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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Summer 2009

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Ma Beum DEANS  
Ma Jane DEANS  
Macalister Mary DEANS  
Macasieb Rachel DEANS  
MacDonald Cara DEANS  
Madala Aaditya DEANS  
Madani Eyad PRESDT  
Maddox Jessica DEANS  
Maeda Sophia PRESDT  
Maewall Anip DEANS  
maffett ashley DEANS  
Magee Patrick DEANS  
Magenheimer Christine DEANS  
Magiafas Georgia DEANS  
Mahaffey Thomas DEANS  
Mahaney Augustus DEANS  
Mahdi Shabinaaz PRESDT  
Mahjoub Saoussen DEANS  
Mahmood Hassan DEANS  
Mahmood Zara DEANS  
Mahoney Linda DEANS  
Mahoney Rylan DEANS  
Mailand Russell DEANS  
Maisel Lois DEANS  
Majdi Javid DEANS  
Majot Stephen DEANS  
Malik Gina DEANS  
Malik Kinza DEANS  
Malik Maha DEANS  
Malik Shahid DEANS  
Malkasian Margaret DEANS  
Malla Dhiraj DEANS  
Malla Stella DEANS  
Mallick Shizrae DEANS  
Malone Greg PRESDT  
Maloney Elizabeth DEANS  
Mamo Tsega DEANS  
Mango Nichole DEANS  
Manion Michael DEANS  
Manley Alexander DEANS  
Mann Anjali DEANS  
Mann Meghan DEANS  
Manning Colin DEANS  
Manning Maximilian PRESDT  
Mansell Emily DEANS  
Mansoor Arham DEANS  
Mansour Younes DEANS  
Manzano Maillim DEANS  
Maples Laura DEANS  
Maqbool Faiza PRESDT  
Maradiaga Kullike DEANS  
Marcum Nicole DEANS  
Marfo Alexander DEANS  
Marin John DEANS  
Markey Elizabeth DEANS  
Markle Kimberly PRESDT  
Marks Alexa DEANS  
Marks Barbara DEANS  
Marotta Andrew DEANS  
Marques Aline DEANS  
Marquez Jorge DEANS  
Marr Christopher DEANS  
Marshman Kathryn DEANS  
Marthaler Lisa DEANS  
Martin Chase DEANS  
Martin Drew DEANS  
Martin Lindsay DEANS  
Martin Rachel DEANS  
Martin Virginia DEANS  
Martinescu Maria PRESDT  
Martinez Aaron DEANS  
Martinez Carey DEANS  
Martinez Christina DEANS  
Martinez Cristina DEANS  
Marut Kenneth DEANS  
Mashaeva Natalia DEANS  
Mashkour Ahmed DEANS  
Masood Tayyaba DEANS  
Masterson Valery DEANS  
Matel Aleksei PRESDT  
Matenge Maungo DEANS  
Matheson Amie DEANS  
Mathews Selby DEANS  
Matias Erendira DEANS  
Matos Hannah DEANS  
Matos Lena DEANS  
Matthys Jason DEANS  
Mattingly Rita DEANS  
Maurad Erin PRESDT  
Mausolf Joshua PRESDT  
Maxberry Erika DEANS  
Maxwell Katherine DEANS  
May Jordan DEANS  
Maybach Sarah DEANS  
Mayernik Christopher PRESDT  
Mazloum Yazdi Aryan DEANS  
Mazon Holly DEANS  
Mazouz-Marrero Sarah DEANS  
Mba Ondo Miguel Antonio DEANS  
McCann Jina DEANS  
McCardle Faye DEANS  
McCarthy Andrea DEANS  
McCarthy Brian DEANS  
Mccarthy Tara DEANS  
McCauley Mary Frances DEANS  
McClelland Michael DEANS  
McCloud Matthew DEANS  
McClung Sara DEANS  
McConnell Ian DEANS  
McCowan Shaylanie PRESDT  
Mccue James DEANS  
McCue Emery Devin DEANS  
McDonald David PRESDT  
Mcdonald Matthew PRESDT  
Mcfadden Thomas DEANS  
McFail Reginald DEANS  
McFarland Maria DEANS  
McGinnis Katelynn DEANS  
McGowan Milan DEANS  
McGrath Heather DEANS  
McGregor Malcolm DEANS  
McGuire Shannon DEANS  
McHale Gerard DEANS  
McIntyre Amanda DEANS  
McKannon Bonnie DEANS  
McKay Abigail DEANS  
McKenna Daniel DEANS  
McKenzie Molly DEANS  
McKithen Jessica DEANS  
Mclain James DEANS  
McLaughlin Denis DEANS  
McLaughlin Kathleen DEANS  
McMahon Sandra PRESDT  
McMahon Shannon DEANS  
McMasters Kimberlee DEANS  
McMurrer Peter DEANS  
