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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2011

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Ba Sawdiatou DEANS  
Baatarkhuyag Oyunkhand PRESDT  
Baatartsogt Oyudari PRESDT  
Babakhanzoda Komroni PRESDT  
Babcock Rebecca DEANS  
Babel Erika DEANS  
Baca Alexandra DEANS  
Bacchus Jessica PRESDT  
Bachir Lora DEANS  
Bachmann Yasmine DEANS  
backus Brendon PRESDT  
Bacon Ronald DEANS  
Badley Charles PRESDT  
Badr Mouna PRESDT  
Badri Mohanned DEANS  
Badruddoza Shaikh PRESDT  
Baek In Sung PRESDT  
Baffa Michael DEANS  
Bagoulla Sophia PRESDT  
bah mariama DEANS  
Bahadar Asma DEANS  
Bahl Bharti DEANS  
Bahou Natalie DEANS  
Bahrami Matthew PRESDT  
Bahre Robel DEANS  
Baig Akhtar DEANS  
Baig Ehsan PRESDT  
bailey francine PRESDT  
Bailey Jason DEANS  
Bailey Jennifer DEANS  
Bailey Jessica DEANS  
Bailey Juliet DEANS  
Bailey Kelly DEANS  
Bailey Lovelee DEANS  
Bailey Monica DEANS  
Bailey Zachary DEANS  
Baird Sandra DEANS  
Bajaber Nourah DEANS  
Bajaj Sonal DEANS  
Bajusz Andrea DEANS  
Bajwa Abdullah DEANS  
Bajwa Minahil DEANS  
bajwa waqar DEANS  
Baker Heather DEANS  
Baker Jazmine DEANS  
Baker Jordan DEANS  
Baker Laura DEANS  
Baker Loreen DEANS  
bakhtiar atieh DEANS  
Balangawan Camille PRESDT  
Balangawan Charmaigne DEANS  
Balasu Edward DEANS  
Balboa Jose DEANS  
Balch Virginia DEANS  
Balcha Azeb DEANS  
Balcha Bedelu DEANS  
Baldassari Amanda DEANS  
Baldi Vincent DEANS  
Baldwin Sabrina DEANS  
Bale Eric DEANS  
Balgon Zahra DEANS  
Ball Andrea DEANS  
Ball Hannah PRESDT  
Ball Margaret DEANS  
Balladares Jaime DEANS  
Ballah Katy DEANS  
Balli Deedra DEANS  
Ballinger Ioana DEANS  
Balmakhtar Houria PRESDT  
Balmakhtar Lamiae PRESDT  
Balog Marcus DEANS  
Banach Richard DEANS  
Bangerter Brent DEANS  
Bangura Claris DEANS  
Bangurah Hassan DEANS  
Banick Michael PRESDT  
Banjade Sanjaya DEANS  
Banks Michael PRESDT  
Banks Nathan PRESDT  
Bano Mahmooda DEANS  
Bano Naseem DEANS  
Bansah Esi DEANS  
Banton Joshua DEANS  
Barahona Bryan DEANS  
Barajas Russell DEANS  
Barakat Abeer PRESDT  
Baran Barbara DEANS  
Baran Natalia DEANS  
Barat Ali Omid DEANS  
Barazandehkar Bita PRESDT  
Barbaran-Chavez Roger PRESDT  
Barbe Eric PRESDT  
Barber Jessica DEANS  
Barber Leslie DEANS  
Barber Stephen PRESDT  
Barber Tianna DEANS  
Barberena Helder DEANS  
Barbosa Carrie PRESDT  
Barbour Brittni DEANS  
Barbour Marie DEANS  
Bare Joseph DEANS  
Barela Melinda DEANS  
Barfield Brooke DEANS  
Bargh Jeremy PRESDT  
