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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2010

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Saa Damian PRESDT  
Saad Ibrahim DEANS  
Saavedra Carla DEANS  
Saavedra Jessica DEANS  
Saavedra Luis DEANS  
Sabah Mosaab DEANS  
Sacco Shea DEANS  
Sachdeva Surpreet PRESDT  
Sachtleben Bethany DEANS  
Sadalla Kurmanj DEANS  
Sadler Christine DEANS  
Sadler Erick DEANS  
Sadler Kaitlin PRESDT  
Sadrzadeh Kamran DEANS  
Saeed Arslan DEANS  
Saeedi Salma DEANS  
Saenz Eusebio DEANS  
Saenz Stephanie DEANS  
Saez Marlena DEANS  
Safdar Asim PRESDT  
Saffouri George PRESDT  
Sahakian Alina DEANS  
Sahyouni Adam PRESDT  
Saini Anupama DEANS  
Sajjad Maryam PRESDT  
Sakayan Vartan PRESDT  
Salah Hannan PRESDT  
Salaheldin Alaa DEANS  
Salahuddin Ayesha DEANS  
Salajka Sarah DEANS  
Salam Malik Khatera DEANS  
salama remonda DEANS  
salameh eliana PRESDT  
Salameh Nael DEANS  
Salas Andres DEANS  
Salaverria Ana DEANS  
Salazar Farrah DEANS  
Salazar Favian DEANS  
Saldana Berman DEANS  
Saldias Carlos DEANS  
Saleem Aneeqa DEANS  
Saleem Chawan DEANS  
Salehimobarakeh Soraya DEANS  
Salemme Paul DEANS  
Salgado Carroll PRESDT  
Salguero Randa DEANS  
Salib Sally DEANS  
Salik Kobir DEANS  
Salinas Andrea DEANS  
Salinas Edgar PRESDT  
Salinas Harold DEANS  
Salinas Olga DEANS  
Salins Kimberly DEANS  
Salkco Sharon DEANS  
Salmeron Claudia DEANS  
Salmeron Marlene DEANS  
Salmi Sofiane DEANS  
Salvador Jennifer PRESDT  
Salvador Michelle DEANS  
Sam Silang DEANS  
Samantar Mulki DEANS  
Samba-Koroma Mariama DEANS  
Samee Uzma DEANS  
sami sarah DEANS  
samiyi bobak DEANS  
Samlal Sean DEANS  
Samplaski John DEANS  
Samples Catherine DEANS  
Sampson Melissa DEANS  
Sams Maria DEANS  
Samuels Ivory DEANS  
Samuelu Eric DEANS  
Sanabria Dalila DEANS  
Sanabria Ursula DEANS  
Sanchez Diego DEANS  
Sanchez Edwin DEANS  
Sanchez Elyse DEANS  
Sanchez Jose Antonio DEANS  
Sanchez Joseph DEANS  
Sanchez Josue DEANS  
Sanchez Kelly DEANS  
Sanchez Shirley DEANS  
Sanchez Malpartida Maria Fe PRESDT  
Sandefur Tyler DEANS  
Sanders Jessica DEANS  
Sanders Monique DEANS  
Sanders Stuart PRESDT  
Sanderson Paula DEANS  
Sandt Graciela DEANS  
Sandulescu Ala DEANS  
Sanginmanesh Parisa DEANS  
Sanie Nargis DEANS  
Sankura Solomon DEANS  
Sannoh Nori DEANS  
Sansbury Richard PRESDT  
Santamaria Anabertha DEANS  
Santos Anthony DEANS  
Santos Camille DEANS  
Santos Maria Isabel DEANS  
Santos Priscila DEANS  
Santos Richard DEANS  
Santos Yanitza DEANS  
Sanzo Angela DEANS  
Sarabi Iraj PRESDT  
Sarakinis Sophia DEANS  
Sarandos Nicholas DEANS  
Sarangi Bagmee DEANS  
Sargent Michele PRESDT  
Sargent Monica PRESDT  
Sarik Courtney DEANS  
Sarik Kyle PRESDT  
Sarmiento Roberto DEANS  
Sarnwald Sara PRESDT  
sarwari hadia PRESDT  
