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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2011

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Caballero Brenda DEANS  
Caballero Christina DEANS  
Cabellos Aquiles DEANS  
Cabero Michelle DEANS  
Cabot Erin DEANS  
Cabrera Estefania DEANS  
Cabrera John DEANS  
Cabrera Susan DEANS  
Cabrera Vasquez Barbara DEANS  
Caceres Isaac DEANS  
Cade David DEANS  
Caden Catherine DEANS  
Cagampan Gabriella Ann PRESDT  
Cahill Michael DEANS  
Cai Xiangcuo DEANS  
Cain Kirkley DEANS  
Calara Sean DEANS  
Calderon Gino DEANS  
Calderon Rosa DEANS  
Caldwell Brandis PRESDT  
Caldwell Joshua DEANS  
Caldwell Mary Elizabeth DEANS  
Calhoun Cameron DEANS  
Calilung Nicolette PRESDT  
Calimlim Amie PRESDT  
Calisi Dana DEANS  
Calixto Yaneth DEANS  
Call Kathleen DEANS  
Callen Anne DEANS  
Calustro Daniel DEANS  
Calvert Anthony DEANS  
Calvin Irina PRESDT  
Camacho Omar DEANS  
camara awa DEANS  
Camargo Carlos DEANS  
Cambas Taylor DEANS  
Cameron Rachelle PRESDT  
Camp Michelle PRESDT  
Campanilla Marvin DEANS  
Campbell Brian DEANS  
Campbell Chaderick PRESDT  
Campbell Christiana DEANS  
Campbell Deidra DEANS  
Campbell Gregory DEANS  
Campbell Laurie DEANS  
Campbell Preston DEANS  
Campbell Sabine DEANS  
Campbell Sarah PRESDT  
Campbell Sarah DEANS  
Campos Brenda DEANS  
Campos Carlos DEANS  
Campos Esteban DEANS  
Campos Katharine PRESDT  
Campos Katherine PRESDT  
Campos Mari DEANS  
Campos Maryann DEANS  
Canales Kimberly DEANS  
Candia Fabiola DEANS  
Canelas Christian DEANS  
Cannistraro Daniel DEANS  
Cano Roxanne DEANS  
Canon jordan DEANS  
Cantos Eva DEANS  
Cantrell Donald DEANS  
Cantwell James DEANS  
Cao Jiahui PRESDT  
Cao Vy DEANS  
Cao Yue DEANS  
Caples Chelsea DEANS  
Cappell Jessica PRESDT  
Cappetta Matthew DEANS  
Capstack Mary DEANS  
Card Kristopher DEANS  
Cardenas Katie PRESDT  
Cardenas Paul PRESDT  
Cardiff Gwendolyn DEANS  
Cardman-Pede Anna DEANS  
Cardoza Kayla DEANS  
Carey Natalie DEANS  
Carey Thomas PRESDT  
Carey Tiffannie PRESDT  
Carignano Torres Renata DEANS  
Carlan Sarah PRESDT  
Carlos Ilyana DEANS  
Carlson Aaron DEANS  
Carlson Adam DEANS  
Carlson Paige DEANS  
Carlson Ronald DEANS  
Carlson Scott DEANS  
Carlton Elizabeth DEANS  
Carneal Sarah PRESDT  
Carnell John DEANS  
Carney Lee DEANS  
Carney Shane PRESDT  
Carpenter John DEANS  
Carpenter Lauren DEANS  
Carpenter Megann DEANS  
carpio eddy DEANS  
Carpio Sandra DEANS  
Carpio Stephanie DEANS  
Carr Andrew DEANS  
Carr Jason DEANS  
Carranza Carla DEANS  
Carrasco Lilian PRESDT  
Carreon Joel DEANS  
Carria Michelle DEANS  
Carrico Andrew DEANS  
Carrier Karen DEANS  
Carrillo Juan PRESDT  
Carrillo Sebastian DEANS  
Carroll Jessica DEANS  
Carroll Lance DEANS  
Carroll Nicole DEANS  
Carter Adrine DEANS  
Carter Cheryl DEANS  