Bargoti Amar DEANS  
Barham Edward DEANS  
Barham Thomas PRESDT  
Barish Sorosh DEANS  
Barkeit Sandie DEANS  
Barker Claire DEANS  
Barker Nick DEANS  
Barkett Eric DEANS  
Barksdale Stephen DEANS  
Barlette John DEANS  
Barlow David DEANS  
Barnes Raymond DEANS  
Barnes Tishia DEANS  
Baron Carla DEANS  
Barone Lillian DEANS  
Barqawi Abdallah PRESDT  
Barr Jayce DEANS  
Barrale Allison PRESDT  
Barrand Kyle DEANS  
Barre Suaado PRESDT  
Barrera David DEANS  
Barrett Emily DEANS  
Barrett Thomas PRESDT  
Barrett-Perry Karen PRESDT  
Barrientos jenny DEANS  
Barron AcQuan DEANS  
Barry Ivan DEANS  
Barry Nicholas PRESDT  
Barteau Alison DEANS  
Bartelmes Jenny DEANS  
bartels danielle DEANS  
Bartlett Christine DEANS  
Barto Carol Lynne DEANS  
Barton Ann DEANS  
Bartzsch Janina DEANS  
Barua Mithun DEANS  
Barua Prabal DEANS  
Barwick Rosanne DEANS  
Barzani Dastan DEANS  
Barzhaxynov Almas DEANS  
bashar mohammed DEANS  
basharat kashif PRESDT  
Bashay James DEANS  
Bashioum Abigail DEANS  
Bashir Amr DEANS  
Bashorun Timilehin DEANS  
Basilio Mary PRESDT  
basinger paul DEANS  
Baskin Angela DEANS  
Bass Christine DEANS  
Bass Natalie DEANS  
Bassett Desiree DEANS  
Bassi Christina DEANS  
Bassin Brenton DEANS  
Bassiri Steven DEANS  
Bassler Tatiana DEANS  
Batbold Baasantseren DEANS  
Bates Alec DEANS  
Bates Maria PRESDT  
Batres Lauren DEANS  
Batt Susan DEANS  
Battaglia Joseph DEANS  
Batzorig Tenuun DEANS  
Bauckman Brittany DEANS  
Baugh Anthony PRESDT  
Bauman Heather DEANS  
Baumgartner Lora DEANS  
Bawa Varun DEANS  
Baxter Charlene DEANS  
Bayat Ahmad DEANS  
Bayliff Calvin DEANS  
Baynard Anthony DEANS  
Bayram Najla DEANS  
Bayzaee Victoria PRESDT  
Beale Stephanie DEANS  
Bean Norman DEANS  
Beans Edward DEANS  
Beard Robert PRESDT  
Beare Emily DEANS  
Beasley Kenneth PRESDT  
Beatty John DEANS  
Beatty Virginia DEANS  
Beaulieu Danielle DEANS  
Beavers Eileen DEANS  
Beavers Tyler DEANS  
Becerra Claret DEANS  
Becerra Valerie DEANS  
Beckley Christopher DEANS  
Bednarek Katherine DEANS  
Beebe Kyle DEANS  
Begley Kelsey DEANS  
Beheiter Kristina DEANS  
Beheshtian Seyed DEANS  
beheshtin bahar DEANS  
Behnam Sonita PRESDT  
Behrouzi Nakshin DEANS  
Beimler Michelle DEANS  
Beisel Philip DEANS  
Beissel Caila PRESDT  
Bejaneishvili Bakur DEANS  
Bekele Dagmawi DEANS  
Belachew Arsonia PRESDT  
Belanga Jeremy DEANS  
Belansen Nora DEANS  
Belaribia Atika DEANS  
Belcher Logan DEANS  
belghiti younes DEANS  
Belk Jennifer PRESDT  
belkaiss khalid DEANS  
Bell Alex DEANS  
Bell Lady DEANS  
