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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2010

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Maarouf Manal PRESDT  
Mabhena Trishia DEANS  
Mabika Obanda Alfred Keith Felix DEANS  
Macaranas Kurt DEANS  
Macarov Igor DEANS  
Macatangay Melizza Mae DEANS  
Macdonald Megan PRESDT  
MacDonald Meredith DEANS  
MacDonald Neal DEANS  
Macedonia Nicholas DEANS  
Macensky Alexander DEANS  
Machicao Jose PRESDT  
macias luis DEANS  
Mackey Jessica PRESDT  
Mackie Monica DEANS  
Macomber Daniel DEANS  
MacPherson Jeffrey PRESDT  
MacRae Kanyon DEANS  
Madan Prachi DEANS  
Madden Ian DEANS  
Madden Zachary DEANS  
Maddox Kristina DEANS  
Maddox Reginald DEANS  
madero candace DEANS  
Madhu Princy PRESDT  
Madonna Mackenzie DEANS  
Madubuko Ijeamaka PRESDT  
maffett ashley PRESDT  
Magar Laxmi PRESDT  
Magill Adam DEANS  
Magill Julia DEANS  
Maginness Taylor DEANS  
Magner Erin DEANS  
Magner Merrill DEANS  
Magnotti Jessica PRESDT  
Magnotti Theresa PRESDT  
Mahdi Fouad DEANS  
Maher Conor DEANS  
Mahmood Adil DEANS  
Mahmoudi Shayan DEANS  
Mahomed Raquia PRESDT  
Mahoney Megan DEANS  
Mahoney Summer PRESDT  
Mahoney Thomas PRESDT  
Mahony Colin PRESDT  
Mai Bang DEANS  
Maia Jason DEANS  
Maia Jessica DEANS  
Maier Jacqueline PRESDT  
Main James PRESDT  
Maizel Valerie PRESDT  
Maizland Sabrina DEANS  
Majano Diana PRESDT  
Majd Alireza PRESDT  
Majdi Javid DEANS  
Majewsky George DEANS  
Makki Roya PRESDT  
Makris George PRESDT  
Malayavech Patai PRESDT  
Malazarte Vivian DEANS  
Maldonado Joshua DEANS  
Malek Auryana PRESDT  
Malek Sarah PRESDT  
Malik Abu DEANS  
Malik Amna PRESDT  
Malik Gina DEANS  
Malkawi Heba PRESDT  
Malkin Rachel DEANS  
Mallini Monica PRESDT  
Malone Christopher DEANS  
Malone Marquis DEANS  
Malone Sean DEANS  
Malone Zachary PRESDT  
Malonis Christina DEANS  
Maluzo Thamsie PRESDT  
Malychev Liliya PRESDT  
Mamuyac Joanne DEANS  
Manaois Ernest DEANS  
Mancusi Amanda DEANS  
Mandhaiya Sanjay DEANS  
Mandujano Pilar DEANS  
Mangar Lisa PRESDT  
Manion Katherine DEANS  
Manion Michael PRESDT  
Maniquis Ryan DEANS  
Manley Alexander PRESDT  
Mann Millicent DEANS  
Manocchio Ayonda DEANS  
Manriquez Alejandro DEANS  
Mansfield Calvin DEANS  
Mansouri Arya DEANS  
Mansure Richard DEANS  
Mantilla Claudia DEANS  
Mantilla Jose DEANS  
Mantravadi Mahesh DEANS  
Manuel Victoria DEANS  
Manus James DEANS  
Manz Kathy DEANS  
Maplesden Helen PRESDT  
Maraqa Anoud PRESDT  
Marcucci Kristen DEANS  
Marian Larisa Mihaela PRESDT  
Mariani Meredith DEANS  
Maricle Jessica PRESDT  
Marino Adriel DEANS  
Markell Caitlin PRESDT  
Market Brenda PRESDT  
Markin Kristy PRESDT  
Markley Gabrielle PRESDT  
Markovitz Suchada DEANS  
Marks Alexa PRESDT  
Marks Kenara DEANS  
