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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2010

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Ha Jae Eun DEANS  
Ha Johnny DEANS  
Ha Taemin PRESDT  
Ha Thao PRESDT  
Haase Robert PRESDT  
Habeger David DEANS  
Habel Jacqueline DEANS  
Habili Minoo DEANS  
Hackes Alana DEANS  
Hackett Timothy DEANS  
Hackley Tabitha DEANS  
Haddad Caroline DEANS  
Haddad Jana DEANS  
Haddock Loreann DEANS  
Haddox Ronald DEANS  
Haden Frederick PRESDT  
Hadjichristodoulou Stelios DEANS  
Hadley Alyssa DEANS  
Hafiz Zadia DEANS  
Hafsi Khalil DEANS  
Hagberg Richard DEANS  
Hage Dabah DEANS  
Hager George DEANS  
Haggerty Colleen DEANS  
Haggerty Timothy DEANS  
Hagood Brett DEANS  
Hagos Teferi DEANS  
Hagos Yonas PRESDT  
Hahnemann de Souza Anna DEANS  
Haidacher Scott DEANS  
Haidari Hasib PRESDT  
Haider Mansoor DEANS  
Haider Oma DEANS  
Haider Rida DEANS  
haile rediet DEANS  
Haile Tejitu DEANS  
Hailemariam Samrawit PRESDT  
Hailu Birikty DEANS  
Hairston Teara PRESDT  
Hajdini Bekim DEANS  
Haji Iqra DEANS  
Hakimi Kamran PRESDT  
Hakimzada Neelab PRESDT  
Halabi Reema DEANS  
Halabi Sarmed DEANS  
Haley Jonathan DEANS  
Haley Mary DEANS  
Halim Mansoor DEANS  
Hall Amanda DEANS  
Hall Andrea PRESDT  
Hall Ashley DEANS  
Hall Brian DEANS  
Hall Colin PRESDT  
Hall Edward DEANS  
Hall Lindsay DEANS  
Hall Lindsey PRESDT  
Hall Lisa PRESDT  
Hall Madetric DEANS  
Hall Monica DEANS  
Hall Russell PRESDT  
Hall William DEANS  
Halladay Chelsea DEANS  
Haller Tiffany DEANS  
Halmi Stefanie PRESDT  
Halpin Michael DEANS  
Halsey Daniel PRESDT  
Haltom Charles DEANS  
Halverson Richard DEANS  
Hamann Michael DEANS  
Hamaways Mustafa DEANS  
Hamed Saleh PRESDT  
Hameed Muneba DEANS  
Hamen Urmy DEANS  
Hamer Francis DEANS  
Hamid Wafa DEANS  
Hamilton Beth PRESDT  
Hamilton David DEANS  
Hamilton Janet DEANS  
Hamilton Kevin PRESDT  
Hamilton Marlon DEANS  
Hamilton Nathaniel DEANS  
Hamilton Rachael DEANS  
Hamilton Shanntell DEANS  
Hamme Kaitlyn DEANS  
Hammersley Sara DEANS  
Hammett Jenney DEANS  
Hammond Brandon DEANS  
Hammond Chad PRESDT  
Hammond Jason DEANS  
Hammond Krystle DEANS  
Hammontree Casi DEANS  
Hamn Felicia PRESDT  
Hampton Stephen DEANS  
Hamrouchi Ikram PRESDT  
Hamwi Kareem PRESDT  
Han Dongkuone PRESDT  
Han Eunice DEANS  
Han Judy DEANS  
Han Ryan PRESDT  
Han Seunghoon DEANS  
Han SongEi PRESDT  
Han Xue DEANS  
Han Yeo Hee PRESDT  
Hanes Chelsea PRESDT  
Hang Chau DEANS  
Hanicak Theresa PRESDT  
Hanna Josephine DEANS  
Hannah Brittany DEANS  
Hanover Pettit Rebekah DEANS  
Hansen Virginia PRESDT  
Hanson Asta DEANS  
Hanson Nicole DEANS  
Haque Sahina DEANS  
Haraguchi Sharon DEANS  
Harasty Jacquelyn DEANS  
Hardesty Kathryn DEANS  
Hardin Leah DEANS  
Hardin Tanya DEANS  
Hardison Brian DEANS  
Hardison Daniel PRESDT  
Hardman Corey PRESDT  
Hardy Adam DEANS  
Hare Julia DEANS  
Harkness Eileen DEANS  
Harley Virginia DEANS  
Harlowe Ashley DEANS  
Harmony Amber PRESDT  
Harney Talmira PRESDT  
Harney Tamila PRESDT  
Harp Nicholas DEANS  