Belleh Micah PRESDT  
Belling Keith DEANS  
Bello Michelle DEANS  
Bello Natalie DEANS  
Bellomo Krystle DEANS  
Bellucci Jonathan DEANS  
Belo Benjamin DEANS  
Belshan Justin DEANS  
Beltran Alvarado Karleny PRESDT  
Beltran Romero Karina DEANS  
Benavides Andrea DEANS  
Bender Winston PRESDT  
Benedict Terri PRESDT  
Beneke Pamela DEANS  
Benenson Kimberly DEANS  
Benhouis Farid DEANS  
benitez christopher DEANS  
Benitez Elizabeth DEANS  
Benmahdjoub Hadjer DEANS  
Bennett Carmen DEANS  
Bennett Kevone DEANS  
Bennett Nickolas DEANS  
Benny Misha PRESDT  
Bensenhaver Jonathan DEANS  
Benson Donald DEANS  
Benson Henry DEANS  
Benson Kay DEANS  
Bentzen Rebecca DEANS  
Berasko Ayman DEANS  
Berdugo Iglesias Raul DEANS  
Berduo Bryan DEANS  
Berg Lucas DEANS  
Berger Dillon DEANS  
Berger Lorena PRESDT  
Berggren Annelie DEANS  
Bergman Lynnette DEANS  
Bergstrom Malin DEANS  
Bergstrom Sofia DEANS  
Berhane Jasmin DEANS  
Berhe Nomi DEANS  
Berhie Awot PRESDT  
Berke Daniel DEANS  
Berkery Susan DEANS  
Berkley Andrew DEANS  
Berlin Kimberley DEANS  
Berman Matthew DEANS  
Berman Nanette DEANS  
Bernard Douglas DEANS  
Bernard Odane DEANS  
Bernard Terence DEANS  
Berndt Timothy PRESDT  
Bernedo Sandy DEANS  
Bernier Oscar DEANS  
Berrada FatimaZahra PRESDT  
Berrier Brad DEANS  
Berrios Elaine PRESDT  
Berrios Manuel DEANS  
Berry Danielle DEANS  
Berry Juliana DEANS  
Berry Nicholas DEANS  
Berry Seth PRESDT  
Berthaume Thomas DEANS  
Berwa Ravi DEANS  
beshay moudy DEANS  
Beshir zoelfakar PRESDT  
Besley Pamela PRESDT  
Best Juliana DEANS  
Best Natalie DEANS  
Besufekad Haregewoin DEANS  
Betremariam Hanna PRESDT  
Bettencourt Ashley DEANS  
Beutel Peter PRESDT  
Beville Michael DEANS  
Bevington Frances DEANS  
Beyen Senai DEANS  
Beyene Getachew DEANS  
Beyene Kidist DEANS  
beyene selome DEANS  
Beyene Tadele DEANS  
Beyene Tsedenya DEANS  
Beyers Leah PRESDT  
Bezkishchenko Viktoriia PRESDT  
Bhandari Shova PRESDT  
Bhatta Deepa DEANS  
Bhatti Harjot DEANS  
Bhatti Jasmine PRESDT  
Bhatti Rashid PRESDT  
Bhogal Harjit DEANS  
Bhuller Nasreen DEANS  
Bhut Nidhi PRESDT  
Bianco Jennifer DEANS  
Bias Nicole DEANS  
Bibic Arijana DEANS  
Bickel James PRESDT  
Bickham Daniel PRESDT  
biegenwald william PRESDT  
Biehl Joshua DEANS  
Bieniek Alexandra DEANS  
Bier Krystal DEANS  
Biggs Virginia DEANS  
Bigley Joseph PRESDT  
Bilbow Christa DEANS  
Bilgili Bingul PRESDT  
Bilowus James DEANS  
Binder Gaile DEANS  
Bingham James PRESDT  
Binns Brittany DEANS  
Birihanyuma Beatrice DEANS  