McNairy Michael DEANS  
McNeil Eleni DEANS  
McNeill Michele DEANS  
McPherson Jennifer DEANS  
McQuillen Nicholas DEANS  
McVicker Michael DEANS  
Medici Vera DEANS  
Medina Eduardo DEANS  
Medrano Irma PRESDT  
Mehdi Syed PRESDT  
Mehta Atul DEANS  
Mejia Roger DEANS  
Mekhmankulova Nasiba DEANS  
Meky Mona DEANS  
Melrose-Smith Meghan DEANS  
Melton Karissa DEANS  
Mendesil Tsedenia PRESDT  
Mendoza Tiffany DEANS  
Mendygaliyev Almas DEANS  
Menegat Heather PRESDT  
Menelas Geneva DEANS  
Menes Rebecca DEANS  
Meng Xin DEANS  
Mensah Abraham DEANS  
Mensah Eric DEANS  
Mensah Gifty DEANS  
Meranta Ashley PRESDT  
Mercer Chris DEANS  
Meredith John DEANS  
Merritt Andrew DEANS  
Merritt Toniya DEANS  
Mesbahi Alborze DEANS  
Mesbahi Mohammad DEANS  
Mesfin Bereket DEANS  
Messina Mara PRESDT  
Metzer Kyle PRESDT  
Meyerhoeffer Thomas DEANS  
mickle Mickyiela DEANS  
Migneault Alain PRESDT  
Mikhail Marina DEANS  
Miles Erika DEANS  
Miller Bernadette DEANS  
Miller Christina DEANS  
Miller Danielle DEANS  
Miller Gregg DEANS  
Miller James DEANS  
Miller Joseph DEANS  
Miller Kimberley DEANS  
Miller Laura DEANS  
Miller Michael DEANS  
Miller Pepe DEANS  
Miller Robert DEANS  
Miller Tyler DEANS  
Mills Deborah DEANS  
Mills Jeremy DEANS  
Milne Caitlin DEANS  
Minarik Anne DEANS  
Mintah Moses DEANS  
Minus Grace DEANS  
Minyard Erich DEANS  
Mir Raza DEANS  
Miranda Claudia DEANS  
Mirsalahuddin Salima PRESDT  
Mishra Samir DEANS  
Mitchell Jennifer DEANS  
Mitchell Kelly DEANS  
Mitchell Nicole DEANS  
Mitongo Marie PRESDT  
Mitra Apparna DEANS  
Mlynarski Daniel DEANS  
Mnatsakanova Sofya DEANS  
Moges Hanna DEANS  
Mogollon Barbara DEANS  
Mogus Maheder DEANS  
Mohamed Abdigafar DEANS  
Mohamed Hassanain DEANS  
Mohamed Zahra DEANS  
Mohamed Zareena DEANS  
Mohamed-Alweeshy Hend PRESDT  
Mohammadi Hameed DEANS  
Mohammed Abdulhamid DEANS  
Moini Shirazi Samira DEANS  
Mokha Harsimran DEANS  
Mokha Mandeep DEANS  
Molina Ana DEANS  
Molina Elton DEANS  
Molla Meklit PRESDT  
Monam Mohammed DEANS  
Moncada Ricardo DEANS  
Monger Toddmichael DEANS  
Monjer Abu DEANS  
Montero Eric DEANS  
Montgomery Kyle PRESDT  
Montgomery Lauren DEANS  
Montgomery Richard PRESDT  
Montufar Oscar DEANS  
Mooney Brian DEANS  
Morales Jonatan DEANS  
Morales Mercedes DEANS  
Morales Wendy DEANS  
moran sean DEANS  
Morato Robert DEANS  
Morehead Chanelle DEANS  
Moreira Cindy DEANS  
Morel Elizabeth DEANS  
Moreland Lauren DEANS  
Moreno Eliana DEANS  
Moreno Elizabeth DEANS  
Moreno Tania DEANS  
Moreno Walter DEANS  
Moreno Montalvo Gerardo DEANS  
Morgan Alexander DEANS  
Morgan Chaneta DEANS  
Morgan Victoria DEANS  
Morris Christopher PRESDT  
Morris William DEANS  
Morrison Carin DEANS  
Morrissette Ario DEANS  
Moshasha Shaun DEANS  
Mosher Cassandra DEANS  
Moskowitz Evan DEANS  
Moya Christina DEANS  
Moyer Kevin DEANS  
Mueller Tanja DEANS  
Muhammad Ramzia DEANS  
Mukai Ariel DEANS  
Mullaney Cori DEANS  
Mullins Bethany DEANS  
Mullins Tammy DEANS  
Mullins Tyler PRESDT  
Mumayiz Amin DEANS  
Mummery Kyle DEANS  
Munoz Robin DEANS  
Murawski Michael DEANS  
Murphy Samuel DEANS  
Murphy jr Delfin DEANS  
Murray Brooke DEANS  
Murray Candice PRESDT  
Murray Catherine DEANS  
Murray Kristin DEANS  
Murthy Karthik DEANS  
Musick Jennifer DEANS  
Mustafa Rokeya DEANS