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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2010

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Pabalan Zacarias DEANS  
pabey amanda DEANS  
Pabotoy Douglas DEANS  
Pace Sarah DEANS  
Pacilio Eva DEANS  
Padden Anthony DEANS  
Padilla Bryan PRESDT  
Padilla Paula DEANS  
Pagan Jose DEANS  
Page Carl DEANS  
Page Erin PRESDT  
Page Sean DEANS  
Page Zachary PRESDT  
Pahari Simon DEANS  
Paige Steven DEANS  
Paisley Margaret DEANS  
Pajuelo Gladys DEANS  
Pak Enoch DEANS  
Pak Younhee DEANS  
Palacios Liliana DEANS  
Palaniandi Vasanthi DEANS  
Pali Llambro DEANS  
Palma Linda DEANS  
Palma Oscar DEANS  
Palmer Elizabeth DEANS  
Palmer Kelly DEANS  
Palmer Paul DEANS  
Palmer Rachel DEANS  
Palmer Rolf DEANS  
Palmisano Carrie DEANS  
Palomino Mercy DEANS  
Palone Georgetta DEANS  
Pandey Abhiskar DEANS  
Pandey Keshab DEANS  
Pandey Rabina DEANS  
Pangan Anthony PRESDT  
Pangilinan John Mark Gil PRESDT  
Panjshiri Fahim DEANS  
Pankow Sunja DEANS  
Panta Subarna PRESDT  
Panta-Sheldrake Melissa DEANS  
Pappas Steven DEANS  
Papsidero Frank DEANS  
Paquette Elena DEANS  
Paquette Elizabeth DEANS  
Pardiny Angela DEANS  
Pardo Benjamin DEANS  
Pardo Deborah DEANS  
Parent Amy DEANS  
Parent Melissa PRESDT  
Parham Laura DEANS  
Parillon Sharon PRESDT  
Parin Keniel DEANS  
Park Chul DEANS  
Park Da DEANS  
Park David DEANS  
Park Ed PRESDT  
Park Eunsun PRESDT  
Park Hollie PRESDT  
Park Hyoungkun PRESDT  
Park Hyowon PRESDT  
Park Jacqueline PRESDT  
Park Jaesung PRESDT  
Park Jang Ho DEANS  
Park Jeeson DEANS  
Park Jeeun PRESDT  
Park Jonathan DEANS  
Park Joon DEANS  
Park Jun Ha DEANS  
Park Kevin PRESDT  
Park Ki Young DEANS  
Park Kie DEANS  
Park Kyoungouk DEANS  
Park Larry DEANS  
park laura DEANS  
Park Nurimaro DEANS  
Park Patricia DEANS  
Park Seong Ha PRESDT  
Park Seonghoon DEANS  
Park Sin Hyen PRESDT  
Park Sun DEANS  
Parker Ashley DEANS  
Parker Christopher DEANS  
Parker Eric PRESDT  
Parker Kenneth PRESDT  
Parker Latisha DEANS  
Parker Ransom DEANS  
Parker Thomas DEANS  
Parker Valeria DEANS  
Parker Wayndisha DEANS  
Parkhomenko Adam DEANS  
Parkhurst Gabrielle DEANS  
Parks James PRESDT  
Parks Onna DEANS  
Parlar Alicia DEANS  
Parr Daceeslava DEANS  
Parr Jason DEANS  
Parraga Maria DEANS  
Parrish Steven DEANS  
Parrott James DEANS  
Parry Eric DEANS  
Parsons James PRESDT  
Parsons Jessica DEANS  
Parsons Kristine DEANS  
Parsons Rachel DEANS  
Parthum Alfred DEANS  
Partin Rebecca DEANS  
Pascarella Michael DEANS  
Paschal Sharolyn DEANS  
Paschalides Justin PRESDT  
Pascual Criselda DEANS  
Pascual Danica DEANS  
Passarelli Bridget DEANS  
Pastor Chelsea DEANS  
Pastor Jose DEANS  
Patalano Lisa DEANS  
Patel Jaydeep PRESDT  
Patel Palak DEANS  
Patel Priyanka DEANS  
Patel Rutva DEANS  
Patel Shaleen DEANS  
Pateriya Upma PRESDT  
Patino Joaquin PRESDT  
patrick asmeret DEANS  
Patrick Daryl DEANS  
Patrick Jordan DEANS  
Pattan Seelay PRESDT  
patterson jacalyn PRESDT  
Patterson John DEANS  
patterson joshua DEANS  
Patterson Nyasha DEANS  
Patterson Richard DEANS  