Sass Amanda DEANS  
Sastry Priya DEANS  
Sather Erik DEANS  
Sattari Vafaei Sanaz DEANS  
Satterfield Christopher DEANS  
Satterfield Creighton DEANS  
Satterfield Michael DEANS  
Satterwhite Christopher PRESDT  
Saud Haleema DEANS  
Saud Wajiha DEANS  
Sauder Jeremiah PRESDT  
Saunders David DEANS  
Sauter Karl PRESDT  
Savage Elsie DEANS  
Savich Amanda PRESDT  
Sawangkawat Kanoknipa PRESDT  
Sawasky Mark DEANS  
Sawyer Racheal PRESDT  
Saxton Keith DEANS  
Sayegh Yasmine DEANS  
sazegari sarang DEANS  
Sbai Fatimazohra PRESDT  
Sbeitan Rema DEANS  
Scalambrini Camila DEANS  
Scarbrough Ben DEANS  
Scatto Dominic DEANS  
Schafer Monic PRESDT  
Schanze Kelli DEANS  
Scharles Kati DEANS  
Scheer Chris DEANS  
Schell Judah DEANS  
Schell Nathan PRESDT  
Scheller Gail DEANS  
Schell-Smith Kirslyn DEANS  
Schenaker David DEANS  
Schept Susan DEANS  
Scherer Gyula PRESDT  
Schiavone Elizabeth DEANS  
Schield Brieana PRESDT  
Schirmer Melissa PRESDT  
Schirmer Patrick DEANS  
Schleede Diana PRESDT  
Schloss Joann DEANS  
Schluderberg Jeannette DEANS  
Schmidlen Monica DEANS  
Schmidt Leslie DEANS  
Schmidt Monika PRESDT  
Schmidt Randall PRESDT  
Schmidt Sarah DEANS  
Schmitt Kevin DEANS  
Schnabel Michael DEANS  
Schneider Brittney DEANS  
Schneller Zachary DEANS  
Schofield Amber DEANS  
Schofield Loise Anne DEANS  
Schott Lauren DEANS  
Schrad Jeffrey DEANS  
Schramm Lynnsie DEANS  
Schubert Gerald DEANS  
Schubert Marion PRESDT  
Schucker Jamie PRESDT  
Schuler Jon PRESDT  
Schulte Denise DEANS  
Schultheis Shannon DEANS  
Schultis Anastasia DEANS  
Schultz Andrew DEANS  
Schulz Eric DEANS  
Schumacher Amber DEANS  
Schurr Catherine DEANS  
Schuster Michael DEANS  
Schuster Sarah PRESDT  
Schwab Ashley DEANS  
Schwartz Amanda PRESDT  
Schwartz Emily PRESDT  
Schwartz Michael DEANS  
Schwartzman Joel DEANS  
Scibelli Deborah DEANS  
Scicchitano Jason DEANS  
Scordellis Lisa DEANS  
Scott Douglas DEANS  
Scott Glennette DEANS  
Scott Jeanne DEANS  
Scott Jessica DEANS  
Scott Katherine DEANS  
Scott Lindsey DEANS  
Scott Robert PRESDT  
Scott Viancka DEANS  
Scott W D DEANS  
Scruggs Sandra PRESDT  
Seaboy Danielle DEANS  
Sears Michelle DEANS  
Seawright Latonya DEANS  
Seck Ndeye-sata DEANS  
Sedeqie Sara DEANS  
Sedhai Sweta PRESDT  
See Nicholas DEANS  
Sefain Ashraf PRESDT  
Seger Chenchira PRESDT  
Sehhati Kourosh DEANS  
Seid Hassen DEANS  
Seitzinger Milo DEANS  
Sejas Rony DEANS  
Sekhon Jenney PRESDT  
Selemon Tsega DEANS  
Seleshi Lishan DEANS  
Seligman CaraMari PRESDT  
Sellers Pamela DEANS  
Selz Matthew DEANS  
Semikina Liubov PRESDT  
Sen Sushant DEANS  
Sendolo Fanchon DEANS  
Seng Oray DEANS  
Sengmany Anousith DEANS  
Seo James DEANS  
Seo Minjung DEANS  
Seo Naomi DEANS  
Seo Sang Hoon DEANS  
Seong Chang Kyun DEANS  
Sequeira Jacob DEANS  
