NVCC Summer 1999 Class Schedule
    Registration Methods

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    Before you can register for classes, you must have been formally admitted to the College (see Admission). After being admitted, you may register for classes by any of the following methods, according to the stipulations listed in each:

Telephone Registration
    To register through NOVAnet, 323-3770 or 330-3770 (Prince William Co.), you must have been formally admitted to NVCC. See the NOVAnet Telephone Registration Worksheet in this schedule for telephone registration information. If you are a hearing-impaired student or are having difficulty using telephone registration, you should contact the Counseling Center.

In-Person Add/Drop Registration
    To register, complete the Registration and Tuition Worksheet in this schedule. This form and any placement test results must be brought with you when you register.
    You may register at any campus unless you are enrolled in a restricted program (Veterinary Technology or any Health Technology program). If you are in a restricted program, you must register at your home campus.
    If you need to add a class and/or drop a class, fill out a Registration and Tuition Worksheet and circle "A" for add, or "D" for drop. The Registration and Tuition Worksheet should then be taken to the Admissions and Records Office and the Business Office.

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