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Marketing & PR Manager
Linda Vitello
Phone: 703.845.6156
Email: lvitello@nvcc.edu

Production Manager
Stephen Shetler
Phone (C): 703.618.0356
Email: sshetler@nvcc.edu

What's Included in Rental?
House Information
Stage Dimensions
Orchestra Pit
Stage Rigging
Soft Goods
Acoustical Shell
Electrical Information
Hanging Positions
Lighting Equipment
Lighting Plot
Additional Equipment
Stage Equipment
House Sound System
Load-In Facilities
Dressing Rooms & Additional Services
Stage Hands
Room Measurements
Audio and Video Recording

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Rental of the theater at the performance rate includes:

  • Two technicians
  • Use of backstage areas (dressing rooms, green room)
  • House lighting (standard lighting is a “concert” set up—not all equipment listed is part of the house lighting set up. Additional lighting is charged at a time and equipment rate.)
  • House sound (two (2) ceiling speaker clusters, use of up to three (3) microphones—SM57, SM58LC or wireless SM87, or equivalent. Additional speakers, monitors, microphones and other audio equipment are charged on a per unit per day basis).
  • Music stands and chairs

All other equipment and personnel needs will incur additional charges. See rate sheet for current prices. A Technical Rider outlining equipment and special needs is requested with the Space Application Form.

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  • Eight exits to lobby.
  • Seating Capacity:
    Front Orchestra - 521
    Rear Terrace - 195
    Box Seats - 72 (Please Note: Rear Boxes on both levels plus Front Left Box Double as Handicapped Seating)
    Balcony - 193
  • Seating total: 981
  • Without pit seats: 922
  • Sonic Ear Assisted Listening System available.
  • Handicapped accessible in compliance with ADA.

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    • Per Fire Marshall:
      Stage Capacity is reduced by 33 each time rear acoustic wall moves forward by width of one side panel (Fully open-134; reduced by ¼-101; Reduced by ½-67; reduced by ¾=34).
    • TOTAL LEGAL STAGE CAPACITY WITH PIT AT STAGE LEVEL IS 172 with the wall at the back of the stage.
      Click here for memo regarding Stage Capacity
    • Proscenium width: Fully Open - 57' 10"
      Side Panels Parallel to Stage - 42' 3"
    • Proscenium height: 38'
    • Upstage width: Fully Open - 53' 4"
    • Side Panels Parallel to Stage - 37'
    • Depth: From plaster line to cross-over - 43' 8"
    • From cross-over to US wall - 13'
    • Movable Orchestra Pit Platform adds extra 10' of depth.
    • Wing space: SR-14'; SL-10' 6"
    • Grid working height: 52'
    • US cross-over height: 24' 6"
    • Access from dressing rooms: USL and USR; Loading door from dock SR wall; Apron doors to house from backstage stage right and stage left.
    • Stage floor: medium-dark maple.
    • Rosin-free marley dance floor available.
    • No traps or elevators in the floor.
    • Comfortably fits a 125-piece orchestra.

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    Orchestra pit is 58' wide x 27' deep at the center. The DS 10' of the orchestra pit is a height-adjustable platform with stops at stage level, seating level and pit level. Entrance to the pit is from the SR end. The orchestra pit comfortably seats 60 musicians.

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    • Single purchase counterweight system with 42 line sets.
    • Locking rail is SL at stage level.
    • Loading bridge is at grid level.

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    • Main curtain is light gray velour.
    • Three (3) sets of black velour legs.
    • Three (3) black velour borders 10' high.
    • One (1) full stage black velour curtain.
    • One (1) full stage white cyclorama.
    Note: Only the main curtain is permanent. All other soft goods must be hung as needed.

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    • Wenger Diva Acoustical Shell in blonde-wood veneer.
    • Four sets of permanently installed side-masking towers: 40' high x 8' 6" wide Towers pivot on DS side and move 90-degrees.
    • Five moveable rear towers: 24' 6" high x 10' 7" wide.
    • Fixed acoustical back wall extends 15' 6" above moveable rear towers.
    • Four adjustable-angle ceiling panels.
    • Matching blonde-wood veneer teaser: 17' high.

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    • Control Board: Strand 510i LightPallet/GeniusPro.
    • Strand CD80 Supervisor Dimmers: 310 @ 2.4 kw.
    • Control board located in booth at the back of the house with DMX and ethernet connections located in the house floor control position and at the Stage Manager's panel SR.
    • Company connections:
      Two (2) - 400 amp, 3 phase, 5 wire SR
      One (1) - 400 amp, 3 phase, 5 wire SL
      One (1) - 100 amp, 3 phase, 5 wire in follow spot booth
      One (1) - 400 amp, 3 phase, 5 wire in lobby office

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    FRONT OF HOUSE (122 circuits)
    • Catwalk 1: Approximately 10' DS from proscenium arch - 26circuits
    • Catwalk 2: Approximately 26' from stage - 26 circuits
    • Catwalk 3: Approximately 42' from stage - 26 circuits
    • Catwalk 4: Approximately 65' from stage - 14 circuits
    • Box Booms: SR & SL on two levels - 12 circuits each SR & SL 27' from proscenium - 12 circuits each
    • Balcony Rail: 6 circuits