Serrahn William PRESDT  
Serrano Vanessa DEANS  
Serrao Kakoli DEANS  
Sessions John PRESDT  
Sethi Ghalib PRESDT  
setsoafia lawer DEANS  
Settle Timothy DEANS  
Sexton David PRESDT  
Seybert Jodi DEANS  
Seydi Marieme DEANS  
Seymour Erica DEANS  
Seymour Thomas PRESDT  
seyoum yordanose DEANS  
Seyyed Fauzia DEANS  
Sgroi Kimberly PRESDT  
Shaat Dana DEANS  
Shadan Elham DEANS  
Shafer Leanne PRESDT  
Shaffer Todd DEANS  
Shafkat Iram DEANS  
Shah Bijaya PRESDT  
Shah Usman DEANS  
Shahaltough Adam PRESDT  
Shahid Junaid DEANS  
Shahid Roma PRESDT  
Shahidi Ayeneh DEANS  
Shahidi Mani DEANS  
Shahinian Talene DEANS  
Shaikh Fozia DEANS  
Shaikh Malika DEANS  
Shakhbanova Elmira DEANS  
Shakya Shova DEANS  
Shammas Jacob DEANS  
Shanahan Renee DEANS  
Shankle Megan DEANS  
Shanley Colleen PRESDT  
Shannon Charles DEANS  
Shannon Erica DEANS  
Shanta Michael DEANS  
Shapbell Brett PRESDT  
Sharma Niranjan DEANS  
Sharma Pawan DEANS  
Sharma Sandeep DEANS  
Sharma Shivani DEANS  
Sharma Swati DEANS  
Shash Mohammed PRESDT  
Shasho Entela DEANS  
Shaukat Madeeha DEANS  
Shaw Robert PRESDT  
Shawler Stephanie DEANS  
Shea John DEANS  
Shearer Elizabeth DEANS  
Shearer Natalie DEANS  
Shearin James DEANS  
Shears Richard DEANS  
Sheats Livingston DEANS  
shebru henock DEANS  
Sheehan Kimberly DEANS  
Sheehy Patrick DEANS  
Sheeley Heather DEANS  
Sheets Melissa DEANS  
Sheikh Amna DEANS  
Sheikh Humera PRESDT  
Sheikh Omar DEANS  
Sheikh Qasim DEANS  
Sheikh Tehniat DEANS  
Sheleheda Hylary DEANS  
Shelestova Anastasia DEANS  
Shell Darryl DEANS  
Shelmerdine Daniela DEANS  
Shenk Kristine DEANS  
Shepherd Jared DEANS  
Sheppard Cara DEANS  
Sherfey Kayla DEANS  
sherman kaitlynn DEANS  
Sherman Lacey DEANS  
shiferaw michael PRESDT  
Shifflett Kristen DEANS  
Shilova Diana DEANS  
Shim Whui Su DEANS  
Shimabukuro Rocio PRESDT  
Shin Eun Soon DEANS  
Shin Grace DEANS  
Shin Hyun Jin DEANS  
Shin Jungmok PRESDT  
Shin Michelle DEANS  
Shin Sanghee DEANS  
Shin Seung-ran PRESDT  
Shin So Young DEANS  
Shin Soo PRESDT  
Shin Yong DEANS  
Shirinov Suhrob DEANS  
Shirley Delores PRESDT  
Shirzadian Sepehr DEANS  
Shirzoi Wais DEANS  
Shisler Kristen DEANS  
Shoja Mariam DEANS  
Sholokh Tereza PRESDT  
Shomo Patricia DEANS  
Shor Jeffrey DEANS  
Shouman Azza DEANS  
Showalter Scott DEANS  
Shpil Ryan DEANS  
Shreffler II Aaron PRESDT  
Shrestha Anugh DEANS  
Shrestha Sagar DEANS  
Shrestha Shristi DEANS  
Shrestha Subesh DEANS  
Shtoyunda Oxana DEANS  
Shuaib Pary PRESDT  
Shull Daniel DEANS  
Shull Pamela DEANS  
Shull Timothy DEANS  
Shultz Robert DEANS  
Shvedova Iryna PRESDT  
Sickles Katharine DEANS  
Sidarous Janine DEANS  
Siddique Adeel DEANS  
Siddiqui Nudrat DEANS  
Sidiqi Maryam DEANS  
Sidvall Annika DEANS  
Siegel Shaun DEANS  
Siepmann Will DEANS  