Birt Ashley PRESDT  
Biscardo Joseph DEANS  
Bischoff Alice DEANS  
Bishop Amber DEANS  
Bismarck Natalia DEANS  
Bisulca Michael DEANS  
Bisyir Hykel PRESDT  
Bitangcol Darlene Sofia PRESDT  
Bizon Murilo DEANS  
Bjarnason Michael DEANS  
Bjerke Annikda DEANS  
Black Brody DEANS  
Black Jennifer DEANS  
Blackard John PRESDT  
Blackburn Frederick DEANS  
Blackburn Kathryn DEANS  
Blackwell Tijuana DEANS  
Blair Keenan PRESDT  
Blair Megan DEANS  
Blake Anna DEANS  
Blakeney Helen PRESDT  
Blanchard Jason PRESDT  
Blanco Lemara DEANS  
Blanco Nataly DEANS  
Bland Harrison DEANS  
Blank Jonathan DEANS  
Blanks Jessica PRESDT  
Blankson Lucy DEANS  
Blasco Ruiz Toranzo Maria del DEANS  
Bleichner Christopher DEANS  
Blevins Charles DEANS  
Blevins Gerel DEANS  
Block Jennie DEANS  
Blondell James DEANS  
Bloom Nicholas PRESDT  
Blount Nicole DEANS  
Boadu Akua PRESDT  
Board Elizabeth DEANS  
Boateng Dennis DEANS  
Boateng Felix PRESDT  
Boateng Rosemond DEANS  
Bobadilla Alejandra PRESDT  
Bobeck Kelsey DEANS  
Bobis Crispulo PRESDT  
Boczkowski Molly DEANS  
Bodenschatz Nicholas DEANS  
Boedecker Nicholas DEANS  
Boeva Olga DEANS  
Bogart Andrew PRESDT  
Bogart Zachary DEANS  
Boggs Justine DEANS  
Bogle Justin DEANS  
Bogumil Lily DEANS  
Bohn Leann DEANS  
bokhary syed DEANS  
Bolden Matthew DEANS  
Boling Brandon DEANS  
Bollinger Jessie DEANS  
Boltwood Katharina DEANS  
Bomar Adam PRESDT  
Bombick Jeffrey DEANS  
Bona Joseph DEANS  
Bonafe Abigail DEANS  
Bond Alex DEANS  
Bond Joel DEANS  
Bondarenko Oxana PRESDT  
Bondoc Denise DEANS  
Bonick James DEANS  
Bonilla Carolina DEANS  
Bonilla Cynthia DEANS  
Bonilla Juan DEANS  
Bonilla Roxana DEANS  
Bonner Adam PRESDT  
Bonsu Juliana DEANS  
Bonyadian Behnam PRESDT  
Boone Kimberly DEANS  
Boone Zachary DEANS  
Boos John DEANS  
Booth Michelle DEANS  
Borcheller Lisa PRESDT  
Borda Diego PRESDT  
Borda German PRESDT  
Borel Michelle DEANS  
Boren Gail DEANS  
Borges Delfino de Souza Helen DEANS  
Borgman Alexander DEANS  
Borisov Alexander DEANS  
borodetskiy stanislav DEANS  
Boseck Rebecca DEANS  
Bosse Deborah DEANS  
Bostjanick Rachel DEANS  
Bostrom Kristin DEANS  
Boswell Kyle DEANS  
Bott Joey DEANS  
Bottenbley Carlton DEANS  
Bottenbley Yris DEANS  
Boualam Soukaina PRESDT  
Boudnik Larissa PRESDT  
Bouguerra Lisa DEANS  
Bounds Michael DEANS  
Bouras Amina DEANS  
Bourgault Steve PRESDT  
Bourne Alicia DEANS  
Bourque Chadwick DEANS  
Boutselis Tasha PRESDT  
Bowen Michael DEANS  
Bower Michelle DEANS  
Bowie Colton DEANS  
Bowling Katherine DEANS  
