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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2010

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Caballero Andrew PRESDT  
Caballero-Acuna Vincenzo DEANS  
Cabero Michelle PRESDT  
Cabezas Marlene PRESDT  
Cabral Michelle DEANS  
Cabrera Diana DEANS  
Cabrera Jhonathan PRESDT  
Cabrera Samantha PRESDT  
Caden Catherine DEANS  
Cadwallader Ashley DEANS  
Caffee Catrice DEANS  
Cafferky Lauren DEANS  
Cahill Timothy DEANS  
Cakcak Nilay DEANS  
Calderon Gino DEANS  
Calderwood Pixie DEANS  
Caldwell Brandis DEANS  
Caldwell James DEANS  
Calilung Nicolette DEANS  
Calkins Kaitlin DEANS  
Callejas Victor DEANS  
Calles Julia DEANS  
Callison Jonathan DEANS  
Calonje Gina DEANS  
Camacho Dennis DEANS  
Cambel Aaron DEANS  
Cammarano-Moyers Danielle DEANS  
Camp Christine PRESDT  
Camp Kevin DEANS  
Camp Michelle PRESDT  
Campa Alfred DEANS  
Campbell Brett PRESDT  
Campbell Christiana DEANS  
Campbell Gregory DEANS  
Campbell Laurie DEANS  
Campbell Scothelia DEANS  
Campbell Shonda DEANS  
Campbell Todd DEANS  
Campos Bianka DEANS  
Campos Jorge DEANS  
Campos Juan DEANS  
Campos Katharine DEANS  
Campos Laura DEANS  
Campos Maria DEANS  
Canales Kimberly DEANS  
Candia Fabiola DEANS  
Canelas Christian DEANS  
Canizales Vanessa PRESDT  
Canon jordan DEANS  
Canoy Nicholas DEANS  
Canterbury Kristie DEANS  
Canterbury Marie DEANS  
Cantrell Betsy PRESDT  
Canzon Pilar DEANS  
Cao Jiahui DEANS  
Cao Nghia DEANS  
Caramat Felicia PRESDT  
Carbaugh Matt DEANS  
Carbo Escobar Jose DEANS  
Carbone Denise PRESDT  
Cardona Carol DEANS  
Cardoso Emanuella PRESDT  
Cardwell Iver DEANS  
Carey Laura DEANS  
Carey Tiffannie DEANS  
Cargill Clyde PRESDT  
Carhuaz Fiorella DEANS  
Carithers ALINA DEANS  
Carlan Sarah DEANS  
Carles Andrea DEANS  
Carleton Caitlin PRESDT  
Carlin Bridget DEANS  
Carlson Aaron PRESDT  
Carlson Kathleen DEANS  
Carlson Meaghan PRESDT  
Carlson Melissa DEANS  
Carlton Drew PRESDT  
Carmack Edwin DEANS  
Carmody Ryan DEANS  
carmouche marie DEANS  
Carolla Danielle PRESDT  
Carolla Samuel PRESDT  
Carpenter Christopher DEANS  
Carpenter Daryl DEANS  
Carpenter Kelly PRESDT  
Carpenter Megann DEANS  
Carpenter Rebecca DEANS  
Carpio Sandra DEANS  
Carr Jennifer DEANS  
Carrier Aileen DEANS  
Carrillo Sergio DEANS  
carrillo claros debbie DEANS  
Carroll Cinnamon DEANS  
Carroll Jonathan DEANS  
Carter Amber DEANS  
Carter Ashley DEANS  
Carter Christine DEANS  
Carter Gary PRESDT  
Carter John DEANS  
Carter Kyra DEANS  
Carter Paris DEANS  
Carter Sarah DEANS  
Cartier Alexis DEANS  
Carty Jeffrey DEANS  