Harper Kyle DEANS  
Harpole Michael DEANS  
Harrington Jonathan DEANS  
Harrington Mark DEANS  
Harris Angel DEANS  
Harris Brendan DEANS  
Harris Darius DEANS  
Harris Douglas PRESDT  
Harris Eric DEANS  
Harris Jason PRESDT  
Harris Kathryn DEANS  
Harris Keli DEANS  
Harris Kurt DEANS  
Harris Kyle PRESDT  
Harris Mary PRESDT  
Harris McCoy PRESDT  
Harris Rodney DEANS  
Harris Roland DEANS  
Harris Samuel DEANS  
Harris Teresa DEANS  
Harris Timothy PRESDT  
Harris Tonya DEANS  
Harris Vivian DEANS  
Harrison David PRESDT  
Harrison Kenneth DEANS  
Harrison Rory DEANS  
Harry Natallia PRESDT  
Hart Cassie DEANS  
Hart Frank DEANS  
Hart Katherine DEANS  
Hart Kim DEANS  
Hart Yurie DEANS  
Hartka Jacob DEANS  
Hartley Kimberly DEANS  
Hartman Mark DEANS  
Harty Christine DEANS  
Harty Peggy DEANS  
Harvey Blake DEANS  
Harvey Hunter DEANS  
Harvey Pamela PRESDT  
Harvey Steven DEANS  
Hasan Syed PRESDT  
Hasandras Eratosthenis PRESDT  
Hasanova Gunay DEANS  
Hashem Dana DEANS  
Hashemi Olia Hanieh DEANS  
Hashimi Donia DEANS  
Hashimi Sadaf DEANS  
hashmi farah DEANS  
Hashmi Hira DEANS  
Hasikova Radka PRESDT  
Haskell Ronald DEANS  
Haslacker Amber DEANS  
Hasnain Ali DEANS  
Hassan Abdullahi DEANS  
Hassan Mahmood DEANS  
Hassan Qadar DEANS  
Hassan Rakeb DEANS  
Hassan Safia DEANS  
Hassan Safiya DEANS  
Hassani Andrea PRESDT  
Hassen Anwar DEANS  
Hassen Leyla DEANS  
Hatch David DEANS  
Hatcher Joseph DEANS  
Hatcher Nathan PRESDT  
Hatcher Rachel DEANS  
Hatchette Gregory DEANS  
Hatfield Brian DEANS  
Hatfield Marques PRESDT  
Hatim Justine DEANS  
Hausfeld Kelley DEANS  
Hausker Sara DEANS  
hausman sarah DEANS  
Havenner Brittany DEANS  
Havrilla Timothy DEANS  
Hawa Sara DEANS  
Hawkins Katrice DEANS  
Hawkins Lakisha DEANS  
Haydari Noorzia DEANS  
Hayde Adam PRESDT  
Hayden Carissa DEANS  
Hayden Sharon DEANS  
Hayes Britany DEANS  
Hayes Perry DEANS  
Hayes Teresa DEANS  
Haynes Edith PRESDT  
Hays Charlotte DEANS  
Haywood Nekiea DEANS  
He Yuxin PRESDT  
Heam Channa DEANS  
Heard Coriena DEANS  
Heath Angelica DEANS  
Hedden Debra DEANS  
Hedden Kevin PRESDT  
Heffley Jessica DEANS  
Heflin Denise DEANS  
Heheatror Raphael DEANS  
Heidarian Kevin DEANS  
Heider Hamed DEANS  
Heil Gordon DEANS  
Hein Megan DEANS  
Heine William DEANS  
Heiner Dustin DEANS  
Heinicke Marika PRESDT  
Heinzelman Bryant DEANS  
Heisler Timothy DEANS  
Heiss Andrea DEANS  
Heist Hristina DEANS  
Helden David DEANS  
Heldreth Stephanie DEANS  
Helein Collin DEANS  
Helgeson Lars DEANS  
Hellbaum Monica DEANS  
Heller David DEANS  
Helm Angela DEANS  
Helm Philip PRESDT  
Helms Samantha DEANS  
Helwege Jessica DEANS  
Hembree Stefan DEANS  
Hemmatian Mohammed DEANS  
Hemphill John PRESDT  
Henchbarger Erin PRESDT  
Henderson Desiree DEANS  
Henderson Jessica DEANS  
Henderson Nyesha DEANS  
Henderson Thomas DEANS  
Henderson Tyler DEANS  
Hendon Jeremiah DEANS  
Hendricks Jennifer PRESDT  
Hendricks Laurence PRESDT  
Hendrickson Christopher DEANS  
Hendrix Chelsea PRESDT  
Hendry Bryan DEANS  
Henighan Richardean DEANS  
Henley Brian DEANS  
