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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2010

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Gaarde Jessica PRESDT  
Gabriel Erik DEANS  
Gabriel Suzanne DEANS  
Gabriel Vanessa DEANS  
Gaddis Hannah DEANS  
Gaffany Christyn PRESDT  
Gafvert Christopher DEANS  
Gaines Michelle DEANS  
Gake Kokou DEANS  
Galanty Margaretta DEANS  
Galaviz Amber DEANS  
Galeano Diana PRESDT  
Gallagher Brian DEANS  
Gallagher Patrick PRESDT  
Gallagher Paul DEANS  
Gallahan Christopher DEANS  
Gallegos David DEANS  
Gallik Christian DEANS  
Galloway Jason DEANS  
Galvan Luis DEANS  
Galvez Arianne Angelie DEANS  
Galvez Fiorella PRESDT  
Galvez Karen PRESDT  
Galvin Kevin DEANS  
Gamarra Luis DEANS  
Gambla Timothy DEANS  
Gambrill Amy DEANS  
Gamez Claudia DEANS  
Gamlin Austin DEANS  
Gandee Zoe DEANS  
Ganesan Nirmala DEANS  
Ganobsik Kendra DEANS  
Ganow Brittany PRESDT  
Garay Leily DEANS  
Garbaliauskas Mariane DEANS  
Garber Jeffery DEANS  
Garber Roman DEANS  
Garcia Angel DEANS  
Garcia Brittney DEANS  
Garcia Bryan DEANS  
Garcia Chelsea DEANS  
Garcia Esther DEANS  
Garcia Federico DEANS  
Garcia Ismael DEANS  
Garcia Jennifer DEANS  
Garcia Joel DEANS  
Garcia Luis DEANS  
Garcia Paola DEANS  
Garcia Stacy PRESDT  
Garcia William DEANS  
Garcia Montano Maricela DEANS  
Garcia-Chinchilla Alejandro PRESDT  
Garcia-Negrete Arturo DEANS  
Gardner David PRESDT  
Gardner Joe DEANS  
Gardner Kelly DEANS  
Gardner Robert PRESDT  
Gargulinska Anna PRESDT  
Gari Edna DEANS  
Garlow Erin DEANS  
Garman Mary PRESDT  
Garmon Jeremy DEANS  
Garner Jon DEANS  
Garrett Brett PRESDT  
Garrett Stacey DEANS  
Garrison Jeremy DEANS  
Garrison Michael DEANS  
Garst Hannah DEANS  
Gartzke Caroline PRESDT  
Gartzke Elizabeth DEANS  
Garufi Matthew DEANS  
Garvey Shanda DEANS  
Gashawtena Ameha DEANS  
Gaskin Monica PRESDT  
Gaskins Jasmine DEANS  
Gaskins Tracy DEANS  
Gates Ashley DEANS  
Gathman Elissa PRESDT  
Gaudaen James PRESDT  
Gaul Katherine DEANS  
Gaul Laura PRESDT  
Gauldin William DEANS  
Gault Eastern DEANS  
Gault Megan DEANS  
Gautam Sanju DEANS  
Gauthier Justin DEANS  
Gaviola Lucia PRESDT  
Gavrilova Natalya PRESDT  
Gavurin Andrea DEANS  
Gawad Neal PRESDT  
Gayer Jonathan DEANS  
gayessa alemayehu PRESDT  
Gaygay Mary DEANS  
Gdid Rachida DEANS  
Geary Brian DEANS  
Geary David DEANS  
Geary Janina PRESDT  
Geberehiwot Senayit DEANS  
Gebeyehu Mesfin DEANS  
Gebeyehu Nebiyou PRESDT  
Gebreegziabher Mamit DEANS  
Gebregiorgis Admas DEANS  
Gebrekidan Paris DEANS  
Gebremehin Tewodros DEANS  
Gebremichael Melaku DEANS  
Gebremikael Haileslassie DEANS  
gebretensai mekdes DEANS  
Gebru Asheber PRESDT  
Gebru Belayneh PRESDT  
Gebru Yoska DEANS  
Gedeon Edward DEANS  
Gedil Mesfin PRESDT  
Gehrt-House Donald DEANS  
Geissinger Michael DEANS  
Geist Kristi DEANS  
Gelfand Desiree DEANS  
Gelner Timothy DEANS  
Gemechu Hawi DEANS  
Gendron Eric PRESDT  
Genetew Likyelesh DEANS  
Genne Elyse DEANS  
Gentry Rechelle PRESDT  
Geoghegan Timothy PRESDT  
George James DEANS  
George Jessica DEANS  
Georgieva Stanislava PRESDT  
Georgis Ashley DEANS  
Geozeff Tara DEANS  
Geppi Lauren PRESDT  
Gerard Sarah DEANS  
Gerber Ashley DEANS  
Gerdzhikova Liliya DEANS  
