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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2011

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Aarhus Robert DEANS  
Aaron Tiffany DEANS  
Abamegal Esmail DEANS  
Abanin Vadim PRESDT  
Abarca Xiomara DEANS  
Abawi Jamila PRESDT  
abbas ayman DEANS  
Abbas Mariam DEANS  
Abbas Muhannad DEANS  
Abbasi Farhan PRESDT  
Abbasi Hanifa DEANS  
Abbe Kristine DEANS  
Abbley William DEANS  
abbott kyounghee DEANS  
Abbott Ryan DEANS  
Abdalla Raga DEANS  
Abdelgader Remaz DEANS  
Abdelmalk Elhamy PRESDT  
Abdelouahab Abdelhamid DEANS  
Abdi Abdi Karim DEANS  
Abdi Gedi PRESDT  
Abdi Guleid DEANS  
Abdi Khadar DEANS  
Abdillahi Adnan PRESDT  
Abdo Bryce DEANS  
Abdo Lula DEANS  
Abdsharifabadi Shahriar PRESDT  
Abdulahi Fozia DEANS  
Abdulgadir Zeynab DEANS  
Abdullah Omar DEANS  
Abebe Emanuel PRESDT  
Abebe Ferede PRESDT  
Abebe Girma PRESDT  
Abebe Haymnot DEANS  
abebe konjit DEANS  
Abebe Rediet DEANS  
Abebe Yordanos DEANS  
Abedy Nadia PRESDT  
Abel Blake PRESDT  
Abel Diana DEANS  
Abel Julia PRESDT  
Abell Leslie DEANS  
Abera Bethelhem DEANS  
Abera Emenet DEANS  
Aberdeen Chantel DEANS  
Aberg Alexander DEANS  
Abich Joshua DEANS  
Abilmona Sandra DEANS  
Abisourour Mona DEANS  
Abodaher Fuad DEANS  
Abohasen Tiffany PRESDT  
Abolghasemi Tina PRESDT  
Abood Rebecca DEANS  
Abouissa Mohamed PRESDT  
Abrafi Priscilla DEANS  
Abraham Blen DEANS  
Abraham Elshaday DEANS  
Abu Laban Jennifer PRESDT  
Abubakar Hubair DEANS  
Abu-Dayeh Abdull Rahman PRESDT  
Aburto Roberto DEANS  
Abu-Sharakh Iman PRESDT  
Abu-Taleb Iman DEANS  
Acevedo Jason DEANS  
Acevedo Jorge DEANS  
Acevedo Valentina PRESDT  
Acevedo Wilfredo DEANS  
acharya sailesh DEANS  
Acheampong Muriel DEANS  
Achiri Rudolf DEANS  
Achmar Silva DEANS  
Achu Karen DEANS  
Ackerman Emily DEANS  
Ackerman Jennifer PRESDT  
Ackert Kelly DEANS  
Acosta Adrian PRESDT  
Acosta Wilson DEANS  
Acquah Eunice DEANS  
Adaaquah Evelyn DEANS  
Adams Elyse DEANS  
Adams Kristen DEANS  
Adams Phyllis DEANS  
Adao Ainsley Erden DEANS  
Addington Renae DEANS  
Adeleke Funmi DEANS  
Adem Nadra PRESDT  
Adem Nebil PRESDT  
Aden Duale DEANS  
Aden Zainab DEANS  
Adhana Lidiya PRESDT  
Adibpour Cyrus PRESDT  
Adil Madina PRESDT  
Adjaho Patience PRESDT  
Adkins Alexa PRESDT  
Adnan Noreen DEANS  
afaq hina PRESDT  
Affane Nguema Chris PRESDT  
afful priscilla PRESDT  
Afghan Nadia PRESDT  
Afrane Patrick DEANS  