Sieverts Emerson DEANS  
Sikandar Areeba PRESDT  
Silaeva Maria DEANS  
Siler Jasmine PRESDT  
Siles Borda Mishell DEANS  
Sillah Memuna DEANS  
Sills Douglas PRESDT  
Silva Amanda DEANS  
Silva Katherine DEANS  
Silva Thaina DEANS  
Silvano Lucille DEANS  
Silvers Mitchell DEANS  
Silvestri Edith DEANS  
Simmonds Natalie DEANS  
Simmons Briana DEANS  
Simmons James DEANS  
Simmons Kelly DEANS  
Simmons Nicole PRESDT  
Simon Belen PRESDT  
Simon James DEANS  
Simon Rachel PRESDT  
Simon Triston DEANS  
Simonson Daniel PRESDT  
Simpson Amy DEANS  
Simpson Andrew DEANS  
Simpson Jessica PRESDT  
Sims Mary DEANS  
Sin Bum-Sik DEANS  
Sinclair Irene-Margarette PRESDT  
Sindi Maryam PRESDT  
Singeltary James PRESDT  
Singer Alexandra DEANS  
Singer Joshua PRESDT  
Singh Guriqbal PRESDT  
Singh Harmanpreet PRESDT  
Singh Harmeet DEANS  
Singh Harpreet PRESDT  
Singh Indranie DEANS  
Singh Jatinderpal DEANS  
Singh Rajvir DEANS  
Singh Ravneet PRESDT  
Singh Tejpal DEANS  
Sinks Michael DEANS  
Sipe Kelley DEANS  
Sisido Ronald DEANS  
Sistek Katherine DEANS  
Siwik Vera DEANS  
Siyoum Samuel DEANS  
Skeins Chun-Ting DEANS  
Skelton William DEANS  
Skokowski Scott DEANS  
Skoog Patricia DEANS  
Skowronski William DEANS  
Skura Sebastian DEANS  
Slaughter Meredith DEANS  
Slauson William DEANS  
Slawson Micah DEANS  
Sleete Channing DEANS  
Sloan Taylor PRESDT  
Slobodin Samuel DEANS  
Slutz Emily DEANS  
Slykhuis Caitlin DEANS  
Small Clifford PRESDT  
Smalley Melissa DEANS  
Smentkowski Stacie DEANS  
Smickley Kara DEANS  
Smickley Kyle DEANS  
Smiell Mary DEANS  
Smit William DEANS  
Smith Allison PRESDT  
Smith Alysia DEANS  
Smith Amber DEANS  
Smith Amy DEANS  
Smith Ashley PRESDT  
Smith Brandon DEANS  
Smith Brian DEANS  
Smith Christine DEANS  
Smith Christopher DEANS  
Smith Dana PRESDT  
smith deirdre DEANS  
Smith Edward DEANS  
Smith Elizabeth DEANS  
Smith Erica DEANS  
Smith Heather PRESDT  
Smith Jarrett PRESDT  
Smith Jennifer DEANS  
Smith John DEANS  
Smith Joshua DEANS  
Smith Judy PRESDT  
Smith Julie DEANS  
Smith Kelly PRESDT  
Smith Kevin DEANS  
Smith Lindsay DEANS  
Smith Markus DEANS  
Smith Matthew DEANS  
Smith Megan DEANS  
Smith Nalen DEANS  
Smith Natasha DEANS  
Smith Pamela DEANS  
Smith Paola DEANS  
Smith Patrick DEANS  
Smith Patrick PRESDT  
Smith Rebecca DEANS  
Smith Roy DEANS  
Smith Ryan DEANS  
Smith Sandy PRESDT  
Smith Sarah DEANS  
Smith Tariq DEANS  
Smith Tauhid DEANS  
Smith Tighe DEANS  
Smith Tracy PRESDT  
Smith Van PRESDT  
Smolinski Jason PRESDT  
Smolinski Kelly PRESDT  
Smoot Ryan DEANS  
Smullen Kay DEANS  
Snead Charles DEANS  
Snegosky Kristina DEANS  
Snell Laura PRESDT  
Snellings Harold DEANS  
Snodgrass Carlye PRESDT  
Snoussi Mohammed PRESDT  
Snow La'Shunda DEANS  
Snow Lauren DEANS  
Snyder Maria PRESDT  
