed DEANS  
Karimzada Michelle DEANS  
Karki Manju DEANS  
Karki Sachita DEANS  
Karki Varun PRESDT  
Karky Pranit DEANS  
Karmilowicz Samuel DEANS  
Karns Samuel PRESDT  
Karrat Chris DEANS  
Kasap Zeynep PRESDT  
Kaseman Laura DEANS  
Kashfi Kimia DEANS  
kashoofy mahdi PRESDT  
Kassem Abed El Rahman PRESDT  
Katsef Alla DEANS  
Kattige Sonali DEANS  
Katz Katherine PRESDT  
Kauffman Stacy PRESDT  
Kaufman Theresa DEANS  
Kaur Harman PRESDT  
Kaur Harwinder DEANS  
Kaur Jatinder PRESDT  
Kaur Manjot PRESDT  
Kaur Poonamjit DEANS  
kaut josue DEANS  
Kauzor Krystin DEANS  
Kavyani Aria DEANS  
Kawaguchi Kozo PRESDT  
kayani aisha DEANS  
Kayani Zimmal DEANS  
Kayes Ashley DEANS  
Kayitesi Marie Claire DEANS  
Kaylor Justin PRESDT  
Kaz Breanna DEANS  
Kc Deepa DEANS  
KC Kripa DEANS  
Keane Brendan DEANS  
Kearney John PRESDT  
Kearney Michael DEANS  
Kearns Lauren DEANS  
Kearon Meaghan DEANS  
Kebede Mena DEANS  
kebede seble DEANS  
Kebede Tizita DEANS  
Keegan Virginia DEANS  
Keele Angelica DEANS  
Keeler Christopher DEANS  
Keeling Valerie DEANS  
Keeseman Jessica DEANS  
kefene addis PRESDT  
Kefi Selim DEANS  
Keisler Jonathan PRESDT  
Keister Michael DEANS  
Keith Resa DEANS  
Kelch Michele PRESDT  
Kelelew Sara PRESDT  
Kelleher Shannon PRESDT  
Keller Emma DEANS  
Keller Zachary PRESDT  
Kelley Daniel DEANS  
Kelley Debra DEANS  
Kelley Galen DEANS  
Kelley Patrick DEANS  
Kelly Freida DEANS  
Kelly Jacqueline DEANS  
Kelly Joshua DEANS  
Kelly Keirsten DEANS  
Kelly Kendall DEANS  
Kelly Matthew DEANS  
Kelpsaite Monika PRESDT  
kemal nehad DEANS  
Kemp Janet DEANS  
Kemp Jennah DEANS  
Kendall Jeffrey DEANS  
Kendall Justin DEANS  
Kenefake Jeffrey DEANS  
Kengne Kamdem Thierry DEANS  
Kennedy Alexander DEANS  
Kennedy Caitlin DEANS  
Kennedy Christopher DEANS  
Kennedy Katherine DEANS  
Kennedy Kelly DEANS  
Kennedy Kyle PRESDT  
Kennedy Mackenzie DEANS  
Kennedy Nathan DEANS  
Kennedy Rachel DEANS  
Kenniston Barbara DEANS  
Kenny Adam DEANS  
Kent Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kent Hall Gram DEANS  
Kenyon Emmabelle DEANS  
Keo Kenny DEANS  
Keo Phalla DEANS  
Keo Vannay DEANS  
Kepus Tracey PRESDT  
Keran William DEANS  
Kerkoub Kourdali Houda DEANS  
Kern Emily DEANS  
Kern Owen DEANS  
Kern Patti PRESDT  
Kern Selina PRESDT  
Kernich Kevin DEANS  
Kerns Philip DEANS  
Kerr Akemi DEANS  
Kershaw Robert DEANS  
Key Leah DEANS  
Keyes Acadia DEANS  
Keyes Stephanie PRESDT  
khadivi shabnam DEANS  
Khadka Binod DEANS  
Khaledi Siamak DEANS  
Khalid Ayesha DEANS  
Khalid Nimarah DEANS  
Khalid Rehan PRESDT  
Khalid Taha DEANS  
Khalil Ramy DEANS  
Khaliq Maha DEANS  
Khalsa Hariamrit DEANS  
Khalsa Satnam DEANS  
Khan Abdul DEANS  
Khan Adnan DEANS  
Khan Agha DEANS  
Khan Akram PRESDT  
Khan Ana DEANS  
Khan Asad PRESDT  
Khan Fatima DEANS  
Khan Gulmeena PRESDT  
Khan Kishwar PRESDT  
Khan Muhammad PRESDT  
Khan Muhammad DEANS  
Khan Nafas DEANS  
Khan Naveed DEANS  
Khan Niaz DEANS  
Khan Owais DEANS  
Khan Rifat PRESDT  
Khan Rumsha PRESDT  
Khan Sara DEANS  
Khan Shahrose DEANS  