Afroilan Edward DEANS  
afshari emad DEANS  
Aggarwal Nishant DEANS  
Aggeler Luke DEANS  
Agner Hailey DEANS  
Agoe-sowah Lawrencia DEANS  
Aguilar George PRESDT  
Aguilar Ramos Jose DEANS  
Agyare Stacy DEANS  
Agyei-Yeboah Eugene DEANS  
Agyekum Evelyn DEANS  
Agyekum Yvonne DEANS  
Ahferom Feben DEANS  
Ahmad Afaf DEANS  
Ahmad John DEANS  
Ahmad Osman DEANS  
Ahmadzai Haywaad DEANS  
Ahmed Aminah DEANS  
Ahmed Asha DEANS  
Ahmed Dina DEANS  
Ahmed Hassan DEANS  
Ahmed Jibreel PRESDT  
Ahmed Layek DEANS  
Ahmed Manahil DEANS  
Ahmed Meftuh DEANS  
Ahmed Nabeel DEANS  
Ahmed Nader DEANS  
Ahmed Nadia DEANS  
Ahmed Razwan DEANS  
Ahmed Samira DEANS  
Ahmed Eissa Sarah DEANS  
Ahn Hyoun Jung DEANS  
Ahn Hyunmo DEANS  
Ahn Minji DEANS  
Ahrens Brendan PRESDT  
Ahsan Nabeel PRESDT  
Aimaiti Aizire DEANS  
Ainaire Rachel DEANS  
Aitken Melissa DEANS  
Ajjawi Shannon PRESDT  
Aka Marie DEANS  
Akakpo Kenneth PRESDT  
Akam Evette DEANS  
Akbari Mehbooba DEANS  
Akenji Brenda DEANS  
Akers Aaron PRESDT  
Akers Elizabeth DEANS  
Akhavanmalayeri Mahdiyar PRESDT  
Akhlaghi Feizasar Kiarash DEANS  
Akhtar MD PRESDT  
Akhtar Moona DEANS  
Akhwand Reihana PRESDT  
akil said DEANS  
Akinloye Milka DEANS  
Akouete Akomala PRESDT  
Akpa Melei Victorine PRESDT  
Akter Roney DEANS  
Akyena Kelly DEANS  
Al Abyad Abir DEANS  
Al Ashban Abdulrahman PRESDT  
Al Asmakh Ahmed PRESDT  
Al Dailami Altaf PRESDT  
Al- Hassan Khalid PRESDT  
Al Jumaili Teba PRESDT  
Al Kindi Haider DEANS  
Al Marikhi Mubarak DEANS  
Al Taha Hatim DEANS  
Aladmaai Hani PRESDT  
Alaghemand Mahdieh DEANS  
Alam Murad PRESDT  
alamiree russul DEANS  
Alammari Najla DEANS  
Alarcon jarjuri Gaenia DEANS  
Al-Aruri Ramzi DEANS  
Alavi Navid DEANS  
Alavy Nazifa DEANS  
Alawadhi Shihab DEANS  
Alaybeyoglu Melissa DEANS  
Al-Baiati Vian PRESDT  
Albano James PRESDT  
Albayeros Nelsy PRESDT  
Alberti Robert PRESDT  
Albisu Carolina DEANS  
Albrecht Brian DEANS  
Albrittain Amanda DEANS  
Alcoba Ciro DEANS  
Aldakheel Mohammed DEANS  
Aldas Sylvia DEANS  
Alderette Jeffrey PRESDT  
Alderman Mikel DEANS  
Alderson Anne PRESDT  
Alderton Chris DEANS  
Aldous Annette PRESDT  
Alem Bruktawit DEANS  
Aleman David DEANS  
Alequin Christian DEANS  
Alexander Alicia DEANS  
Alexander Daniel DEANS  
Alfonso Baron Laura DEANS  
Alghusoon Faisal PRESDT  
Alhajri Abdulhadi DEANS  
Ali Alemnesh DEANS  
ali amira DEANS  
Ali Ibrahim DEANS  
Ali Kheezer DEANS  
Ali Mahad DEANS  
Ali Mateen PRESDT  