Snyder Mark DEANS  
Sodano Paul DEANS  
Soe Seinn DEANS  
Sohail Sehar PRESDT  
Sok Christine DEANS  
Sokol Rita DEANS  
Solano Mario PRESDT  
Soles Brendan DEANS  
Soliman Remon PRESDT  
Solis Julia DEANS  
Solis Patricia DEANS  
Solloso Luis DEANS  
Solomon Efrem DEANS  
Solomon Jerusalem PRESDT  
Solomon Mehari PRESDT  
Solomon Solomon PRESDT  
Solon Amelia PRESDT  
Soltow Lauren DEANS  
Sommer Christopher DEANS  
Somoza Liviston DEANS  
Son Dat PRESDT  
Son Duy PRESDT  
Son Ji Sun PRESDT  
Son Jung Hwa DEANS  
Son Yi Ok PRESDT  
Song Dawid PRESDT  
Song Eun Hye DEANS  
Song Hee PRESDT  
Song Hongsub DEANS  
Song Jee Hyun PRESDT  
Song Kyle PRESDT  
Song Yun DEANS  
Sood Sheetal PRESDT  
Soria Shannon DEANS  
Soroczak Mikki PRESDT  
Sorohan Benjamin PRESDT  
Sosack Jeffrery DEANS  
Sossa Kevin DEANS  
Soto Daniel DEANS  
Soto Noel PRESDT  
Souaya Myriam DEANS  
Souksithi Anouphong DEANS  
Soun Emily DEANS  
Souther Jennifer PRESDT  
Sowells Danny DEANS  
Sowers Sean DEANS  
Spaar Jacob PRESDT  
Spagnolo Emily DEANS  
Spain David PRESDT  
Spalding Heather DEANS  
Spanka Amanda DEANS  
Sparkman Benjamin DEANS  
sparks olivia DEANS  
Sparrow Lee DEANS  
Spaw Jamie PRESDT  
Spears Debbie DEANS  
Spears Krystal PRESDT  
Speckhard Camille DEANS  
Speer Craig DEANS  
Spence Samantha DEANS  
Spencer Danelle DEANS  
Spencer Jessica PRESDT  
Sperling Donat PRESDT  
Sperry Keenan PRESDT  
Spicer Gillian DEANS  
Spicer Mark DEANS  
Spicer Paul DEANS  
Spingher Arzoo DEANS  
Spita Alexander DEANS  
Spital Angela PRESDT  
Spitery Sandra DEANS  
Spottiswood Douglas DEANS  
Spottswood Gloria DEANS  
Spradlin Matthew DEANS  
Spratley Andre DEANS  
Sreang Sotheara PRESDT  
Sroufe James DEANS  
St. Laurent Nicole DEANS  
Staats Joshua PRESDT  
Stames Caitlin PRESDT  
Standley John DEANS  
Stanfield David PRESDT  
Stanislaus-Johnson Glenda DEANS  
Stanley Aubrey DEANS  
Stanley Debra DEANS  
Stanley Nicholas DEANS  
Stanley Rona DEANS  
Stanley Steven DEANS  
Stanley Terri DEANS  
Stanton Alex PRESDT  
Starikova Yevgeniya DEANS  
Stark Lisa DEANS  
Stark Tiffany PRESDT  
Starks Shamar DEANS  
Starrs Elizabeth DEANS  
Stash Lindsay DEANS  
Stasik Matthew PRESDT  
Stasny Jackson PRESDT  
Staudt Lisa PRESDT  
Stauffer Lene DEANS  
Stavar Paul DEANS  
Steckler Patty DEANS  
Stedman Kelly DEANS  
Steele Andrew DEANS  
Steele Catherine DEANS  
Steele Matthew DEANS  
Steen Mary PRESDT  
Steever Brittany PRESDT  
Steffenson Taylor DEANS  
Stegherr Christopher PRESDT  
Stegman Renee DEANS  
Stein Elisabeth DEANS  
Stein Tanya DEANS  
Steinburg Jacob DEANS  
Stelmack Eliza DEANS  
Stendeback Cori DEANS  
Stephens Jacob DEANS  
Stephens Neasha PRESDT  
Stephenson Ada DEANS  
Stephenson Samantha DEANS  
Stevens Ashleigh DEANS  
Stevens Carolyn PRESDT  
Stevens Kristin PRESDT  
Stevenson Kyle PRESDT  