Henley Corey DEANS  
Hennessee Karen PRESDT  
Henriksen Matthew DEANS  
Henriquez William DEANS  
Henry-gross Caroline DEANS  
Henson Tiffanie PRESDT  
Heras Jessica DEANS  
Herbas Giovanna PRESDT  
Herbas Ramirez Jhersson DEANS  
Hercules Madelyn DEANS  
Hergert Philip DEANS  
Herman Sally DEANS  
Hernanadez Karen DEANS  
Hernandez Billy DEANS  
Hernandez Brian DEANS  
Hernandez Esteban DEANS  
Hernandez Jedtziel DEANS  
Hernandez Karis DEANS  
Hernandez Omar DEANS  
Hernandez Sylvana DEANS  
Hernandez Valerie PRESDT  
Hernandez Veronica DEANS  
Hernandez Yvonne DEANS  
Hernandez-Portillo Ana DEANS  
Hernandorena Francisco DEANS  
Herndon Bryan DEANS  
Herr Joshua PRESDT  
Herr Yeon PRESDT  
Herrera Christine DEANS  
Herrera Dayse PRESDT  
Herrick Julie DEANS  
Herrick Sarah DEANS  
herron martha DEANS  
Hershkovitz Michael DEANS  
Heselton April DEANS  
Heslin Nicole PRESDT  
Heslin III Thomas DEANS  
Hess Sara DEANS  
Hesse Poramaporn DEANS  
Hester Kipp DEANS  
Hester Meredith DEANS  
Heuer Paige DEANS  
Heyrana Jan DEANS  
Hickox Hannah DEANS  
Hicks Ashlyn DEANS  
Hicks Gregory DEANS  
Hicks Terry DEANS  
Hideri Mohammad DEANS  
Hidremariam Mihret PRESDT  
Higbee Alexander DEANS  
Higdon Kai DEANS  
Higgins Beth DEANS  
Higgins Paul DEANS  
Highsmith Rachel DEANS  
Hilburn Amanda PRESDT  
Hilditch Amanda DEANS  
Hiles Heather DEANS  
Hill Daniel DEANS  
Hill Derek DEANS  
Hill Lindsey DEANS  
Hill Lisel DEANS  
Hill Lucas DEANS  
Hill Lydia DEANS  
Hill Matthew DEANS  
Hill Monica DEANS  
Hill Paul DEANS  
Hill Shawnna DEANS  
Hill Stephanie DEANS  
Hillaert Laura DEANS  
Hill-Clemons Kristen DEANS  
Hillenbrand Amanda DEANS  
Hillgren Lorelei PRESDT  
Hilliard Dawn DEANS  
Hillyard James PRESDT  
Hilsdon Theresa DEANS  
Hilson Lakesha DEANS  
hindi ruba DEANS  
Hinesly Dana DEANS  
Hinnant Rhiannon-Nadine DEANS  
Hinrichsen Carolyn DEANS  
Hinson Oliver DEANS  
Hinzman Kayla DEANS  
Hirschhorn Rachel DEANS  
Hite Braden DEANS  
Hitsmna Yelisaveta DEANS  
Hitt Jacob PRESDT  
Hixson Stephanie DEANS  
Hjelm Olivia PRESDT  
Ho Julian PRESDT  
Ho Thanh Thao DEANS  
Ho Yichun DEANS  
Hoang Amberly DEANS  
Hoang Dzung PRESDT  
Hoang Martin DEANS  
Hoang Ngoc DEANS  
Hoban Lauren DEANS  
Hobbie Kristopher DEANS  
Hobbs Lauren PRESDT  
Hodge David DEANS  
Hodgson David DEANS  
Hodgson Diana DEANS  
Hodson Brandon DEANS  
Hoeffler Christa DEANS  
Hoefler Tracey DEANS  
Hoeft Gordon PRESDT  
Hoerst Brenda DEANS  
Hoess Lisa DEANS  
Hofer Marion DEANS  
Hoff Alan DEANS  
Hoff Summer PRESDT  
Hoffer Philecia DEANS  
Hoffman Dwayne DEANS  
Hoffman John PRESDT  
Hoffman Joseph DEANS  
Hoffman Mary PRESDT  
Hoffman Michele DEANS  
Hoffman Paul DEANS  
Hofsiss James DEANS  
Hogan Peggy PRESDT  
Hogarty Timothy DEANS  
Hogue William PRESDT  
Holcomb Lydia DEANS  
Holiday Keyawna DEANS  
Holipski Adrian DEANS  
Holland Trina DEANS  
Hollenbeck Alexander DEANS  
Hollett Seon Ok DEANS  
Holliday Allison PRESDT  
Hollinger Maya DEANS  
Holloway Elizabeth DEANS  
holloway kimberly DEANS  
Holloway Matthew DEANS  
Holloway Pertrill DEANS  
