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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2011

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Ha Janet PRESDT  
Ha Sang Yoon DEANS  
Haas Brian DEANS  
Haas Maria DEANS  
Haas Matthew DEANS  
Habeebulah Nasir DEANS  
Habel Jacqueline PRESDT  
Habib Aisha PRESDT  
Habib Mayada DEANS  
Habib Rana DEANS  
Habib Ruhullah PRESDT  
Habib Tariq PRESDT  
Habili Minoo DEANS  
Habulan Raphael Antonio PRESDT  
Hachem Christine DEANS  
haddad yassine DEANS  
Haddock Jeanelly DEANS  
Haddock Loreann DEANS  
Haddou Jihane DEANS  
Hadijski Katherine DEANS  
Hadjichristodoulou Stelios PRESDT  
Hadjichristodoulou Steven DEANS  
Hadley Alyssa DEANS  
Hadley Anna DEANS  
Hafiz Zadia PRESDT  
Hafley Kayla PRESDT  
Hagan Marc DEANS  
Hager George DEANS  
hagerman logan DEANS  
Hagood Brett PRESDT  
hagos sessen PRESDT  
Hague Heather DEANS  
Hahn Alicia DEANS  
Hahnemann de Souza Anna PRESDT  
Haidacher Richard DEANS  
Haidary Najebah DEANS  
Haile Beakal DEANS  
Haile Tejitu PRESDT  
Hailemariam Abrham DEANS  
Hailemichael Fasika DEANS  
Hailey Tara PRESDT  
hailu rigbe DEANS  
Hailu Ruth DEANS  
Hairston Shaniqua DEANS  
hairston tanzania DEANS  
Haji Iqra PRESDT  
Hajimohammad Amir PRESDT  
Hakami Hosai DEANS  
hakeem madiha PRESDT  
Hakimi Nazaneen PRESDT  
Hakimzada Neelab DEANS  
Halabi Saif PRESDT  
Halada Laura DEANS  
Haldeman Sunny DEANS  
Hale Joel DEANS  
Hale Stephanie DEANS  
Haley John PRESDT  
Hall Amanda PRESDT  
Hall Brian DEANS  
Hall Bryan PRESDT  
Hall Christopher DEANS  
Hall Christopher PRESDT  
Hall Debra DEANS  
Hall Greg DEANS  
Hall Jason DEANS  
Hall Lindsey PRESDT  
Hall Madeline DEANS  
Halleran Nickolas DEANS  
Halpin Michael DEANS  
Haltom Charles PRESDT  
Ham Munwhan PRESDT  
hambleton Robert DEANS  
Hambrick Travis DEANS  
Hamby Christopher DEANS  
hamdidouche mouloud DEANS  
Hamed Nagwa DEANS  
Hameed Faraz DEANS  
Hamid Ethar DEANS  
Hamilton Alyssa DEANS  
Hammond Chad DEANS  
Hammond Courtney DEANS  
Hammond Jennifer PRESDT  
Hamn Felicia DEANS  
Hampf Jessica DEANS  
Hampton Renita DEANS  
Hamwi Kareem PRESDT  
Hamzeh Trisha DEANS  
Han Andrew DEANS  
Han Eunice DEANS  
Han Gyil DEANS  
Han Ji Yon DEANS  
Han Jun DEANS  
Han Miock DEANS  
Han Seunghoon PRESDT  
Han SongEi PRESDT  
Han Xue PRESDT  
Han Yesol DEANS  
Hana Mina PRESDT  
Hanelli Amanda PRESDT  
Hanes Zachary PRESDT  
Hang Chau DEANS  
Haninou Khalil PRESDT  
Hanline Allison DEANS  
Hannah Marie DEANS  
Hannah Mary DEANS  
