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Student Success Initiatives

Student Success Initiatives support students with the goal of increasing their academic success at NOVA.

NOVA recently approved the implementation of six policy changes that will take effect for the Fall 2014 semester. The initial five policy changes will affect new first-time-to-college students. The sixth policy impacts all NOVA students. We want our students to Start Strong.

Six New Policy Changes

Effective the Fall 2014 semester, all first-time-to-college students ages 17-24 must follow these policies:

1. Take placement tests before registration.

2. Attend Student Orientation before registration.

3. Meet with their advisor before registration.

4. Enroll in developmental courses (ENF and/or MTT) during the first semester, if placed. 

5. Complete a Student Development (SDV) course within the first year.

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Effective the Fall 2014 semester, all NOVA students must follow this policy:

6. Register before 11:59 p.m. the day before the session begins to meet the On-Time Registration requirement.

For answers to your questions about the Six Policy Changes, check out the FAQ booklet.

The ATD Policy Change Implementation Steering Committee is charged with implementing the six policy changes college-wide.

These policy changes are based on recommendations by the Achieving the Dream (ATD) Core Team to further ensure our student's success at NOVA.

On-Time Registration

Register for classes early - once the session begins, registration is closed!

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