Patterson Tucker DEANS  
Paudyal Bijayashree DEANS  
Pauken Alexander DEANS  
Paul Reenu DEANS  
Pauley-Benatti Donald DEANS  
Paulson Niko DEANS  
Paun Elisabeta DEANS  
Pavel Lisa DEANS  
Pavilonis Susan DEANS  
Pavlakos Christopher PRESDT  
Pavlova Ksenia DEANS  
Pavlovic Dragana DEANS  
Pawlak Daniel DEANS  
Pawlak Peter PRESDT  
Paykar Mariam DEANS  
Payne Alexis DEANS  
Payne CJ DEANS  
Payne David DEANS  
Payne Erik DEANS  
Payne Ryan DEANS  
Payoe Mettissage Don PRESDT  
peacock john DEANS  
Peake Jonathan DEANS  
Pearson Ashley DEANS  
Pearson Beverly DEANS  
Pearson Joseph DEANS  
Pechiney Matthew DEANS  
Peck Aaron DEANS  
Peck Daniel PRESDT  
Peckham Frances PRESDT  
Pedroni Jesse DEANS  
Peeler Grace DEANS  
Pelfrey Rachel DEANS  
Pell Richard DEANS  
Peller Katrina DEANS  
Pelletier Michael PRESDT  
Pelletier Michel DEANS  
Peloquin William PRESDT  
Pena Lucia DEANS  
Pena Paula DEANS  
Pendleton Carolyn DEANS  
Pennell Rosemary DEANS  
Penny Anh DEANS  
Peper Nicole PRESDT  
Pepper Sara DEANS  
Peralta Andrew PRESDT  
Peralta Leonard Vincent PRESDT  
Perdew Tracy DEANS  
Perdue Amber PRESDT  
Pereda Hector DEANS  
Peredo Anneliese DEANS  
Pereira Eduardo PRESDT  
Pereira Helton DEANS  
Perez Angela DEANS  
Perez Bonnie DEANS  
Perez Claudia DEANS  
Perez Diego PRESDT  
Perez John DEANS  
Perez Joseph DEANS  
Perez Karla DEANS  
Perez Krystal DEANS  
Perez Lleimi DEANS  
Perez Marcy DEANS  
Perez Maribel DEANS  
Perez Marija Collene DEANS  
Perez Noelia DEANS  
Perez Carvallo Cidonio DEANS  
Perez Lorenzo Kenny PRESDT  
Perez-Castro Jennifer DEANS  
Perkett Brandon DEANS  
Perkins Susan PRESDT  
Permyakova Victoria DEANS  
Peroutky Devon DEANS  
Perrin Carol PRESDT  
Perrish Evelyn DEANS  
Perro Kevin DEANS  
Perrochon Paola PRESDT  
Perrucci Giovanni DEANS  
Perry Ashley DEANS  
Perry Chelsey DEANS  
Perry Eric DEANS  
Perry Kimberly DEANS  
Perry Lauren DEANS  
Perryman Lee PRESDT  
Persinger Ryan DEANS  
Pertica Priscilla DEANS  
Peter Stephen PRESDT  
peterman wanda DEANS  
Peters Anita DEANS  
peters chenoa DEANS  
Peters Evan PRESDT  
Peters Jessica DEANS  
Peters Stephanie DEANS  
Peters Whitney PRESDT  
Peterson Kayla DEANS  
Peterson Mark DEANS  
Peterson Taylor Deans  
Peterson Zannie PRESDT  
Petit-Freres Ange DEANS  
Petitpierre Rebecca DEANS  
Petkoff Harry DEANS  
Petrescu Yvette PRESDT  
Petrides Christos DEANS  
Petty Austin DEANS  
Petty Melanie DEANS  
Peyton Joshua DEANS  
Pfaff Amy PRESDT  
Pfeifer Clare DEANS  
Pfost Ashley DEANS  
Pham Bao DEANS  
Pham Dong Huy PRESDT  
Pham KimLoan DEANS  
Pham Linh PRESDT  
Pham Linh DEANS  
Pham Lisa DEANS  
Pham Minh-Hieu DEANS  
Pham Nam DEANS  
Pham Van PRESDT  
phan diem DEANS  
Phan Hang DEANS  
Phan Huy DEANS  
Phan Jennifer DEANS  
Phan Minh DEANS  
Phan Nguyet DEANS  
Phan Phillip PRESDT  
Phan Tai DEANS  
Phan Thao DEANS  
Phau Peter PRESDT  
Phelan Morgan DEANS  
Phelan Sarah DEANS  
Phelps Alicia DEANS  
Phelps Jr Ronald PRESDT  
Phetxumphou Yothin DEANS  
Philbin Casey DEANS  
Phillips Amy DEANS  
Phillips Brandie DEANS  
Phillips Donnelly DEANS  
Phillips Jacqueline DEANS  
Phillips Nicole DEANS  