Hanover Pettit Rebekah PRESDT  
Hansen Jessica DEANS  
Hansen Kimberlie DEANS  
Hansen Logan DEANS  
Hansen Michael DEANS  
Hansen Virginia DEANS  
Hanson Emma PRESDT  
Hanyok John DEANS  
Hanzek Lidija DEANS  
Haq Umair DEANS  
hara andreia DEANS  
Haradj Djelloul DEANS  
Harbaugh Thomas DEANS  
Harbi Faisal DEANS  
Harbin David DEANS  
Hardgrove Kelley PRESDT  
Hardy Emmett DEANS  
Hargrove Jonathon DEANS  
Hargrove Rebecca DEANS  
Hargrove Tim DEANS  
Hargroves Abigail DEANS  
Harmon Cara DEANS  
Harmon Jessica DEANS  
Harmon Laurel DEANS  
Haroon Alia PRESDT  
Haroon Mohammad DEANS  
Haroon Shafqat DEANS  
Harp Kyle DEANS  
Harr Charles DEANS  
Harrell Hollis DEANS  
Harrelson April DEANS  
Harrigan Meghan DEANS  
Harrington Leonard DEANS  
Harris Andrea DEANS  
Harris Anisa DEANS  
Harris Danielle PRESDT  
Harris Delanna DEANS  
Harris Jayme DEANS  
Harris Katie DEANS  
Harris Kurt DEANS  
Harris Kyle PRESDT  
Harris McCoy DEANS  
Harris Michael DEANS  
Harris Roland PRESDT  
Harrison Kenneth PRESDT  
Harrison Lance PRESDT  
Harrison Renee DEANS  
Harrison Thomas DEANS  
Hart Natasha DEANS  
Hart William PRESDT  
Hart Yurie PRESDT  
Hartman James DEANS  
Hartman Jessica PRESDT  
Hartouni Anasheh DEANS  
Harvey Kristen PRESDT  
Harvey Shamis DEANS  
Hasan Maisha DEANS  
Hasan Nadia DEANS  
Hasan Syed DEANS  
Hasan Syeda DEANS  
Haschart Nadia DEANS  
Hasenecz Denise DEANS  
Hashim Safa PRESDT  
Hashimi Donia PRESDT  
Hashmi Muhammad DEANS  
Haskel Evan DEANS  
Haskins Sean DEANS  
Hassan Ali DEANS  
Hassan Alishan DEANS  
Hassan Azza DEANS  
Hassan Safiya DEANS  
Hassan Yasir DEANS  
Hassen Anwar DEANS  
Hassen Jihan DEANS  
Hassen Tahir DEANS  
Hastings Kevin DEANS  
Hastings Madeline PRESDT  
Hatamieh Delaram DEANS  
Hatcher Nathan DEANS  
Hatchett Aubrianna DEANS  
Hatfield Marques DEANS  
Hathaway Kaitlin PRESDT  
Hatton-lucy Constance DEANS  
Hauer Lisa DEANS  
Hauke Elyse DEANS  
Haun Garron PRESDT  
Hausman Diane DEANS  
Hausman Samuel DEANS  
Havard Jeremy DEANS  
hawkins cornelius DEANS  
Hawkins Kimberly DEANS  
Hawkins Simone DEANS  
Hawkins Staci DEANS  
Hawley Claude PRESDT  
Hawley Jeryl DEANS  
Hay Kathleen DEANS  
Haydari Noorzia PRESDT  
Hayde Adam PRESDT  
Hayden Sharon DEANS  
Hayden Tedra DEANS  
Hayes Brittny DEANS  
Hayes Michael DEANS  
Hayes Reva PRESDT  
Haymore Glenn DEANS  
Haynes Andrew PRESDT  
Haynes Stephen DEANS  
Hayredin Elias PRESDT  
Hayungs Mandy DEANS  
Haywood John DEANS  
Hazelton Barbara PRESDT  
He Meijiao PRESDT  
He Wei DEANS  
