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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Summer 2009

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Sabbahi Hojat DEANS  
Sachs Elisa PRESDT  
Safi Auesta DEANS  
Safi Mahnaz DEANS  
Sager Lisa DEANS  
Saia Christi DEANS  
Saifullah Muhammad DEANS  
Saini Jasmine DEANS  
Sakas Karl DEANS  
Salazar Isabel DEANS  
Salazar Jorge DEANS  
Salcedo Victor DEANS  
Salemme Alex DEANS  
Salguero Christopher DEANS  
Salguero Magale DEANS  
Salihi Monica DEANS  
Salinas Olga DEANS  
Salous Moaiad DEANS  
Samee Uzma DEANS  
Sami Kevin DEANS  
Sammari Fatima Zawea DEANS  
Sanchez Jason DEANS  
Sanchez Mauro DEANS  
Sanders Sarah DEANS  
Sandiego Andrea Lauren DEANS  
Sanko Karen DEANS  
Santa Stephanie DEANS  
Santayana Annakristine DEANS  
Santayana Christine DEANS  
Santiago Eva DEANS  
Santos-Lopez Cindell DEANS  
Santullo Jennifer DEANS  
Sapkota Karun DEANS  
Sarin Victor DEANS  
Sarji Joseph DEANS  
Sarker George DEANS  
Sarmiento Maria DEANS  
Sasorith Christina DEANS  
Satchowski Josef DEANS  
Sathaye Aradhana DEANS  
Satti Jamal DEANS  
Satyabhashak John DEANS  
Saunders David PRESDT  
Savage Noelle PRESDT  
Saxena Ankita DEANS  
Saxena Ashna DEANS  
Saysithideth Linda DEANS  
Sayyad Megan DEANS  
Scango Ellen DEANS  
Schaefer Thomas DEANS  
Schaeffer Caitlin DEANS  
Schaeffer Todd DEANS  
Schafer William DEANS  
Scharf Ashley DEANS  
Schildbach Elaine DEANS  
Schmalzbach Molly DEANS  
Schmoyer Heather DEANS  
Schnare David DEANS  
Schneider Kristin PRESDT  
Schoening Elizabeth DEANS  
Schoolfield Katelyn DEANS  
Schreiber Kimberly PRESDT  
Schroeder Annabel DEANS  
Schuch Erin PRESDT  
Schulleri Peter DEANS  
Schulte Samantha PRESDT  
Schupbach Christopher DEANS  
Schwartzman Darlene DEANS  
Schwarztrauber Alexa DEANS  
Scott Katherine DEANS  
Scott Timothy PRESDT  
Scruggs Sandra DEANS  
Seablom Stephanie DEANS  
Secor David DEANS  
Sedova Elizabeth DEANS  
Seipp James PRESDT  
Sellars David DEANS  
Sellers Jacqueline DEANS  
Semakula Joseph DEANS  
Semidey Margarita DEANS  
Seminario Fernando DEANS  
Semyonov Igor DEANS  
Sengmany Anousack DEANS  
Seo Sinae DEANS  
Serota Alison DEANS  
sesay Isata DEANS  
Sesay Zainab DEANS  
Settles Toni DEANS  
Shafiq Haris DEANS  
Shafique Syeda DEANS  
Shah Krupa DEANS  
Shah Usman DEANS  
Shah Zahra DEANS  
Shahaltough Adam DEANS  
Shaikh Amna DEANS  
Shaikh Saba DEANS  
Shaikh Zaara DEANS  
Shaker Adam DEANS  
Sharar Sanyan DEANS  
Sharma Anjali DEANS  
Sharma Dhruba DEANS  
Sharmin Tanzila DEANS  
Sharpe Benjamin DEANS  
Sharpe Kylie DEANS  
Shash Mohammed DEANS  
Shaukat Adnan PRESDT  
Shea Mary DEANS  
Shebib Benjamin DEANS  
Shectman Jonathan DEANS  
Sheikh Omar DEANS  
Shenefiel Christopher DEANS  
Sheriff Fatmata DEANS  
Sherman Nicholas DEANS  
Sherman Rachel DEANS  
Sherrill ChristyAnne DEANS  
Sherzada Yalda DEANS  
Shim Jaebin DEANS  
Shim Seong Hee DEANS  
Shimokado Yvonne DEANS  
Shin Jennifer DEANS  
Shin Junsang DEANS  
Shin Linda DEANS  
Shin MinHyung PRESDT  
Shin Yong DEANS  
Shirzoi Wais DEANS  
Shogh Parastoo DEANS  
Showalter Michael DEANS  
Shrestha Manoj DEANS  
shrestha surendra DEANS  
Shreves Monika DEANS  
Shumakova Alina DEANS  
Shuster Rebecca DEANS  
Shyllon John PRESDT  
Sibray Jason PRESDT  
Sickmiller Matthew DEANS  
Sidiqi Wajma DEANS  
Siebert Ehren DEANS  
Sieg Liann DEANS  
Siegert Laura DEANS  
Sigdel Mani DEANS  
Sigethy Melanie PRESDT  
Sigler Walker DEANS  
Sikandar Kamran DEANS  