Carter Christina DEANS  
Carter Diana DEANS  
carter jaylah DEANS  
Carter Jeremy DEANS  
Carter John PRESDT  
Carter Terry DEANS  
Carter-mcmillan Annette DEANS  
Cartier Alexis DEANS  
Carty Jeffrey DEANS  
Caruso Angelina DEANS  
Carvajal karen PRESDT  
Carver Thomas DEANS  
Carwile Amanda DEANS  
Cash Danielle PRESDT  
Cash Jennifer DEANS  
Casino Christine DEANS  
Casseus Guilene DEANS  
Cassidy Ellen PRESDT  
Cassidy Neil DEANS  
Castagnino Maria DEANS  
Castaneda Nancy DEANS  
Castano Jose DEANS  
Castelain Patricia PRESDT  
Castellon Brenda DEANS  
Castiel William DEANS  
Castile Caterra DEANS  
Castillo Briseida PRESDT  
Castillo Cesar DEANS  
Castillo Jose DEANS  
Castillo Maria DEANS  
Castillo Randy DEANS  
Castillo Teddy DEANS  
Castillo Yoseline PRESDT  
Castravete Ioana DEANS  
Castro Carlos DEANS  
Castro Jesus PRESDT  
Castro Lorena DEANS  
Castro Amurrio Jeison PRESDT  
Catano Cheryl DEANS  
Catanzaro Christine DEANS  
Catanzaro Joseph DEANS  
Cateron Samuel DEANS  
Cates Zhanna DEANS  
Cato Daniel PRESDT  
Catton Jennifer DEANS  
Caulkins Zachary DEANS  
Causey Maria PRESDT  
Cavalieri David DEANS  
Cavazos Tammy PRESDT  
Cavero Harry DEANS  
Cawley Leah Riza DEANS  
Cazon Dulce DEANS  
Cecil Robert DEANS  
Cedeno Juan DEANS  
Ceja Justina DEANS  
Cekala Christina DEANS  
Cekanskiene Birute DEANS  
Cella Nick DEANS  
Cepillo Jose Angelo DEANS  
Ceppi Darla DEANS  
Cerda Kimberly PRESDT  
Cerezo Avelina DEANS  
Cerpa Viviane DEANS  
Cespedes Karen DEANS  
Chabolla Caroline DEANS  
Chacaltana Alex DEANS  
Chach Veronica DEANS  
Chacon Iliana DEANS  
Chae Sung DEANS  
chahal ishandeep DEANS  
Chahil Baljit DEANS  
Chakogoum Alexise DEANS  
Chakote Laxmi DEANS  
Chakraborty Ratnapriya PRESDT  
Chalk Stacey DEANS  
Chamberlain Angela PRESDT  
Chamberlin Mark DEANS  
Chambers-Souiri Dana PRESDT  
Champ Joshua DEANS  
Chan Chin Kuk PRESDT  
Chan Jansen DEANS  
Chan Mimi DEANS  
Chan Teresa DEANS  
Chance Kendall DEANS  
Chand Jyotshana PRESDT  
Chand Kamana DEANS  
Chandler Corey DEANS  
Chaney Juvy Flor DEANS  
Chanfreau Denise DEANS  
Chang Chris DEANS  
Chang Jessica DEANS  
Chang Jin Hyuk DEANS  
Chang Samuel DEANS  
Chang Se DEANS  
chapman tatyana DEANS  
Chapman Zakia DEANS  
Charwat Chase DEANS  
Chase Austin DEANS  
chashi yousef DEANS  
Chastine Linda DEANS  
Chatly Ankit DEANS  
Chau Trung DEANS  
Chaudhri Hamna DEANS  
Chaudhry Mohammad DEANS  
Chaudhry Sohaib DEANS  
Chaudhry Zan PRESDT  
Chaudry Mohammad DEANS  
Chauhan Nisha DEANS  
Chavarria Emilio DEANS  
Chavez Danielle DEANS  
Chavez Eddie DEANS  
Chavez Mayra DEANS  
Chavez Mikel DEANS  
Chavez Arias Anthony DEANS  
Chavez Calvi Danna DEANS  
Cheah PeiVen DEANS  
Chebaane Wafa DEANS  
Cheek Abigail DEANS  
Cheema Harshdeep DEANS  
Chehaitelli Sarah PRESDT  
Chehreh Neda PRESDT  