He Zinai DEANS  
Healy Zachary DEANS  
Heard Coriena DEANS  
Heasly Carolyn PRESDT  
Heavener Christopher DEANS  
Heckel Christian PRESDT  
Hecker Diane DEANS  
Hedda Hela DEANS  
Hedrick Brian DEANS  
Heflin Alexis DEANS  
Heflin Justin DEANS  
Heflin Pamela DEANS  
Heim Marie DEANS  
Heintz Katrina DEANS  
Heinz Nadine PRESDT  
heinzer andree DEANS  
Heiser Kirk DEANS  
Heisig Joyce DEANS  
Heist Hristina DEANS  
Helander John PRESDT  
Helferd Rachel DEANS  
Heller David PRESDT  
Helm Angela PRESDT  
Helm Philip PRESDT  
Helmandollar Cheri DEANS  
Helmes Henry DEANS  
Helmick Gregory PRESDT  
Helms Hannah DEANS  
Helms Raven DEANS  
Helton Melissa DEANS  
Helveston Gina DEANS  
Hembree Stefan PRESDT  
Hemdal James PRESDT  
Hemmatian Mohammed PRESDT  
Henchbarger Erin PRESDT  
Henderson Ashley DEANS  
Henderson Jessica DEANS  
Henderson Marcellus DEANS  
Henderson Richard DEANS  
Henderson Saide DEANS  
Henderson Tiffany DEANS  
Hendon Jeremiah DEANS  
Hendrian Rachel DEANS  
Hendrickson Angela DEANS  
Hendrix Chelsea DEANS  
Henkel Marlene DEANS  
Henley Brian PRESDT  
Henne Corben DEANS  
Hennessy Megan DEANS  
Henning William PRESDT  
Henriquez Roxsana DEANS  
Henriquez William DEANS  
Henry Brittany DEANS  
Henry Jennifer PRESDT  
Henry Justin DEANS  
Henry Laura DEANS  
Henry Melanie DEANS  
Henry-gross Caroline PRESDT  
Henson Tiffanie DEANS  
Heo Jeho DEANS  
Herald Kimberly DEANS  
Herbert Nancy DEANS  
Herbstreit Brent DEANS  
Hercules Madelyn DEANS  
Heredia Salazar Mauricio DEANS  
Heretick Janice DEANS  
Heretick Joanna DEANS  
Hering-Smith Stefanie DEANS  
Herlehy Niall DEANS  
herlihy Christopher DEANS  
Hernandez Amilcar DEANS  
Hernandez Edward PRESDT  
Hernandez Edwin DEANS  
Hernandez Esteban PRESDT  
Hernandez Felix DEANS  
Hernandez Gerardo PRESDT  
Hernandez Juan PRESDT  
Hernandez Marcela DEANS  
Hernandez Roberto DEANS  
Hernandez Theresa DEANS  
Hernandez Vanessa DEANS  
Hernandez Diaz Erika DEANS  
Hernandez-Chacon Kleidy DEANS  
Herndon Debora DEANS  
Herold Cindy DEANS  
Herr Sara DEANS  
Herrera Alexis DEANS  
Herrera Fatima DEANS  
Herrick Kathryn DEANS  
Hertzog Erica DEANS  
Heslin Megan DEANS  
Hess Lindsay DEANS  
Hess Olga DEANS  
Hesse Poramaporn PRESDT  
Hesson Holly DEANS  
hettich terrence DEANS  
Heyn Nathan DEANS  
Hickman Valerie PRESDT  
Hicks Brandon DEANS  
Hicks Charles DEANS  
Hicks Joie PRESDT  
Hicks Patricia DEANS  
Hidalgo Cameron DEANS  
Hidalgo Mireya PRESDT  
Hidayat Sana DEANS  
Hiestand Madeleine DEANS  
Higbee John PRESDT  