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    STAGE (188 circuits)
    • Electric 1: 2' US of plaster line - 12 circuits.
      Electric 1 is a winch-controlled three-pipe truss.
    • Electric 2: 12' US of plaster line - 12 circuits
    • Electric 3: 23' US of plaster line - 12 circuits
    • Electric 4: 32' US of plaster line - 12 circuits
    • 2nd Gallery Level Position SR only - 84 circuits
    • 1st Gallery Level Positions SR & SL - 20 circuits each
    • Deck Level Positions SR & SL - 8 circuits each
      (no floor pockets)

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    • NEW LIGHTS AS OF 9/2013
      • 8  Selecon Pacifics  5.5-13 degree zooms ellipsoidals (8)
      • 10 Selecon Pacifics  23-50 degree zooms ellipsoidals (10)
      • High End Systems Cyberlight 2.0. (3)  Note: Technical programming charges may apply.
    • All instruments and outlets are 2P&G stage connectors.
      • All ellipsoidals have pattern slots.
      • There are barndoors for all fresnels.
      • All Colortrans have top hats.
      • All Strands have doughnuts.
      • Follow spot: (2) - Lycian Super Arc 400 model 1267 in booth above balcony, approximately 65' from proscenium.
      • Strand 15/32 ellipsoidals (40).
      • Strand 23/50 ellipsoidals (20).
      • Strand 50° ellipsoidal (20)
      • Colortran 20-degree ellipsoidals (13).
      • Colortran 30-degree ellipsoidals (13).
      • Strand 8" fresnels (20).
      • Multi-cable: 4 @ 75', 4 @ 60', 4 @ 40' (all with breakouts).

        LIGHTING PLOT (pdf format)
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        We have access to a Barco ID Pro R600 DLP projector, video, and slide film projectors.
        Other equipment may be rented from local AV companies.

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      • 93 - Wenger music stands + conductor's stand.
      • Two-step conductor's podium with sissy bar.
      • 108 - Music stand lights.
      • 90 - Wenger orchestra chairs.
    • 82-Wenger padded folding orchestra chairs.
    • Orchestral risers.
    • Pianos: one 9' Steinway concert grand; one 6' Steinway grand.
    • Most large Orchestral Percussion equipment.
    • 25' Genie man-lift.
    • One 16' A-Frame ladder & various other ladders.

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    The hall is a 981-seat proscenium theater with near-perfect acoustics designed by Artec, Inc. Sound reinforcement is unnecessary for most purposes.

    Microphone and line-level input jacks are distributed throughout the theater and lower lobby.

    Sound systems may be controlled from three positions: the main control booth located at the back of the house; the house floor control position located on the orchestra level just in front of the balcony overhang; and the Stage Manager's panel SR (limited capacity.)


    • Yamaha LS9-32 mixing console.
    • Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro mixing console (stage manager panel).


    • Ceiling Clusters: EV sx300 (4).
    • Moveable:
      • EV sx300 (2)
      • Yamaha Waveforce subwoofer (2)
      • JBL JRX 112M (8)
      • EAW KF6507 (4)
    • Booth Monitors: KRK model 6000 (2).


    • PreSonus ACP88.
    • Shure DFR II EQ and feedback reducer.
    • Denon DN-C630 CD player with remote.
    • Tascam DA-40 DAT player.
    • ProCo DB-1 Direct Box (2).
    • Countryman Type 85 Direct Box (4)
    • Whirlwind 12-channel mic snakes.
    • Alesis Masterlink hard disc recorder
    • BSS Opal 30-channel graphic equializer (6)


    • Shure SM57 (7).
    • Shure SM58LC (6).
    • Shure SM87 wireless (6).
    • Shure MX393/C boundary mics (4).
    • Shure KSM44 (2).
    • Earthworks Z30-X cardiod condensers (3)
    • Audio Technica AT853a (4)
    • AKG D112 (1).
    • AKG C391 B (2)
    • Sennheiser MKH800 (4)


    • Kenwood TK3101 radios with ear-bud headsets and inline mics (8)

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    Easy truck access is available at the loading dock SR. The dock features swing-arm loading light and roll-up door. Load-in is at stage level. Access for 48' semi-trailer trucks is available and cast/crew bus parking. Road boxes may be stored in loading zone.

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    • Star dressing room is located just off stage right - suitable for up to five people.
    • Two chorus dressing rooms are located backstage - suitable for up to 25 people each.
    • Green Room is located off SR.
    • Washing machine and dryer available.
    • All dressing rooms are equipped with sinks, showers, mirrors, dressing tables, chairs, toilets and costume/wardrobe racks.

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    The Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center is a non-union house with an experienced staff. Local crew can be assembled.

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     The Schlesinger Center can make audio and video recordings of your event. Audio recordings will be stereo recordings onto CD. Video recordings will be one-, two-, or three-camera live-mix shoots onto DVD. See rate sheet for current prices.


    The Schlesinger Center is equipped with Category 5 data jacks in the seminar rooms, Wachovia Forum and the stage in the Mary Collier Baker Theater, as well as in other key locations throughout the building. The Cat 5 data jacks allow conference presenters to access the Internet via NVCC's high-speed network server. Presenters can use the Internet for videoconferencing, Power Point displays and a host of other Web-based presenting options. The Schlesinger Center also features a closed circuit television system linking the various rooms of the building and allowing for room-to-room videoconferencing.

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