Caruso Adam DEANS  
Caruthers Derrick DEANS  
Carwile Amanda PRESDT  
Case Stephanie PRESDT  
Casebolt Michael DEANS  
Casey Meredith PRESDT  
Casey Shannon DEANS  
Casey Vanessa DEANS  
Cash Danielle DEANS  
Cashioli Michael DEANS  
Cashwell Christopher DEANS  
Caso Jenna DEANS  
casperson sun DEANS  
Casquero Aranda Mayra PRESDT  
Cassel Dean DEANS  
Cassidy Ellen PRESDT  
Cassidy Samantha DEANS  
Castano Carlos DEANS  
Castelain Patricia DEANS  
Castell Anthony PRESDT  
Castellanos Nora DEANS  
Castello Brian PRESDT  
Castellon Virginia DEANS  
Castilla Zevallos Melanie DEANS  
Castillo Jose DEANS  
Castillo Luis DEANS  
Castillo Maria DEANS  
Castillo Marlena DEANS  
Castillo Yoseline DEANS  
Castro Coral DEANS  
Castro Eduardo DEANS  
Castro Natividad DEANS  
Castro Alfaro Lindsay DEANS  
Casucci Daniel DEANS  
Cate Walter DEANS  
Cattanach Colin DEANS  
Caucci Joe DEANS  
Caulkins Lyndsey DEANS  
Cava Stephen PRESDT  
Cavalcante Guerra Carla DEANS  
Cavazos Tammy DEANS  
Cave Ariadne DEANS  
Cave Deanna PRESDT  
Cekala Christina DEANS  
Celenski Mark PRESDT  
Celestin Stacy DEANS  
Centeno Lisa DEANS  
Cephas Briana DEANS  
Ceppi Darla DEANS  
Cerezo Avelina DEANS  
Cerpa Viviane DEANS  
Cespedes William DEANS  
Chadha Dev DEANS  
Chadwick Elizabeth DEANS  
Chahil Baljit DEANS  
Chahine John PRESDT  
Chakraborty Ratnapriya DEANS  
Chalf Essam DEANS  
Chamberlain Angela DEANS  
Chambers Kristine DEANS  
chamochumbi erick DEANS  
Champion Blythe DEANS  
Chan Amanda PRESDT  
Chan Tin Hang PRESDT  
Chance Lara DEANS  
Chance Nancy DEANS  
Chandler Brittany DEANS  
Chandler Kathleen DEANS  
Chandler Whitney DEANS  
Chanfreau Agustin PRESDT  
Chang Andrew DEANS  
Chang David DEANS  
Chang Iris Christi PRESDT  
Chang Tetis PRESDT  
Chapman Alesia DEANS  
Chapman Kelly DEANS  
Charles William DEANS  
Charnrissuragul Anusorn DEANS  
Charriez Grace DEANS  
Chase Joanna DEANS  
Chase John DEANS  
Chase Siobhan DEANS  
Chatha Simarjit DEANS  
Chatham Tiffany DEANS  
Chatman Coady PRESDT  
Chau Anh DEANS  
Chau Chun DEANS  
Chauca Ivan DEANS  
Chaudhry Faad PRESDT  
Chaudhry Saba DEANS  
Chaudhry Zan DEANS  
Chaves Veronica PRESDT  
Chavez Jimmy PRESDT  
Chavez Randy PRESDT  
Chavez Reuben DEANS  
Chavez-Alvarez Jairo PRESDT  
Cheah PeiVen DEANS  
Cheddad Omayma DEANS  
Cheek Blakely DEANS  
Chehaitelli Sarah DEANS  
Chehreh Neda DEANS  
Chehreh Ramin PRESDT  
Chekol Adey PRESDT  
Chekulaeva Galina DEANS  
Chemrinow Antwon DEANS  
Chen Chao Yuan PRESDT  
Chen Ching DEANS  
Chen Rebecca DEANS  
Chen Weijia DEANS  
Chen Yuan DEANS  
Chen Yu-Tao PRESDT  
Chen Zihong DEANS  
Chenette Laura DEANS  