Maroney Michael DEANS  
Marouf Ineas DEANS  
Marquina Andrea DEANS  
Marquina Jessica DEANS  
Marsala Jessica DEANS  
Marshall Emily DEANS  
Marshall Gregory PRESDT  
marshall hillary PRESDT  
Marshall Kelsey DEANS  
Marshall Rebecca PRESDT  
Marshall Scott DEANS  
Marshburn Trevor DEANS  
Marsten Justin DEANS  
Martelli Jean PRESDT  
martin allyson PRESDT  
Martin Chidima DEANS  
Martin Christopher DEANS  
Martin Corine DEANS  
Martin Gary DEANS  
Martin Jason DEANS  
Martin Jeffrey DEANS  
Martin Kathleen DEANS  
Martin Kia DEANS  
Martin Maria DEANS  
Martin Paul DEANS  
Martin Sarah DEANS  
Martin Trevor DEANS  
Martinelli Valerio DEANS  
Martinez Alyssa DEANS  
Martinez Brenda PRESDT  
Martinez Claudia DEANS  
Martinez Gonzalo DEANS  
Martinez James DEANS  
Martinez Jon DEANS  
Martinez Joshua PRESDT  
Martinez Louie DEANS  
Martinez Marcos DEANS  
Martinez Mario DEANS  
Martinez Rhea DEANS  
Martinez Winston DEANS  
Martinez Telleria Mariana DEANS  
Martini Rachel DEANS  
Martinkov Andrey DEANS  
Marwaha Nikkitasha DEANS  
Marzec Mary DEANS  
Masaitis Cole DEANS  
Mashkour Ameer DEANS  
Masiak Shannon PRESDT  
Mason Christopher DEANS  
Mason Cynthia DEANS  
Mason Dabney DEANS  
Mason James DEANS  
Mason Rebecca PRESDT  
Mason Sabrina DEANS  
Massaquoi Sallay DEANS  
Massie Michelle DEANS  
Massino Dominick DEANS  
Masters Armand PRESDT  
Mateo Geanne DEANS  
Matevosian Liana DEANS  
Mathews Amanda DEANS  
Mathews Angelique DEANS  
Mathews Christina PRESDT  
Mathews Michelle DEANS  
Mathis Mike DEANS  
Matte Anita DEANS  
Matteson Earl PRESDT  
Matteucci Gino PRESDT  
Mattey Kristy DEANS  
matthews ashley DEANS  
Matthews Chaka DEANS  
Matthews Danielle DEANS  
Matthews Faith DEANS  
Matthews Ike DEANS  
Matthews Ronnicka DEANS  
Mattice Anthony DEANS  
Matykowski David DEANS  
Matz Peter DEANS  
Matz Thomas PRESDT  
Maududi Narges DEANS  
Maulik Writesh DEANS  
Mauney Maryi DEANS  
Maurer Emily DEANS  
Maurer Sarah DEANS  
Mausolf Lauren PRESDT  
Mavani Harsh DEANS  
Maxson Jessica DEANS  
Maxwell Emily DEANS  
Maxwell Victoria DEANS  
May Laura DEANS  
May Marc DEANS  
Maya Savanah PRESDT  
Maybee Milton DEANS  
Maydwell Sean PRESDT  
Mayel Mohammad PRESDT  
Mayen-Krogstad Annette DEANS  
Mayen-Krogstad John DEANS  
Mayer James PRESDT  
Mayer Katherine DEANS  
Mayle Ashly PRESDT  
Maylett Daniel PRESDT  
Maynard Savannah PRESDT  
Mayo Robert DEANS  
Mayo Stephen DEANS  
Mays Dhaakira DEANS  
Mays Kevin PRESDT  
Mazon Joshua DEANS  
Mazzei Marissa PRESDT  
Mazzola Susan DEANS  
Mbawuike Chigozie DEANS  
Mc Carthy Emer DEANS  
McAchren Ashley DEANS  
McAdoo Dionne DEANS  
McAfee Audry DEANS  
McAlister Abby DEANS  
McAllister Kaylynn DEANS  
McBride Keane PRESDT  
McBurney Kennya DEANS  
McCafferty Erin DEANS  
McCain Colleen DEANS  