phillips robert DEANS  
Phillips Solinda PRESDT  
Philogene Marie DEANS  
Philyaw Claudia PRESDT  
Phoenix Rachel DEANS  
Phuenphiphop Spencer DEANS  
Phung Uyen PRESDT  
Phyu Nan DEANS  
Phyu Saw DEANS  
Piacente Alexandra DEANS  
Piangchompoo Kristy DEANS  
Piccariello Lisa DEANS  
Pierce Christopher DEANS  
Pierce Jason DEANS  
Pierce Kevin DEANS  
Pierre Brian DEANS  
Pierson Jaclyn DEANS  
Pierson Johnathan DEANS  
Pike Alan DEANS  
Pike Gabriel DEANS  
Pike Kevin PRESDT  
Pilgermayer Jaclyn DEANS  
Pineda Carlos DEANS  
Pinkerton Michael DEANS  
Pinkerton Susan DEANS  
Pinkston James DEANS  
Pinson Michael DEANS  
Pinto Adriana DEANS  
Piotrowski Jenna DEANS  
Piovesan Laura PRESDT  
Pirault Jason DEANS  
Pirault Pierre PRESDT  
Pirault Ryan DEANS  
Pirzada Ahmed DEANS  
Piskova Anna PRESDT  
Pitas John-henry PRESDT  
Pitkin Sarah DEANS  
Pittman Christina DEANS  
Pittman Roger PRESDT  
Piwek Katarzyna DEANS  
Pixley Jessica PRESDT  
Pizarro Sandra DEANS  
Pizer Samuel DEANS  
Placido Megan DEANS  
Placke Jeraldine PRESDT  
Plasmier Kateri DEANS  
Platero Susana PRESDT  
Plotnikov Alexandra DEANS  
Plum Josh DEANS  
Pnakovich Paul PRESDT  
Poderis John DEANS  
Podobed Semyon DEANS  
Podraza Steven DEANS  
Pointer Alanna DEANS  
Poirier Christina DEANS  
Pokharel Bipana DEANS  
Pokharel Suresh DEANS  
Pollak Stephanie DEANS  
Pollet Lauren DEANS  
Polley Michael DEANS  
Pollington Richard PRESDT  
Polyanskaya Olga DEANS  
Ponzini Edward PRESDT  
Pool Stuart DEANS  
Poole John DEANS  
Popa Matthew DEANS  
Popal Lailma DEANS  
Popal Mustafa DEANS  
Popal Rehmat DEANS  
Pope Althea DEANS  
pope brooke DEANS  
Por Richard DEANS  
Poran Kazi DEANS  
Pornchareon Katharine DEANS  
Portillo Madelyn DEANS  
Portillo Veronica DEANS  
Portillo Yesenia PRESDT  
Posso Mauricio PRESDT  
Post Brittany DEANS  
Post Stephanie DEANS  
Potosky Melissa DEANS  
Potprasat Makara DEANS  
Potrykus Elena DEANS  
Potts Will DEANS  
Poulios George DEANS  
Poutakidou Dimitra DEANS  
Poutre Linda DEANS  
Powell Aisheh DEANS  
Powell Amanda DEANS  
Powell Cole DEANS  
Powell Jason DEANS  
Powell John DEANS  
Powell Katrina DEANS  
Powell-Perkins Kathy DEANS  
Powers John DEANS  
Powlen Stephanie DEANS  
Prabhu Prajakti PRESDT  
Prada Nicolas PRESDT  
Pradhan Rosy DEANS  
Prado Claros Pamela DEANS  
Prah Edward DEANS  
Pratt Dana PRESDT  
Pratt James DEANS  
Preisner Paula DEANS  
Prell Kartina DEANS  
Prescott Sarah PRESDT  
Pressley DeMarco DEANS  
Preston James DEANS  
Pretty Jessica PRESDT  
Pretz John DEANS  
Preville Teresa DEANS  
Price Andrew PRESDT  
Price Brenon DEANS  
Price Letavious DEANS  
Price Roconia PRESDT  
Price-Gray Janet DEANS  
Prier Alisha DEANS  
Prince Bryson DEANS  
Prince James PRESDT  
Pritchard Charmaine DEANS  
Pritchard Craig DEANS  
Pritchard Ryan DEANS  
Procaccini Christina DEANS  
Proctor Sarah DEANS  
Protacio Brent PRESDT  
Providakes Eric DEANS  
Prudnikova Natalya DEANS  
Prum Leakeina DEANS  
Pulak Kenan DEANS  
Puletic Nevena PRESDT  
Pullis Melissa DEANS  
Pulzone Angela DEANS  
Purtell Samuel DEANS  
Purugganan Katrina DEANS  
Putnam Andrew DEANS  
Pyrch Tetiana PRESDT