Ali Mohammed DEANS  
Aliaga Brandon DEANS  
Aljahmi Akram DEANS  
Al-jawahiry Ilham DEANS  
Alkaeva Gulnara DEANS  
Al-Khayarin Abdulla PRESDT  
AlKhulaidy Tarek DEANS  
Alkhurbush Abdullah DEANS  
Al-kublan Hind DEANS  
Alkuray Alayah DEANS  
Al-Kuwari Abdulrahman DEANS  
Allard Stephanie DEANS  
Allen Alysia DEANS  
Allen Andrew DEANS  
Allen Anthony DEANS  
Allen Christopher DEANS  
Allen Leslie DEANS  
Allen Nicholas DEANS  
Allen Patrick DEANS  
Allen Thomas DEANS  
Alleyne Gileszenna DEANS  
Allison Brian DEANS  
Allison Heather PRESDT  
Allotey Henry DEANS  
Alloway Christian DEANS  
Allred Ernest PRESDT  
Allsbury Sabrina DEANS  
Almanza Rolled DEANS  
Almanza-Lopez Iris DEANS  
Almarar Salem PRESDT  
Almeida John DEANS  
Almiski Firass PRESDT  
Almutairi Abdullah DEANS  
Almutarat Meshari DEANS  
Alnahdi Yousuf PRESDT  
al-najafi rawan DEANS  
alnoor abdul DEANS  
Alomar Sulaiman PRESDT  
Alomran Noor PRESDT  
Alonzo Rosa DEANS  
Alperstein Barry DEANS  
alqahtani bader DEANS  
Al-Riyati Ahmed DEANS  
Al-Saad Mohammed DEANS  
Al-Sada Hussain PRESDT  
Alsaidi Thekra DEANS  
Alsakaji Ala DEANS  
Alsamiri Muna DEANS  
Alsayyad Ahmad DEANS  
Alshaer Osama DEANS  
Al-shami Ebtehal DEANS  
Alston Wykiki DEANS  
Alsuwailih Huda DEANS  
AL'Taha E'yad DEANS  
Altamirano Ryan DEANS  
Al-Thani Fahad DEANS  
Althaus Jessica DEANS  
Altice Adam DEANS  
Altice Christopher PRESDT  
Al-Timimi Eman DEANS  
Alvarado Ashley DEANS  
Alvarado Hugo DEANS  
Alvarado Nancy DEANS  
alvarado beingolea denise DEANS  
Alvarado Nunez Peter DEANS  
Alvarez Alejandra DEANS  
Alvarez Carlos DEANS  
Alvarez Katerine PRESDT  
Alvarez Kathleen DEANS  
Alvarez Marco DEANS  
Alvarez Renzo DEANS  
Alvarez Kerscher Erika DEANS  
Alvarez Villagrana Ruben DEANS  
alwardi amna PRESDT  
Alworth Jato PRESDT  
Alzona Christian PRESDT  
Amacio Steven PRESDT  
Amador Salmeron Tania PRESDT  
Amador-Salmeron Fatima DEANS  
Aman Makda PRESDT  
Amanon Araya DEANS  
Amaro Rosales Elaine DEANS  
Ambers-Blowe Devin DEANS  
Ambriz Ricardo PRESDT  
Amdemeskel Fikru DEANS  
Amer Tamara DEANS  
Ameto Chris DEANS  
Amidou Issifou DEANS  
amin kaushal DEANS  
Amir Mohammad DEANS  
Amireh Yunos DEANS  
Amjad Amna DEANS  
Amjad Sana DEANS  
Ammirati Patrick DEANS  
Ammons Ryan DEANS  
Amoako-Atta Ebenezer DEANS  
Amoh Nana DEANS  
Amouzegar Mahnegar DEANS  
Ampadu - kyere Kwadwo DEANS  
Amri Hanan DEANS  
Amurrio-Moya Flavio DEANS  
Anacleto Valdineide PRESDT  
Anand Swapnil PRESDT  