Sikandar Naila DEANS  
Silbak Rose DEANS  
Silva Octavia DEANS  
Silveira Ricardo PRESDT  
Silverthorne Craig DEANS  
Simingalam Rosa PRESDT  
Simkins Jonathan PRESDT  
Simmons Melissa DEANS  
Simmons Ronald DEANS  
Simpson Daryl DEANS  
Simpson Katherine DEANS  
Sin Bum-Sik DEANS  
Singh Amrinder DEANS  
Singh Jaspreet DEANS  
Singh Jaspreet PRESDT  
Singh Pritika DEANS  
Singh Sagar PRESDT  
Singh Shashank PRESDT  
Sinkfield Chernenka DEANS  
Sisco-McKee Kyra DEANS  
Siu Tiffany DEANS  
Sivia Shana PRESDT  
Sizemore Chance DEANS  
Sizemore Christi DEANS  
Skipper Molly DEANS  
Skocz Tim DEANS  
Slightom Amanda PRESDT  
Sloms Ashley DEANS  
Smith Alonzo PRESDT  
Smith Ashley DEANS  
Smith Audrey DEANS  
Smith Benjamin DEANS  
Smith Carol DEANS  
Smith Chelsea DEANS  
Smith Christopher DEANS  
Smith Donovan DEANS  
Smith Dorothea DEANS  
Smith Jadron DEANS  
Smith Jasmine DEANS  
Smith Kamaria DEANS  
Smith Lindsey DEANS  
Smith Maria DEANS  
Smith Michael PRESDT  
Smith Ryan DEANS  
Smith Samantha DEANS  
Smith Sarah DEANS  
Smith Tauhid DEANS  
Smyth Samantha DEANS  
Sneed Tania DEANS  
Snell Allison DEANS  
snelling anastasia DEANS  
Snyder Nicole DEANS  
Sobhani Hoda DEANS  
Sobrio Tonya DEANS  
Sodeifi Maryam DEANS  
Sohraby Sepehr DEANS  
Sok Saintseneca DEANS  
Sokol Glenn PRESDT  
Sola Violetta DEANS  
Solis Agueda DEANS  
Solis Jennifer DEANS  
Soliz Mayra DEANS  
Soltani Sunyia DEANS  
Sorto-Sanchez Vicky DEANS  
Sosa Luis PRESDT  
Soto Jolma DEANS  
Southern Kristina DEANS  
Sova Nataliia DEANS  
Sow Mohamed DEANS  
Spangler Catherine PRESDT  
Sparks Fanny DEANS  
Sparks Nickole DEANS  
Sparrow Arneice DEANS  
Speier Cheryl PRESDT  
Spencer John DEANS  
Spindel Daniel DEANS  
Spiro Joseph DEANS  
Spring Sarah DEANS  
Sprouse Jessica DEANS  
Sriboonma Kriddipong DEANS  
Sridharma Jegan DEANS  
St.Cyr Daniel DEANS  
Staats Joshua DEANS  
Stalinsky Natasha DEANS  
Stalvey Christine DEANS  
Stang Elsa DEANS  
Staniszewski Cara DEANS  
Stanley Terri DEANS  
Stanton Jonathan DEANS  
Starinieri Anthony DEANS  
Stark John DEANS  
Steckel Brian DEANS  
Steele Philip DEANS  
Steenstra Catherine PRESDT  
Stein Heather DEANS  
steinberg andrew DEANS  
Steinburg Devin PRESDT  
Stephens Daniel DEANS  
Stepler Rachael DEANS  
Stevens Elizabeth DEANS  
Stevens Stephanie DEANS  
Stevenson Daniel DEANS  
stewart jerome DEANS  
Stewart Monica DEANS  
Stewart Rafeal DEANS  
Stewart Rebecca DEANS  
Stine Andrew DEANS  
Stine Matthew DEANS  
Stitt LeRoy DEANS  
Stocking Erin DEANS  
Stockslager Supinda PRESDT  
Stockwell Allison DEANS  
Stohler Margaret DEANS  
Stokes Brian DEANS  
Stokes Catherine DEANS  
Stokowski Adam DEANS  
Storey Rachel DEANS  
Stottlemyer Jr Donald DEANS  
Stowell Brittanie DEANS  
Straker Julia DEANS  
Strat Karen DEANS  
Stringer Jarrod PRESDT  
Strong Samantha DEANS  
Stroud Rebecca DEANS  
Stuck Virginia DEANS  
Studd-Sojka Alexandra DEANS  
Stuller Derek DEANS  
Sturms Benjamin DEANS  
Styers Ryan DEANS  
Suarez Alejandro DEANS  
Suarez Saul PRESDT  
Subedi Pious PRESDT  
Suglo Irenious PRESDT  
Suh Jennifer DEANS  
Sukol Sean DEANS  
Sul Linda DEANS  
suleiman osila DEANS  
Suliman Rozina DEANS  
Sullivan Mary DEANS  
Sullivan Meghan DEANS  
Sultani Khamza DEANS  
Sumlin Dennis DEANS  
Sung Joshua DEANS  
Susco Nancy DEANS  
Swanson Emily DEANS  
Swede Hillary DEANS  
Sweeney Sarah DEANS  
Sweezey Brett DEANS  
Syed Fahad PRESDT  
Syed Shafeq DEANS  
Syeda Hiba DEANS  
Symoun Sudsenesav DEANS  
Sze Christina DEANS  
Szoke Holly DEANS