Chehrganimontazer Arsalan DEANS  
Chekun Yeshambel PRESDT  
Chelariu Gabriela DEANS  
Chen Chao Yuan PRESDT  
Chen Chien-Chin PRESDT  
Chen Hsiu-chuan DEANS  
Chen Judy PRESDT  
Chen Kexue PRESDT  
Chen Yu-Tao PRESDT  
Chen Apuy Murillo Milena PRESDT  
Chenari Pouriya DEANS  
Chenault Shaneice DEANS  
Cheney Andrew DEANS  
Cheng Jennifer DEANS  
Cheng King DEANS  
Chergosky Michael DEANS  
Cherkos Selamawit DEANS  
Chernavtseva Aleksandra PRESDT  
Chernish Alexis DEANS  
Chernoskutova Tamara PRESDT  
Chernyakova Tatiana DEANS  
Cherrez Juanjose DEANS  
Chervenka Jessica DEANS  
Cheung Oona PRESDT  
Cheung Pamela DEANS  
Chevalier Michael DEANS  
Chewaka Daniel PRESDT  
Chey Caroline DEANS  
Chhabra Neil DEANS  
Chhang Malie DEANS  
chhea michael DEANS  
Chhipa Rukhsar DEANS  
Chiarine Nelly Chiepodeu Chiekoua PRESDT  
Chicas Nathanael PRESDT  
Chicas-Espinoza Guadalupe PRESDT  
Chickery Julie DEANS  
Chidester Janet DEANS  
Chigaru Macmillan DEANS  
Childs Heather DEANS  
Chin Cameisha DEANS  
Chinn Brittany DEANS  
Chinyavong Saysana DEANS  
Chios Ilias PRESDT  
Chirillo Gena DEANS  
Chism Brittany DEANS  
Chisolm Jeanette DEANS  
Chittenden Adria DEANS  
Cho Eun I PRESDT  
Cho Jennifer DEANS  
Cho Pauline DEANS  
Choe Da Un PRESDT  
Choi Hanna DEANS  
Choi Ho Young DEANS  
Choi Hoon DEANS  
Choi Hyun Sung DEANS  
Choi Jeffrey DEANS  
Choi Ji Soo PRESDT  
Choi Jinwoo DEANS  
Choi Juliana PRESDT  
Choi Jung DEANS  
Choi Michael PRESDT  
Choi Michelle PRESDT  
Choi Sera DEANS  
Choma Ife DEANS  
Chong Melissa DEANS  
Chord Devan DEANS  
Choto Dalia DEANS  
Choudhary Nida PRESDT  
Choudhry Mashal DEANS  
Choudhry Nida PRESDT  
Choudhry Rukhsar DEANS  
Chounlamany Sompaseuth DEANS  
Chow Hiu Yi DEANS  
Chowdhury Asif DEANS  
Chowdhury Faiza PRESDT  
Chowdhury Synthia PRESDT  
Chowrimootoo Ingrid PRESDT  
Christ Tonya DEANS  
Christensen Kristen DEANS  
Christensen Sabina PRESDT  
Christian Melinda DEANS  
christian terrence DEANS  
Christiansen Richard DEANS  
Christoff Robert DEANS  
Christopher Karl DEANS  
Chu John DEANS  
Chullanandana Rathapol DEANS  
Chumpitaz Richard DEANS  
Chung Cherene DEANS  
Chung Cindy DEANS  
Chung Cristina DEANS  
Chung Dinh DEANS  
Chung Felicity DEANS  
Chung Renee PRESDT  
Chung Seulmin PRESDT  
Chung Suzy DEANS  
Chung Yookyung DEANS  
churchman kathryn DEANS  
Chutchainon Smithchai DEANS  
Chwairy Samar DEANS  
Chykirda Katie DEANS  
Ciaravino Samantha DEANS  
Cieri Matthew DEANS  
Cin Thla PRESDT  
Cipolla Mathew PRESDT  
Cisneros Denny DEANS  
Cisneros Moises DEANS  
Clamp Edwin DEANS  
Clare Ann DEANS  
Clark Abigail DEANS  
Clark Amanda DEANS  
Clark Christopher PRESDT  
Clark Christopher DEANS  
Clark Craig PRESDT  
Clark Danielle DEANS  
Clark Elizabeth DEANS  
Clark Joni DEANS  
Clark Joseph DEANS  
Clark Korina DEANS  
Clark Quincei DEANS  