McCarden Yolanda DEANS  
McCarthy Hannah DEANS  
McCarthy Jennifer PRESDT  
McCarthy Kate DEANS  
McCartin James PRESDT  
McCauley Adelle DEANS  
McCauley Krista DEANS  
McCauley Robert PRESDT  
McCauley Robin DEANS  
McClaugherty Patrick DEANS  
McClernan Ian DEANS  
Mccloskey Linda DEANS  
McClure Laura DEANS  
McConnell Maura DEANS  
McConnell Patrick DEANS  
McCormick Andrew PRESDT  
McCormick Hays DEANS  
Mccormick Janine PRESDT  
McCowan Shaylanie PRESDT  
McCoy Elisabeth PRESDT  
McCracken Emily DEANS  
McCracken Erin DEANS  
Mccracken Jamie DEANS  
McCray Andrea DEANS  
McCray Kyle PRESDT  
McCrone Christopher DEANS  
McCroskey Tamara DEANS  
Mccue James PRESDT  
McCue Jennifer DEANS  
McCullough Tyler DEANS  
McCurdy Ross PRESDT  
Mcdaniel Tamara PRESDT  
McDaniels Heather DEANS  
Mcdermott David DEANS  
McDonald Andrea DEANS  
McDonald Devin DEANS  
McDonald Kyle DEANS  
McDonnell Michael PRESDT  
McDowell Aimee DEANS  
McDowell LaVerne PRESDT  
Mcdowell Susanna DEANS  
McErlean John DEANS  
McEvoy Liam PRESDT  
McEwen Jan DEANS  
McEwen Scott PRESDT  
McFarland Micah PRESDT  
McGarry Brendan DEANS  
McGarry Jason PRESDT  
Mcgarry Thomas DEANS  
McGartland Patrick PRESDT  
Mcgee Cristina DEANS  
McGee Erika PRESDT  
McGee Katherine DEANS  
McGinness April DEANS  
McGinnis Andrea PRESDT  
Mcgowan Amy DEANS  
McGranahan Georgia DEANS  
Mcgrath Kenneth DEANS  
McGrath Thomas DEANS  
Mcgraw Heather DEANS  
McGraw Margarita DEANS  
McGregor Katherine DEANS  
McGregor Malcolm DEANS  
McGregor Nicholas DEANS  
McGuire Jonathan DEANS  
McGuire Jonathan PRESDT  
McHail Daniel PRESDT  
McInnis Scot DEANS  
McIntosh Kerri DEANS  
McKay Bethany DEANS  
McKee Elizabeth DEANS  
Mckenzie Kevin DEANS  
McKey Ken DEANS  
McKinney Lindsey DEANS  
McLaren Nicole PRESDT  
McLaren Raymond PRESDT  
McLaughlin Hannah DEANS  
McLaughlin James DEANS  
McLean Tiffany DEANS  
McLeod Lauren DEANS  
McLeod Virginia DEANS  
McMahon Mary DEANS  
McManaman Shawn DEANS  
Mcmillan Christopher DEANS  
Mcnamee Yenny DEANS  
McNeal Timothy PRESDT  
Mcnealy Ingrid DEANS  
McNeil Emily DEANS  
McNicholas Leah DEANS  
McNulty Tina PRESDT  
McNuss Matthew DEANS  
McPherson Devan DEANS  
McPhilamy Kevin DEANS  
McQuay Mark DEANS  
McQueen Kelly DEANS  
McQuillen Nicholas DEANS  
McSorley Adjoua PRESDT  
Mcwhite Steven PRESDT  
Mead Nicole DEANS  
Meade Joann DEANS  
Meadows Alexandrea DEANS  
Mebrahtu Yonatan PRESDT  
Medina Herrera Fiorella PRESDT  
Medler Rachael DEANS  
Medrano Ingrid DEANS  
Medrano Mindy DEANS  
Medrano Pauline PRESDT  
Meeker John DEANS  
meekins Ashely DEANS  
Meekins Patrick DEANS  
Mehari Tighisti DEANS  
Mehrabi Joseph PRESDT  
Mehta Angelee PRESDT  
Mei Tommy DEANS  
Meiklejohn Ryan DEANS  
Meissner Joshua PRESDT  
Mejia Ester DEANS  
Mejia Jose DEANS  