Cheng Yuhung PRESDT  
Cheon Bogyeong PRESDT  
Cheong Yon Ho PRESDT  
Cherakssa Essayas DEANS  
Chernoskutova Tamara PRESDT  
Cherry Traviss DEANS  
Cherry-Kelly Sonja DEANS  
Chervenka Jessica DEANS  
Cheung Genie PRESDT  
Cheung Naomi PRESDT  
Chewaka Daniel DEANS  
Cheytanov Alexandre PRESDT  
Chicas Nathanael DEANS  
Chin Cameisha DEANS  
Chinmoun Abiba DEANS  
Chirinos Carlos DEANS  
Chirinos Claudia DEANS  
Chirkova Ekaterina PRESDT  
Cho Changwoo PRESDT  
Cho Eun I DEANS  
Cho Henry DEANS  
Cho Hyun DEANS  
Cho Hyunsoo PRESDT  
cho jae DEANS  
Cho So Yeon PRESDT  
Cho Yong Hyun DEANS  
Choe John PRESDT  
Choi Bada DEANS  
Choi Baigalmaa PRESDT  
Choi Dae DEANS  
Choi Hyong PRESDT  
Choi In Kyoo PRESDT  
Choi Jae Young PRESDT  
Choi Jean PRESDT  
Choi Ji Soo DEANS  
Choi Jung Eun DEANS  
Choi Koeun DEANS  
Choi Mi Ryeong DEANS  
Choi Michael PRESDT  
Choi Mihyun DEANS  
Choi Seung DEANS  
Choi Sulki DEANS  
Choi Tae Won PRESDT  
Choi Yong Jin PRESDT  
Choi Yoon Woo DEANS  
Chong Cesar DEANS  
Chopra Aarti DEANS  
Choudhary Abu PRESDT  
Choudhary Aqsa PRESDT  
Choudhary Nida PRESDT  
Choudhry Shahroz DEANS  
Chreky Isabel DEANS  
Chrisinger Caroline PRESDT  
Chrismer Katherine DEANS  
Christ Tonya DEANS  
Christel Jared PRESDT  
Christensen Amber DEANS  
Christensen Curt DEANS  
Christensen Johanna DEANS  
Christensen John DEANS  
Christensen Sabina DEANS  
Christenson Margit DEANS  
Christian Jason DEANS  
Christian Melinda DEANS  
Christiansen Jenna DEANS  
Christoff Robert DEANS  
Chua Luis DEANS  
Chukalov Emil PRESDT  
Chung Esther PRESDT  
Chung Felicity DEANS  
Chung Michelle DEANS  
Chung Nguyen DEANS  
Chung Ree-Ri DEANS  
Chung Seulmin PRESDT  
Chung Sung PRESDT  
Chwairy Samar DEANS  
Chwirut Rebecca DEANS  
Chwoinska Malgorzata DEANS  
Ciavarella Natalie DEANS  
Cicala Kristen DEANS  
Cilek William DEANS  
Cisneros Angela DEANS  
Cisneros Lucia DEANS  
Cividanes Laura DEANS  
Cividanes Michael DEANS  
Claeyssen Paul DEANS  
Clapsaddle Ross DEANS  
Clare Ann PRESDT  
Clark Bonita DEANS  
Clark Corrie PRESDT  
Clark Esther PRESDT  
Clark Jennifer PRESDT  
Clark Jennifer DEANS  
Clark Julia DEANS  
Clark Ryan PRESDT  
Clark Sean DEANS  
Clark Stephanie DEANS  
Clark Taylor PRESDT  
Clarke David DEANS  
Clarke Devin DEANS  
Clarke Heather DEANS  
Clarke Theresa DEANS  
Claros John DEANS  
Claros Mirtha DEANS  
Clasen Matthew PRESDT  
Clay Tycelin DEANS  
Cleary Angela DEANS  
Cleary Thomas DEANS  
Cleaves Patricia PRESDT  
cleckley acquanetta DEANS  
Cleland Lauren PRESDT  
Clemente Savannah DEANS  
Clements David DEANS  
Clements Robert PRESDT  
Clements Sara DEANS  