German James DEANS  
German Laura DEANS  
German Shawn DEANS  
Gerrior Jennifer DEANS  
Gertin Holly DEANS  
Gerwitz Christina DEANS  
Gessner Margaret DEANS  
Getachew Amare DEANS  
Getachew Michael DEANS  
Getachew Tirsit DEANS  
Gettier Sierra DEANS  
Ghaemi Helinda DEANS  
Ghaffarian Amirali DEANS  
Ghafoori Farhad DEANS  
Ghafoori Tariq DEANS  
Ghanizada Iman PRESDT  
Ghashghaei Bita DEANS  
Ghavami Bita PRESDT  
Ghebremariam Yonas PRESDT  
Ghebreyesus Yohannes DEANS  
Gholizadeh Fatemeh DEANS  
Ghoraishi Behzad DEANS  
Giamette Renee PRESDT  
Giampapa Janet DEANS  
Giampietro Tatiana DEANS  
Giang Van PRESDT  
Giare Aparna DEANS  
Gibboney Lisa PRESDT  
Gibbs K. DEANS  
Gibbs Michael DEANS  
Giboney Eric DEANS  
Gibson Catherine PRESDT  
Gibson Christen DEANS  
Giddings Chinito PRESDT  
Gifford Barbara DEANS  
Gilbert Rachel DEANS  
Gilbert Rachel PRESDT  
Gilbride Claire PRESDT  
Gill Hardeep DEANS  
Gillich Jody DEANS  
Gillikin Christina DEANS  
Gilliland Rachel PRESDT  
Gillis Judith PRESDT  
Gillis Melissa DEANS  
Gillison Vivian PRESDT  
Gilmore Hannah DEANS  
Gilmore Renee DEANS  
Gilray Samantha DEANS  
Gimbel Martha DEANS  
Gingrich Denton DEANS  
Ginwright Michael PRESDT  
Giovanetti Michael PRESDT  
Giraldo Elena PRESDT  
Girardi Ingrid DEANS  
Giri Anurodh PRESDT  
Giri Divya DEANS  
Giron Caroline PRESDT  
Gisriel Crystal DEANS  
Giuliano Kathleen DEANS  
Givens Mary-anna DEANS  
Gjormand Christopher DEANS  
Glad Jonathon DEANS  
Glapion Joseph DEANS  
Glascock Mark DEANS  
Glasgow Joshua DEANS  
Glasoe Rebekha DEANS  
Glass Helen PRESDT  
Glass Justine DEANS  
Glass Kevin DEANS  
Glassley John PRESDT  
Glotfelty Tyler PRESDT  
Glowacki Ian DEANS  
Go Woon DEANS  
Godana Emebet PRESDT  
Godby Megan DEANS  
Goddard Ashley DEANS  
Godfrey Hannah DEANS  
Godin Nicholas DEANS  
Godin Steven DEANS  
Goetzinger Jennifer DEANS  
Goffney Lisa DEANS  
Goga Bereket DEANS  
Gojnycz Konstantin DEANS  
Golbitz Matthew PRESDT  
Gold Austin DEANS  
Golden Sharon DEANS  
Golden Steven PRESDT  
Goldman Jeffrey DEANS  
Goldsmith Monica DEANS  
Goldston Matthew DEANS  
Gomez Miguel DEANS  
Gomez Oscar DEANS  
Gomez Stephanie PRESDT  
Gomez Vanessa PRESDT  
Goncalves borrega Fabian DEANS  
Goncer Erin DEANS  
Goncharov Iurii DEANS  
Gonsorcik Dwayne DEANS  
Gontarz Christine DEANS  
Gonzaga Emily DEANS  
Gonzales Beatriz DEANS  
Gonzales Jordan PRESDT  
Gonzalez Alex DEANS  
Gonzalez Bart DEANS  
Gonzalez Carmen DEANS  
Gonzalez Eric DEANS  
Gonzalez Irene DEANS  
Gonzalez Jesus DEANS  
Gonzalez Jiovany PRESDT  
Gonzalez Karla DEANS  
Gonzalez Lady DEANS  
Gonzalez Manuel DEANS  
Gonzalez Martin DEANS  
Gonzalez Matthew DEANS  
Gonzalez Mercedes DEANS  
Gonzalez Michael PRESDT  
Gonzalez Veronica DEANS  
Gonzalez William DEANS  
Gonzalez-Arias Daniel DEANS  
Good Cohinta DEANS  
Good Suzanne DEANS  
Goodman Christopher PRESDT  
Goodnight Curtis PRESDT  
Goodwin Evan DEANS  
Goodwin Hurrol DEANS  
Goodwin Mimi DEANS  
Goodwyn Wesley DEANS  
Gooley Christopher DEANS  
Goolrick Conner DEANS  
Gorbutt Artimesia DEANS  
Gordon India DEANS  
Gordon Nancy DEANS  
Gordon Stephanie PRESDT  
Gore Chester DEANS  
Gorgan Dumitry PRESDT  
Gorine Leonid PRESDT  
Gorkowski Jennifer DEANS  
Gormley Justin PRESDT  
Gorska Wioletta PRESDT  