Khan Tooba DEANS  
Khan Uzair PRESDT  
khan waqas DEANS  
Khan Zohair DEANS  
Khan Zoya DEANS  
Khanal Bishwo DEANS  
Kharam Nashmia DEANS  
Khardi Walid DEANS  
Kharrazian Tara PRESDT  
Khasawinah Omar DEANS  
Khatri Aarti DEANS  
khattak zahid DEANS  
Khawaja Ahmad Fahad PRESDT  
Khawaja Ahmed DEANS  
Khawaja Ayesha PRESDT  
Khawar Saliq DEANS  
khazaal raghad PRESDT  
Khisamova Alsu DEANS  
Khosravi Parmis PRESDT  
Khoury Patricia DEANS  
Khoury Warde DEANS  
Khurelbaatar Tuguldur DEANS  
Khvan-Beiseuov Anuar PRESDT  
Kiani Anam DEANS  
Kibler Diane PRESDT  
Kibler Lindsey PRESDT  
Kidd Donna DEANS  
Kieb Robert DEANS  
Kieswetter Holley PRESDT  
Kihm Stephanie PRESDT  
Kilday Matthew PRESDT  
Killian Amy DEANS  
Kim Agnes PRESDT  
Kim Ahreum PRESDT  
Kim Alain PRESDT  
Kim Andrew PRESDT  
Kim Anne DEANS  
Kim Bo DEANS  
Kim Bong Ju PRESDT  
Kim Chae Woon PRESDT  
Kim Da Young DEANS  
Kim Damin DEANS  
Kim David DEANS  
Kim Dong Hyuk DEANS  
Kim Dongkyu DEANS  
Kim Doo PRESDT  
Kim Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kim Eun Ji DEANS  
Kim Eun Kyung DEANS  
Kim Eunji DEANS  
Kim Gihee PRESDT  
Kim Haeri PRESDT  
Kim Hana PRESDT  
Kim Hee Soo PRESDT  
Kim Hojun DEANS  
Kim Hyo Sun PRESDT  
Kim Hyojin PRESDT  
Kim Hyungjin PRESDT  
Kim Jae Ik PRESDT  
Kim Jamie PRESDT  
Kim Jane DEANS  
Kim Jay-ji DEANS  
Kim Jeeyeon DEANS  
Kim John DEANS  
Kim Joshua DEANS  
Kim Justin DEANS  
Kim Katrina PRESDT  
Kim Ki Bum DEANS  
Kim Mi Song PRESDT  
Kim Mihyun DEANS  
Kim Min DEANS  
Kim Min PRESDT  
Kim Min Jae PRESDT  
Kim Min Woo PRESDT  
Kim Minji PRESDT  
Kim Minkyung DEANS  
Kim Min-Seop DEANS  
Kim Mintak PRESDT  
kim myungsuk DEANS  
Kim Paul DEANS  
kim peter PRESDT  
Kim Peter DEANS  
Kim Sa Rang PRESDT  
Kim Se Eun PRESDT  
Kim Se Won PRESDT  
Kim Sean PRESDT  
Kim Seok Ju DEANS  
Kim Se-youn DEANS  
Kim Sharon DEANS  
Kim Shong DEANS  
Kim So DEANS  
kim sol yip DEANS  
Kim Song DEANS  
Kim Song Yi PRESDT  
Kim Sonia DEANS  
Kim Steve DEANS  
Kim Su Min DEANS  
Kim Sung Uk PRESDT  
Kim Tae Hyun DEANS  
Kim TaeHwan DEANS  
Kim Wright PRESDT  
kim yang suk DEANS  
Kim Yong DEANS  
Kim Yong Jin DEANS  
Kim Young Gee DEANS  
Kim Young Joon PRESDT  
Kim Yun-Jong DEANS  
Kimball Aeryn PRESDT  
Kimball Kyle DEANS  
Kimberlin Karen DEANS  
Kimlick Michael DEANS  
Kinder Andrea DEANS  
King Brittany DEANS  
King Crystal DEANS  
King David DEANS  
King Gisela DEANS  
King Kevin DEANS  
King Ronald DEANS  
King Tiffany DEANS  
King-Barbour Daisy Lee PRESDT  
Kingdom Cyrus DEANS  
Kingdon Kevin DEANS  
King-Gervasi Nikita DEANS  
Kingree Stephanie DEANS  
Kingsley Lisa PRESDT  
Kingsley-ibeh Molly DEANS  
King-Smith Cindy DEANS  
Kinsky Mary DEANS  
Kinuani Nils PRESDT  
Kirby Bryan DEANS  
Kircher Sydney PRESDT  
Kirk Chad PRESDT  
Kirk Chelsea PRESDT  
Kirk Ryan DEANS  
Kirkpatrick Heather PRESDT  
Kirkpatrick Laura DEANS  
Kirsch Christine DEANS  
Kirst Mary DEANS  
Kiser Jessica DEANS  
Kitchen Christopher DEANS  
Kitchen George DEANS  
Kitchen Joseph DEANS  
Kitonis Paul DEANS  