Higginbotham kyle DEANS  
Higgins Amanda DEANS  
Higgins Chianne PRESDT  
Higuera Claudia DEANS  
Hilbert Benjamin PRESDT  
Hildenbrand Charles DEANS  
Hill Brianna DEANS  
Hill Clifford DEANS  
Hill Justin DEANS  
Hill Kacee DEANS  
Hill Katrina DEANS  
Hill Matthew PRESDT  
Hill Rachel DEANS  
Hillaert Laura DEANS  
Hilland Chris DEANS  
Hill-Clemons Kristen PRESDT  
Hilliard Dawn DEANS  
Hilliard Jonathon DEANS  
Hilton Kimberly DEANS  
hindi ruba DEANS  
HInds Russell DEANS  
Hines David DEANS  
Hines Patricia DEANS  
Hines-Laboy Sue DEANS  
Hinnant Rhiannon-Nadine DEANS  
Hinojosa-Guevara Diego DEANS  
Hinson Victoria DEANS  
Hinzman Kelly DEANS  
Hirscher Jonathan DEANS  
Hitchcock Anzhela DEANS  
Hitrik James DEANS  
Hively Jennifer DEANS  
Hixson Stephanie DEANS  
Hjelm Olivia DEANS  
Ho Thao PRESDT  
Ho Vy Nha DEANS  
Ho Yichun DEANS  
Hoang Katherine DEANS  
Hoang Luan DEANS  
Hoang Michael DEANS  
hoang My-Tien PRESDT  
Hoang Ngan DEANS  
Hoang Vu DEANS  
Hoar Phillip DEANS  
Hobbie Kristopher PRESDT  
Hoch Samantha DEANS  
Hocter Agnes DEANS  
Hoda Faizul DEANS  
Hodges Virginia DEANS  
Hodgson David PRESDT  
Hodnett Ronnie DEANS  
Hodson Brandon PRESDT  
Hoecker David PRESDT  
Hoeffler Christa DEANS  
Hoel Thomas DEANS  
Hofer Marion PRESDT  
Hoff Kiersten DEANS  
Hoffman Dwayne DEANS  
Hoffman Janet DEANS  
Hoffman Joseph PRESDT  
Hoffman Joyce DEANS  
Hoffman Valerie DEANS  
Hoffmann Thomas DEANS  
Hogan Cherita DEANS  
Hogan Katharine DEANS  
Hogan Michelle DEANS  
Hogan Samuel DEANS  
Hogan-joyce Patricia DEANS  
Hok Tola DEANS  
Hoke James DEANS  
Holdren Robert DEANS  
Holiday Alan DEANS  
Holland John DEANS  
Hollar Nena DEANS  
Hollar Terri DEANS  
Hollett Seon Ok DEANS  
Hollingsworth Nicholas DEANS  
Holloway Valeria DEANS  
Hollywood Emily DEANS  
Holmes Patrick PRESDT  
Holston Marquitta DEANS  
Holt Shawn PRESDT  
Holwick John DEANS  
Holy Shayla DEANS  
Holyk Alycia DEANS  
Holz-Fernandez David DEANS  
Holzhausen Salome DEANS  
Homayouni Brandon PRESDT  
Hon Mun-Wai DEANS  
Honeycutt Kathryn PRESDT  
Hong Sujung DEANS  
Hong Sunghyeok DEANS  
Hoonan Kevin PRESDT  
Hope Linda PRESDT  
Hopkins Charles DEANS  
Hopkins Isaac DEANS  
Hopkins Merima PRESDT  
Hopler Ann Marie DEANS  
Hopwood Lauren DEANS  
Horan Diane DEANS  
Horne Charles DEANS  
Horneman Jonathan DEANS  
Hornig Christian PRESDT  
Horton Cassandra DEANS  
Horton Jasmine DEANS  
Hosek Beth DEANS  
Hosey Sean DEANS  
Hosh Fawzia DEANS  
Hoshikawa Karina DEANS  
Hossain Manisha DEANS  