Clark Reginald DEANS  
Clark Shawn DEANS  
Clark Tiffany DEANS  
Clarke Taylor PRESDT  
Claros Mirtha DEANS  
Clary Alisa PRESDT  
Clasen Kip DEANS  
Classen Sara DEANS  
Claustro Loreto DEANS  
Clavijo Leonela PRESDT  
Clay Austin PRESDT  
Clayton Kelly DEANS  
Clayton Nathan DEANS  
Cleland Lauren PRESDT  
Clement Robin DEANS  
Clement Scott DEANS  
Clements Brittany DEANS  
Clements Ray DEANS  
Clements Sara DEANS  
Cleofe Anna Cecilia DEANS  
Clevenger Thomas DEANS  
Clifton Jacob DEANS  
Clinebell Chelsea PRESDT  
Clites Helen PRESDT  
Clouser Patrick PRESDT  
Coate Jonathan DEANS  
Cochran Brent DEANS  
cockerham joseph DEANS  
Cockerill Kristen PRESDT  
Coelho Marcelo DEANS  
Coello Giancarlo DEANS  
Coello Jonathan DEANS  
Coffey Jay DEANS  
Coffin Aaron DEANS  
Coffman John DEANS  
Cogar Justin DEANS  
Cohen Dawn DEANS  
Cohen Marivic DEANS  
Cohen Michael PRESDT  
Cohen William DEANS  
Cohens Jasper DEANS  
Cohn Alan DEANS  
Cokgoren Aylin PRESDT  
Cole Candida DEANS  
Cole Dana DEANS  
Cole Hannah DEANS  
Cole Laura DEANS  
Cole Peter PRESDT  
Cole Shannon DEANS  
Coleman Craig DEANS  
Coleman Crystal DEANS  
Coleman Daniel PRESDT  
Coleman Daniel DEANS  
Coleman Kailynn DEANS  
Coleman Sara DEANS  
Coleman Sean DEANS  
Coles Therman DEANS  
Colfelt James DEANS  
Colie Ronald DEANS  
coling michael DEANS  
Collier Charles DEANS  
Collier Chris DEANS  
Collier Quentin DEANS  
Collier Steven DEANS  
Collins Brian DEANS  
Collins Jason DEANS  
Collins Karen PRESDT  
Colon Marcela PRESDT  
Colon Maria DEANS  
Colona Ingrid DEANS  
Colon-Gueitis Rey DEANS  
Columbia Christine PRESDT  
Combs Ashley DEANS  
Compton Amanda DEANS  
Compton Beverly DEANS  
Compton Kevin DEANS  
Comstock Jill DEANS  
Comtois Ian DEANS  
Conforto Julia DEANS  
Congson Antonio DEANS  
Conley Darrell DEANS  
Conley Thomas DEANS  
Conlin Adam DEANS  
Conn Daniel DEANS  
Conn Kaitlyn DEANS  
Conne Davia DEANS  
Connelly Casey DEANS  
Connor Adrian DEANS  
Connors Matthew DEANS  
Connors Ryan DEANS  
Conord Malia DEANS  
Conrad Jeffrey DEANS  
Conroe Courtney DEANS  
Conrow Justin PRESDT  
Conte Danielle DEANS  
Conteh Konnie DEANS  
Contrino Jessica DEANS  
Conway Padmatti DEANS  
Coogan Timothy DEANS  
Cook Justan PRESDT  
Cook Karri DEANS  
Cook Lashaun DEANS  
Cook Rachel DEANS  
Cook Shannon DEANS  
Cook Tynisha DEANS  
Cooke Kimberly DEANS  
Cooksey Margaret DEANS  
Coombs LaKeshia DEANS  
Cooper Cody DEANS  
Cooper David DEANS  
Cooper Ryan DEANS  
Cope Emily DEANS  
Cope Jenifer PRESDT  
Copp James DEANS  
Coppersmith Michael PRESDT  
Coram Ashlie DEANS  
Corcoran Melanie DEANS  
Cordell Emma DEANS  
Cordero-Teran Deidy DEANS  
Cordova Oscar DEANS  
Cordova Ramon PRESDT  
Cordova Guardado Salvador DEANS  
Corea David DEANS  
Coriano Parilla Karla PRESDT  
Cornejo Carmen DEANS  
Cornejo Oscar DEANS  