Mejia Josue PRESDT  
Mejia Roger DEANS  
Mejia Rosibeh DEANS  
Mejia Sara DEANS  
Mejia Sergio DEANS  
Mekonnen Meron DEANS  
Melaku Mebrat DEANS  
Melendez Ana DEANS  
Melendez Ventura David DEANS  
Melgar Natalia DEANS  
Meline Jacqueline DEANS  
Mello Natalia DEANS  
Melnikova Irina PRESDT  
Melsop Brendan PRESDT  
Melton Patricia DEANS  
Melville Charles DEANS  
Mena Fonseca Maria DEANS  
Menard Kristen DEANS  
Mencho-Aguilar Onelio DEANS  
mendez debra DEANS  
Mendez Jesse DEANS  
Mendez Omar DEANS  
Mendez Vannessa DEANS  
Mendieta Carlos DEANS  
Mendonca Ana Paula PRESDT  
Mendoza Christina DEANS  
mendoza morris DEANS  
Mendoza Valeria DEANS  
Mends George PRESDT  
Menefee Michelle DEANS  
Menefee Thomas DEANS  
Meneses Jaqueline DEANS  
Mengel Yani DEANS  
Menges Paula DEANS  
Mengisteab Luam DEANS  
Mengistu Dagmawi DEANS  
Mengistu Fikirte DEANS  
Mengue Mireille DEANS  
Menjou Matthew PRESDT  
Menna Caroline PRESDT  
Mennonna Margaret DEANS  
Mensah Joseph DEANS  
Mensah Michael DEANS  
Mensah Sylvanus DEANS  
Menzer Debbie DEANS  
Mercado Candice DEANS  
Mercado Marta DEANS  
Mercer Bey Patricia PRESDT  
Mercure Amanda DEANS  
Mergenthal Sara DEANS  
Merlo Stephen DEANS  
Merrill Jennifer DEANS  
Merring Audra DEANS  
Merritt Andrew PRESDT  
Merry Jim DEANS  
Merza Angie DEANS  
Mesfin Zikre DEANS  
Messan Kodjo PRESDT  
Messersmith Donna DEANS  
Messier Jill DEANS  
Messina Mara PRESDT  
Metcalfe Aubrey DEANS  
Meyer Diane DEANS  
Meyer Karen DEANS  
Meyers Claire DEANS  
Meza Linda DEANS  
mian asim DEANS  
Michael Jarrett PRESDT  
Michanco Walter DEANS  
Michel Betty DEANS  
Michell Lucinda DEANS  
Michelle Gilmer PRESDT  
Michels Ryan DEANS  
Michener Christine PRESDT  
Middlebrook Amanda DEANS  
Middleton Joshua PRESDT  
Middleton Michael PRESDT  
Middleton Ray PRESDT  
Middleton Ruth PRESDT  
Mierez Agustin DEANS  
Mihalik Olivia DEANS  
Mikhail Michael DEANS  
Mikhalchanka Viktoryia PRESDT  
Mikles Linda DEANS  
Milam Dorothy DEANS  
Miles Sarah DEANS  
Milford Noel PRESDT  
Milic Boris PRESDT  
Militello Michael DEANS  
Millan Jorge DEANS  
Millar Christopher PRESDT  
Millar Jasper PRESDT  
Miller Aida PRESDT  
Miller Amy DEANS  
Miller Angela PRESDT  
Miller Cassandra DEANS  
Miller Chandell DEANS  
Miller Cheryl DEANS  
Miller Christopher DEANS  
Miller Gloria DEANS  
Miller Jared DEANS  
Miller Jennifer PRESDT  
Miller Jeremy PRESDT  
Miller Jonathan PRESDT  
Miller Juana DEANS  
Miller Kimball DEANS  
Miller Madeline DEANS  
Miller Matthew DEANS  
Miller Max PRESDT  
Miller Megan DEANS  
Miller Michael DEANS  
Miller Nicholas PRESDT  
Miller Rachel DEANS  
Miller Raymond DEANS  
Miller Robert DEANS  
Miller Samantha DEANS  
Miller Samuel DEANS  
Miller Sara DEANS  
Miller Sarah DEANS  
Miller Suzanne DEANS  
Miller Teresa DEANS  