Clendenin William DEANS  
Cleveland Susan DEANS  
Cleven Millie DEANS  
Cline Christina PRESDT  
Cline Frank DEANS  
Cline Jenny DEANS  
Cline Julie DEANS  
Clingaman Kelly DEANS  
Clites Helen DEANS  
Close David DEANS  
Coalson Catherine DEANS  
Coast Nicole DEANS  
Coats Cathleen DEANS  
Cobb Jacob DEANS  
Coffey Jay DEANS  
Coffey Michael DEANS  
Coffinberger Benjamin PRESDT  
Coffman John DEANS  
Coffman Sandra DEANS  
Cogar Justin PRESDT  
Coger Robert DEANS  
Coggan Laura PRESDT  
Cohen William PRESDT  
Cohn Benjamin DEANS  
Cohn Leah PRESDT  
Coke Julian DEANS  
Cole George PRESDT  
Cole Jesse DEANS  
Cole Kristen DEANS  
Cole Natashya DEANS  
Cole Sarah DEANS  
Coleman Daniel DEANS  
Coleman James DEANS  
Coleman Ross DEANS  
Coleman Yvonne DEANS  
Coles Amanda DEANS  
Coley Carmalla DEANS  
Colfelt James DEANS  
Collaku Ivi DEANS  
Collell Anja DEANS  
Collier Crystal DEANS  
Collier Leann DEANS  
Collier Michael DEANS  
Collier Quentin DEANS  
Collier Steven PRESDT  
Colliluori Joshua DEANS  
Colling Redwood DEANS  
Collings Crystal DEANS  
Collins Alida DEANS  
Collins Brian PRESDT  
Collins James PRESDT  
Collins Lisa DEANS  
Collins Nikia DEANS  
colliton andrew DEANS  
Colombo Teruel Omar PRESDT  
Colon Janielle DEANS  
Colon Lydia DEANS  
Colona Ingrid DEANS  
Colque Julija DEANS  
Comer Jacob DEANS  
Comerer Wesley DEANS  
Commons Patrick DEANS  
Compton Christopher DEANS  
Condah Genevieve DEANS  
Conklin Patrick DEANS  
Conley Carlton DEANS  
Connelly Emily DEANS  
Connerley Maria DEANS  
Connor Adrian DEANS  
Connor David DEANS  
Connors Matthew PRESDT  
Conrow Justin DEANS  
Conroy Erin DEANS  
Constantino Justin DEANS  
Contardi Carol DEANS  
Conte Danielle DEANS  
Contreras Alexandra DEANS  
Contreras Angela DEANS  
Contreras Francisco DEANS  
Convin Jean DEANS  
Conway Joshua DEANS  
Coogan Sarah DEANS  
Cook Colleen DEANS  
Cook Justan DEANS  
Cook Tynisha DEANS  
Cook Victoria PRESDT  
Cooke Thomas DEANS  
Cooley Elizabeth DEANS  
Cooper Anna DEANS  
Cooper Daniel DEANS  
Cooper David DEANS  
Cooper Garrett DEANS  
Cooper Jonathan DEANS  
Cooper Kelsey DEANS  
Cooperstein Kathryn PRESDT  
Coppersmith Michael DEANS  
Corado Cristian DEANS  
Corbett Michael PRESDT  
Corbin Joshua DEANS  
Cordaro Michelle PRESDT  
Corder John DEANS  
Cordero German DEANS  
Cordova John PRESDT  
Cordova Oscar DEANS  
Corea David DEANS  
Cornejo Carmen DEANS  
Cornejo-De La Mora Bibiana PRESDT  
Cornelio Elan DEANS  
Corney Lindell PRESDT  
Cornish Tosha DEANS  
Cornwell Kalvin DEANS  
Coronel Manuel DEANS  
Corrales Fredy DEANS  
Corrigan Peter DEANS  
Cortes Alicia DEANS  