kittoe susan DEANS  
Kizer Yvonne DEANS  
Klakamp Brandon DEANS  
Klapper Michael DEANS  
Klatt Elizabeth DEANS  
Klawa Timothy DEANS  
Klein Karen PRESDT  
Klein Nicole DEANS  
Klein Terra PRESDT  
Kleintop Samuel DEANS  
Klem Brian PRESDT  
Kleriotis Chris DEANS  
Klicka Jesse DEANS  
Klicka Susanna DEANS  
Klimovich Maksim DEANS  
Klopfer Jaime DEANS  
Klutz Julian DEANS  
Knarr Margaret DEANS  
Knauff Rebecca DEANS  
Knight Amanda DEANS  
Knight Dorian DEANS  
Knight Sterling DEANS  
Knisely Debra DEANS  
Knoll Abbey DEANS  
Knott Katherine PRESDT  
Knott William DEANS  
Knudsen Crystal DEANS  
Knutson Carol DEANS  
Ko Esther DEANS  
Ko Hyungbin DEANS  
Ko Melissa DEANS  
Kobayashi Takeshi PRESDT  
Kobrosly Weyem PRESDT  
Kobylinska Dominika PRESDT  
koch rosemary PRESDT  
Kofie Genevieve PRESDT  
Kofie Marie-Louise DEANS  
Koh Kyeung PRESDT  
koirala Keshav DEANS  
Kok Shun Sung Heng DEANS  
Kolansky 'Laria' Amanda PRESDT  
Kolesnyk Kostyantyn DEANS  
Kolodziej Cynthia PRESDT  
Kolus Andrea DEANS  
Kolyanko Olga DEANS  
Komarizadeh Aria DEANS  
Komleva Lilia PRESDT  
Konarzewski Edward PRESDT  
Kong Wen DEANS  
Konigsberg Noah DEANS  
Kontkanen Josephine DEANS  
koohi anoosha DEANS  
Koontz Ali DEANS  
Kopp William DEANS  
Kosanko Alexandra PRESDT  
Kosatii Evghenii PRESDT  
Koshelev Igor DEANS  
Kosovych Danylo DEANS  
Koss Kyle PRESDT  
Koster Brittney DEANS  
Koutoulas Peter DEANS  
Kovach Kimberly DEANS  
Kovacich Vincent DEANS  
Kowall Brianne DEANS  
Kowchuck Todd DEANS  
Kozak Rachel DEANS  
Kozel Alesia DEANS  
kpondzo Yaovi PRESDT  
Krafft Stephany DEANS  
Kraft Ian DEANS  
Kraft Nathan PRESDT  
Krallman Michelle PRESDT  
Krammes Brittany DEANS  
Kraselsky Shohreh DEANS  
Krashevski Jonathan PRESDT  
Kraus Emily DEANS  
Krause Amanda PRESDT  
Krause Anna DEANS  
Krauss Judith PRESDT  
krawczak Susann PRESDT  
Krawitz Samuel PRESDT  
Krebs Charlcy DEANS  
Krebs Maggie PRESDT  
Kress Bryan DEANS  
Krishnan Kalaivani PRESDT  
Kristolaitis Nicole DEANS  
Kritzberg Keith PRESDT  
Krocker Kallan DEANS  
Kroll Alyssa DEANS  
Krstulovic Benko DEANS  
Kruger Marie-Christine PRESDT  
Krumme Diane DEANS  
Kruse Richard DEANS  
Kryschtal Pamela PRESDT  
Ksenics Emma DEANS  
Kuban John DEANS  
Kubi Gertha PRESDT  
Kuck Kristin DEANS  
Kuehhas Deborah DEANS  
Kuendel Daniel PRESDT  
Kuffel Ryan DEANS  
Kuhfahl Justin DEANS  
Kuhn Jonathan DEANS  
Kujat Melody PRESDT  
Kukdawala Imran DEANS  
Kuketayev Anuar DEANS  
Kuklish Natalie DEANS  
Kulas Corey DEANS  
Kulikova Julia PRESDT  
Kumar Karan DEANS  
Kuratie Mihireteab PRESDT  
Kuron Katharina DEANS  
Kurucz Claire DEANS  
Kurukulasuriya Jeewani Muditha DEANS  
Kurver Wilhelmus DEANS  
Kutosh Alexander DEANS  
Kutsarova Elena DEANS  
Kuwano Jana PRESDT  
Kuz John DEANS  
Kuzmina Anna PRESDT  
Kwak Myoung Jin DEANS  
Kweifio Nana DEANS  
Kwon Daniel PRESDT  
Kwon Dasol DEANS  
Kwon Hannah DEANS  
Kwon Ji Yen DEANS  
Kwon Seung Hwan PRESDT  
Kwon Seungmi PRESDT  
Kwon Soon DEANS  
Kwon Yoorhee PRESDT  
Kye Woo Jin DEANS  
Kyei-Mensah Lawrence DEANS  
Kyle Katherine DEANS