Millette Sydney DEANS  
Mills Jonathan DEANS  
mills parris DEANS  
Mims Keith DEANS  
Min Randy DEANS  
Mingos Johanna PRESDT  
Minnikova Liudmila DEANS  
Minor Terrance DEANS  
Mir Tajammul DEANS  
Mirabal Michelle PRESDT  
Miranda Carol DEANS  
Miranda-Ocampo Iris DEANS  
Mirhakkak Omeed DEANS  
Mirzaei Elham DEANS  
Mishutina Anastasia PRESDT  
Mitchel Andrea DEANS  
Mitchell Alexis DEANS  
Mitchell Doyoung PRESDT  
Mitchell Elizabeth DEANS  
Mitchell Marion DEANS  
Mitchell Michelle DEANS  
Mitchell Priestly DEANS  
Mitchell Stacy DEANS  
Mitchell Stephanie PRESDT  
Mitolo Kirsty DEANS  
Mitrani Dina DEANS  
Moayyer Nilofar DEANS  
Mobley Ross PRESDT  
Mofakhami Shadi DEANS  
moghaddam mehdi DEANS  
Moghaddam Parastou DEANS  
Mogharabnia Leila DEANS  
Mohamad Jafar Ahmad DEANS  
Mohamed Abdirahman DEANS  
Mohamed Abdullahi DEANS  
Mohamed Alia DEANS  
Mohamed Ammar DEANS  
Mohamed Rayan DEANS  
Mohammad Zhala DEANS  
Mohammad Daud Behzad DEANS  
Mohammed Amin DEANS  
Mohammed Saud DEANS  
mohammed seid PRESDT  
mohammed jawad marwa PRESDT  
Mohamud Falhad DEANS  
Mohd Zainal Muhammad Hakkim DEANS  
Mohnacs Adrian DEANS  
mojtahedi niloufar DEANS  
Mokha Mandeep DEANS  
Mokhiber Anees DEANS  
Molina Jose DEANS  
Molina Monica DEANS  
Molina Nelson DEANS  
Molina Sergio PRESDT  
Molina Tamara DEANS  
Moliterno Javier DEANS  
Molloy Belinda DEANS  
Molnar Sandra DEANS  
Moltzer Kimberly DEANS  
Mondragon Ian DEANS  
Monge Alexandra DEANS  
Monger Chelsea DEANS  
Monh Reathany PRESDT  
Monnet Jeremy DEANS  
Monroe Jonathan PRESDT  
Monsalve Maria PRESDT  
Montague Kitrick DEANS  
Montague Sarah DEANS  
Montana Joanna DEANS  
Montecinos Bonnet Zilmara DEANS  
Monteiro Hugo DEANS  
Montenegro Luis PRESDT  
Montequin Natalie PRESDT  
Monterey Jessica DEANS  
Montes Pamela DEANS  
Montgomery Andrew DEANS  
Montgomery Erica DEANS  
Montgomery Katherine PRESDT  
Montgomery Kristofer PRESDT  
Montoney Lindsay DEANS  
Monzon Amada DEANS  
Monzon Andrea DEANS  
Moody Ronald DEANS  
Moore David DEANS  
Moore Harry DEANS  
Moore Jacquelyn DEANS  
Moore James DEANS  
Moore Jeffery DEANS  
Moore Kimberley DEANS  
Moore Krista PRESDT  
Moore Mary PRESDT  
Moore Megan DEANS  
Moore Melanie DEANS  
Moore Nathan PRESDT  
Moore Robert DEANS  
Moore Roger DEANS  
Moore Russell DEANS  
Moore Samuel DEANS  
Moore Sarah DEANS  
Moore Stephanie DEANS  
Moore Steve DEANS  
Moore Thomas DEANS  
Moore Wendy PRESDT  
Moore Wyatt DEANS  
Mora Andrea DEANS  
Mora Jose DEANS  
Morales Jessie DEANS  
Morales Natalia DEANS  
Morales Priscilla DEANS  
Morales Wendy PRESDT  
Moran Ada DEANS  
Moran Alis DEANS  
Moran Ashlee DEANS  
Moran David DEANS  
Moran Edward DEANS  
Moran John DEANS  
Moran Kate PRESDT  
Moran Patrick DEANS  
moran sean DEANS  
Morar Paula PRESDT  