Anaya Jennifer DEANS  
Anaya Granados Raul DEANS  
Ancheta Pinzon Rocio DEANS  
Andaloro Alicia DEANS  
Anders Dallas DEANS  
Andersen Beate DEANS  
Andersen Laura PRESDT  
Anderson Bradley PRESDT  
Anderson Brian PRESDT  
Anderson Caitlin DEANS  
Anderson Cherea DEANS  
Anderson Christopher DEANS  
Anderson Darrell DEANS  
Anderson Erin DEANS  
Anderson Hae-Rim DEANS  
Anderson James DEANS  
Anderson Joel DEANS  
Anderson Karrie DEANS  
Anderson Kathy DEANS  
Anderson Leigh DEANS  
Anderson Matthew DEANS  
Anderson Michele DEANS  
Anderson Shelby PRESDT  
Anderson Sonja DEANS  
Anderson Stuart DEANS  
Anderson Susan DEANS  
Anderson Zachary DEANS  
Andia-Claure Lucero PRESDT  
Andican Fatih DEANS  
Andino-rexach Germaine DEANS  
Andoh Jojo PRESDT  
Andrade Cynthia DEANS  
Andrade Jenny DEANS  
Andrade William DEANS  
Andrews Lucia DEANS  
Andrews Rachel PRESDT  
Andrews-Yi Peyton DEANS  
Andrino Emily DEANS  
Aneiro Thomas DEANS  
Angel Brooke PRESDT  
Angel Deborah PRESDT  
Angel William DEANS  
Angord De Armas Lourdes DEANS  
Anguah George DEANS  
Aniceto Roxanne DEANS  
Annis Tabatha DEANS  
Ansah Adelaide DEANS  
Ansari Nadiaa DEANS  
Ansari Sonia DEANS  
Anshien Marco DEANS  
Antezana Martha PRESDT  
Antolino Brittany DEANS  
Anton Joshua DEANS  
Antonova Olga PRESDT  
Antwine Jessica DEANS  
Anwar Afsana DEANS  
Anwar Bushra DEANS  
Anwar Maryam DEANS  
Anwari Khurshaid DEANS  
Anyanwu Helen DEANS  
Anyanwu Henrietta DEANS  
Apaza Daniela DEANS  
Apostolou Eleni DEANS  
Appanah Mark DEANS  
Appiagyei Osei PRESDT  
Appiah Michael DEANS  
Appleby Nathanael DEANS  
Aquino Felipe DEANS  
Ara Israt DEANS  
Aragaw Alebachew PRESDT  
Aragon Hernan DEANS  
Araki Luis DEANS  
Arama Gascon Alexia DEANS  
Arancibia Lizette DEANS  
Aranza Anna Kathryna Veni DEANS  
Arbi Sonia DEANS  
Archer Rita PRESDT  
Arcoria Meridith DEANS  
Areef Ahmad PRESDT  
Arendt Samantha DEANS  
Arengo Charmagne PRESDT  
Arens William DEANS  
Arevalo Alexander DEANS  
Arevalo william DEANS  
Argaw Dessalegne DEANS  
Argueta Cesar DEANS  
Argueta Elsy DEANS  
Argueta Paola DEANS  
Argus Robert PRESDT  
Argyle Leanna PRESDT  
Arias Vanessa DEANS  
Arif Abdulwahaab DEANS  
Arif Shahir DEANS  
Arkhipova Anastasia PRESDT  
Arkorful Esther DEANS  
Arleth Joseph PRESDT  
Arm Rebecca DEANS  
Armiger Hannah DEANS  
Armstrong David DEANS  
Armstrong Whitney DEANS  
Arneson Brett DEANS  
Arnett James DEANS  
Arney Amanda PRESDT  
Arnobit Elizabeth DEANS  
