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New Students Start Strong

Watch a video on how to Start Strong at NOVA

Start Strong at NOVA

Welcome to NOVA! We are dedicated to helping you start strong. Whatever your educational goals, we can help you achieve them. To get started, click on the button below that best describes you to find the information you will need.

New Students

Get started! Click on your group below that best describes you and you will be directed to all the information you need to Start Strong at NOVA.

Pathway to the Baccalaureate Students

  • First-time-to-college
  • Students are accepted into the program in high school


Students 17-24 Years Old

  • First-time-to-college 


Students 25 and Older

  • May or may not have taken college courses

Students 17-24 Years Old

  • Have taken college courses


Online Students

  • First-time-to-college
  • All courses taken online through the Extended Learning Institute (ELI)


Discover Your Group

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On-Time Registration

Register for classes early - once the session begins, registration is closed!

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Six New Policy Changes

There are six policy changes that will take effect the Fall 2014 semester.

Watch on Youtube

For answers to your questions about the Six Policy Changes, check out the FAQ booklet.