Bowman Brittany DEANS  
Bowman Rebecca PRESDT  
Bowser Lennie DEANS  
Boyd Austin DEANS  
Boyd Christopher DEANS  
Boyd Khalil DEANS  
Boyd Kristin DEANS  
Boyd Suzanne DEANS  
Boykin Lincoln PRESDT  
Boyle Marciana DEANS  
Boynton Elizabeth DEANS  
Bozhich Elizabeth DEANS  
Bozzay Benjamin DEANS  
Brabson Peter DEANS  
Bradford Jerry DEANS  
Bradley Barbara DEANS  
Bradshaw Jessica PRESDT  
Brady Devon DEANS  
Brady Margret DEANS  
Brady Ryan PRESDT  
Branam Timothy DEANS  
Branch Danielle DEANS  
Branch William DEANS  
Brand Shannon DEANS  
Brandon-Hooker Maya DEANS  
Branton Jason DEANS  
Brar Karamtej DEANS  
Brar Navjot DEANS  
Brasa Liana DEANS  
Brasington Ralph DEANS  
Brassard Janet DEANS  
Brassell Colleen PRESDT  
Bratchie Ashley DEANS  
Brawner Sandra DEANS  
Bray Elizabeth DEANS  
Brazeale Kellie PRESDT  
Brazel Joel DEANS  
Brazie Nicole PRESDT  
Brazil-Hernandez Bernadette DEANS  
Breau Brittiny DEANS  
Breiland Meagan DEANS  
Bremner Loris DEANS  
Bresley Patrick DEANS  
Bresnahan Brian DEANS  
Breth John DEANS  
Breton Emily DEANS  
Brewer Andrew PRESDT  
Brewster Janna DEANS  
Brice Asia DEANS  
bridgeforth geremy DEANS  
Bridges Amanda DEANS  
Briggs Lela DEANS  
Briggs Michael PRESDT  
Briley Sorena DEANS  
Bring Alexander PRESDT  
Briscoe Raymond DEANS  
Brisson Spencer PRESDT  
Britt Cherise PRESDT  
Broadnax Shakima DEANS  
Brobbey Nana PRESDT  
Brocaille Sheila PRESDT  
Brock Gerald PRESDT  
Brody Donald DEANS  
Brogan Kelsey PRESDT  
Brogdon John DEANS  
Brooks Brittany DEANS  
Brooks Crystal DEANS  
Brooks Giovana PRESDT  
Brooks Jacqueline DEANS  
Brooks Jillian DEANS  
Brooks Marianna DEANS  
Brooks Michael PRESDT  
Brooks Travis DEANS  
Brooks Tyrone DEANS  
Brooks-Kenney Anna PRESDT  
Broom Kellyanne PRESDT  
Brose Adam DEANS  
Brossman Laura DEANS  
Brothers Spencer DEANS  
Brotherton James DEANS  
Broton Emily DEANS  
brou shariza PRESDT  
Brouckman Elizabeth DEANS  
Brough Ann DEANS  
Brower Cara PRESDT  
Brown Alexis PRESDT  
Brown Bakir DEANS  
Brown Barton PRESDT  
Brown Candice DEANS  
Brown Cecily DEANS  
Brown Chelsea DEANS  
Brown Danielle DEANS  
Brown Darres DEANS  
Brown Gladys DEANS  
Brown Goldie DEANS  
Brown Jackie DEANS  
Brown Jamil DEANS  
Brown Jessica PRESDT  
Brown John DEANS  
Brown Lisa DEANS  
Brown Malcolm DEANS  
Brown Marco DEANS  
Brown Martisa DEANS  
Brown Melissa DEANS  
Brown Monique DEANS  
Brown Peter DEANS  
Brown Robert PRESDT  
Brown Shanan DEANS  
Brown Shelly DEANS  
Brown Tatiana PRESDT  
Brown Trevor DEANS  
Brown Victoria DEANS  