Arnold Jessica DEANS  
Arnold Mary Jean PRESDT  
Arora Amitabh DEANS  
Arrand Randall DEANS  
Arriagada Roberto DEANS  
Arriaza Leslie PRESDT  
Arriaza Michael DEANS  
Arrighi Gordon DEANS  
Arrington Elmon DEANS  
Arrington Melissa PRESDT  
Arroyo Elva DEANS  
Arroyo Luis DEANS  
Arsado Lucy PRESDT  
Arscott Sean DEANS  
Arshad Wajiha DEANS  
Arthur Kiley PRESDT  
Aru Kerem DEANS  
Asadi Joshua DEANS  
Asay Nadja PRESDT  
Asdessu Hiwot DEANS  
Asfaw Elias DEANS  
Asfaw Tesfalidet DEANS  
Asfaw Yordanos PRESDT  
Asgari Sepideh PRESDT  
Asghar Jawairia PRESDT  
Ashe Therese DEANS  
Ashebir Betelhem PRESDT  
Ashena Minilik PRESDT  
Ashhar Lemar DEANS  
Ashour Shahad PRESDT  
Ashton Tiffany DEANS  
Ashymov Rakhat DEANS  
Asif Umar DEANS  
Asim Nida DEANS  
Asomaning Adelaide DEANS  
Asomuah Linda PRESDT  
asonganyi kayla PRESDT  
Asper Andrew PRESDT  
Assamnew Tefera PRESDT  
Assefa Hilina PRESDT  
Assefa Birkie Dawit DEANS  
Assiobo Kossi PRESDT  
Astudillo Scarlet DEANS  
Asuncion Aurora DEANS  
Atabong Martina DEANS  
Atai Roman PRESDT  
Atalla Andrew PRESDT  
Atalla Tracy DEANS  
Atari Ali DEANS  
Ather Adnan DEANS  
Ather Arslan DEANS  
Atinafu Girma DEANS  
atkins aaquil DEANS  
Atkinson Ashley DEANS  
Atout Mohammad DEANS  
Atshan Sarah DEANS  
Atsumi Musashi DEANS  
Attwa Matthew DEANS  
Au Yen DEANS  
Aubel Courtney DEANS  
Audet Andrea DEANS  
Augustine Kathryn PRESDT  
Augustoski Andrea PRESDT  
Augustoski Rickey DEANS  
Aulet Gary DEANS  
Aung Wint PRESDT  
Austin Samuel DEANS  
Avalos Rosa DEANS  
Avazova Lola PRESDT  
Avedissian Mary PRESDT  
Avelar Philip DEANS  
Avenoso Amanda DEANS  
Avera Alice DEANS  
Avery Megan PRESDT  
Avery Ryan DEANS  
Aviles Amber DEANS  
Avomo Ndong Sandy Steven DEANS  
Awad Asma DEANS  
Awad Odi PRESDT  
Awad Roah PRESDT  
Awadallah Dana DEANS  
Awadzi Cynthia DEANS  
awan muhammad DEANS  
Awasthi Gaurav PRESDT  
Awumee Solace DEANS  
Axenfeld Ethan PRESDT  
Ayala Alexandra DEANS  
Ayala Carlos PRESDT  
Ayala Danniel DEANS  
Ayala Emerita DEANS  
Ayala Luz DEANS  
Ayala Mario DEANS  
Ayala Stephanie DEANS  
Aycock Angela PRESDT  
Aylestock Dan DEANS  
Ayoub Aziz DEANS  
Ayoub Souleiman PRESDT  
Azamy Hussna DEANS  
azar dareen. DEANS  
Azar Jennifer DEANS  
Azar Mark DEANS  
Azar Nihad DEANS  
Azazeel Nadia DEANS  
Azimi Palwasha DEANS  
Azimi Sami DEANS  
Azimi Sayed PRESDT  
Azimi Shugofa DEANS  
Aziz Aniya DEANS  
Azizzada Arash DEANS  
Azor Viktoriya PRESDT  
Azrour Driss DEANS