Steverson Erin DEANS  
Stewart Jacob DEANS  
Stewart Tomoko DEANS  
Stewart-Murray Ina DEANS  
Stike Ginger DEANS  
Stiller Tyler DEANS  
Stillman Jeremy PRESDT  
Stills Jambaar PRESDT  
Stitts Shane PRESDT  
Stockslager Supinda PRESDT  
Stoffel Jessica PRESDT  
Stoffelen John DEANS  
Stoicu Daniela DEANS  
Stokes Bridget DEANS  
Stoll Alicia DEANS  
Stoll Devon DEANS  
Stone Anna DEANS  
Stone Benjamin PRESDT  
Stone Brian DEANS  
Stoothoff Jin-Hyun DEANS  
Storie Kama DEANS  
Storvick Jonathan PRESDT  
Stout Kevin DEANS  
Stowe Ashley PRESDT  
Stracke Paul DEANS  
Strain Michael DEANS  
Strait James PRESDT  
Strait Matthew DEANS  
Strasburg Margaret DEANS  
Strasel Kevin DEANS  
Stratton Katherine DEANS  
Straub-Jones Kent DEANS  
Streeter Ashley DEANS  
Strepkova Elena DEANS  
Stretch Jeremy DEANS  
Strickland Kelsey DEANS  
Strickland Olivette DEANS  
Strickler Stephen PRESDT  
Strobach Eric DEANS  
Strobridge Ashley DEANS  
Stromecki Amanda DEANS  
Strub Robin PRESDT  
Strunk Jeremiah DEANS  
Strycula Lauren DEANS  
Stuart Haley DEANS  
Stubblefield Jason DEANS  
Studholme Michael DEANS  
Stultz Gayle DEANS  
Su Quyen DEANS  
Suarez Jenny PRESDT  
Suarez Marcos DEANS  
Subba Sibrab PRESDT  
Subba Chhetri Deepa PRESDT  
Subedi Tika DEANS  
Subedi Vivek DEANS  
Suber Amy DEANS  
Suchan Christopher DEANS  
Sucher Anthony PRESDT  
Suchfield Katie DEANS  
Suchicital Guillermo DEANS  
Sudberry Richard PRESDT  
Suddueth Courtney DEANS  
Sudeswaran Krithika DEANS  
Sudwi Andrew DEANS  
Suh Chunho DEANS  
Suh Jennifer PRESDT  
Suitor Earl DEANS  
Sullivan Alicia PRESDT  
Sullivan Bryan DEANS  
Sullivan Christian DEANS  
Sullivan Thomas DEANS  
Sullivan William DEANS  
Sultani Zorah DEANS  
Sulzbach Julie DEANS  
Sumlin Dennis DEANS  
Summerfield Cindi DEANS  
Summers Raymond DEANS  
Sumner Angela DEANS  
Sumpter Ryan DEANS  
sun jessica DEANS  
Sun Xiaokang DEANS  
Sun Xiaowei DEANS  
Sun Zhuozhi PRESDT  
Sunday Erika DEANS  
Sunde James DEANS  
Sunderland Matthew PRESDT  
Sung Mi Ri PRESDT  
Sungur Seniha DEANS  
Suon Sovaddine DEANS  
Suprise Tyler PRESDT  
Surapaneni Sricharan DEANS  
Suresh Rishi PRESDT  
Surma Edmund DEANS  
Surujpaul Yassodia DEANS  
Sutherland Chelsea DEANS  
Sutphin Lea DEANS  
Sutton Andrew DEANS  
Sutton Rose-Marie PRESDT  
Sutton Tiffany PRESDT  
Suxo Dayshva PRESDT  
Swan Devan DEANS  
Swanson William DEANS  
Swapan Fardaus DEANS  
Swartz Tara DEANS  
Swazya Karin DEANS  
Sweeney William DEANS  
Sweet Jessica DEANS  
Sweet Kevin PRESDT  
Swiger Ashley PRESDT  
Switalski Michael DEANS  
Switzer Jacqueline DEANS  
Sybertz Shelly DEANS  
Syckes Steven DEANS  
Syed Fateeha DEANS  
Syed Nadeemul DEANS  
Sylvester Jamie DEANS  
Symoun Sudsenesav PRESDT  
Szabo Patrick PRESDT  
Szczechura Aneta PRESDT  
Szewczulak Monika PRESDT  
Szostak Kari DEANS