Cornejo-De La Mora Bibiana PRESDT  
Cornell Cristina DEANS  
Cornish Drew DEANS  
Coronel Manuel PRESDT  
Corp Margaret DEANS  
Corpe Allison DEANS  
Corpeno Saul DEANS  
Correa Danielle DEANS  
Correa Katheran DEANS  
Cortes Alicia DEANS  
Cortes Camilo DEANS  
Cortes Luisa PRESDT  
Cortez Monica Jen PRESDT  
Corzo Sergio DEANS  
Cosme Kimberly DEANS  
Cossio Andrea PRESDT  
Cossio Ivan PRESDT  
Costantine Jane DEANS  
Costigan Joe PRESDT  
Cote Mutlu DEANS  
cotter thomas DEANS  
Cotto Anthony PRESDT  
Cottoms Tanishia DEANS  
Cotton Danielle DEANS  
Cottrol John DEANS  
Courtney Shannon DEANS  
Couture Matthew DEANS  
Covarrubias Henry DEANS  
Cowden Patricia PRESDT  
Cowen William DEANS  
Cowgill Thomas DEANS  
Cowne Andrew PRESDT  
Cowper Rachel DEANS  
Cox Asheli DEANS  
Cox Melissa DEANS  
Coxe Christopher PRESDT  
Coxwell Janalee DEANS  
Coyle James PRESDT  
Craddock Andrea DEANS  
Craft Courtney DEANS  
Craft Zachary DEANS  
Crafton Alexandra DEANS  
Craig Courtney DEANS  
Craig Philip DEANS  
Craig Timothy DEANS  
Crane Denise DEANS  
Crane Sherri DEANS  
Crawbuck Ryan DEANS  
Crawford Joseph DEANS  
Crawford Kara DEANS  
Crawford Shelby DEANS  
Crawford Sonia DEANS  
Crawley Dawn PRESDT  
Crawley Mathew DEANS  
Creason Christine DEANS  
Credille William PRESDT  
Creed Daniel DEANS  
Creel William DEANS  
Creger Kimberly DEANS  
Creger Nicholas DEANS  
Creighton Byron DEANS  
Crenshaw Aaron DEANS  
Crespin Claudia DEANS  
crevonis nathan DEANS  
Crews Natalie PRESDT  
Crider Kenneth DEANS  
Crider Larry DEANS  
Crochetiere Lynn DEANS  
Crocoll Nicholas DEANS  
Cronin Edward DEANS  
Cronley Hollie-Noelle DEANS  
Cropsey Bethany DEANS  
Cross Alicia DEANS  
Cross David DEANS  
Cross Joshua DEANS  
Cross Kathleen PRESDT  
Cross Monique DEANS  
Crossey Patrick DEANS  
Crosson Courtney DEANS  
Croston Brieonna PRESDT  
Crowell-Mackie John PRESDT  
Croy Tabitha DEANS  
Crump Tiffany DEANS  
Crutcher Leah DEANS  
Crutchfield Ashley DEANS  
Cruz Alexis PRESDT  
Cruz Carmina Anne PRESDT  
Cruz Erika DEANS  
Cruz Gianny DEANS  
Cruz John DEANS  
Cruz Jose DEANS  
Cruz Luis DEANS  
Cruz Mary PRESDT  
Cruz Norma DEANS  
Cruz Pricella DEANS  
Cruz Chavez Juan PRESDT  
Cruz Mejia Rigoberto DEANS  
Cuba Terry DEANS  
Cuccio Crystal DEANS  
Cuddihy Anastashia DEANS  
Cuellar Garnica Maria DEANS  
Cueva Cristhy PRESDT  
Cueva Gabriela PRESDT  
Cuevas Jose DEANS  
Cugini Janet DEANS  
Cullen Kathleen DEANS  
Culpepper Jonathan PRESDT  
Cumberbatch Sinead PRESDT  
Cummings Michael DEANS  
Cummins Griffin DEANS  
Cunningham Caroline DEANS  
Cunningham Stephen PRESDT  
Cunnion Emma DEANS  
Curi Cabrera Angelinne PRESDT  
Curran Brian DEANS  
Curras Maria PRESDT  
Currey Samuel DEANS  
Currie Nicholas DEANS  
Currie Victoria DEANS  
Custer Amy DEANS  
Cutting Carly DEANS  
Cyrier Jacquelyn DEANS