Gosain Nishant DEANS  
Gossman Cynthia DEANS  
Goto Akiko PRESDT  
Gotta Shannon DEANS  
Gottesman Leslie DEANS  
Gough Karen DEANS  
Gourley Michael DEANS  
Govoni Whitney PRESDT  
Graceffo Stephan DEANS  
Grad Cheryl DEANS  
Gradia Rachael PRESDT  
Graff Jennifer DEANS  
Graft Robert DEANS  
Graham Angeline DEANS  
Graham Brandi DEANS  
Graham Nicole PRESDT  
Grandinetti Justin DEANS  
Grandmaire Jean PRESDT  
Grandon Alexander DEANS  
Granja Matovelle Santiago DEANS  
Grant Govenor DEANS  
Grant Kelley DEANS  
Grantham Danielle PRESDT  
Graves Brittany DEANS  
Graves Dylan DEANS  
Graves Jennifer DEANS  
Gray Bethany DEANS  
Gray Bradley DEANS  
Gray Galen DEANS  
Gray Hassan DEANS  
Gray Jackson DEANS  
Gray Jennifer DEANS  
Gray Lindsey DEANS  
Gray Terry PRESDT  
Grayson Taniya DEANS  
Grcic Marija DEANS  
Grebneva Elizaveta PRESDT  
Grebneva Ksenia PRESDT  
Greco Amy PRESDT  
Greco Anna DEANS  
Green Alexander PRESDT  
Green Brandon DEANS  
Green Darren PRESDT  
Green Dustin DEANS  
Green Tia DEANS  
Greenberg Maggie DEANS  
Greene Michelle PRESDT  
Greene Sabrina DEANS  
Greene William DEANS  
Greenlee Clint PRESDT  
Greenwood Matthew DEANS  
Greer Judy DEANS  
Greer Maximillian DEANS  
Gregory Alex PRESDT  
Gregory Melissa DEANS  
Gresham Michael DEANS  
Grichtmeier Katherine DEANS  
Grieco Christina DEANS  
Grieco Kelly DEANS  
Griffin David DEANS  
Griffin Erica DEANS  
Griffin Jenifer PRESDT  
Griffin Katherine PRESDT  
Griffin Keyana DEANS  
Griffith Iryna DEANS  
Griffith Kayci PRESDT  
Griffith Leanne DEANS  
Griffiths Robert DEANS  
Grigsby Sarah DEANS  
Grimes Loreann PRESDT  
Grimes Stuart DEANS  
Grimm Emily PRESDT  
Grimm Mary DEANS  
Grinstead Deborah DEANS  
Griswold Adela DEANS  
Gritis Peter PRESDT  
Groenig Alyssa DEANS  
Grof-Tisza Edit DEANS  
Grof-Tisza Maria DEANS  
Grolimund Francis DEANS  
Grooms Travis PRESDT  
Groover Hannah DEANS  
Gross James PRESDT  
Gross Katelyn PRESDT  
Grosser Jacqueline DEANS  
Ground Sarah PRESDT  
Grozeva Daniela PRESDT  
Gu Yingxiang DEANS  
Guajardo Hawach Miriam PRESDT  
Gualberto Evin PRESDT  
Gucwa Ann DEANS  
Guerra-Beard Melissa PRESDT  
Guerrero Arlene DEANS  
Guerrero Amezcua Ana DEANS  
Guevara Guillermo DEANS  
Guevarra Nina DEANS  
Gueye Amina DEANS  
Guile Samantha DEANS  
Guillen Hugo DEANS  
Guillen-pinto Gabriela PRESDT  
guinn sawyer DEANS  
Guinto Jean Christian PRESDT  
Guirgis Madona PRESDT  
Gul Naila DEANS  
Guliuk Vadym PRESDT  
Gump Dale DEANS  
Gunduz Mutlu DEANS  
Gundy James DEANS  
Gunther Kathleen DEANS  
Gupta Anupriya DEANS  
Gupta Neha DEANS  
Gursoy Abdullah DEANS  
Gurung Dipshan PRESDT  
Gurung Hira PRESDT  
Gurung Susmita PRESDT  
Guruswamy Fathima PRESDT  
Gushterova Albena DEANS  
Guta Dawit DEANS  
Gutarra Aurora DEANS  
Guthridge Caitlin DEANS  
Guthrie Crystal DEANS  
Guthrie Nathaniel DEANS  
Gutierrez Gabriela DEANS  
Gutierrez Gustavo DEANS  
Gutierrez Marvin DEANS  
Gutierrez Paola DEANS  
Gutjahr Alexander DEANS  
Gutnick Thomas DEANS  
Guy Kirstyn DEANS  
Guyton Kara PRESDT  
Guzek Jacob DEANS  
Guzman Christine DEANS  
Guzman Joshua DEANS  
Guzman Vynka DEANS  
Guzman Wilfredo PRESDT  
Guzman Perez Jorge DEANS  
Guzzone Frank DEANS  
Gwarek sarah DEANS  
Gwartney Andrea DEANS  
Gyamfi-Awuah Kwesi PRESDT  
Gyman Jennifer DEANS