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    Weekend College

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    Weekend courses/programs are offered at some campuses. They provide students, who may not want or be able to attend classes during the traditional college time frame, an opportunity to pursue selected associate degrees or college credit courses. These classes are designed for persons desiring to accelerate work toward a degree, for those seeking professional enrichment and growth outside their regular work or course of study, and for students returning to study after a lapse of time. Intensive classroom experience combined with independent study provides an in-depth and meaningful educational experience.
    Parking permits are required for those students enrolling in weekend courses.

Alexandria Campus Weekend College Program
    The Alexandria Campus offers many courses that meet on Saturdays throughout the semester. In addition, some courses are offered in concentrated formats (on weekends) that last from one to eight weeks. These courses meet at varying times such as Friday evening/all day Saturday and Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon. Please check the Alexandria Campus class schedule for the details.

Annandale Campus Weekend College Opportunities
    Weekend College Degree Program. Annandale Campus has a Weekend College Degree Program in which a student can complete a degree in Business Administration or Liberal Arts by attending classes Friday evenings and Saturdays. Check the schedule for individual classes designated as WEEKEND COLLEGE DEGREE CLASS. Call 323-3091 or 323-3157 for further information and a brochure.

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