browne Nicole DEANS  
Browning Sandra DEANS  
Brownlee William DEANS  
Bruce Charles DEANS  
Bruce Praise DEANS  
Bruder Joseph DEANS  
Brueneman Peter DEANS  
Brugger Angela DEANS  
Brummell Kimberly DEANS  
Brunner Rebecca DEANS  
Brunson Chelsea DEANS  
Brunton Krystal DEANS  
Bruton Michelle DEANS  
Bryan Tonia DEANS  
Bryant Devon DEANS  
Bryant Justin DEANS  
Bryant Stephanie DEANS  
Bryant Susan DEANS  
Bryce Courtney DEANS  
Buari Adijatu DEANS  
Bucher Jacob PRESDT  
Bucher Paula DEANS  
Buchholz Sean DEANS  
Bucholtz Michael PRESDT  
Buckholtz Jennifer DEANS  
Buckley Benjamin DEANS  
Budhathoki Alina DEANS  
budhathoki alisha DEANS  
Buehler Elizabeth DEANS  
Bueno Jonathan II DEANS  
Bughao Kevin DEANS  
Bui Anh PRESDT  
Bui Christina DEANS  
Bui Khoi Nguyen DEANS  
Bui Thao DEANS  
Bui Tram DEANS  
Bui Tu Anh DEANS  
Bujokiene Rosita DEANS  
Bukasa Maddy DEANS  
bukatava zoya DEANS  
Bukhari Nazira DEANS  
Bula Martyna DEANS  
Bulger Chona Mae DEANS  
Bulger Patrick DEANS  
Bull Hudson DEANS  
bulut ugur DEANS  
Bundrant Alexis DEANS  
Bunnell Roxanne PRESDT  
Buoni Katherine DEANS  
Buras Eric DEANS  
Burciaga Kevin DEANS  
Burd Brian DEANS  
Burgess Edward DEANS  
Burgess Kory DEANS  
Burgess Marta DEANS  
Burgess Michael DEANS  
Burk Daniel PRESDT  
Burke Alyssa DEANS  
Burke Joshua DEANS  
Burke Kevin DEANS  
Burke Matthew PRESDT  
Burkey Sidney DEANS  
Burkhardt Caroline DEANS  
Burkley Raquel DEANS  
Burnard Kathleen DEANS  
Burneko Katherine DEANS  
Burnett Jacob DEANS  
Burns Daniel DEANS  
Burns David PRESDT  
Burns Erin DEANS  
Burns John PRESDT  
Burns Rayne PRESDT  
Burrows Elizabeth DEANS  
Burtis Cheryl PRESDT  
Burton Glenn DEANS  
Burton James DEANS  
Busa Maera DEANS  
Bush Karla DEANS  
Bush Maketha DEANS  
Bushnaq Zayd PRESDT  
Bushong Sara PRESDT  
Busia Ashley-Nicole DEANS  
Bustamante Ana DEANS  
Bustamante Bolivia DEANS  
Bustillo Jette DEANS  
Bustillos Melany DEANS  
Bustos Marianne DEANS  
Buta Elena Loredana Minodora PRESDT  
Butchko Michael DEANS  
Butefuhr Julia PRESDT  
Butler Joseph DEANS  
Butler Marianna DEANS  
Butler Robert DEANS  
Butler Tara PRESDT  
Butler-grist Dawn DEANS  
Butt Hina DEANS  
Butt Tehreem DEANS  
Butters Christopher PRESDT  
Buttery Katherine DEANS  
Buttjer Cynthia DEANS  
Button Catherine DEANS  
Buyanbadrakh Enkh-Ochir PRESDT  
Buzalsky Samantha DEANS  
Byerley Thomas DEANS  
Byerly Jennifer PRESDT  
Bynum Bradley DEANS  
Bynum Monty DEANS  
Byram Amy DEANS  
Byrne James DEANS  
Byrne Rodney DEANS  
Byrnes Madiline DEANS