Cortes Camilo DEANS  
Cortes Karla DEANS  
Cortez-Nativi Jason DEANS  
Corzo Sergio DEANS  
Coss Krystal DEANS  
Cossio Ivan DEANS  
Costantine Jane DEANS  
Cot Cindy DEANS  
Cote Adam DEANS  
Cote Mutlu DEANS  
Cotellessa Joseph DEANS  
Cotrina Cesar PRESDT  
Cottingham Aurora DEANS  
Cottle Ellen PRESDT  
Cottles Shannon DEANS  
Cotton Gillian DEANS  
Coughlin Melissa DEANS  
Coulter Lara PRESDT  
Councell Kimberly DEANS  
Courtney Alison DEANS  
Cousins Haley PRESDT  
Coussa Tina DEANS  
Couture Edward PRESDT  
Covert Crystal DEANS  
Covert Rick DEANS  
Cowan Justin DEANS  
Cowan Shauntese DEANS  
Cowles Robin PRESDT  
Cox Erika DEANS  
Cox Ralph DEANS  
Cox-Bruns Sharon DEANS  
Coye Susanna PRESDT  
Coyle James PRESDT  
Crabb Sara Marie DEANS  
Cradic Brandon PRESDT  
Craig Leilani DEANS  
Craig Mallory DEANS  
Cramer Andrew DEANS  
Crane Amanda DEANS  
Crawford Patrick DEANS  
Crawford Shayne DEANS  
Crawshaw Andrew DEANS  
Crego Antonette PRESDT  
crestwell kamala DEANS  
crevonis nathan DEANS  
Crews Diane DEANS  
Crews Jonathan DEANS  
Cripe Deborah DEANS  
Crispin Kathryn DEANS  
Crites Keleigh PRESDT  
Crochet Ethan DEANS  
crockett Christopher DEANS  
Croke Jessie PRESDT  
Cross Alicia DEANS  
Cross David DEANS  
Cross Joshua DEANS  
Cross Kathleen DEANS  
Cross Misty DEANS  
Cross Tracy DEANS  
Croston Brieonna DEANS  
crowder rebecca DEANS  
Crowe Aaron DEANS  
Crowe Margaret DEANS  
Crowley Katherine PRESDT  
Crum Jennifer PRESDT  
Crum Jessica PRESDT  
Crutchfield Ashley DEANS  
Crute Anisha DEANS  
Cruz Alan DEANS  
Cruz Davina PRESDT  
Cruz Erika DEANS  
Cruz John DEANS  
Cruz Jose DEANS  
Cruz Karlan DEANS  
Cruz Lauren PRESDT  
Cruz Mary DEANS  
Cruz Natalie DEANS  
Cruz Norma DEANS  
Cruz Tatiana DEANS  
Cruz nina Veronica PRESDT  
Cuba Crystal DEANS  
Cueva Cristhy DEANS  
Cuffee Alice DEANS  
Culpepper Jonathan PRESDT  
Cummings Andrew PRESDT  
Cummings Chelsea DEANS  
Cummings Declan PRESDT  
Cummins Abigail DEANS  
Cummins Mathew PRESDT  
Cundioglu Busra DEANS  
Cunniff Nicholas DEANS  
Cunningham Daniel DEANS  
Cunningham Erin PRESDT  
Cunningham Jennifer DEANS  
Cunningham Stephen DEANS  
Cuomo Camelia DEANS  
Curcio Alexander DEANS  
Curi Cabrera Angelinne DEANS  
Curiel Jessica PRESDT  
Curington Rahsaan PRESDT  
Curran Emily DEANS  
Currey Joanna PRESDT  
Curry Brit DEANS  
Curry Gray PRESDT  
Curry Jeffrey PRESDT  
Curry Karen PRESDT  
Curtain Kara PRESDT  
Curtin Kevin PRESDT  
Curtis David DEANS  
Curtis Elizabeth DEANS  
Curtis Steven PRESDT  
Cusato Nicholas PRESDT  
Cush Harrison DEANS  
Cusher Nancy DEANS  
Cusicanqui Emily DEANS  
Cvijanovic Tatjana PRESDT