Morataya Jonathan DEANS  
Morato Robert DEANS  
Moreira Cindy PRESDT  
Morejon Maritza DEANS  
Moreland Danielle DEANS  
Moreno Walter DEANS  
Moreno Celis Paola DEANS  
Moretz Dixon DEANS  
Morgan Austin DEANS  
Morgan Daniel DEANS  
Morgan Elizabeth DEANS  
Morgan Janaki DEANS  
Morgan Joseph DEANS  
Morgan Joy DEANS  
Morgan Kelsey DEANS  
Morgan Timothy DEANS  
Morgan Vallery DEANS  
Morin Peter DEANS  
Morkos Wael DEANS  
Moroney Jonathan DEANS  
Moroz Laura DEANS  
Moroz Melissa DEANS  
Morris George DEANS  
Morris Joanne PRESDT  
Morris Karen PRESDT  
Morris Melanie DEANS  
Morris Morgan DEANS  
Morris Patrick DEANS  
Morrison Anthony DEANS  
Morrissey Kaitlyn DEANS  
Morrissey Madeleine DEANS  
Morstad Terri DEANS  
Mortenson Pamela DEANS  
Morthimer Pam DEANS  
Morton Alison DEANS  
Morton Chrystal DEANS  
Morton Evan DEANS  
Morton Jennifer DEANS  
Moser Noland DEANS  
Moses Jonathan DEANS  
Mosina Yuliya DEANS  
Mosios Susan DEANS  
Mostafa Iman PRESDT  
Motafches Holly DEANS  
Motsch Michelle PRESDT  
Motsenbocker Jake PRESDT  
Mottesheard Alexandra DEANS  
Mounguen-Ndom Isaac PRESDT  
Mountjoy Craig DEANS  
Moure Jesse DEANS  
Mousavi Sasan PRESDT  
Moussa Dlwar DEANS  
Movassagh Farbod DEANS  
Moxley Benjamin DEANS  
Moy Madeline DEANS  
Moya Carlos DEANS  
Moya Heather DEANS  
Moya Kathleen PRESDT  
Moya Yariela PRESDT  
Moye Khery DEANS  
Mozafari Robab DEANS  
Mozingo Jessica DEANS  
Mraczek DIane DEANS  
Mraizika Youssef DEANS  
Mroczyk Joseph DEANS  
Mubiayi Manatshitu DEANS  
Mueller Kallee DEANS  
Muhammad Amreen DEANS  
Muhsen Hashem DEANS  
Mukhtar Haider DEANS  
Mull Erin DEANS  
Mullen Amanda PRESDT  
Mullins Adam DEANS  
Mullins Corinne DEANS  
Mullins Regina DEANS  
Mullins William DEANS  
Mulloy Cameron DEANS  
Mulroney Brian DEANS  
Mulugeta Aden DEANS  
Mulugeta Tehetena DEANS  
Mulugeta Yadel DEANS  
Mumini Adnan PRESDT  
Mumini Ceylan PRESDT  
Mun Alex PRESDT  
Munch-Sage Kelly DEANS  
Munday Madalyn PRESDT  
Mundo Jessica DEANS  
Munoz Ligia DEANS  
Munoz Rafael DEANS  
Munteanu Octavian DEANS  
Murphy Anna-Marie PRESDT  
Murphy Brian DEANS  
Murphy Christopher PRESDT  
Murphy Joshua DEANS  
Murphy Mary Rose PRESDT  
Murphy Rebecca PRESDT  
Murphy Samuel DEANS  
Murphy Skyler DEANS  
Murphy Teri DEANS  
Murphy-Solano Paul DEANS  
Murray Andrew PRESDT  
Murray John DEANS  
murray keith DEANS  
Murray Matthew DEANS  
Murray-pino Louise DEANS  
Murshid Shamsa DEANS  
Murthy Kishore DEANS  
Musa Sagal PRESDT  
Musel Nicholas PRESDT  
Musman Margarita DEANS  
Musselman Richard DEANS  
Mussett Colby PRESDT  
Mussog Jamie DEANS  
Mustin Zachary DEANS  
Mutabchi Rawaz PRESDT  
Mutahidi Safiulla DEANS  
Mwenisongole Tabu DEANS  
Myers Jaclyn DEANS  
Myers Katie DEANS  
Myers Laura PRESDT  
Myers Rachel PRESDT  
Myers Wendy DEANS