hossein ilyas DEANS  
Hotaki Mariam PRESDT  
Hotaki SIbghatullah PRESDT  
Hotle Christa PRESDT  
Hott Catherine DEANS  
Hou Kimberly DEANS  
Houck Billy PRESDT  
Hough Alyssa DEANS  
Hough Kendall DEANS  
House David DEANS  
Houser Mark PRESDT  
Houtchens Colleen DEANS  
Hovhannissian Maro DEANS  
Howard Ayesha DEANS  
Howard Christopher DEANS  
Howard Lisa Marie DEANS  
Howard Neil DEANS  
Howard Timothy PRESDT  
Howe Corena DEANS  
Howe Ian DEANS  
Howe Lauren DEANS  
Howell Nathaniel DEANS  
Howieson Devlin DEANS  
Hrabsky Lauren DEANS  
Hristov Milan DEANS  
Hsu Ya-han PRESDT  
Hsueh Hao DEANS  
Hu Cissy DEANS  
Hu Xin DEANS  
Hua Eva PRESDT  
Hua Xinyi DEANS  
Huang Cheng-Feng DEANS  
Huang Hai PRESDT  
Huang YingFei DEANS  
Huang Zi PRESDT  
Hubbard Stevi DEANS  
Huber Katherine PRESDT  
Hubsch McKenna DEANS  
Hudd Brooke DEANS  
Hudkins David DEANS  
Hudock Kathryn DEANS  
Huff Brent DEANS  
Huff David DEANS  
Huffman Anthony PRESDT  
Huffman Miles PRESDT  
Hufford Frederick DEANS  
Hughes Kelly DEANS  
Hughes Nathaniel DEANS  
Hughes Tre DEANS  
Hughey Andrew DEANS  
Huh Jaejoon DEANS  
Huh Jong Man DEANS  
Huley Hilarie DEANS  
Hull Caitlin DEANS  
Hull Rebecca DEANS  
Hull Yvette DEANS  
Humayun Mustafa DEANS  
Humerez Brian DEANS  
Hummell Brandan PRESDT  
Humphrey Troy DEANS  
Humphries Madeline DEANS  
Huneycutt Osk DEANS  
Hunley Rhonda DEANS  
Hunley Samantha DEANS  
Hunt April DEANS  
Hunt Colby DEANS  
Hunt David PRESDT  
Hunt Kelly DEANS  
Hunt Lacie DEANS  
Hunter Charles DEANS  
Hunter David DEANS  
Hunter Martha DEANS  
Hunter Ophelia PRESDT  
Hunter Richard DEANS  
Hunter Vania DEANS  
Hupp David DEANS  
Hurrle Robin DEANS  
Huseby Jessica DEANS  
Huska Jacob DEANS  
Hussa David DEANS  
Hussa Roberta DEANS  
Hussain Anum DEANS  
hussain ashiq DEANS  
hussain Bilal PRESDT  
Hussain Mohammadali DEANS  
Hussain Sophia DEANS  
Hussan Ali DEANS  
Hussein Samar PRESDT  
Hussey Timothy DEANS  
Hutchings Amanda DEANS  
Hutchins Robin DEANS  
Hutchinson Sydedah DEANS  
Hutton Jackson DEANS  
Huybrechts Wendy DEANS  
Huyen Le PRESDT  
Huynh Binh DEANS  
Huynh Cam Thuy PRESDT  
Huynh Hieu DEANS  
Huynh Hong-An DEANS  
Huynh Kelly DEANS  
Huynh Louis DEANS  
Huynh Mai PRESDT  
Huynh Ngocdoan DEANS  
Huynh Sinh DEANS  
Huynh Tien DEANS  
Huynh Truc Anh DEANS  
Hwang Hye Won DEANS  
Hwang Hyun PRESDT  
Hwang Inyoung PRESDT  
Hwang Juhee DEANS  
Hwang Seon-wook PRESDT  
Hwang Yoora DEANS  
Hyatt Raymond DEANS  
Hyde Katherine DEANS  
Hyland Heather DEANS  
hypes sean DEANS