Holloway Rory DEANS  
Holman Jacquelyn DEANS  
Holmes Jennifer PRESDT  
Holmes Kristy DEANS  
Holmes Olga DEANS  
Holmes Patrick DEANS  
Holoman Mitchell DEANS  
Holt Jack PRESDT  
Holt Jillian DEANS  
Holt Kendall DEANS  
holt stephen DEANS  
Holtgrieve Sally DEANS  
Holton Dante DEANS  
Holtz Sara PRESDT  
Holzman Brandy DEANS  
Homayouni Brandon PRESDT  
Homet Sarah DEANS  
Hon Sin DEANS  
Honaker Robert DEANS  
Honeycutt Cheryl DEANS  
Hong Daniel PRESDT  
Hong Justin DEANS  
Hong Perry PRESDT  
Hong Sung Ha PRESDT  
Honorkiewicz Agnieszka PRESDT  
Hopkins Andrew DEANS  
Hopkins Charles DEANS  
Hopkins Robert DEANS  
Horewitz Gary DEANS  
Hormann Jeffrey DEANS  
Horn Leisa DEANS  
Hornbrook Jamie DEANS  
Horne Charles DEANS  
Horner Richard DEANS  
Horstman Tracy DEANS  
Horton Christopher PRESDT  
Horton Elena PRESDT  
Horton Jeremy DEANS  
Hossain Kayes PRESDT  
Hosseinpour Leila DEANS  
Hotaki Mariam PRESDT  
Hott Richard DEANS  
Houenouvi Komlanvi DEANS  
House Victoria DEANS  
Houser Christopher DEANS  
Howard David PRESDT  
Howard Jason DEANS  
Howard Timothy DEANS  
Howard Wayne DEANS  
Howe Elysia PRESDT  
Howe Ian DEANS  
Howe Katherine DEANS  
Howe William DEANS  
Howell Nolan DEANS  
Hower Maya DEANS  
Hoyle Andrew PRESDT  
Hoylman Kristi DEANS  
Hoyt Elizabeth DEANS  
Hryncewich John DEANS  
Hsu Lily DEANS  
Hu Kexiang DEANS  
Huaman-aquino Aldo DEANS  
Huang Chi-Wei DEANS  
Huang Eric DEANS  
Huang Felix DEANS  
Huang Joseph DEANS  
Huang Xinyu PRESDT  
Huang Zi DEANS  
Huard Jean-Philippe DEANS  
Huber Katherine DEANS  
Huckstep Heather PRESDT  
Hudson Andrew DEANS  
Hudson Hannah DEANS  
Hudson Regina DEANS  
Hudson Zakary DEANS  
Hudson-o'neill Linda DEANS  
Huertas Francesca DEANS  
Huff Emily DEANS  
Huff Jesse DEANS  
Huffman Tyler DEANS  
Hufford Peter PRESDT  
Hughes Harry DEANS  
Hughes Stella DEANS  
Hughes Thomas DEANS  
Hughes-Segroves Kyle PRESDT  
Hughs Charles DEANS  
huh ellie DEANS  
Huley Hilarie DEANS  
Hulita Oksana PRESDT  
Hull Kristine DEANS  
Hull Scott DEANS  
Hum Jonathan DEANS  
Hummell Brandan DEANS  
Hundessa Hanna PRESDT  
Hung Hyun-soo DEANS  
Hunley Rhonda DEANS  
Hunt Adam DEANS  
Hunt David DEANS  
Hunt Nicole DEANS  
Hunter Patricia DEANS  
Hunter Richard DEANS  
Hunter Sydney DEANS  
Huntt Matthew PRESDT  
Hur Jiin DEANS  
Hurley Keith DEANS  
Hurt Jennifer DEANS  
Husain Fahd DEANS  
Husein Elaine DEANS  
Hush Erica DEANS  
Hussain Fasih DEANS  
Hussain Helina PRESDT  
Hussain Mahwash DEANS  
Hussain Naveen DEANS  
Hussain Saqib DEANS  
Hussien Abubeker PRESDT  
Hutcherson Matthew PRESDT  
Hutcherson Robert DEANS  
Hutchison Tiffany DEANS  
Hutchison Zeina DEANS  
Huth Jeremiah DEANS  
Huttner Andrew DEANS  
Huybrechts Wendy DEANS  
Huynh Binh DEANS  
Huynh Cam Thuy PRESDT  
Huynh David DEANS  
Huynh Jennifer DEANS  
Huynh Kieu Loan PRESDT  
huynh linh DEANS  
Huynh Mai PRESDT  
Huynh Truc Anh DEANS  
Hwang Jae Hyoung PRESDT  
Hwang Jeawon DEANS  
Hwang Yoora PRESDT  
Hyde Brian PRESDT  
Hyder Marie DEANS  
Hydrick Jonathan DEANS  
Hyland Liisa PRESDT  
Hylton Christopher DEANS